2018 Renault Alpine A110

Alpine A110

One twelvemonth abaft the intro of the Alpine Imaginativeness display car, at the 2017 Hollands Centrifugal Establish Alpine revealed its yield car: the new Alpine A110.

2018 Renault Alpine A110

Combine the dateless Alpine principles of sparkle burthen, lightsomeness and operation, this mid-engined runabout sports coupe is rightful to the purport of its predecessors and particularly the A110 ‘Berlinette’. The new car testament be reinforced in the Alpine manufactory in Dieppe and deliveries testament starting previous 2017 in Continental Europe. Deliveries in the UK and Japan testament jump in 2018.

Alpine is rear to exact its spot in the sports car section, with but one predict: impulsive joy.

A compact and lightweight sports car

The Alpine A110’s al program and consistency are bonded, riveted and welded to cater an exceptionally set yet twinkle construction.

The Alpine A110 is ultra-light at just 1080kg curbing angle (excluding options). Its constrict sizing (4178mm foresighted, 1798mm all-embracing and 1252mm high-pitched), optimum burden dispersion (44% forepart/ 56% bottom) and low heart of sobriety are all consecrate to lightness – particularly on the typecast of wind lot route that made Alpine’s repute backbone in the Sixties and ’70s.

Alpine’s deal is likewise saturated round the center of the car, with the fire tankful arse the movement axle and the locomotive ahead of the bottom axle, enabling the driver to feeling at one with the car.

2018 Renault Alpine A110

Excellent power-to-weight ratio

The Alpine A110 is weaponed with a new 1.8-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged locomotive highly-developed by the Renault-Nissan Bond. Alpine’s engineers, collectively Renault Mutation, suffer customized this locomotive for Alpine, with particular air aspiration, turbocharger, exhaust and locomotive strain. The locomotive has a maximal mightiness yield of 252hp and utmost torsion of 320Nm. Combined with the low curb angle of sole 1080kg, the A110’s first-class power-to-weight proportion of 233hp:mt enables the car to quicken from 0 to 62mph in but 4.5 seconds.

2018 Alpine A110

The locomotive is paired to a Getrag 7-speed wet-clutch DCT gearbox, with paraphernalia ratios specifically highly-developed for Alpine to ascertain optimum operation at all multiplication. Assisted by intensifier use of fluent kinetics feigning, the jackanapes, ace expiration alive sports exhaust in the A110 has been highly-developed for functioning and strait character.

The Alpine A110 has iii driver modes (Convention, Athletics, Rails) in which the locomotive and gearbox settings, guidance, ESC, discharge bill and driver exhibit are altered to wooing the impulsive weather (and the driver’s humour).


A flatcar storey desirable of a racer, tested and well-tried in the lead burrow.

In explore of a combining of silken lines and first-class functioning, Alpine’s engineers sour to the humans of wash cars and supercars to optimise the aeromechanics of the A110. With a whole matt base and working diffusor nether the bum bumper, the A110 combines low dredge with meaning downforce.

This allows the Alpine A110 to ambit an electronically express 155mph top fastness, piece retaining a smoothen ‘Alpine’ visibility – without the pauperization for a back coddler.

Air inlets in the breast bumper make a mantle on the strawman pedal wells, up airflow approximately the strawman wheels and thence reduction draw.

With a Cd assess of but 0.32, the A110’s haul is among the last in the sports car section.


2018 Renault Alpine A110

The Alpine A110 is extremely modernistic yet directly recognizable as an Alpine. It combines mod innovation lyric, materials and technologies with the efficiency of sizing, bod and visibility that pronounced the master A110 Berlinette.

At the forepart, four-spot free-lance entire LED daylight operative lights and the hood’s exchange ‘rachis’ clear establish Alpine’s DNA.

The english visibility shows the invention’s efficiency – bodywork intent tightly round the proficient parts to downplay step and maximise functioning.

At the back, ‘X’ wrought LED ass lights with dynamical routine indicators dedicate the car a extremely advanced face, spell the slanted, wrap-around ass sieve reminds us of Alpine’s retiring models.

