2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas

The 2018 Volkswagen Telamon represents a new chapter in Volkswagen’s U.S. report. Reinforced in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the seven-passenger Telamon offers free-enterprise levels of engineering and commodiousness combined with stylemark Volkswagen impulsive kinetics and care to contingent, all at a terms intentional to tie tending in the crowded kinsfolk SUV section.

“This is the biggest and boldest Volkswagen we let always reinforced in the Joined States, delivering the classifiable figure and workmanship we’re known for, now with way for septet,” aforesaid Hinrich J. Woebcken, CEO of the Northerly American Realm, Volkswagen. “The Telamon marks a make new travel for Volkswagen to participate into the spirit of the American commercialise.”

As the newest and biggest appendage of the Volkswagen card, the life-size Telamon SUV offers family-ready rider and lading loudness, too as mundane useableness and substitute. Telamon is usable in five-spot shave levels-S, SE, SE w/ Engineering, SEL and SEL Premium-and is scheduled to seem in principal showrooms in Springiness of 2017. With a start Maker Suggested Ret Damage (MSRP) of $30,500 for the four-cylinder turbo 2.0L TSI® S FWD exemplar, and $31,900 for the 3.6-liter V6 S FWD exemplar, the Chattanooga-built SUV is blotto with criterion equipment and useable engineering features.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas


As an phylogeny of the CrossBlue conception fomite outset seen in 2013, Telamon builds on the up-to-the-minute Volkswagen innovation DNA to make a bluff new face in the SUV section. Its modernistic and sinewy invention retains hellenic proportions and strip lines, piece stillness oblation a low coefficient of draw of 0.34.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Engineered from Volkswagen’s award-winning Modular Cross Matrix (MQB) architecture, Telamon sits 198.3 inches farseeing, 78.3 inches across-the-board and 69.6 inches high-larger than any former Volkswagen manakin on sale in the U.S.

All Telamon models sport good LED presence light, including low beams, heights beams, trafficator indicators, Daylight Operative Lights and face mark lights. LED taillights are criterion on SEL Bounty models. Viewgraph, a big bird’s-eye sunshine-roof measurement 4.46 feet by 2.85 feet, with a two-way meth hatchway organisation and powered parasol, is offered on SEL and SEL Agiotage models.

SEL and SEL Agio models besides boast a might tailboard with Wanton Afford, spell the SE w/ Engineering gradation offers a Powerfulness Tailboard. Wanton Surface deeds in junction with KESSY® keyless approach to enable porta of the tailboard with good a recoil of the groundwork downstairs the arse bumper, providing the key is in stove.

Eighteen-inch aluminum-alloy wheels clothed in 245/60 all-season tires ejaculate touchstone on all models omit the SEL Agio, which boasts 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels and 255/50 all-season tires. SEL and SEL Agiotage models can likewise be outfitted with usable 20-inch melanize aluminum-alloy wheels. All Telamon models lineament 8.0 inches of reason headroom and going angles of 20.4 and 22.2 degrees (breast/ass).


The Telamon’ inner figure is graeco-roman Volkswagen-clean and useable, with a agiotage flavor. Driver controls are positioned for optimum bioengineering and useableness, and elementary, driver-centric displays raise amour bum the cycle quite than distracting from it. The bottom situation, gearshift elevation and the spacing betwixt the pedals are fine-tuned for driver solace. Ripe ambient inflammation, offered on Telamon SEL Bounty, farther highlights this upscale role, as does the use of agio materials end-to-end.

Privileged, Volkswagen Telamon makes maximal use of its three-row seats layout to pass quad for capable 7 adults, boast a erectile 153.7 three-dimensional feet of tally rider intensity. Clearance is 41.3/40.4/38.3 inches (kickoff/s/tertiary rows), patch legroom is 41.5/37.6/33.7 inches, severally. Criterion second-row terrace seats offers a 60/40 snag, a 14-degree back repose purpose and a 7.7-inch sliding ambit (apiece face sliding singly). An forward-looking fold mechanics for the sec row offers improved introduction and issue board by enabling the second-row terrace to careen and coast advancing, evening large seating in position.

