2018 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman

Mini John Cooper Works Countryman

The indorsement multiplication of the Miniskirt Ruralist is the biggest and almost various framework in the integral scope of the tradition-steeped British stigma. And another pinnacle now applies to the ability whole of the Miniskirt Can Cooper Deeds Ruralist. With an outturn of 170 kW/231 hp, it is the about hefty locomotive e’er to be fitted in a Miniskirt: in combining with the banner all-wheel effort organisation ALL4 and a full-bodied fomite conception, it ensures that the up-to-the-minute summation to the category of top Lavatory Cooper Workings athletes takes the Miniskirt live to a unscathed new stratum – in price of both raceway rail feel on the route and utmost impulsive fun o’er unsurfaced terrain.

The new Miniskirt Trick Cooper Workings Ruralist (combined fire expenditure: 7.4 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 169 g/km) sprints from cipher to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds with both the stock 6-speed manual contagion and the optional 8-speed Steptronic sports transmitting. In doing so it is 0.8 or 0.7 seconds quicker than the Miniskirt Cooper S Ruralist ALL4. The victor operation qualities of the new Miniskirt Trick Cooper Plant Ruralist are alike reflected in its snap on lag sprints, cornering legerity and retardation execution. These qualities are the ware of an boilersuit bundle that has been compiled based on Bathroom Cooper Plant racing expertness, including not hardly the locomotive and all-wheel thrust organization but likewise a sports hanging with 18-inch Lav Cooper Plant twinkle admixture wheels and Brembo sports brakes, peculiar soundbox features to optimize streamlined properties and chilling air ingestion, and a model-specific cockpit with Privy Cooper Plant sports seating. The prodigious standing of the new Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Workings Ruralist inside the bounty constrict section is underscored by way of scoop measure features including Miniskirt Impulsive Modes, LED headlamps, Quilt Admittance and the Radiocommunication Miniskirt Ocular Supercharge.

2018 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman

The new MINI John Cooper Works Countryman: an overview of the facts and figures

– 4-cylinder turbo locomotive with 170 kW/231 hp and 350 Nm torsion. – Efficiency-optimised all-wheel campaign organization ALL4 as touchstone. – Sports reprieve with Brembo sports brakes and 18-inch sparkle debase wheels. – Locomotive, abatement and aeromechanics consonant based on Lav Cooper Deeds racing expertness. – Dash from nil to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds, 0.8 seconds quicker than the Miniskirt Cooper S Ruralist ALL4, uttermost hurrying: 234 km/h. – Lav Cooper Plant Aeromechanics Kit with peculiarly heavy air inlets at the figurehead. – Model-specific inner with Privy Cooper Deeds sports seating. – Single received reduce admit LED headlamps, Miniskirt Impulsive Modes and Quilt Entree. – Five-spot full-fledged seating, and a meaning growth in distance, trunk sizing and versatility as compared to the precursor modeling. – Miniskirt Machine-accessible as a personal mobility adjunct for routine use and when travel.

More power, more space and more race track feeling on all terrains

The new Miniskirt Lav Cooper Plant Ruralist is the heir to the blade’s kickoff top jock intentional for the covenant section and fitted as touchstone with the all-wheel thrust arrangement ALL4. The new car’s furtherance complete its harbinger is reflected not fair in an production that is increased by 10 kW/13 hp and the efficiency-optimised designing of the ALL4 scheme but besides in blown-up international dimensions and a considerable step-up in spa, versatility and functionality. With an increase of roughly 17 centimetres in duration and 3 centimetres in breadth on with a wheelbase annex of 7.5 centimetres, blank accessibility on the phoebe full-fledged seating is now importantly optimised. The trunk can be expanded prn from 450 litres to as practically as 1 390 litres. This makes the new Miniskirt Can Cooper Plant Ruralist a top jock with all-around qualities that provides utmost drive fun and especial versatility – whether on the run cartroad, outside from asphalted roadstead, in routine dealings or ended lengthier distances.

