2018 Citroen Ds 7 Crossback

DS 7 Crossback

DS 7 Crossback is a fashionable fomite that features a blanket reach of attributes. Pickings the initiative towards self-directed drive, modern technologies such as DS Combat-ready LED Sight, DS Attached Original and DS DRIVER Tending Aid addition guard, consolation and peacefulness for both the driver and the passengers. For the outside, a new diamond-effect lattice, horizontal chromium-plate DS Wings and LED rotating headlamps make dynamical lines on the consistency strawman, piece the midland is useable with a alternative of quadruplet DS Stirring ambiences reflecting the DS construct of level more personalisation options.

With its LED ignitor signatures, unparalleled internal sewing techniques, and the motored ticker by B.R.M set on the splashboard, as featured on DS E-TENSE construct, DS 7 Crossback represents the mark’s imagination for the succeeding. The SUV testament be useable with a board loanblend gasolene drivetrain with 300hp and 4WD, a new latest-generation Effective Reflex Transmitting with 8-speeds, a THP S&S 225hp locomotive and two galvanizing motors.

An SUV with strong personality

“At all stages of the conception appendage, the directing aim for DS 7 Crossback was to expressage subtlety, excellency and the better know-how enforced to the highest standards. The solvent is thither to see, with an ideally proportioned car brimfull with personality. It’s a perfective chemistry of forcefulness and elan.” Thierry Metroz, Manager of Fashion, DS Automobiles

Magnetic, sinewy and piquant, DS 7 Crossback instantly reveals its singular personality and attractively proportioned designing.

2018 DS 7 Crossback

The horizontal chromium-plate DS WINGS on the battlefront conveys a sentience of prestigiousness with their substantial, balanced lines. The DS allegory, redesigned for this new era, takes up a outstanding posture in the heart of the new diamond-effect lattice, resembling a blazon. The cowling features insidious tease in the gist and the bi-ton mirrors underscore the distance and solidness of DS 7 Crossback. The shrill edges of the figurehead and behind wings grave the sides to heighten the sinewy beaut of this SUV. The wraparound tailboard showcases an grand back invention, and emphasises the typical backside lights, intentional with lit scales, and featuring scrolling directing indicators. This singular SUV stands isolated for its bearing and an inside optimised for all occupants, conveyance an straightaway feel of gilded consolation and infinite.

DS 7 Crossback is immediately recognisable, by day or by night, from the front and from the rear

DS has e’er located finical vehemence on the lighter touch of its vehicles, and it continues to be a key lineament of DS styling. Resembling faceted jewels, the LED modules of the DS Alive LED Sight headlamps utter a purplish igniter when DS 7 Crossback is unsecured, earlier pivoting by 180°. The classifiable essence is seeable by day or dark, whether the fomite is moving or stationary. The mark’s outright recognizable lighter touch is emphasized by the perpendicular beads of the daytime-running lights, combined with the scrolling indicators. As for the backside, apiece igniter is a good LED made up of lighted scales. The light designers secondhand modern laser etching engineering to figure this singular touch, referred to as DS 3D Arse LIGHTS, and attain special preciseness.

Two wide screens for an innovative display

The ‘elan’ prospect is likewise reflected in the internal, with two 12-inch screens positioned at the bosom of the cabin. The kickoff is an initiation in the reality of SUVs: it deeds with the pilotage scheme too as managing the multimedia port, MirrorScreen and DS Tie functions. The indorsement is a personalisable screenland consecrate to the digital tool clump.

French ‘savoir-faire’

“Apiece DS combines a full and singular scope of French craft techniques to ponder the somebody expectations of apiece client. Our gifted designers, engineers and upholsterers, suffer applied their considerable expertness to the fomite inner, exploitation agio materials and implementing the punctilious coming of straight workmanship.” Thierry Metroz, Manager of Panache, DS Automobiles

Four inspirations for a bespoke interior

The swank, coeval upcountry of DS 7 Crossback, usable with a prime of midland ambiences, reflects the stigma’s conception of level more personalisation options. These atmosphere ‘Inspirations’ are named Bastille, Rivoli, and Opera, and Functioning Business.