Inwardly the A110 minimalist, jackanapes pattern merges with a welcoming, well-situated impulsive berth. Top character materials – still natural-grain leather, morphological al, c fiber – assure a rewarding driver and rider get.


The sparkle burden of the A110, combined with two-baser wishbones movement and back, render a rarefied compounding – fantabulous treatment and operation patch concurrently oblation heavy drive quilt and day-to-day useableness.

Admission and emerge are intentional to be sluttish, flush in unremarkable use. Driver and rider blank bequeath fit all shapes and sizes.

Concisely, the Alpine A110 is as at domicile in daily impulsive as it is on the racetrack.


In development the A110, Alpine’s engineers and designers identified the better suppliers to insure the trump operation, fit & destination. Approximately examples:

  • Brembo highly-developed the A110’s all-aluminium bracken calipers. The ass brakes, particular to Alpine, features an merged emergency actuator, a humanity get-go, economy 2.5kg.
  • Otto Fuchs provided the 18-inch whippersnapper bad aluminum wheels on the A110, redeeming extra angle and oblation a beautiful ‘clear’ aspect
  • Sabelt highly-developed one-piece bucketful seating that consider equitable 13.1kgs apiece, with no compromise on puff.

    The Alpine A110 Première Variation is a numbered, circumscribed variant yield run of 1,955 cars. 1,955 refers to the class that Denim Rédélé launched Alpine.

    The Première Version is lavishly furnished including:

  • Alpine Disconsolate, Noir Profond (melanize) or Blanc Solaire (whiteness) rouge
  • 18-inch Otto Fuchs bad al wheels, with matted carbonado off conclusion particular to Première Version
  • 3 driver modes with ‘Rule’, ‘Variation’ and ‘Running’ settings
  • Execution braking arrangement with dual-material bracken discs with al hub and arse calipers incorporating merged emergency
  • Whippersnapper dynamic sports expel
  • Alpine-tuned Focal sound organization
  • Matt-up c fiber national accents
  • Fleecy al pedals
  • Quilted quiet natural-grain leather Sabelt one-piece sports seating
  • ‘Tricolore’ dark, flannel and red badging indoors and international
  • …and a numbered ‘Première Variant’ brass on the inwardness solace.
  • In 2018, afterwards the yield run of Première Version is accomplished, respective A110 reduce levels volition be uncommitted, supplemented by a blanket scope of personalisation options.


    Alpine has set its provisionary recommended ret toll for the Première Version at:

  • 58,500 Euros TTC (VAT included) in France
  • 64,000 Swiss Francs (VAT included) in Switzerland.
  • Net prices leave be confirmed at the commencement of schematic orders in mid-2017.


    Alpine open reservations for its A110 Première Variation in December 2016 done the consecrated Alpine peregrine App. All useable left driving Première Variant cars were reserved in 5 years.

    A minor routine of right ride cars stiff for the Joined Land marketplace (deliveries volition commencement in 2018), and reservations for the Japanese commercialise bequeath start in the forthcoming weeks.

    The Alpine App stiff spread for reservations of the A110 output modeling that leave be produced in 2018 aft the deliveries of the A110 Première Variant are realized.


    The Alpine A110 has been intentional and engineered in France, in Groupe Renault’s Technocentre in Guyancourt and in Renault Fun’s technology heart in Les Ulis.

    All A110s bequeath be manufactured in the Alpine manufactory in Dieppe – its diachronic and religious domicile.

    The Dieppe manufactory was reinforced in 1969 by Denim Rédélé, and it was hither that all generations of Alpines were reinforced since so. Since Alpine output halted in the Nineties, The Dieppe mill has been construction Renault Mutation and early corner models from Groupe Renault such as the Clio V6, the Espace and presently the Clio R.S. Additionally, the Dieppe manufactory assembles many of Renault’s client racing cars such as the Recipe Renault 2.0.

    2018 Renault Alpine A110

    Dieppe’s experient specializer faculty get all the expertness needful to chassis an splendid sports car. The manufactory is complementary a multi-million Euro investing including a extremely machine-controlled new personify forum readiness consecrated to the A110’s all-aluminium program and consistence.

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