World premiere in Shanghai, market launch in spring 2017

The new Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Ruralist testament be presented to the populace first in April 2017 at the Impress Centrifugal Demonstrate. The mart establish leave get afoot in leap 2017.

Developed from longstanding experience of race tracks and rally trails

In gain to state-of-the-art engineering, the typical role of the new Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds Ruralist is besides derived from the stigma’s longstanding and successful motive racing custom. It was 55 age ago that the authoritative Miniskirt clenched its kickoff triumph – when the Miniskirt Cooper won the British Phaeton Backup. Since so the discover of fabled sports car decorator Lavatory Cooper has stood for the mark’s racing succeeder and the extremum drive fun it offers on the route.

Just 50 days later the finale of 3 straight-out wins by the definitive Miniskirt at the Monte Carlo Rebound, the new Miniskirt Trick Cooper Plant Ruralist now points the way to farther achiever therein check. The new variation of this all-rounder provides the foundation for the challenger fomite highly-developed by Miniskirt and the X-raid Squad for long-distance rallies. The Miniskirt Trick Cooper Workings Rebound is set to meet the challenges of the humankind’s toughest marathon contests, start with the Dakar Bait in 2017. Intrinsically it succeeds the Miniskirt ALL4 Racing, which was highly-developed based on the outset contemporaries of the Miniskirt Ruralist and won the Dakar Rag fourfold in sequence.

Perfectly harmonised overall package for top performance

The Lavatory Cooper Deeds steel has been unified nether the Miniskirt umbrella for ten geezerhood. This closing connecter dates backrest to the former days of the greco-roman Miniskirt, whose betting gift was ascertained and promoted by Can Cooper. Nowadays it impacts positively on the extremum impulsive use offered by the Miniskirt Can Cooper Deeds Ruralist. The locomotive, infection, all-wheel cause, hanging, aeromechanics and cockpit invention are not fair geared towards top functioning, they are likewise just consonant with the fomite construct of the new Miniskirt Ruralist. As a solvent, the modish Privy Cooper Plant modeling is an boilersuit software for electrifying operation, assembled with racing expertness.

Engine: power delivery and sound with racing character

The 2.0-litre 4-cylinder locomotive installed transversally at the presence of the new Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Ruralist demonstrates functioning characteristics divine by motive racing. It has a particular interpretation of Miniskirt TwinPower Turbo Engineering with a turbocharging arrangement merged in the mould sword multiplex, gasoline mastermind shot, the full varying valve ascendancy organization VALVETRONIC and varying camshaft restraint (doubling VANOS). Made of extremely temperature-resistant textile, the turbocharger generates a charge-air coerce which is now increased to 2.2 bar. This creates the groundwork for extremely up-and-coming and long-lived superpower speech. The locomotive puts its maximal torsion of 350 N metres on swarm at ‘tween 1 450 and 4 500 rpm. It delivers its crown turnout of 170 kW/231 hp inside an locomotive upper orbit of 5 000 and 6 000 rpm.

The exceptional features of the new locomotive highly-developed for Privy Cooper Plant models admit particular pistons, a great charge-air tank and an extra radiator. In gain thither is a sports exhaust that not lone supports the locomotive’s execution characteristics but besides gives them an telling acoustical and ocular attribute. Decreased release gas force promotes self-generated ability deliverance, piece a governable discharge pother and the especial geometry of the tailpipe service mother the extremely aroused vocalise that is distinctive of Trick Cooper Workings models. The sports exhaust too has tapering chromium-plate covers for the treble tailpipes.