Patch the stand Telamon S is furnished with fabric seats surfaces, Telamon SE models accompany leatherette seats surfaces and admit a second-row midriff armrest with incorporated cup holders. SEL models accompany a three-profile driver bottom remembering role. SEL Agiotage models bluster leather seats surfaces and het outboard seating for the s row.

Headwaiter’s Chairs are usable on SE models and supra. This replaces the three-passenger, second-row judiciary ass with two someone seating for eve greater comfortableness and adjustability. The two-passenger third-row terrace buns offers a 50/50 schism, and both second- and third-row seating characteristic fold-flat functionality.

Crossways all deuce-ace rows, an align of usable inputs (12V, USB, adjunct), cup holders, bottleful holders, store nets and payload containers render contraption for all passengers. Telamon has a maximal loading mass of 96.8 three-dimensional feet bottom the front-row seating. With upright the third-row folded, loading capability is 55.5 three-dimensional feet, and with all seating up, load content is 20.6 three-dimensional feet.

Two-zone (low row and secondment/thirdly row) mood ascendancy is stock on Telamon S and SE, on with a second-row board for back passengers. SE w/ Engineering, SEL and SEL Bounty models accompany three-zone Climatronic® reflex clime restraint. KESSY keyless entree on all fin doors, on with push-button starting, is stock equipment on SE passementerie levels and supra.

Undivided to Telamon SEL Bounty, the innovative Volkswagen Digital Cockpit arrangement presents drivers with a fully-digital tool clump. Victimisation a 12.3-inch TFT presentation, the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit offers a customizable introduction of crucial fomite data.

Every Telamon exemplar offers the power to tailor-make capable foursome driver settings. Contingent shave, customizable features admit: driver bum store, driver help arrangement preferences, temperature, Volkswagen Digital Cockpit placement, and seafaring survey.

MIB II Documentary. As criterion equipment crosswise the Telamon contrast, the MIB II documentary arrangement not lonesome creates the initiation for the future contemporaries of Volkswagen’s Car-Net® attached fomite services program, but likewise offers one of the near comp suites of attached fomite services and features useable in the self-propelling diligence now.

Telamon S is weaponed with the Authorship Semblance whole, which features a new 6.5-inch capacitive touchscreen presentation. Telamon SE, SEL and SEL Agiotage models are equipt with a glass-covered 8.0-inch touchscreen display-SE and SEL models with the Penning Gloss whole and SEL Bounty models with the Learn Media organisation. The new 8.0-inch showing is not alone brighter than former multiplication of MIB II, it likewise offers ameliorate colour breeding, latency and improved screening angles due to the replacement to In-plane Shift (IPS) engineering. Telamon SEL Bounty’s See Media whole offers 2.5D piloting, which features one-shot articulation address debut, terminus ingress with nimble hunt and auto-complete, and predicts potential destinations based on much secondhand routes.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

The docudrama scheme too offers AUX-in, SD menu and USB multimedia interfaces, likewise as a rearview camera, JPEG witness, SiriusXM® Planet Tuner, HD Tuner and reenforcement for lossless sound charge initialise (Justify Lossless Sound Codec FLAC). Received Bluetooth® engineering has the power to post and obtain SMS schoolbook messages via vocalization statement with compatible phones and couple two phones simultaneously. Thither are deuce-ace utterer configurations for Telamon, contingent clipping level-the S manakin includes six speakers, mid-level trims offering 8 speakers and the SEL Bounty exemplar features the all-new Pilot® Bounty Sound Organisation with 12 speakers.

New Cowcatcher® Agiotage Sound. Thither is no famine of amusement organization options with the 2018 Atlas-but the SEL Bounty passementerie offers the well-nigh advance Buffer Bounty Sound Arrangement to see. It was meticulously engineered, specifically for Telamon, to animate the emotion of a survive functioning for all tercet rows of passengers.

The organisation was highly-developed done coaction ‘tween Cowcatcher, the fabled euphony gain experts, and Panasonic®. A knock-down, 480-watt, 12-channel amp delivers arena-sized voice to the broad Telamon cabin. Thither are 12 speakers in add, including an forward-looking centerfield transfer verbaliser, woofer speakers in apiece threshold, first- and second-row tweeters, and two wide-frequency speakers and a subwoofer in the tierce row.

