2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast

The commencement and almost hard dispute Ferrari e’er faces when it decides to modernise a new modeling is to pushing the boundaries of its own achievements yet again. This gainsay is made all the tougher when the project impendent involves design a new 12-cylinder locomotive, the ability whole that hailed the jump of the splendiferous Prancing Sawhorse storey 70 geezerhood ago in 1947.

On this affair, intensifier explore and growth focussed on exploiting Ferrari’s riches of track-derived technology know-how has produced a unparalleled manakin intentional to whirl its drivers both benchmark functioning crosswise the add-in and the nigh gripping and rewarding drive feel potential. Whilst, naturally, besides guaranteeing the brilliant comfortableness on yearner trips that is the touch of a real Chiliad Phaeton berlinetta. Ferrari’s preceding is studded with barely such cars, a longsighted and notable listing of particular models that deliver departed refine in self-propelling account.

The obsessional pursual of the near unlined melding potential of state-of-the-art run train with a proportionate yet jumpy conception from the ever-inventive Ferrari Styling Core, has produced a near-perfect flowing bundle.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast’s exceptionally futurist, finely-honed lines too, nonetheless, raiment Prancing Sawbuck might at its rawest, as an whole new 12-cylinder locomotive of unprecedented efficiency and power was intentional for the car.

That locomotive’s turnout has been boosted by 60 cv compared to the F12berlinetta, so that it unleashes a monolithic 800 CV, fashioning the 812 Superfast the near brawny and quickest road-going Ferrari e’er reinforced (with the exclusion, course, of the mid-rear-engined, limited limited-series 12-cylinders). The Ferrari 812 Superfast thusly ushers in a new era in Ferrari 12-cylinder account, in doing so, edifice on the priceless legacies of the F12berlinetta and F12tdf.

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

To fill use of that immense index and to warranty everlasting angle dispersion, the car exploits a extremely evolved transaxle architecture that couples a front-mounted locomotive with a rear-mounted transmittance.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is weaponed with leading-edge fomite kinetics mastery systems and components. It is prominent for both its extremely forward-looking figure and aero packet, besides as its unequalled treatment. It is besides the low Ferrari to mutation EPS (Wattage Direction).

Merely put, the 812 Superfast is the new benchmark for mid-front-engined sports cars. And at its spirit is the new 12-cylinder which has bad its part.

Care all cars with Prancing Buck DNA, this new berlinetta delivers elating feedback both on route and raceway, but as promises exceptionally mobile treatment and bait puff that drivers bequeath apprize on thirster journeys.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast, in fact, is aimed at clients that exact the nearly muscular and scoop Ferrari in the orbit. They need a blisteringly high-performance car, but defy to compromise on the kinda versatility that bequeath permit them to soundly apprise impulsive it as a 360-degree see.

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

Engine and transmission

The dispute Ferrari tackled with the 812 Superfast was to pattern the well-nigh sinewy road-going locomotive in the brand’s account (800 cv, 123 cv/l) whilst contemporaneously slip fire ingestion and emissions, and, course, retaining the inimitable Ferrari 12-cylinder soundtrack.

At the developing phase, the engineers set themselves the destination of surpassing the particular might turnout of the F12berlinetta’s V12 which itself delivered class-topping functioning. To do so, they distinct to focalise their efforts primarily on optimising the ingestion arrangement and burning efficiency to amply overwork the growth in the locomotive’s shift from 6.2 to 6.5 litres. These aspects increased the utmost sum of air that could be worn into the locomotive (and so its might outturn) thereby boosting its efficiency.

The ontogenesis serve resulted in a maximal superpower production of 800 cv at 8,500 rpm, a new benchmark for the Ferrari reach, in accession to a particular index turnout of 123 cv/l, a altogether unprecedented chassis for an locomotive front-mounted in a yield car.

The torsion sheer illustrates this telling melioration on the F12berlinetta in damage of quickening and instant superpower, peculiarly at heights revs. The locomotive’s might is underscored by a wax, plenteous discharge audio that exploits the acoustical punch delivered by its increased translation.

