2018 Subaru Wrx

Subaru WRX

Subaru of America, Inc.introduced the 2018 WRX and WRX STI, apiece debuting operation, consolation, figure and safe enhancements for a more rewarding drive live. The new models scope Subaru retailers in bounce 2017.

A restyled figurehead facia WRX and WRX STI shows a sportier position, highlighted by a more marked lattice innovation, on with a bigger depress wicket orifice. The WRX Special and all STI characteristic redesigned LED Steerage Antiphonal Headlights that service illumine curves in night impulsive. For greater versatility, all WRX and STI models now boast new cap torture climb brackets.

WRX for 2018

2018 Subaru Wrx

With its 268-hp, 2.0-liter organise injectant turbocharged Pugilist locomotive, Proportionate All Roll Effort and Fighting Torsion Vectoring, the rally-bred WRX is a functioning and valuate benchmark in the high-performance AWD sport-compact section. The WRX comes received with a 6-speed manual transmitting and offers an optional operation reflexive transmittance, the Mutation Lineartronic® CVT with manual style.

The WRX features new movement and ass abatement tuning for improved guidance constancy and tantalise puff, spell retaining the car’s gamey cornering functioning capableness. Subaru importantly enhanced gearshift compassionate the 6-speed manual infection, with a new selsyn pattern and decreased rubbing, on with sander clasp take-up. The WRX wattage guidance (EPS) was revised to allow an flush sander, more instinctive flavour, piece integration the direction drive and electronic ascendance whole reduces weightiness.

2018 Subaru WRX

A new optional Functioning Parcel for the WRX Agiotage features Recaro 8-way ability seating, red-painted bracken calipers and upgraded JURID bracken pads, and deletes the moonroof to concentrate slant. The stock 18-inch wheels characteristic a sheer new double-spoke conception.

2018 Subaru Wrx

WRX STI for 2018

A comp treatment sweetening for the 2018 STI includes the revised respite tuning as featured on the WRX, addition a revised DCCD AWD scheme, importantly upgraded brakes and this simulation’s first-ever 19-inch wheels. The DCCD organisation, which antecedently secondhand a compounding of mechanical and electronic gist express parapraxis derivative controller, now uses electronic ascendancy for faster and sander reaction. The 19-inch admixture wheels lineament a impinging Y-shaped rundle pattern and gestate 245/35R19 tires that assist ascent cornering operation patch freehanded the STI an eve more strong-growing position.

2018 Subaru Wrx

The yellow-painted bracken calipers name a importantly upgraded Brembo Operation Brakes that now uses stronger monoblock 6-piston calipers before, monoblock 2-piston calipers in the ass and bigger, drilled rotors all about for bettor estrus profligacy. New bracken pads render importantly greater expanse for improved braking flavor and disappearance immunity. The STI besides offers the Recaro seating (criterion on STI Circumscribed, optional for bag reduce).

Powered by a 305-hp 2.5-liter turbocharged Packer locomotive, the WRX STI brings rally-bred execution engineering to the route with Multi-Mode Driver Controlled Centerfield Derivative (DCCD) Proportionate All-Wheel Driving. Criterion treatment technologies admit Alive Torsion Vectoring and Multi-Mode Fomite Kinetics Restraint.

Improved Usability with a Sporting Edge

The casual useableness that has contributed to WRX and STI popularity gets flush bettor for 2018. All models have upgraded national materials, ass arse armrest with cup holders, redesigned inside threshold grips and quicker outside bole scuttle.

2018 Subaru Wrx

New measures that cut undesirable disturbance admit thicker doorway chalk, revised threshold waterproofing and a foam-filled windscreen lintel air. A new, bigger high-definition multi-function presentation (5.9-inch vs. 4.3-inch ahead) makes it easier to see fomite functions at a peek. WRX Special models sport ability driver’s arse lumbar allowance. The touchstone WRX adds het outside mirrors (already received on others), piece the WRX Bounty upgrades to a SUBARU STARLINK&patronage; 7.0″ multimedia whole from the former STARLINK 6.2″ whole.


Subaru revised the figurehead construction of the WRX and WRX STI for enhanced frontage hit execution. The WRX Special, when equipt with Sightedness Driver Assistance Engineering now features Fomite Grip (AVH), and a new Sightedness Assistance Reminder (EAM). The EAM uses LED indicators to show Sightedness condition and alerts on the windscreen, allowing the driver to see them without amusing eyes from the route forrader. The AVH sport replaces the Mound Bearer and Mound Scratch Assistance functions and offers greater functionality, retention the fomite on all route grades, not but inclines. E.g., AVH can assistant slim driver fag by keeping the car at dealings lights, then can seamlessly changeover to speedup.

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