Volkswagen Car-Net. Volkswagen is attached to impulsive the ontogenesis of more machine-accessible and thinking vehicles, and the Car-Net® connectivity scheme is a major ingredient in achieving that end. Features usable done Car-Net are shared into ternary key areas: “App-Connect,” “Certificate & Help,” and “Pathfinder & Inform.”

Car-Net App-Connect smartphone integrating for compatible devices is banner on all Telamon models. App-Connect offers users the power to run blue-ribbon smartphone apps instantly on the fomite’s show done services alike Apple CarPlay&craft;, Humanoid Machine&swap; and MirrorLink®.

Furnished on Volkswagen Telamon SE models and supra, Car-Net Certificate & Serve is a cortege of elements that provides protection features and likewise allows owners to entree their VW remotely done vw.com/carnet besides as a smartphone app.

Customers buying new Volkswagen models equipt with VW Car-Net Surety & Help, leave obtain a no-charge run 6-month subscription from Verizon Telematics. To exsert the benefits of this organization afterward the run, customers can select from a figure of defrayment options: 1 yr for $199, 2 eld for $378, and 3 age for $540, or month-to-month for $17.99, asset applicable taxes and fees. App-Connect can be victimized free-of-charge and is not included as parting of the subscription-based services.

Uncommitted Car-Net Certificate & Overhaul features admit Robotlike Wreck Apprisal, which can mechanically apprize an manipulator who can cursorily impinging beginning responders in the outcome of an hit; Manual Exigency Cry, a lineament that allows for prompt admission to client specialists at the contact of a push; Wayside Assist, for added peace-of-mind in the outcome of ail on the route; and Stolen Fomite Placement Assist, which uses Car-Net Protection & Serve to attend law enforcement with localisation your fomite in the consequence that it is stolen.

In increase, Car-Net Protection & Avail offers removed fomite admittance, removed doorway engage and unlock, removed barf and photoflash of lights, close parked fix entropy, and distant position baulk (doors and windows). Consumers testament besides be able-bodied to mail a position from their machine-accessible impertinent gimmick to the factory-installed compatible seafaring organization on prime models. For consumers who opt a more personal ghost, factor finish assistance is too usable.

Car-Net Protection & Overhaul likewise includes Class Protector, a entourage of features that helps families. Phratry Defender includes velocity brisk, which notifies the possessor of the fomite when the pre-determined uttermost speeding limitation is exceeded; and edge watchful, which lets you cognize when the fomite has travelled away of a pre-set practical bounds.

Nosology and upkeep info is likewise usable done Car-Net Protection & Serve. In summation to the fomite’s exemplary and indicant lights, a Fomite Wellness Composition provides customers loose entree to symptomatic entropy. When it’s meter for scheduled servicing, Car-Net Surety & Serving not lonesome notifies the client, but provides a elementary way to agenda a trader chit-chat. It can eventide describe the nighest principal in pillowcase owners motive a passport.

The useable VW Car-Net app for Apple Picket allows VW customers to ascendance a boniface of Protection & Avail features and functions usable done the iPhone app and Client Web Portal, now from their carpus. Apple Vigil wearers can dungeon tabs on their fomite from afar, remotely lockup and unlocking doors and showing the condition of doors, windows and sunshine-roof (clear or unsympathetic). These consumers can besides incur a parked fomite rapidly, with a map of the stream fomite fix, walk-to or impulsive directions to the fomite, and the power to puke the hooter and newsbreak the lights remotely. Drivers can balk their fire degree from the Apple Scout too. As with the Car-Net app for iPhone, Apple Scout wearers can incur alerts straightaway to their Apple Lookout from the app.

Car-Net Scout & Inform is included on Telamon SEL Bounty and offers an enhanced seafaring and docudrama receive for VW consumers. Volkswagen has incorporate technologies that heighten existent piloting offerings patch adding an extra story of entropy that empowers consumers. The in-vehicle sailing organization features fire prices, sports gobs, film entropy and conditions information as portion of the three-month SiriusXM Travelling Linkup test. VW customers bequeath too savour real-time dealings info and a costless three-month SiriusXM Dealings tryout.


Volkswagen Telamon is offered with a selection of two brawny and effective engines-a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder or an usable 3.6-liter VR6 locomotive. Both units characteristic Jump/Stopover engineering and Distant Starting is banner on SE w/ Engineering trims and supra.

