2018 Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift

Undermentioned on from its establish in the Japanese domesticated marketplace in belated 2016, Suzuki Motive Corp now unveils the new European Fleet at the 2017 Hollands Motive Appearance as its all-new globular supermini. It carries ahead the Blue-belly DNA patch adopting whole new styling and a performance-enhancing exceedingly lightness consistency with ripe guard technologies. The answer is outside European panache complemented by a sporting and operational home, agile and spry drive, and enhanced heartsease.

In gain to its fashionable outside pattern in a concordat sizing of good 3,840mm foresighted, the new Blue-belly features first-class visibleness, a wide cabin and copious baggage quad. The maturation end was to make an all new hatchback styling that is doubtlessly Suzuki. Blue-belly is a real democratic and authoritative car in the stove and has reached 5.4 billion sales globally in less than 12 eld, quicker than any former Suzuki exemplar.

New-generation platform ‘HEARTECT’

Below the ‘SUZUKI Adjacent 100’ programme proclaimed at the Frankfurt Motive Prove in 2015, Suzuki highly-developed a new chopine scheme for its hereafter models and the Blue-belly is now the one-third simulation (pursuit Baleno and IGNIS) to espouse this new contemporaries chopine and be introduced in Europe.

The new Suzuki Blue-belly rests on a new-generation chopine “HEARTECT” that delivers enhanced underlying fomite functioning due to beingness igniter and extremely fixed. A comp modernize of the underbelly’s construction and constituent layout resulted in the borrowing of a extremely fixed skeleton that enhances hit rubber.

2018 Suzuki Swift

This new program or underbelly of new Blue-belly is now 30kg hoy than earlier which has contributed to the car registering a curbing weighting of upright 890kg (SZ3 manakin) – 120kg light boilersuit for the unhurt car.

The new Fleet is 10mm shorter than the forthcoming manakin, spell its wheelbase is 20mm thirster, creating more inner way including 25 per centime more baggage content at 254L, or 54 litres more the extroverted framework. It is too 15mm glower and 40mm wider, boost accentuating its low and across-the-board posture. Additionally, the European Fleet has a wider forepart and ass rails than the Japanese Domesticated example.

Behind the New Swift: Aspects of Styling Innovation

Exploitation of the new Blue-belly’s outside pattern was based on the construct of a “boldface development of Fleet’s DNA”. Patch unhesitating efforts were made so that the new Fleet would inherit the simulation’s feature styling, elements that requisite bracing were boldly transformed to innovatively acquire the new car.

Enhanced transfer elements admit stiff shoulders, blacked-out A-pillars and vertically staged movement and bum lamps. Blue-belly now offers a more excited show collectively a sinewy and sound face. The trunk is shorter, depress and wider, piece a all-encompassing and strong-growing forepart grill, load-bearing bumper lattice role lines all verbalize lastingness.

The feeling of a low gist of somberness is advance accomplished by blacked-out pillars that make the show of a drifting cap. Pillar-mounted doorway handles add both flair and a sporting flare piece a hi-tech face comes in the cast of LED touch elucidation usedin the headlamps and rear-combination lamps (SZ5 framework).

Smarter packaging

During midland conception, sullen the seats positions has ensured sufficient caput headway (the like as for forthcoming Blue-belly for the presence seating) and added 23mm erect and sidelong spa for the bum seats positions. The strawman seating deliver been affected outward by 10mm which has increased the centre-on-centre length betwixt them by 20mm.

Former upcountry features admit a center comfort sour fivesome degrees towards the driver, breast seating with optimised anatomy and springiness post with heightened slope bolsters. The wheel is of new excogitation ‘D’-shape division and an LED motorcar air conditioning venire is likewise fitted (SZ5 models):

Adopting Suzuki Suzuki’s new contemporaries chopine scheme minimised the sizing of the locomotive compartment which has enabled maximizing the infinite useable for cabin occupants and baggage.

Development of New Swift – Put Through Its Paces in Europe

In rescript to case the inevitably of European customers, Suzuki knew that merely scheming and development the new Blue-belly in Japan would not be sufficient. So it sour to the roadstead of Europe, where teams of local valuation drivers helped to perfect the new car.

Examination of the frame, which is the centerpiece of the new Fleet’s phylogeny, commenced in January 2016 in the Joined Land and Germany. Coating a summate of more 6,000 miles, the teams time-tested as many as 90 unlike abeyance prototypes in an feat to encounter the motive for optimal direction smell conjointly providing svelte and nimble reprieve for British roadstead.

Specification Highlights

Measure equipment for all models in the scope is comp and the SZ3 framework with 1.2-litre Dualjet locomotive and manual infection volition admit six airbags, air conditioning, leather wheel, DAB radiocommunication with Bluetooth and 4 speakers, arse seclusion ice, LED daylight track lights, 15-inch wheels, eubstance colorful doorway mirrors and forepart galvanising windows.