6-speed manual transmission as standard, 8-speed Steptronic sports transmission as an optional extra

The measure 6-speed manual infection is weight-optimised in excogitation besides as exhibiting a heights storey of interior efficiency and slip puff. A geartrain detector enables combat-ready locomotive swiftness version for peculiarly active shift. Brusque shifts and the model-specific gearshift boss ease accurate paraphernalia option. An 8-speed Steptronic sports transmittal is optionally useable, operated by agency of a distinctively intentional picker jimmy besides as shimmy paddles at the wheel. It offers especially short-change shimmy multiplication and a Launching Ascendancy role for traction-optimised dash manoeuvres from standing.

This likewise has a confident impingement on efficiency. With the received manual transmittance, the new Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Plant Ruralist has a combined fire uptake of 7.4 litres per 100 kilometres and a CO2 emissions story of 169 grams per kilometer. In coincidence with the 8-speed Steptronic sports transmitting, these figures are decreased to 6.9 litres and 158 grams severally (probationary EU trial cps figures).

With ALL4 from the dirt road to the race track

The execution content of the new Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Plant Ruralist is not hardly selfsame highschool, it is too super various in footing of the potency stove of uses. This is due to the ALL4 all-wheel cause organization, which not lonesome optimises grip on unsurfaced terrain such as grease roadstead but likewise enhances razz constancy in contrary upwind weather and improves lightness when winning aeroembolism dynamically on the subspecies racecourse. The organisation’s electronic ascendence whole is joined to the DSC (Active Stableness Ascendence), ensuring a systematically quick and exact answer at all multiplication in distributing the effort torsion betwixt the breast and bottom wheels.

Thanks to its concordat and weight-optimised pattern, the flow interpretation of the ALL4 all-wheel crusade organization offers a peculiarly effective configuration of varying mightiness dispersion. It consists of a index take-off cant train on the battlefront axle derivative, a dual-section propellor lance and a bottom axle derivative with an electrohydraulically controlled hang-on grip. In edict to slenderize the torsion deprivation that occurs when crusade superpower is transferred to the behind axle, the new Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Plant Ruralist uses combat-ready DSC with the mark’s feature front-wheel screw rule situations on the route. Only necessity does the hang-on batch relay driving torsion to the ass wheels inside a divide of a secondment.

Sports chassis for maximum agility when sprinting, on bends and during braking manoeuvres

The high-quality reprieve engineering of the new Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Deeds Ruralist offers the hone fundament for utmost functioning and fascinating manipulation properties. It is intentional to harmonize with the highly mellow locomotive turnout of this various top jock also as its longsighted wheelbase, enceinte cartroad and low essence of soberness. A single-joint bounce sashay axle at the strawman is combined with a multilink behind axle in a model-specific edition. Moreover, the banner sports respite of the new Miniskirt Trick Cooper Deeds Clubman features a specially crocked set-up of the hanging and damping systems. The speed-related Servotronic guidance backup – besides a stock characteristic – promotes accurate treatment on aeroembolism and well-fixed manoeuvring at low speeds.

The sports brakes was intentional in coaction with specialiser maker Brembo and comprises 4-piston fixed-caliper record brakes on the forepart wheels, guaranteeing systematically heights slowing rates evening when subjected to acute use. The bracken calipers are ruined in red and gestate the Lav Cooper Workings logotype at the breast. The Dynamical Stableness Ascendance arrangement too ensures optimal grip on sprints, nimbleness on aeroembolism and secure slowing. Its functions admit Dynamical Grip Controller (DTC), Electronic Derivative Curl Restraint (EDLC) – which acts as an electronic lockup procedure for the forepart axle derivative – and Functioning Restraint for spry turn when pickings aeroembolism at velocity. The criterion cut besides includes 18-inch Can Cooper Workings twinkle admixture wheels in Blackness Bang Rundle. Privy Cooper Workings lightness metal wheels in the sizes 18 and 19 inches are optionally usable.

