2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

It is the nearly successful SUV “Made in Germany”: the Tiguan. One-half a jillion multitude opt for this all-around fomite with front-wheel or all-wheel effort annually. The secondment coevals of the SUV came onto the marketplace in 2016. Now Volkswagen has scratch with something eventide more: the new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – an mugwump edition of the bestseller. A roomy phratry car with a 109 mm yearner wheelbase and 215 mm extra outside duration. For more passengers, more baggage and evening more versatility. The optional 5+2-seat Tiguan Allspace had its European premier at the 2017 Hollands External Motive Shew. The new Volkswagen SUV fills the spa ‘tween the comrade “greco-roman” Tiguan and the upper-range SUV Touareg. Thence, the Tiguan Allspace, boast capable 760 litres of baggage capacitance, besides appeals as a magnetic alternate to all those motorists and families that antecedently had to trust on a van because of the quantity of quad needed. When the Tiguan Allspace is cockeyed to cap acme capable the seatbacks of the commencement row, its memory content is an telling 1,920 litres.

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace with balanced proportions

The Tiguan and the new Tiguan Allspace were highly-developed simultaneously. Consequently, the two torso versions systematically demonstrate a convinced position on wheels sized leastwise 17 inches. Marco Pavone of the Volkswagen Invention Squad is responsible the outside of the Tiguan. “We birth intentional the ass doors of the Tiguan Allspace to be thirster. The hood was too brocaded up at the figurehead supra the grille to adjust the proportions to the thirster boilersuit distance,” says the outside architect. Pavone goes on to say: “A really unequalled, shaping pipeline accentuates the slope windowpane conception that rises buns the C-pillar.”

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace similar to Atlas model in the USA

The hood and silhouette demonstrate debate parallels to another new Volkswagen SUV: the Telamon highly-developed for the USA. At the breast, thither is likewise the new intentional grille with its chromium-plate trimming strips, about of which exsert into the headlights and advise a optic bridgework ‘tween the Tiguan Allspace and the Telamon. Especially impinging: the amphetamine chromium-plate disrobe that stretches crosswise the integral forepart. Tiguan Allspace vehicles are likewise all weaponed with granite gray-haired underbelly tribute as received.

Two front sections

Fair care the “graeco-roman” Tiguan, the Tiguan Allspace is likewise uncommitted in on-road and off-road versions of the battlefront subdivision. The latter can be arranged with an optional “off-road parcel” collectively peculiar locomotive underbelly shelter that extends to the bumper for off-road drive. The off-road figurehead subdivision improves the fomite’s overture tip by 7 degrees.

Newly designed roof section

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace vehicles are all weaponed with cap runway as touchstone. The ceiling itself was likewise redesigned: impinging morphological lines are organism put-upon first rather of a smoothen cap airfoil – in court to greco-roman SUVs. They prolong longwise on the cap from movement to bottom. If the Tiguan Allspace is weaponed with the 870 x 1,364 mm bird’s-eye sliding sunshine-roof, the morphologic lines are naturally but on the arse ceiling expanse.

Extra features

Extra features of the new Tiguan Allspace admit expanded banner features; highlight its placement betwixt the graeco-roman Tiguan and the sole Touareg. Eventide in the Trendline fundament edition thither are extra features such as the above-outlined cap railings (in melanize), the Writing Semblance Media Organisation conjointly the Connectivity Box (headphone and USB interfaces), a multifunction wheel, advanced trapezoidal trims merged into the diffusor, and a varying consignment deck. The equipment lines Comfortline (including electrically operated tailboard, fluent ceiling rail) and Highline (care Comfortline but including full-LED headlights and Keyless Admission lockup and start scheme) shuffling an flush bigger parachuting. In summation, the SUV serial bequeath establish with a new coevals Documentary organization: the top-of-the-range Distinguish Pro scheme features – as a get-go therein course – motion command.