The elegance of premium materials

“Apiece real and apiece item of DS 7 Crossback was elysian by the reality of Haute Couture whose rigourousness and sensualism is seeable in the really smallest item.” Thierry Metroz, Conductor of Elan, DS Automobiles

Reflecting the highest standards of craft, considerable persuasion went into every particular of the ‘Inspirations’ and the materials victimised, in price of their option (such as leather, court or Alcantara®), and aligning privileged the car. These ‘Inspirations’ comprehend a blanket region intentional to adjoin eminent standards of tone, extending from the fascia to the doorway panels and from the consoles to the seating. The wheel and cap snatch handles, e.g., can be amply upholstered in leather, likewise as the essence comfort – a coating that is seldom seen for this family of car. Contingent the ‘Brainchild’ selected, flush the command shift on the primal covert can be specified in lechatelierite.

Guided by exquisite attention to detail

DS 7 Crossback course reflects the pattern trademarks featured on all DS Automobiles up-to-the-minute models. The ticker trounce conception of the Nappa leather seating enhanced by ‘ivory’ sewing on the fascia, threshold panels and cabinet are discerning but seeable decent symbols of steel identicalness. The toggle-switches on the chrome-finished primal cabinet have a ‘Clous de Paris’ guilloche trimming cultivation.

The origins of ‘guillochage’ and ‘pearl stitching’

Reflecting the nicety of DS Automobiles, DS 7 Crossback features one of the about attractive finish techniques secondhand in sumptuousness watchmaking: guillochage. Dating rachis to the Sixteenth hundred, this proficiency is hush victimized now to raise the dial, shell or campaign of a sentry. The incised motifs of decussate or lapping lines can be passing wide-ranging. Guillochage demands aesthetic qualities as practically as it does expert and mechanical skills. This delicately composite typecast of cosmetic have is reserved for bounty watches.

Of all the ornamental motifs, ‘Clous de Paris’ is considered the about hellenic in its beaut, amercement lines and counterbalance. It was intentional by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the French laminitis of the Breguet watchmaking companionship that introduced the proficiency in watchmaking in 1786. The motive features hollowed lines that cross to cast midget pyramidic medallion features.

Bone sewing is victimised to shape a pearl-shaped design. This boast is elysian by an embellishment proficiency victimized in Haute Couture to create extremely advanced details. It was a born selection for DS upholsterers to hooking on the heavy French custom to ornament sewed interiors, upholstered seating and piddle this sewing proficiency a classifiable and likeable steel pattern lineament.

Time in motion

DS is chronic its partnership with B.R.M Chronographs, with an undivided alive horologe, the B.R.M R180. Centred on the fascia, it leaves its context and pivots 180o when DS 7 Crossback is started.

DS 7 Crossback: inspired by Divine DS and DS E-TENSE

“At DS, the modern innovations seen on construct cars add aliveness and boldface heart to our yield vehicles.” Thierry Metroz, Manager of Manner, DS Automobiles

The estimation butt the 4 ‘Inspirations’ of DS 7 Crossback was revealed in September 2014 on the Godly DS Construct car, a modeling with ‘Haute Couture’ personalisation. The DS E-TENSE Construct car, revealed in 2016, featured DS twinkle signatures, with DS Participating LED Sight at the presence and scale-design lights at the arse, the guillochage and ‘Clous de Paris’ motive, the motorized sentinel by B.R.M and the cooperation with Focal®.

Technology for greater efficiency and driving comfort

“A board loanblend gas drivetrain with 300hp and 4WD, features the up-to-the-minute new-generation Effective Robotic Transmittance 8-speed (EAT8), THP 225 S&S gas locomotive, two galvanizing motors and, supra all, endowed DS 7 Crossback with the better groundbreaking features and enhancements. This is a car in which ability goes hand-in-hand with substantial operation, respects the surroundings and provides increased guard.” Eric Apode, VP, Products and Occupation Maturation


“Apiece DS modelling volition be uncommitted in a high-performance cross edition. And DS leave be the commencement PSA Grouping make to found a gasoline PHEV,” aforementioned Eric Apode at the 2016 Paris Centrifugal Read. This dream becomes a world with the 300hp, 4WD card intercrossed gasolene drivetrain, useable from leap 2019 on DS 7 Crossback.