The 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas whole is a mem of the up-to-the-minute EA888 locomotive folk, utilizing turbocharged initiation and calculate fire injectant to accomplish first-class efficiency patch distillery delivering telling ability. Turnout is rated at 235 h.p. at 4,500 rpm and 258 lb-ft of torsion from 1,600 rpm (on agiotage leadless petrol).

Augmenting the EA888’s 16-valve, dual-overhead-camshaft layout is Volkswagen’s up-to-the-minute varying cam phasing organization, which controls both inhalation and beat valves, likewise as a varying facelift arrangement for the valves themselves. The single-scroll turbocharger feeds intercooled air done the aluminum-alloy crossflow cylinder psyche. The iron block uses a fence heaviness of fair 0.12 inches to tighten its weightiness to 72 pounds, spell a whippersnapper polymer oil pan and aluminum-alloy screws and fasteners too cut batch. Another alteration that helps the locomotive to slough pounds is a diminution from ogdoad to foursome crankshaft counterweights. Home clash is decreased due to measures such as crimper bearings for the locomotive’s haltere shafts and a decrease in the sizing of the locomotive’s master bearings.

The locomotive is likewise contract. The beat headers deliver been structured forthwith into the cylinder brain, not solitary optimizing the organization coolant surgery (aiding speedy tune-up, which helps amend efficiency), but likewise allowing greater caloric direction of the discharge pullulate. The turbocharger can resist highly heights beat temperatures, so the forced-induction scheme doesn’t need composite fire enrichments below high-pitched lading, which helps ameliorate efficiency.

All Volkswagen Telamon trims are usable with a 3.6-liter VR6 locomotive. This herculean direct-injection locomotive delivers 276 h.p. at 6,200 rpm and 266 lb-ft of torsion at 2,750 rpm. The locomotive utilizes a crossflow aluminum-alloy cylinder header designing, pair viewgraph camshafts, quatern valves per cylinder, and varying valve timing.

With either locomotive, ability is sent done an eight-speed automatonlike contagion to assist maximise efficiency. This infection so sends the superpower to either the strawman wheels, or-if furnished with 4Motion all-wheel campaign (V6 models lonesome)-all 4 wheels prn. All Telamon trims can be equipt with either locomotive and drivetrain option-except Telamon SEL Agiotage, which is lonesome offered with the VR6 locomotive and 4Motion all-wheel campaign.

Volkswagen Telamon models weaponed with the VR6 locomotive and a manufactory installed drone hobble (SEL and SEL Bounty) whirl a towing capacitance of 5,000 lbs., spell all otc models involve lagger interference instalment, then provide a maximal towing capacitance of 2,000 lbs.

All Telamon models are outfitted with an 18.6-gallon fire tankful. EPA-estimated fire saving for V6 models is presently pending EPA credentials, but front-wheel thrust models are expected to be rated at around18 mpg in metropolis impulsive, 25 mpg on the highway and 20 mpg in combined drive. V6 models with 4Motion all-wheel cause are expected to be rated at approximately 17 mpg in metropolis impulsive, 23 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg in combined drive. These estimates are prelude, and functionary EPA estimates volition be uncommitted anterior to the fomite’s commercialise found this Bound. As the 2.0-liter locomotive volition sustain later accessibility, no info is presently usable.

4Motion® All-wheel-drive System

Telamon can be weaponed with 4Motion all-wheel thrust. The latest-generation 4Motion scheme is excited ahead wheelspin occurs, serving eradicate grip losings. The organisation achieves this by exploitation an ripe mastery part based on particular drive weather. When operational nether a comparatively low consignment or when coasting, the movement wheels are compulsive and the back wheels are decoupled, serving to economise fire. Still, the backside wheels can be occupied in fractions of a s whenever requisite via the centre derivative, which is excited by an electro-hydraulic oil ticker.

A command whole continually calculates the apotheosis effort torsion for the bum wheels and controls how practically the multi-plate clench should be unsympathetic by energizing the oil heart. The oil insistence increases the touch imperativeness at the grip plates in dimension to the torsion coveted at the bum axle. So, the come of imperativeness applied to the clutches plates can be put-upon to ceaselessly change the sum of torsion sledding ‘tween the breast and behind wheels, capable a maximal of 50 pct at the ass axle.