150 PS for the new entry-level model

The operation scope of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace starts at 110 kW / 150 PS and reaches 176 kW / 240 PS (Tiguan with stock wheelbase: from 85 kW / 115 PS). Start toll in Germany: roughly €30,000. The low European countries get to plunge the new SUV in September 2017, modern sales already start in May.

SUV space giant

2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

The Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace offers more distance than many otc SUVs in its year. This is facilitated by its “foresightful wheelbase” (LWB) as it is known internationally, as opposed to a “convention wheelbase” (NWB). It has been expanded from 2,681 to 2,790 mm. The amount distance of the Tiguan Allspace is 4,701 mm (addition of 215 mm). The deviation betwixt the increases in wheelbase and outside distance indicates that another proportion has changed: the back beetle. That has increased by 106 mm. This, successively, has improved baggage place vastly. In the five-seat Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace, this represents an step-up of 145 litres. If the stock bum workbench, longways adjustable by 180 mm, is in its first situation, the new SUV can sorb to a unnerving 760 litres, crocked to the speed boundary of the seatbacks of the behind seating. So the Tiguan Allspace can deal conveyance tasks that many former SUVs plainly cannot. A hellenic exemplar: transporting four-spot or fivesome adults, including great suitcases to the drome. Fifty-fifty jobs that unremarkably just vans can do are no job for the Tiguan Allspace: fold devour the sec row of seating victimization the stock distant unlatching part from the baggage expanse (or immediately on the backrests) opens up a loading blank duration of 1,921 mm with capable 1,920 litres of store capability. (win of 265 litres).

As much space in the back as in a large touring saloon

Payload and rider compartment place profit evenly from the new wheelbase and lengthened back department. Thanks to the bigger wheelbase, passengers in the sec row can savour 54 mm of extra genu board. The ass seating is fundamentally barely as comfy as in a great touring taproom.

5+2 seater

Any nurture who has to shipping one-half a eleven of juniors regularly volition besides be charmed with the optional one-third row of seating. This turns the Tiguan Allspace into a 5+2-seater. Level therein 5+2 ass form, thither is sufficient place for the squad’s fun bags (230 litres to peak of backrests). When not busy, the tertiary row of seating can be folded polish and incorporated in the load deck. So, the payload capacitance increases to 700 litres (to peak of arcsecond row backrests). The uttermost repositing capability of the Tiguan with its vii seating – pissed to ceiling meridian and to the kickoff row backrests – is 1,775 litres.


On the like lines as the hellenic Tiguan, the new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is likewise debut with front-wheel and all-wheel effort. The front-wheel effort versions of the SUV can care expectant prevue dozens of capable 2,200 kg (braked on 8% lean) contingent the locomotive reading; in the all-wheel driving, this increases to 2,500 kg. Volkswagen is besides oblation a swivelling tow-bar as an choice, which can be electrically unlocked and put into berth inside seconds. In guardianship with the undivided position of the Tiguan Allspace, the grasp of Euro-6 gasolene (TSI) and Euro-6 diesel engines (TDI) begins one footmark higher than in the NWB Tiguan for both gasoline and diesel engines. Six high-torque TSI and TDI engines leave be offered. The trey turbocharged gasolene engines produce 110 kW / 150 PS, 132 kW / 180 PS and 162 kW / 220 PS. The ternary turbocharged diesel engines testament be useable with yield levels of 110 kW / 150 PS, 140 kW / 190 PS and 176 kW / 240 PS. All TDI engines are weaponed with an SCR catalytic convertor and a twelve-litre AdBlue cooler to dilute n oxide emissions to a minimal.

High-tech efficiency

All Tiguan Allspace engines are turbocharged four-cylinder direct-injection engines. Two examples prove how effective these engines are in the enceinte SUV: the perm front-wheel ride Tiguan Allspace 1.4 TSI with 150 PS and Alive Cylinder Direction (ACT) is scotch with a combined fire ingestion of 6.0 l / 100 km/h (tantamount to 135 g / km CO2). Eventide the 4wd Tiguan Allspace 2.0 TDI 4MOTION with 150 PS consumes hardly 6.9 l / 100 km (157 g / km CO2).