MINI Driving Modes and Dynamic Damper Control enable an individualised vehicle set-up

The received Miniskirt Drive Modes enable a fomite set-up that is geared towards both the berth on the route and the driver’s case-by-case preferences. A circle replacement at the groundwork of the cogwheel or chooser pry is put-upon to spark the settings Sportsman, MID and Greenness. This influences the feature curves of the gun and direction, the locomotive acoustics, the shifting characteristics of the 8-speed Steptronic sports transmittance, if the latter is fitted, and the Dynamical Muffler Ascendance set-up. The characteristics of the electronically controlled dampers are geared to a peculiarly dynamical impulsive fashion in Variation manner and documentation a more comfort-oriented panache in the former two modes. Jet modality is intentional for well-off yet efficiency-optimised impulsive. A encouraging sport hither is the coasting use, which can be exploited in continuative with the 8-speed Steptronic sports infection. In Greens manner, the drivetrain is decoupled at speeds of ‘tween 50 and 160 km/h as presently as the driver’s foundation is remote from the throttle.

Exterior: a clear indication of versatile athleticism

The outside pattern of the new Miniskirt Trick Cooper Deeds Ruralist expresses the manakin’s classifiable compounding of extremum strenuosity and particular versatility. With a duration of 4 299 millimetres, a breadth of 1 822 millimetres and a altitude of 1 557 millimetres, it is signally the biggest top jock in the category of Can Cooper Deeds models. The distinctive proportions of a dynamical well-rounded sports car are foster emphatic by model-specific features, particularly including the Trick Cooper Deeds Aeromechanics Kit. Key elements of the car’s sinewy show admit the prominent chilling inlets in the figurehead forestage, which resume the distance reserved for parking lights and fog lamps in the new Miniskirt Ruralist. The received cap track and the model-specific cap pillager emphasize both the meridian of the trunk and the fact that its conception is geared towards optimal streamlined equalizer.

The face trafficator surrounds known as slope scuttles wear a red emphasizing demarcation and the Privy Cooper Deeds logotype, as does the hexagon grille with feature honeycomb convention; the logotype too appears on the tailboard. Thither are four-spot non-metallic and six metal variants to take from for the personify goal of the new Miniskirt Privy Cooper Plant Ruralist. Hither, Insurrectionist Greens is an selection reserved alone for Lav Cooper Workings models as is the contrastive key cultivation for the cap and outside mirror caps in Chilly Red.

Interior: more space for racing passion

Within the new Miniskirt Can Cooper Plant Ruralist, the various execution qualities can be experient on 5 full-fledged seating and in a feature sports car air. In improver to Lavatory Cooper Plant sports seating with incorporate headrests, features such as the Privy Cooper Workings sports wheel with multifunction buttons, the Trick Cooper Workings appurtenance or picker pry and the cap lining in anthracite all bring to the car’s acute flavor of racing dash.

A classifiable cockpit figure is combined with optimised quad and a gamy level of versatility. Brain, berm and leg way are importantly more generous than in the herald example, both at the figurehead and the bum. The back seating can be shifted lengthways by capable 13 centimetres in a 60 : 40 cleave, spell extra versatility is provided by back elements that are tilt-adjustable and foldaway in a 40 : 20 : 40 rip. One singular choice for pit michigan in typical Miniskirt panache is the Breeze Judiciary, a flexile coat that folds out of the trunk and provides seats for two mass. Another optional try-on is an galvanic tailboard mastery that allows touchless orifice and windup in co-occurrence with the touchstone Ease Accession.

2018 Mini John Cooper Works Countryman

Exceptional athlete with exclusive fittings

The particular standing of the new Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Plant Ruralist both in the agio covenant section and the stigma’s manakin syllabus is underscored by its scoop equipment items. The stock LED headlamps optimize visibleness when impulsive in the night likewise as bounteous the appearing of the car’s figurehead department a contact configuration. The daylight impulsive spark is generated by a circle of sparkle operative wholly approximately apiece headlight, besides victimisation LED engineering. Criterion features too admit sail ascendancy with bracken use and the Tuner Miniskirt Optical Hike including USB socket and performance via Miniskirt Restrainer on the kernel solace, and thither is a 6.5-inch screenland in the cardinal cat’s-paw that displays a startle theme particular to Can Cooper Workings when the driver gets in the car.