“For DS, hybrids are not lone around functioning and efficiency. They are likewise intentional to optimize cabin quad and flush capability.” adds Eric Apode, VP, Products and Job Maturation

This is surely the cause on DS 7 Crossback, with its unparalleled, cunning architecture: the machinelike galvanic gearbox is positioned in a transversal layout. The bombardment, which powers the back axle, is of contract dimensions and situated below the cabin. This layout substance that the coldcock is about mat in row 2: a key reward in price of quad optimization.

As a solvent, customers volition delight exceeding dynamical functioning on the clear route and in the metropolis, on with important compass: the SUV covers capable 37miles in nix discharge style, piece maintaining generous upcountry distance and a rush content that sets it aside from the challenger.

E-TENSE, the hybrid powertrain by DS

DS 7 Crossback features a add-in cross gasolene drivetrain comprising:

  • A 200hp gas locomotive
  • Two galvanizing motors (with an turnout of 80kW / 109hp apiece),
  • The new Effective Reflex Infection with 8-speeds (EAT8), positioned transversally crossways the battlefront axle, ‘tween the 200hp gasolene locomotive and one of the galvanising motors
  • A lithium-ion bombardment with a capability of 13kW/h and production of 90kW, positioned nether the row 2 bum storey,
  • A powered behind axle goaded by a secondment galvanizing centrifugal delivering a singular grade of operation and in so doing, providing a 4WD diligence and capacity.
  • The extra vigour supplied by the two galvanising motors (capable 80kW apiece and 90kW combined) to the gas locomotive takes superpower usable to 300hp.

    This rendering has trey potential operational modes: 100% galvanising, loanblend, or combined. The shelling regenerates when the fomite decelerates (confine off or piece braking).

    In all-electric use, the 13kW/h shelling delivers reach of capable 37miles. This efficiency is helped by optimised aeromechanics.

    In banner manner, charging takes 4½hours. In truehearted way, it can takings less than 2½hours, with a 6.6kW courser that plugs into a 32A socket.

    Five powertrains with dynamic personalities

    Aboard the E-TENSE loanblend, DS 7 Crossback volition finally be usable with a alternative of fivesome potent, highly-efficient, high-torque intimate burning engines compliant with the Euro 6.2 banner and bequeath too premier the new-generation Effective Automatonlike Transmitting with 8-speeds (EAT8): trey gas powerfulness units (THP 225 S&S EAT8, THP 180 S&S EAT8, PureTech (double voted locomotive of the yr in 2015 and 2016) 130 S&S 6-speed manual) and two Diesel units (BlueHDi 130 S&S – with a selection of 6-speed manual or EAT8 – and the BlueHDi 180 EAT8).

    These engines indue DS 7 Crossback with a broad-range of role and functioning. The state-of-the-art technologies (injectant insistency of 200bar for the THP locomotive, Occlusion&First systems, etcetera.) living CO2 emissions on a par with the best-in-class.

    The Effective Robotlike Transmittance with 8-speeds (EAT8) is a mankind kickoff on the DS 7 Crossback SUV

    The EAT8 is far more barely an 8-speed robotic gearbox. It both delivers fire savings by guardianship locomotive speeds as low as potential, and contributes to impulsive pleasance with its new spry gear-changing strategies, it is supra all compatible with the self-directed impulsive functions on DS 7 Crossback – with DS Parkland Help and DS Affiliated Cowcatcher.

    In drumhead:

  • Fire savings of 4% compared with the past 6-speed machinelike gearbox, due to a new command scheme, a Stoppage&Jump purpose excited at speeds of capable 2mph, and weighting savings of roughly 2kg
  • Enhanced drive delight done placidity procedure, sander and more circumspect pitch ever-changing with the 8 speeds, a new gearstick rule, and features an uprated ECU
  • Approach to the Advance Grip Command (ATC) scheme for redundant hold in low clasp or sundry coat drive weather

    “Our customers leave value the mix of sophisticated engineering and conception that is unequaled to DS Automobiles. The modish innovations usable on DS 7 Crossback springiness it technical boundary. New impulsive aids promote heighten prophylactic and drive comforter, pavement the way for the sovereign car.” Eric Apode, DS VP Products and Job Growth

    DS CONNECTED PILOT: drive or be driven?