4MOTION and DSG are standard from 132 kW

4MOTION all-wheel crusade including 4MOTION Combat-ready Ascendancy with drive visibility picker is uncommitted as an pick in the 150-PS TDI edition of the new Volkswagen SUV. All over-the-counter Tiguan Allspace models (from 132 kW / 180 PS in the TSI and from 140 kW / 190 PS in the TDI) let all-wheel crusade as measure. The like applies to the machine-driven twofold hold gearbox (DSG).

4MOTION Active Control

A peculiar have of all versions of the all-wheel campaign Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace is 4MOTION Dynamic Controller with drive visibility picker. The scheme is operated via an visceral multifunction alternate on the core cabinet. The driver uses it to spark 4 higher-level modes and versatile popup menus. When the roundabout substitution is off to the unexpended, one of the two on-road profiles can be excited: Onroad or C. When the replacement is off to the rightfulness, the two off-road modes are useable: Offroad (reflexive scope of off-road parameters) or Offroad Somebody (varying settings). 4MOTION Dynamic Restraint adapts all relevant assist systems to the drive post in seconds.

Features expanded

The endorsement propagation of the Tiguan is one of the safest, about well-off and about various SUVs in its section. In Germany, the well-rounded fomite has engaged low situation in its stratum for eld. Passim Europe it has constituted itself in the top pentad. Volkswagen intends to consolidate these positions with the new Tiguan Allspace and retain to extend in Europe. With its extra-long wheelbase and internal quad too as its drawn-out touchstone features, the new SUV aspires to rise to the top of the form. The extensions of the Trendline, Comfortline and Highline equipment lines in contingent:

Tiguan Allspace Trendline

Incoming stratum? Pedestal exemplar? Neither, very. The new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace Trendline is launching layer solitary in price of cost. It offers so often more in price of features. Disregardless of this, the full serial offers all Tiguan Trendline models – including those with a formula wheelbase – extras such as air conditioning, leather wheel, LED backside lights, robotlike anti-dazzle inner mirror, rainwater detector, proactive resident tribute scheme, Reflex Post-Collision Braking Organization, Lane Serve, the are monitoring organisation Figurehead Assistance with Metropolis Exigency Braking purpose and Prosaic Monitoring also as the Makeup Feeling Documentary organisation. In Germany, 17-inch admixture wheels and the Authorship Coloring Documentary organisation can likewise be added. Volkswagen has tied improved upon this already gamy floor in the Tiguan Trendline Allspace, which besides has the next features:

  • Connectivity packet (earphone and USB interfaces)
  • Viewgraph comfort (big variation)
  • Ceiling runway in blackness
  • Outback liberation for the bottom seatbacks (secondment row)
  • Eloquent breast bumper
  • Constitution Coloration docudrama arrangement with octonary loudspeakers for all markets
  • LED daylight operative lights
  • 17-inch admixture wheels for all markets
  • Multifunction wheel
  • Tor (rechargeable, unified in the trunk)
  • Chromium-plate trapezoidal panels for tailpipes of the exhaust
  • Forepart underbelly tribute in granite gray-headed
  • Varying shipment coldcock
  • Tiguan Allspace Comfortline

    From the Comfortline equipment demarcation, the “formula” Tiguan (NWB) features, among former items, blackness cap track, incline sills with chromium-plate passementerie strips, chrome-ringed english windows, Green Buffer, rent and sliding back seating, foldaway tables with cup holders on the backs of the figurehead seating, outback seatback dismission and the Driver Awake Organisation. The new Tiguan Allspace Comfortline offers eventide more. In gain to features of the Tiguan Comfortline (NWB) and new Tiguan Trendline, the Tiguan Allspace Comfortline offers the pursuit features:

  • Flatware cap rail
  • Silver-tongued diffusor
  • Tailboard opens and closes electrically (initiative fish adjustable)
  • Leather-trimmed multifunction wheel and gearstick clutch
  • Tiguan Allspace Highline

    The top-of-the-range exemplar in the syllabus is the Tiguan Allspace Highline. Again, the features bear been expanded compared to the hellenic Tiguan (NWB). In the definitive Tiguan, the Highline equipment business features (supra and bey Comfortline) already admit 18-inch admixture wheels, a ag breast pillager, flatware ceiling runway, stand variation wax LED headlights, full-LED backside lights (protracted LED functions with classifiable shift modify ‘tween ass spark and stoplight signatures), ambient light, leather multifunction wheel and gearshift clasp also as adaptative anatomy ascendance (DCC). Likewise aboard in Germany: Adaptative Sail Command (ACC) and Air Maintenance Climatronic. As an denotation of these parameters, the Tiguan Allspace Highline besides features the next details as stock:

  • Air Tending Climatronic with trey zones (figurehead unexpended, strawman rectify, behind) for all markets
  • Keyless Entree (keyless lockup and start arrangement)
  • Promiscuous Out-of-doors/Finis for the tailboard
  • Full-LED headlights with advance LED functions (full-LED headlights with LED cornering lights, dynamical cornering lights and single touch LED day working lights
  • SUV fits in perfectly with the new Volkswagen brand strategy

    The new Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace reflects the new Volkswagen stigma scheme “We brand the next genuine” equality. Among early things, this scheme is outlined by the chase areas of institution: Affiliated Community, Machine-driven Impulsive and Nonrational Usableness.

    Connected Community

    All Tiguan Allspace models weaponed with a pilotage arrangement too accompany the on-line info and services “Scout & Inform” and “Surety & Avail. The optional App Unite likewise connects the Docudrama scheme with all democratic smartphones via Mirror Connection&swap; (Humanoid), CarPlay&swop; (Apple) and Humanoid Automobile&swap; (Google).

    Automated Driving

    The VW Tiguan Allspace already offers drive functions nowadays, roughly of which are part machine-controlled, that importantly meliorate contrivance and refuge with their modern driver help systems. The aid systems in the serial at a glimpse:

  • ACC (Adaptative Sail Ascendance)
  • Domain Aspect (ambient monitoring by merger of cameras)
  • Pinch Assistance (machinelike scheme to occlusion the car if the driver is helpless, e.g. due to unwellness)
  • Strawman Serve, including Metropolis Pinch Braking and footer monitoring (ambient dealings monitoring organization)
  • Lane Serve (lane safekeeping arrangement)
  • Igniter Serve (machinelike independent send command)
  • Driver Awake Organisation
  • Ballpark Aid (ballpark steerage adjunct)
  • Commons Original (parking assist)
  • Proactive resident tribute arrangement
  • Backside Scene (bottom aspect camera)
  • Position Help (lane modification helper)
  • Snarl-up Help (coalition of Lane Assistance and ACC for machine-controlled drive in stop-and-go dealings)
  • Laggard Help (partly machine-controlled manoeuvring with drone)
  • Active Route Mark Expose
  • Intuitive Usability

    Legion digital presentation and ascendancy elements are usable for the new VW Tiguan Allspace. These admit the Alive Information Expose (digital instruments) and a head-up expose. A new propagation of Docudrama systems is besides beingness launched to concur with the premier of the Tiguan Allspace. First therein section, the top-of-the-range Learn Pro organisation with its 9.2-inch show offers gesticulate command. Another creation: a configurable family blind. Furthermore, the new Documentary organisation has no formal buttons any; alternatively, it is operated exploitation a tablet-like deoxyephedrine rise whose appearing blends in utterly with the conception of the Combat-ready Information Exhibit.

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