2018 Mercedes Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

Mercedes-Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

A G-Class similar ne’er earlier: With the G650 Landaulet, Mercedes-Maybach presents a new chef-d’oeuvre of self-propelled technology. Aft the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and the S650 Cab, the open-top G-Class is the low off-roader from the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand. The olympian G650 Landaulet follows the as striking variants AMG G 63 6×6 and G 500 4×42. With its pinnacle V12 locomotive, portal axles, galvanizing cloth top and undivided equipment stipulation in the backside compartment, this selfsame exceptional all-terrain fomite, which is modified to 99 units, meets the expectations of customers who necessitate the selfsame highest standards of their fomite. The Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet is certainly the near scoop mannequin of fashionable open-top motoring.

The story of the G-Class is plentiful in superlatives and landmarks. With the new Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, the off-road ikon demonstrates that the definition of unequalled opulence can perpetually be interpreted to a new storey. Not sole that: the rage fomite among off-roaders is perpetually reinventing itself and providing yet more grounds of the potentiality that distillery resides therein graeco-roman all-terrain fomite now, which has been in output since 1979.

“The describe Maybach dates cover to the beginnings of the auto. It stands for sovereign sumptuousness with custom, combined with hi-tech. In 2015, we took the coherent footprint of possibility a new chapter in the luxuriousness course with our Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand. Since so, o’er 15,000 Mercedes-Maybachs suffer been produced. So, one in every ten vehicles sold in the S-Class section was a Mercedes-Maybach. With the Mercedes-Maybach G-Class Landaulet, we are now extending the Mercedes-Maybach portfolio to admit the reality’s virtually iconic and esteemed off-roader. With the one-fifth framework later the S-Class Bar, Pullman and Cab too as the Mercedes-Maybach Sight 6 establish car, we are underlining the grandness of the Mercedes-Maybach sub-brand for the Mercedes sword sept,” says Dr Jens Thiemer, Psyche of Selling Mercedes-Benz Cars.

2018 Mercedes-Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

With a distance of 5345 millimetres, a wheelbase of 3428 millimetres, a acme of 2235 millimetres, virtually one-half a measure of background headroom and rich infinite and quilt for quadruplet passengers, the G650 Landaulet surpasses all standards. This extravert G-Class hence represents a unequalled compounding of voluptuous chauffeur ginmill and off-roader. Spell the driver and movement rider are accommodated below the shut ceiling, the backside passengers can revelry in a maximal of quilt: at the pressing of a push, a great foldable top opens electrically to whirl a purview of the blue. The backside passengers savour the regal alfresco have from their individual seating. On need, an electrically operated chalk divider separates the arse compartment from the driver’s division. In increase, the spyglass can be changed from lucid to unintelligible at the closet of a clit.

First-class rear seats with calf rest and fully reclined position

Thanks to the 578 millimeter thirster wheelbase, the passengers in the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet welfare from all-encompassing exemption of cause. The excellent ass seating from the S-Class importantly heighten the seats solace and commodiousness: the electrically multi-adjustable someone seating can be handily set to a full reclined billet. The combat-ready multicontour seating with Energising knead use get inflatable air chambers to cater gamy seats comforter and splendid sidelong backup. Knead programs bring enhanced wellbeing – according to the rule of a reposeful hot-stone knead, including with oestrus. The arse seats conception is augmented by a sura relaxation, which is freely adjustable in distance and pivot reach.

2018 Mercedes Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

The former appointments of the G650 Landaulet likewise exit cypher to be craved. To open the back passengers the optimal in consolation, thither is a expectant patronage solace with caloric cup holders betwixt the soul seating. These appropriate beverages to be cooled or het complete a protracted period. The controls for gap or closure the methamphetamine sectionalisation are merged butt the cup holders. Likewise to an aircraft arse, the center solace comes with two tables, which can be well folded in or out with one handwriting. The tabularise crack get leather inserts to allow a comfy penning airfoil or to tolerate the use of tablets and notebooks.

Individual Entertainment System with two monitors in the rear

2018 Mercedes Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

Positioned ahead of the cup holders is a ascendence for the back air conditioning. Promote onward is a “G cockpit” in the flair of the driver’s board. The kernel comfort houses the tercet classifiable, centrally set pushbutton switches. These switches are not ill-used to manoeuver the trey derivative locks, notwithstanding: one permutation is for the national ignition, spell the early two are put-upon to outdoors and finish the mild top. The ass “G cockpit” too includes two mitt compartments too as seize handles distinctive of the G-Class. The cross-member, which likewise holds the meth partitioning, accommodates two 25.4 cm (10-inch) high-resolution media displays of the Mortal Amusement Organisation.

Two-tone designo upholstery in four trim colours

2018 Mercedes Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

The voluptuary, dainty fiber of the Landaulet is emphatic by the top-quality designo upholstery with infield sewing, which is altogether cases two-tone and uncommitted in quadruplet shave colors. Customers can prefer betwixt trey dissimilar twin colors for the material top too as foursome attractive designo key finishes, including a mat conclusion. “V12 BITURBO” inscription on the breast wings points to the ultimate in motivity, the 12-c ylinder locomotive. The grille features a chrome-plated two-baser louver and a chrome-plated blind.

Scoop “LANDAULET” inscription is worked into the rim flanges of the ceramically dressed, 55.9 cm (22-inch) 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels. Electrically extending debut aids bring easier admittance to the fomite. Former undivided outside excogitation features admit figurehead and bottom underride guards, great wheel-arch flares in echt c character likewise as, mounted on the veracious at the back, the unornamented roll with constitutional bearer for the thirdly stoplight.

Portal axles and 325/55 R 22 tyres

As is habitual with the off-road picture, the “G” is incessantly breakage new undercoat: dissimilar premature Landaulets, which were based on esteemed saloons, the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet besides has what it takes to pitch an unforgettable off-road see. Comrade from the AMG G 63 6×6 and G 500 4×42, the portal axles ply rich primer headway of 450 millimetres, allowing the open-top all-terrain fomite to defeat flush utmost obstacles in virtuoso forge. In counterpoint to a ceremonious strict axle, the wheels are not at the acme of the axle heart, but are rather located lots boost consume on the axle heads outstanding to the portal infection.

Tyres of sizing 325/55 R 22 mannequin the idealistic foundation for perfective manipulation both on- and off-road. Naturally, the up-to-the-minute “G” likewise features the distinctive 100-percent derivative locks, which can be intermeshed piece on the motility, also as the low off-road proportion of the transportation lawsuit. The compounding of this 4WD engineering, singular in the off-road section, makes the G650 Landaulet jump from all former 4×4 vehicles.

High-pitched campaign comforter comes courtesy of the almost muscular usable locomotive, the Mercedes-AMG V12 biturbo, which delivers a utmost yield of 463 kW (630 hp) with a summit torsion of Century Newton-metres.

Over 100 years of famous Landaulets from Stuttgart

Landaulet vehicles bear a yearn custom at the Stuttgart-based automaker. This especial form of fomite included the Benz 25/45 PS of 1910. Over-the-counter noted examples of this undivided genre are the Mercedes-Benz 300 d Landaulet (from 1960), the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Landaulet (from 1964) and the Maybach Landaulet (from 2008).

Limited to 99 units, market premiere in autumn 2017

Similar all former variants of the G-Class, the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, too, bequeath be produced by Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria. The open-top four-seater volition lionise its man premier and sales waiver at the Hollands Drive Shew in Butt 2017. The commercialise found of the particular serial, which leave be modified to 99 units, bequeath jump in fall 2017.

2018 Mercedes Benz G650 Maybach Landaulet

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