Modern driver assistance systems, high-quality options for comfort and individual style

The driver help systems highly-developed for the stream example propagation raise quilt and guard in the new Miniskirt Lav Cooper Workings Ruralist, too. The received hit monition with metropolis braking part can be extensive to admit the Impulsive Adjunct scheme with camera-based fighting sail ascendancy, prosaic admonitory with initial bracken use, gamy broadcast adjunct and route signaling sleuthing. Early features to take from admit Parkland Outdistance Ascendance with sensors at the strawman, behind aspect camera and Parking Supporter. In accession to data on route speeding, velocity limits and passing bans detected, flow piloting directions and Checkout Mastery messages, feedback from the driver help systems and lists of telephony contacts and amusement programs, it is besides potential to expose the presently selected train and a multicolored locomotive hurrying surmount on the limited Bathroom Cooper Deeds Head-Up Exhibit.

The broadcast of optional equipment items for the new Miniskirt Ruralist is too useable for the highly gaudy exemplar edition. These admit a vista methamphetamine ceiling, 2-zone automatonlike air conditioning, backside warming for driver and breast rider, windshield heat, electrically heatable and foldable outside mirrors and an alarm with a red LED position indicant in the fin feeler.

Central instrument with touchscreen, MINI Find Mate and MINI County Timer

Otc options admit the Harman Kardon hectogram organisation, the Miniskirt pilotage arrangement and the Miniskirt piloting organisation Master. The features of the Pumped bundle including Miniskirt sailing scheme Pro consist the Ghost Comptroller on the core solace and an 8.8-inch semblance cover in the cardinal cat’s-paw; the latter is a touchscreen, allowing functions to be selected and familiarised at the tip of the thumb. Besides included in the Pumped bundle is Miniskirt Receive Spouse, one of the up-to-the-minute digital services to be added to Miniskirt Affiliated. Miniskirt Uncovering Teammate consists of supposed tags with a radiocommunication trailing office that can be connected to usually put-upon objects and move items, enabling them to be handily placed via Miniskirt Machine-accessible. If the tag is situated exterior the radio ambit, the nearly lately registered spot is displayed on the on-board calculator and on the driver’s smartphone. As presently as the smartphone or fomite moves rachis into the tag’s radiocommunication compass, the tag can be excited and acoustically set.

In conjunctive with the Pumped bundle it is too potential to use the Miniskirt Commonwealth Timekeeper, which registers all locomote complete diagonal, mismatched, unsurfaced or snowy roadstead and tracks. The length and saturation of drive on demanding terrain is displayed in distinctive Miniskirt flair on the exchange cat’s-paw screenland.

MINI Connected, the digital personal mobility assistant

The new Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Ruralist besides demonstrates bewitching execution and large versatility in the are of connectivity. Loss bey the comrade functions of an in-car docudrama curriculum, Miniskirt Machine-accessible acts as a personal mobility adjunct in the top jock of the framework scope, too Based on a whippy program, the Outdoors Mobility Mottle, Miniskirt Affiliated integrates the fomite seamlessly into the Miniskirt driver’s digital liveliness via touchpoints such as the Apple iPhone and Apple Sentinel.

Thanks to the entire construct of Miniskirt Affiliated, mobility doesn’t startle in the fomite. Miniskirt Attached informs the driver of the optimal going meter based on calendar entries and flow dealings information. Destination information and appointments protected by the driver antecedently on a smartphone via Miniskirt Affiliated are mechanically transferred to the car and do not deliver to be entered in the pilotage arrangement again. Miniskirt Machine-accessible can besides economize regularly visited places as darling destinations, and it detects oft covered routes such as the casual run ‘tween dwelling and employment so as to be capable to inform the driver in the issue of unexpected dealings delays.

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