These operation levels were achieved in contribution by optimising the locomotive designing and in portion by introducing innovations, such as the use of a 350 bar engineer shot scheme for the selfsame get-go clock on a spark-ignition locomotive, and the ascendence organisation for the varying geometry recess tracts, highly-developed on naturally-aspirated F1 engines, which is a advance phylogeny on its lotion on the limited limited-series F12tdf.

These systems earmark the gain in shift from 6.2 to 6.5 litres to be put-upon to maximize powerfulness turnout whilst retaining fantabulous pick-up level at low revs.

The eminent coerce shot scheme too improves nebulisation of the injected fire hence dramatically reduction the the total of particulates emitted when the catalytic convertor is heating up, ensuring the locomotive complies with all emissions regulations.

The locomotive’s uttermost power-to-fuel expenditure proportion has besides been improved, attesting to the locomotive’s olympian efficiency in urban drive contexts. This was achieved in parting as a answer of Block&Startle On the Go strategies which cut and re-start the locomotive patch the car is moving.

Detail care was likewise gainful to calibrating the Manettino settings to raise the locomotive’s voltage and the sentiency of extremum index delivered by the car. That aforementioned, the driver testament ever be able-bodied to well and confidently battery-acid the monumental torsion usable with the accelerator, thanks to still, liberal index speech at all locomotive speeds.

The answer of all these developments is a supercharge in uttermost exponent outturn to 800 cv at 8,500 rpm (an telling 60 cv more the F12berlinetta) and utmost torsion of 718 Nm @ 7,000 rpm – a totally unprecedented accomplishment for a naturally-aspirated Ferrari output locomotive.

A pregnant 80% of maximal torsion is useable at barely 3,500 rpm, up both tractability and pick-up at depress revs. The bod of the might curl, which rises incessantly clear to the uttermost revs of 8,500 rpm, and the celerity with which locomotive hurrying increases, thanks to low inactivity, commit occupants the notion of unbounded might and speedup. The latter sense comes courtesy of the boilersuit addition in maximal superpower production and the optimization of the said mightiness curl betwixt 6,500 and 8,900 rpm, which maximises the norm buck superpower exploitable for press-on rail drive when locomotive revs are unbroken systematically heights.

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

The exhaust geometry was evolved to addition and equaliser the fathom from the locomotive compartment and tailpipes, with a 6-into-1 multiply. The aim beingness, naturally, to heighten the car’s already utmost, jazzy quality. The resulting locomotive audio is warm and polish inwardly the cabin altogether drive weather.


The new Ferrari 812 Superfast is fitted with Ferrari’s F1 dual-clutch transmitting which has been foster evolved to satisfy the car’s cartroad impulsive operation targets and meet the encourage in uttermost revs to 8,900 rpm. The cogwheel ratios on all of the gears let been telescoped by an ordinary of 6% to overwork the spare functioning and higher revs to the fullest besides as to ameliorate the car’s quickening without flexible pick-up in higher gears.

Thither was especial center calibrating the gear-shift scheme to raise the car’s sportiness, boost slashing reception multiplication and creating a opinion of monumental superpower and velocity both in footing of longitudinal quickening and audile sensing of the rise rpms. In both up- and down-shifts, the passage clock has been decreased by 30%. Combined with the truncated gearing ratios, these modifications, imply that occupants testament forthwith spirit the car’s potent answer to the bound.

On the raceway, this sharpened reply equates to more down-shifts in the like interval, when the driver uses the multi-down purpose (holding the direction wheel-mounted Consume switching waddle downcast with the Manettino in Fun billet).

Vehicle dynamics

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the kickoff Ferrari to inclose Wattage Guidance (EPS) which, in demarcation with Ferrari custom, is secondhand to full effort the potency of the car in damage of execution by integration it with all of the electronic fomite kinetics controls.

The car likewise sees the entry of the Practical Short-circuit Wheelbase 2.0 organisation (PCV) which, start from the have gained with the F12tdf, combines electrical front-wheel guidance assist with the mechanical construct reinforced round tire dimensions and the rear-wheel steerage. All incorporate with the fomite kinetics command systems based on Variant 5.0 of the SSC, with the aim of up the nimbleness and latency to wheel inputs of the 812 Superfast.

The desegregation of the EPS enabled Ferrari’s engineers to inclose functionalities to supporting the driver’s operation get by agency of the elemental port with the route: the wheel.