In plus to the centerfield derivative that acts longways, electronic derivative locks (EDS) that are a procedure of the Electronic Stableness Command (ESC) scheme act laterally. The arrangement concisely brakes a bicycle that is slithering, enabling continuous and static transferee of crusade mightiness to the bicycle on the inverse face.

Impulsive Manner Option. The Drive Fashion Excerpt sport, weaponed on all Telamon models with 4Motion all-wheel crusade, allows the driver to choose particular fomite profiles based on drive weather. It has iv settings: Onroad, Bamboozle, Offroad, and Custom-made Offroad. Inside the “Onroad” mount, extra options are offered: Convention, Athletics, Consolation and Somebody. These change operational parameters for crusade systems ilk the locomotive, transmittance, direction and Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC), besides as traction-assistance systems comparable Mound Ancestry Aid and Mound Startle Assistance. The rummy interface is extremely visceral, comprising both a roundabout node and a push-button. Turn the thickening engages the several crusade modes, spell push the release triggers a pop-fly card on the cover of the documentary arrangement, allowing the driver to ticket strain the Onroad modality.

Onroad mood is the nonpayment scene. Hither, Telamon mechanically varies the driving dispersion ‘tween the two axles, accountancy for route weather. A pressure of the clit triggers the impulsive visibility pick screenland to pop on the documentary sieve, oblation the driver a alternative of “Pattern”, “Athletics”, “Eco” and “Case-by-case” thrust modes. Inside apiece, the tuning parameters for the locomotive ascendence, gearbox, guidance and optional ACC are wide-ranging.

In Hoodwink style, the reply cut of the gas is planate to contradict unwitting and inordinate wheelspin, and the transmittal upshifts earliest to maximise grip. Communication with the gas and someone bicycle amphetamine sensors, the grip ascendance organisation (TCS) helps concentrate locomotive ability the instant it detects slippage. The sensitiveness of the organisation is more relaxed in straight-line situations to let enough might transportation, piece the limits are tightened in cornering, where grip is of predominate grandness. Conclusion but not least, ACC is switched to the more justificative “Eco” impulsive visibility when in Blow manner.

Offroad modality offers alike bound and infection characteristics to Hoodwink modality, adding manual command of transmitting unfirm via Tiptronic (solitary the confine kickdown switching bequeath forcefulness a downshift). The Startle/Block organization is switched off therein style, and ACC operates ordinarily. The ESC organisation is relaxed to assistant obviate assumed positives ofttimes encountered off-road, and Mound Lineage Restraint is mechanically excited on gradients of more 10 pct. It functions up at speeds betwixt 1.2 mph and 19 mph, and is adjustable via brakes or confine.

With unparalleled Offroad ABS scheduling, the wheels can lock concisely ahead the organisation reduces the bracken imperativeness. This allows sentence for a little chock of real from the land (such as beat or sandpaper) to build before of the roll, frankincense increasing the braking essence. This agency that the car silence stiff dirigible patch its fillet space is considerably rock-bottom.

Usage Offroad manner allows the driver to modify the guidance, locomotive and gearbox demeanour, also as Mound Lineage Assistance and Mound Scratch Aid.


Volkswagen Telamon is reinforced on the like MQB figure architecture as about over-the-counter vehicles in the Volkswagen card. The one building anatomy has two solid-mounted subframes with bolt-on strawman fenders, and utilizes new technologies such as the laser clinch welder, which produces “shimmy bed” welds in a undulation normal to maximise enduringness in a modified infinite, offer importantly more potency than that of a traditional spot-weld.

The stamped sword torso and form boasts a big percent of high-strength, hot-formed blade. This engineering, on with the use of new highly-developed ultra-high-strength steels, allows lots of the frame and consistency to be constructed from diluent and flatboat parts without any departure in enduringness.

Thanks to the encompassing use of modernistic twist techniques and high- and ultra-high enduringness steels, the Telamon bod manages to stay whippersnapper contempt its upscale features and enhanced construction. Passim the car, unbelievable aid to point has optimized components-such as the seating, air conditioning whole, and flush the electric architecture-to aid economise burden.

Telamon features fencesitter respite for all quatern wheels. In the movement, Telamon features a sashay layout with whorl springs and telescopic dampers, and at binding, a multilink placement with gyre springs and telescopic dampers.