The SZ-T exemplar uncommitted with 1.0-litre Boosterjet locomotive and manual transmittance adds bum scene camera, Smartphone contact expose sound, 16-inch admixture wheels and strawman fog lamps meth. SZ5 adds automobile air conditioning, 16-inch milled debase wheels, planet piloting, Innovative forward-moving sensing arrangement, keyless launching and commencement and arse galvanising windows,

Boosterjet technology

Aft the introduction of the 1.0-litre leash cylinder Boosterjet in Baleno in June 2016 and S-Cross in October 2016, this locomotive engineering is now elongated to the new Blue-belly. Offer the like storey of ability and torsion of a practically bigger capacitance commonly aspirated locomotive (1.7-1.8-litre), it delivers an casual crusade and actual impulsive delight. This whole has an production of 111PS and is Aim Shot turbocharged (DITC). It is a identical press locomotive and offers 170Nm of torsion usable from 2,000rpm done to 3,500rpm for manual transmittal.

1.2-litre Dualjet

Suzuki offset introduced its 1.2-litre (K12C) Dualjet technlogy in 2014, initially in the Blue-belly so in Baleno in June 2016. In compendious, Dualjet incorporates Suzuki’s noted locomotive engineering and uses similitude fire injectors for improved fire saving. Utilising Dualjet designing that positions the fire injectors rattling approximately the locomotive intake valves allows for a finer fire fragmentation. The uttermost index yield is 90PS with a torsion pattern of 120Nm at 4,400rpm. Speedup metre to 62mph is 11.9 seconds for the SZ3 2WD and 12.6 seconds for the SHVS ALLGRIP equipt simulation.


The SHVS modest loanblend arrangement is a concordat and whippersnapper arrangement that incorporates an Unified Fledgling Author (known as ISG) which acts as both a source and starter, the ISG is bash goaded and assists the locomotive during fomite depart and speedup and besides generates electricity done regenerative braking. In new Fleet, SHVS is usable conjointly Boosterjet first and results in CO2 emissions as low as 97gkm.

The zip aid provided during quickening enables the SHVS to be known as a balmy intercrossed organisation which is ideally suitable to a compact and adds good 6.2 kg to the boilersuit slant.


The new Suzuki Fleet adopts Suzuki’s ALLGRIP ‘Automobile’ 4wd arrangement and is usable as an alternative on the SZ5 manakin with 1.2-litre locomotive. Beginning introduced in the old propagation Fleet in 2014 this is a fountainhead proved and dim-witted full reflex and perm 4wd layout which transfers extra torsion to the behind wheels when compulsory via a gluey mating.

Advanced Forward Detection System

The new Fleet SZ5 features Suzuki’s commencement use of an modern forwards sleuthing organization that combines a monocular camera and a laser detector for innovative guard functions, including self-directed exigency braking, lane release exemplary and heights send attend. It likewise uses millimetre-wave rad to enable adaptative sail controller.

The forward-looking advancing spotting organization monocular camera excels at mid to hanker outdistance espial and too acknowledgment of dealings elements including pedestrians and lane markers. The laser detector excels at monitoring shorter space hazards and too night-sight spying.

Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS) – SZ5 Grade

The sophisticated advancing detecting arrangement supports legion condom technologies, among which is collision-mitigating Three-fold Detector Bracken Reenforcement (DSBS). With DSBS, at fomite speeds from some 3mph to 62mph and if the scheme determines a chance of hit with a onwards obstruction, it issues both an sound and optical cautionary. If thither is a heights peril of hit with a advancing obstruction and the driver affright brakes, the organisation deploys bracken serve, increasing braking personnel. If the danger of a hit increases fifty-fifty more the organisation applies good machinelike braking in an endeavor to forfend the hit or slim hurt.

Advanced Multi-information display

2018 Suzuki Swift

The SZ5 simulation is equipt with a 4.2 edge high-definition colouration LCD showing that shows a ambit of info including locomotive production and torsion information, fire usance, mean amphetamine, speedup and bracken functioning besides as impulsive Gm trailing. For the SHVS simulation an push flowchart is besides included.

Display audio system with navigation and smartphone connectivity

The sound organisation for both SZ-T and SZ5 models has a Smartphone Linkage Expose Sound (SLDA) with a enceinte seven-spot edge hint jury showing that enables visceral procedure and can besides be secondhand when erosion gloves. A ternary dimensional sailing map makes landmarks wanton to tell and the organization likewise allows the driver to use sealed smartphone applications with MirrorLink, Humanoid Car and Apple CarPlay association.

Key dimensions

  • Distance: 3,840mm
  • Breadth: 1,735mm
  • Peak: 1,495mm (2WD) 1,520mm (4WD)
  • Wheelbase: 2,450mm
  • Racecourse: movement/ass: 1,520 – 1,530mm/1,520 – 1,525mm
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