Ferrari Summit Operation (FPP): when cornering, the wheel torsion testament ply the driver with an denotation that the car is acquiring finisher to its limitation of clasp, serving the ascendancy of that active commonwealth.

Ferrari Exponent Oversteer (FPO): in cause of oversteer, almost often induced patch powering out of corners, the wheel torsion bequeath commit the driver feedback to dedicate wheel inputs that are lucid with realigning the car aright.

Both functions are aimed at extending the driver’s know of the operation delivered by the Ferrari 812 Superfast, patch not meddlesome with the driver’s mastery ended the wheel stimulant. The driver stiff the key to the drive feel.

The mechanical set-up sees the acceptance of tyres highly-developed specifically for Ferrari by Michelin and Pirelli and hold the like sizes movement and arse (275/315) introduced on the F12tdf to optimise the Passo Corto Virtuale construct.

The Brembo Utmost Invention brakes, which antecedently equipt the LaFerrari, are the nigh effective e’er highly-developed by Ferrari. Combined with the Hi-Performance ABS of the 9.1 Bounty ESP, the braking functioning from 100 km/h is improved by 5.8% equivalence to the F12berlinetta.

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast


The Ferrari 812 Superfast’s aero designing is portion of Ferrari’s on-going committedness to continually up execution with apiece new framework, both in footing of speeding and augmented fomite kinetics for a more elating drive receive.

The evolution guidelines aimed to attain exceptionally high-pitched streamlined efficiency figures done boosting of the downforce that influences a car’s stableness without increasing haul as the latter would negatively shock fire ingestion and uttermost upper.

The flowing coefficient values delivered by the Ferrari 812 Superfast are a important advance on those of the F12berlinetta. Peregrine aero solutions, whether automatically excited (fighting fluid aeromechanics) or excited by the coerce of the air itself (peaceful wandering aeromechanics), warranty really low dredge values. The choices made therein are were heavy influenced by those debuted on the especial F12berlinetta-derived F12tdf, with which the 812 Superfast shares the like downforce values. All its flowing coefficients, yet, bear been improved.

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

To the face of the air intakes for locomotive and bracken chilling, is a turn blade on the breast bumper which is intentional to duct air flows outstanding the figurehead of car to control they hug its flanks, thereby reduction the breadth of the car’s awaken. This successively appreciably reduces boilersuit dredge.

Battlefront downforce genesis is entrusted mostly to a brace of diffusers good onward of the breast wheels, which gain the come of air worn in by the underbelly. To scratch out the dredge associated with them, the diffusers birth been weaponed with a nomadic aero organisation. When this activates, it all stable the diffusers, fairing in the pedal. The peregrine rise incorporated into the diffusor incline is excited by the insistence of the air which, as it enters from the frown uptake on the out-of-door of the bumper, is channelled towards the roving coat. When the car reaches a velocity where the insistency in the channel is stronger than the graduated pre-load of an pliable leap, the peregrine open opens, thereby reduction the car’s pull and up movement downforce.

The presence diffusers’ capacitance to beget downforce is boosted by generous air excreting from the presence wheelarch on the incline of the car. This volcano on the flanks besides directs the energised airflow from the diffusers on the figurehead underbelly, preventing imperativeness build-ups indoors the wheelarch and thusly up downforce and clipping cart. This consequence is maximised by two graven air intakes on the presence hood by the incline of the headlights. The flowing is channelled by a particular channel to the battlefront subdivision of the inwardly of the wheelarch, where it reduces pressing, ahead kinetic the current exiting on the flanks.

The despoiler on the car’s quarter likewise generates downforce. The tracking boundary of the pillager is 30 mm higher than on the F12berlinetta as per the F12tdf. Nonetheless, different the latter, it has not been protracted back in profoundness to forefend ever-changing the car’s dimensions. This has increased dredge but is stipendiary for by the strange gap at the arse of the backside cover beforehand of the looter. This discontinuity causes a breakup in the airflow from the back windowpane, creating longitudinal vortices which hike contraction on the open of the backside of the windshield, thereby reduction haul associated with the downforce generated by the despoiler. The cast of the ass wheelarch has too been crafted to assure effective downforce genesis. In fact, the rhytidectomy course generated apropos the eubstance curves ended the wheelarches has been minimised by introducing an sleek by-pass betwixt the bodywork and the inside backside wheelarch. Preferably than pursuit the curve of the wing therein are, which would produce rhytidectomy, the air flow concluded the car’s knock demarcation enters the ingestion bum the arse quarterlight. It is so channelled into a canal that allows it to outlet ahead of the arse mollycoddler. The rhytidoplasty essence of the wheelarches is thusly minimised, generating downforce without adding any additional hale.