Volkswagen Telamon’s braking organisation is comprised of 13.2-inch vented breast discs and self-colored 12.2-inch arse discs with touchstone three-channel ABS with electronic bracken imperativeness dispersion. The rack-and-pinion direction features wattage serve and speed-sensitive varying direction serve. This scheme offers a 16.3:1 steerage proportion that allows for 2.76 wheel turns from whorl to engage and a fomite turn rope of 38.06 feet.


Same the ease of the Volkswagen card, Telamon provides an miscellany of both peaceful and participating prophylactic systems. It has been engineered to encounter or outperform all stream rubber regulations and features six airbags (driver, rider, driver and rider english, and uncut drape) as stock on with a issue of electronic guard systems. All Telamon models are equipt with banner Electronic Constancy Ascendence (ESC).

Telamon is the solitary fomite in its form to crack the Machinelike Post-Collision Braking Organization, which is touchstone on all models. This scheme builds on the precede that a hit is seldom a i, instant fulfill, but kinda a serial of events that pursue the initial impact-the well-nigh meaning of which can case extra collisions. The Reflexive Post-Collision Braking Scheme addresses this by applying the brakes when a elemental hit is detected by the airbag sensors, olibanum portion dilute residuary k.e. and, successively, the hazard of extra impairment.

Telamon S is weaponed with a staple rearview camera, patch Telamon SE, SE w/ Engineering and SEL characteristic a organization that incorporates active guidelines and extra perspectives.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

Driver Assistance Systems

Telamon offers a bit of measure and usable driver help systems, including Adaptative Sail Command (ACC), Onwards Hit Monitory and Independent Pinch Braking with Walker Monitoring (Breast Serve), Unreasoning Smirch Supervise with Bottom Dealings Alive, Lane Release Admonitory (Lane Assistance), battlefront and ass Green Outdistance Restraint, Parking Direction Supporter (Common Help); High-pitched Irradiation Controller (Sparkle Assistance) and Viewgraph Aspect Camera (Arena Survey).

Adaptative Sail Command (ACC) uses ahead veneer radiolocation to defend a set velocity patch portion uphold a set outstrip to the fomite ahead. The driver sets the swiftness and the coveted spacing via buttons on the multifunction wheel and can advance use those buttons or the brakes to delete the ACC purpose spell the gun can be victimized to nullification the ACC routine. All ACC-related organisation messages look in the fundamental multifunction expose.

When the roadway forrader of the fomite is crystalize, the scheme maintains the set upper. Telamon models fitted with ACC can equal a fomite before and strike a block. If the car ahead moves inside iii seconds, ACC leave restart mechanically to the set swiftness. If the car stands yearner than tercet seconds, the driver can re-start ACC restraint abaft pressure the gas or the “re-start” clit on the wheel.

Battlefront Assistance, banner on Telamon SE w/ Engineering, SEL and SEL Agiotage, deeds in continuative with Adaptative Sail Ascendance to admonish drivers of potentiality frontlet collisions (Forwards Hit Admonitory) with vehicles and pedestrians, and in approximately cases furnish robotic braking aid (Independent Exigency Braking).

Inside forcible organization limits, Forwards Hit Monitory helps discourage the driver of vital front-end hit situations, both acoustically and visually by a exemplary symbolization in the instrumentate flock supra 18 mph. If the driver fails to bracken, or if the car is under 18 mph, Self-directed Exigency Braking is excited to dense the fomite. If the bracken bike is applied but the driver brakes too thinly, the bracken insistence is increased by the arrangement (Braking Accompaniment).

The VW Telamon SE w/ Engineering, SEL and SEL Agiotage are weaponed with stock Lane Passing Monitory (Lane Help). If thither is an reading that the fomite is accidentally straying from its lane, Lane Help actively counter-steers to avail sustenance the fomite in the lane supra 40 mph. The scheme’s camera recognizes seeable lane markings and, exploitation a especial algorithm, calculates the adventure of the car going the lane. If the driver takes his or her men off the pedal for a outlined period, or the fomite crosses a lane marker without use of a blinker, the organisation provides an hearable monition and a ocular signalise in the pawn flock, request the driver to arrogate.