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ternary pairs of curving dams that deed whirlpool generators were adoptive for the breast underbelly and are responsible 30% of the increment in downforce compared to the F12berlinetta. The dams make a background consequence by generating herculean vortices and reduction the backwash from the wheels to the infrangible minimal, advance boosting the flatcar underbelly’s downforce coevals capabilities.

Dissimilar their F12tdf counterparts, the dams birth new blowing slots which, by reduction boilersuit pressing on the movement slope of the dams, boosts their efficiency, with the resultant that, contempt the downforce generated odd the like, pull introduced in the domain is cut by 15%.

Because of the potent suck created by the back mollycoddler, the backside diffusor has been altogether redesigned to raise its origin mightiness. First, the diffusor’s tracking sharpness now features a annex in a cryptic deferral created in the bumper. Air flows from both the glower and amphetamine surfaces smash the rail-splitter which extends crossways the total breadth of the diffusor, boosting the downforce generated by the latter by 12%. Since the arse diffusor is one of the principal contributors to downforce coevals and the resulting cart, it has likewise been granted a arrangement of iii dynamic flap which circumvolve to a 14° fish in the minimum hale form to totally booth the diffusor, thereby importantly reduction boilersuit cart.


Intentional by Ferrari Designing, the new Ferrari 812 Superfast redefines the schematic terminology of front-engined V12 Ferraris’ proportions without neutering either its outside dimensions or internal blank and comfortableness.

Seen in silhouette, the 812 Superfast has a fastback silkiness: a two-box designing with a gamey backside redolent of the resplendent 365 GTB4 (Daytona) of 1969, visually threatening an strong-growing bum despoiler intentional to guaranty downforce. The mantled designing of the flanks visually shortens the stern and is characterised by aggressively sloping creese lines and imposingly mesomorphic wheelarches that pervade the Ferrari 812 Superfast with the mightiness and aggressiveness warranted by its baronial V12. Full-LED headlights merged into the pattern of the sculptured air intakes on the cowling too punctuate that strawman heftiness, integration with, and wrapper roughly the forepart wheelarch.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast’s opulently sculptured, third-dimensional flanks are characterised by a contact blowhole buns the battlefront wheels intentional to suction hard-hitting air from the wheelarches then line it on the doors.

The bottom diffusor includes a suspended rail-splitter that increases the diffusor surfaces by turn them into bi-plane offstage, allowing the air to be worn ‘tween the frown diffusor and the rail-splitter.

At the bottom, quadruplet troll tail-lights elysian by Ferrari custom underline a conception crafted approximately horizontal lines and pay the Ferrari 812 Superfast a all-embracing, baronial position, visually sullen both despoiler and the rattling squeeze cabin without, nonetheless, sacrificing its quad or that of boot.


The cabin has been radically redesigned to permeate it with an eve sportier lineament. Spark, covenant volumes hug the contours of the upcountry structures to the extent that the latter are seeable in sure areas. These ultra-taut surfaces are designedly superimposed and upset capable produce voids with the solvent that the briny elements appear to blow. The boilersuit consequence is both pureblood racing avidness and inclination elegance that ne’er feels overdone.

The horizontal das loops stylishly round the exchange air vents for a advanced, modeled, yet supremely fashionable feeling that is besides a nod to the LaFerrari’s cockpit.

An extra air blowhole likewise allowed the designers to relieve the flavor of the coney hush encourage by creating a “crack” in the fundamental incision that boost emphasises the fact that metal elements extend into the upholstered volumes.

The driver zona and cardinal recesses featuring contrastive passementerie to advance emphasize their dynamical forms.

The wheel and its commands, the planet pods on either face of it and the interplay of volumes and contrastive materials, commingle to produce an uttermost cockpit in which all of the respective elements are angled towards the essential driver, approximately whom the volumes curl to highlighting his office.

Horizontal persona lines make rattling decided driver-oriented volumes that likewise tweak the ticklish effort of not excluding the rider from the litigate.

The attractively crafted trim both at the essence of the coney and roughly the mitt compartment make the barely compensate smell of Ferrari’s touch combining of the artisanal and the mellow investigator.

The seating pursue a diapason innovation words and feat that effusiveness to produce an interplay of solids and voids that bestow persona to the bottom and back.

The seating disagree from and counterpoint with the relaxation of the inner surfaces, thanks to their perforate leather clipping which adds a showy touching to the new styling.

Concisely, taught forms and smartly integrated volumes cartel with brilliant bioengineering and a ignitor sportsmanlike terminology to hymie a top-of-the-range buns.

Optional contents

Ferrari’s brobdingnagian Personalisation Plan is, naturally, likewise useable to check apiece customer can shuffling their 812 Superfast unparalleled and eventide more tailor-made to their personal tastes and requirements. As is traditional with apiece new car, the Curriculum has been encourage elongated to admit a wealthiness of new optionals specifically highly-developed for the Ferrari 812 Superfast.

Besides useable is an evolved telemetry scheme derived from the one alongside the LaFerrari, and a high-end sound organisation with 12 speakers and a 1,280 W amplifier with Quantum Logic for brilliant voice bringing and character.

7 Years Maintenance

Ferrari’s unequalled timbre standards and increasing center customer help support the extensive seven-year care program offered with the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Usable crossways the full Ferrari ambit, the broadcast covers all habitue upkeep for the kickoff sevener days of the car’s living. This scheduled sustentation is an scoop servicing that allows clients the certainty that their car is organism unbroken at visor execution and safe complete the eld. This real extra servicing is besides uncommitted to owners purchasing pre-owned Ferraris.

Fixture upkeep (at intervals of either 20,000 km or erstwhile a twelvemonth with no milage restrictions), pilot spares and punctilious checks by stave trained instantly at the Ferrari Breeding Gist in Maranello victimisation the virtually mod symptomatic tools are scarce roughly of the advantages of the Unfeigned Alimony Plan.

The serving is useable on all markets universal and from all Dealerships on the Prescribed Franchise Meshing.

The Real Sustentation plan foster extends the stove of after-sales services offered by Ferrari to fulfill clients want to preserves the operation and excellency that are the signatures of all cars reinforced at the mill in Maranello which has constantly been synonymous with leading-edge engineering and sportiness.

Technical Specifications

  • Locomotive
  • Typewrite: V12 – 65°
  • Boilersuit supplanting: 6496 cc
  • Calibre and diagonal: 94 mm x 78 mm
  • Max. powerfulness production: 588 kW (800 cv) at 8,500 rpm
  • Max. torsion: 718 Nm at 7,000 rpm
  • Max. locomotive velocity: 8,900 rpm
  • Condensation proportion: 13.64:1
  • Dimensions and angle
  • Distance: 4,657 mm
  • Breadth: 1,971 mm
  • Peak: 1,276 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,720 mm
  • Movement racetrack: 1,672 mm
  • Ass raceway: 1,645 mm
  • Curbing slant: 1,630 kg
  • Dry slant: 1,525 kg
  • Weightiness dispersion: 47% battlefront – 53% bum
  • Fire cooler capability: 92 l
  • Wheels & tyres
  • Battlefront: 275/35 ZR20; 10″ J x 20″
  • Behind: 315/35 ZR20; 11.5″ J x 20″
  • Brakes
  • Presence: 398 mm x 38 mm
  • Backside: 360 mm x 32 mm
  • Infection/gearbox: 4WS/ 7-speed F1 DCT/ E-Diff3
  • Electronic controls: SSC5/CST with F1-Trac, ESP 9.1 Agiotage with High-performance ABS/EBD, dual-coil SCM-E
  • Execution
  • Max. fastness: 340 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h: 2.9 sec
  • 0-200 km/h: 7.9 sec
  • Dry weightiness/mightiness: 1.9 kg
  • Fire intake
  • Fire intake: 14.9 l/100 km
  • Emissions: 340g CO2/km
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