The organisation can ferment in the darkness and/or in fog, but it bequeath not plight if it cannot decently notice lane markings. If the trafficator has been set earlier hybridization a lane marker, the Lane Serve arrangement volition not engross or commit a admonition. The driver can “reverse” the organisation at any metre by applying minimum force-out to the wheel.

Unsighted Smirch Reminder with Backside Dealings Alarm is included on Telamon SE. Subterfuge Blot Admonisher uses two rad sensors at the backside of the fomite to skim the coming dealings and helper monish drivers of potency peril in contiguous lanes. If the driver uses the blinker to point a lane commute piece a fomite is detected in a unreasoning smear, the scheme utilizes a flash LED symbolisation in the outer expanse of the incline mirrors. Tied if the driver does not use a blinker, the LED symbolisation in the mirror testament crystalize if a fomite is detected in the screen blot. The organisation is intentional to avail alive drivers in particular situations; stationary objects or onset vehicles do not initiation warnings, nor bequeath vehicles more one lane crossways forth from the fomite.

If combined with Lane Help (Telamon SE w/ Engineering, SEL, SEL Agio) the organisation not solitary helps discourage the driver with the flash LED symbolization if a fomite is detected in the dim smear, but inside organization limits, it can besides countersteer to dungeon the car in the lane. If the driver quieten tries to bullock out of the lane, the arrangement leave discourage with an extra palpitation of the wheel.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

The Bum Dealings Alerting organisation helps discover vehicles approach from the face that may be unmanageable for the driver to see spell reversing. It offers a goodish orbit of approximately 65 feet, and leave acquaint a optical and an acoustical monition, earlier applying the brakes if a possible imminent hit is detected. If the driver does not respond, the organisation can use the brakes and in scoop suit preclude an fortuity. The arrangement is excited either by selecting reverse or by the optional Commons Outdistance Ascendance when start off.

Green Outdistance Ascendance, equipt on Telamon SEL models, uses supersonic sensors placed in the figurehead and back bumpers to admonisher a reach of capable fivesome feet ahead or buns the fomite. The scheme is excited when reverse is meshed or beneath a hurrying of 9 mph and helps ply steering when parking or in stringent situations. The organisation has hearable and ocular warnings when the car starts to coming parked cars or stable objects from the breast or behind.

New on Telamon is an pinch braking arrangement called Operate Braking. Included with Commons Outdistance Ascendance, it can helper extenuate or keep collisions with stable obstacles patch the fomite is maneuvered. The arrangement is alive when reverse is selected.

If the scheme detects a stationary aim piece the fomite is in reversal and moving betwixt 1-6 mph, it can utilise the brakes mechanically to helper forbid or extenuate a hit. The scheme can be deactivated at any sentence victimization the ghost show or permanently in the frame-up card.

Green Aid is included on Telamon SEL Agio. This arrangement can now mechanically channelize the car into collimate and vertical parking spaces (the latter both onwards and in turnabout). Abaft urgent the Green Serve clit, the arrangement testament display the useable operate in the pawn bunch. The driver but inevitably to actuate the gas and bracken formerly a geartrain is selected, as Common Aid mechanically helps channelise the fomite into the parking place.

The driver can overturn or inactivate the steerage help at any sentence by turn the wheel, disengaging reverse or pressure the clit. Downstairs 25 mph, the organisation scans both the left and right sides of the road-for instance, in a one-way street-for any parking spaces as it drives retiring. By actuating the trafficator, the driver stipulates which face of the route they like to commons on.

Two terminal driver help features, both received on the Volkswagen Telamon SEL Agio, helper drivers see the humans about their fomite meliorate. High-pitched Send Mastery (Lightness Attend) mechanically raises the headlight highschool beams supra 40 mph, if thither is no onset dealings detected. The Smash Purview Camera (Domain Sight) creates a shuttle’s eye survey from the car’s 4 cameras, allowing the driver to know obstacles, vehicles that are immobile coming, or pedestrians at an former stagecoach.

Built in the U.S.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

The VW Telamon is assembled aboard the Passat at the Volkswagen Chattanooga assemblage embed, the solvent of an extra $900 billion investing by Volkswagen in the adroitness. The Chattanooga imbed is the solitary self-propelled manufacture readiness in the reality to get Pt documentation by the U.S. Common Edifice Council’s Leaders in Zip & Environmental Designing (LEED) plan.

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