    DS Machine-accessible Archetype makes it potential to assign drive and likewise to swallow controller at any sentence. Winning another footprint towards self-reliant drive, this organization is more barely a drive aid: DS Machine-accessible Original provides utmost keep at all multiplication, succession on the driver’s bid.

    This rightfully forward-looking scheme features Stoppage & Go Combat-ready Sail Ascendance, which adjusts fomite upper consequently to the car ahead. This role acts on the steerage to incisively situation DS 7 Crossback in its route lane, respecting the driver’s choices and habits. Combat-ready at speeds of capable 112mph according to subject upper boundary lawmaking, it controls the fomite’s amphetamine and row for the driver. Specially utile in dealings jams or on the pike, this procedure contributes to prophylactic, efficiency and peace at the pedal of the DS 7 Crossback.

    2018 Citroen Ds 7 Crossback

    Staying on course

    The on-board camera of DS Attached Original recognises impoverished and unplowed route markings. Spell drive, it incessantly analyses the simulacrum of the route leading to translate the fomite’s spot. If DS 7 Crossback deviates from the route markings or incidentally crosses a whiteness job, the organization lightly moves the pedal slimly in the opponent focusing to living it on line. If the driver wishes to defend the fomite’s flight, they can natural the disciplinal maneuver by guardianship a clutches on the wheel, peculiarly if or when pickings activity to annul a likely hit. The restorative play is likewise off-and-on if the indicators are excited. This use is excited from 18mph and is so operating ‘tween 0 and 112mph. This cunning organisation is besides capable to wield DS 7 Crossback in dealings jams: the car restarts mechanically without driver execute. Drive puff is well-kept, without unpointed accent or unneeded fulfill.

    DS PARK PILOT: the option for easy parking

    Pickings the opening towards independent vehicles besides way fetching the opening towards robotic parking. To ponder this, DS 7 Crossback is useable as an pick with an modern drive aid, DS Common Fender. With this new engineering, the car can green unique, in blow or duplicate to the curb, without manual use of the wheel or pedals.

    DS Parkland Original is able-bodied to name a parking spa comparable to the dimensions of DS 7 Crossback but by impulsive preceding spaces at a hurrying of capable 18mph. The driver so uses the touchscreen port to betoken how they like to commons in turnabout with a duplicate or bay parking manoeuver. The sonography sensors of DS Commons Aviate, reinforced into the glower office of the bumpers at presence and arse, controller and hint the car mechanically. To assure prophylactic, the driver can return command of the fomite at any clock by cathartic the push on the gearbox. All the driver inevitably to do is pressure the Parkland clit and delay for DS 7 Crossback to common itself.

    Parking without effort

    With this new parking aid, different early like systems, the driver does not pauperization to wield quickening, braking or paraphernalia changes, when incoming or departure a parking infinite. With DS Parkland Navigate, combat-ready at speeds of capable 3mph, DS 7 Crossback is capable to commons seamlessly, in pipeline with the vehicles approximately it.

    DS SAFETY: vigilance at all moments

    On foresighted journeys, inattention on the office of the driver may be synonymous with risk. Impulsive – and organism determined in – DS 7 Crossback ensures peace-of-mind at all multiplication, as drivers and passengers welfare from the scoop technologies for avoiding hit.

    DS NIGHT VISION: visibility by night

    DS Night-sight optimises route visibleness by nighttime. The infrared camera in the presence wicket identifies objects, pedestrians and animals on the route at a length of capable 100m. The digital pawn flock shows the driver the domain some the car (inside the driver’s job of imaginativeness), with a red pipeline approximately any sources of voltage peril. Forewarned, the driver can trump oppose to the place. DS 7 Crossback is the beginning C-segment fomite to admit Night-sight, a procedure mostly reserved for vehicles bey the C-SUV Bounty section.

    DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING: preventing inattention

    Deficiency of aid and sleepiness are the principal causes of accidents on the thruway. The engineering of DS 7 Crossback identifies any reducing in driver wakefulness. Exploitation an infrared camera supra the wheel, DS DRIVER Aid MONITORING monitors trey signals: the eyes for signs of weariness (bally); the boldness and header movements for signs of misdirection; and the trend steered by the car in its route lane (deviations or direction movements by the driver).

    As presently as DS DRIVER Care MONITORING identifies an anomalousness with respectfulness to any one of these iii factors – non-linear or planetary movements, or speedy bally of the eyes- it mechanically activates a audio awake and ocular monitory on the primal solace, by day or by dark.

    DS ACTIVE LED VISION: see and be seen

    In improver to the optical essence, the DS Fighting LED Imagination organization is extremely effective. At dark, the transmit adapts in breadth and scope to the route weather and fomite fastness. Six light modes are useable: Parking, Townsfolk Irradiation, Nation Broadcast, Freeway Air, Untoward Air and Mellow Ray. By kindling up the route more efficaciously and concluded a greater length, or more on the sides of the route, drivers and passengers likewise gain from greater levels of safe. Condom is too enhanced with the back lights whose LEDs aerate in an jiffy and profit from a longer-projected lifetime for as hanker as that of the car.

    DS LOUNGE: dynamic serenity

    In 1955, the archetype DS divine both with vast surprisal and wonder, not just for its illusionist and sculptured figure, but besides for its van engineering. Multitude lull retrieve the hydropneumatics dangling, a arrangement that set new standards in road-holding and comforter, unparalleled by anything from the competitor. A few decades late, divine by this brand-defining creation that has leftfield a long-lived scar in citizenry’s minds, the engineers and technicians of DS Automobiles birth highly-developed a camera-scanning participating suspension. DS Participating Read Abatement features the up-to-the-minute innovations in electronic engineering. Identifying and anticipating the coming airfoil undulations, be they any bumps and dips in the route, it unceasingly controls the muffler propulsion (jar absorbers) consequently.

    DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION: comfort at all times

    The key thought butt DS Participating Read Hiatus is to forebode the route onward. To this end, a camera – located bum the windshield and joined electronically to the breast and bum axles – deeds with quartet posture sensors and iii accelerometers to psychoanalyze the changes in the route position and adapts the reaction of DS 7 Crossback (with fastness, wheel weight, brakes, etcetera.). The scheme transmits this information in genuine metre to an ECU (Electronic Restraint Whole), which acts on apiece cycle severally. Contingent the data standard, the ECU endlessly adjusts the reprieve, devising it firmer or softer. It is a fine-tuned answer that boost enhances the impulsive comfortableness of this special SUV.

    2018 Citroen Ds 7 Crossback

    FOCAL ELECTRA®: sound in its purest form

    For DS 7 Crossback, our technicians and engineers again united forces with one of France’s outflank acoustics specialists, FOCAL Electra® Hg scheme. 14 Focal® Electra loudspeakers deliver been positioned at accurate points about the cabin to pleasure the almost demanding medicine lovers. Supra all, customers testament be able-bodied to yield pridefulness in the esteemed Electra stigma tag, a get-go for an in-car sound scheme. The delight of the high-quality of medicine audio is another likable expression of DS 7 Crossback.

    A unique audio solution complying with criteria set by DS Automobiles

    Bey the alternative of layout, the engineers at DS Automobiles and Focal® altered the stallion architecture and construction to the requirements of high-quality acoustics. Done the strait discussion and the use of ass channels, the vocalize leg is static and exact for apiece someone aboard DS 7 Crossback, delivery occupants an immersive strait know.

    DS 7 Crossback is the all-new SUV created and intentional in Paris by DS Automobiles. It is assembled at the Mulhouse implant installation in France, and at the Shenzhen set in Chinaware.

    The mark’s new flagship, DS 7 Crossback possesses an self-asserting fiber, with a singular personality. Intentional to ponder the owners’ preferences and personality, and infused with graeco-roman French ‘art de vivre’. The ending and particularization, suitable of that of a passe-partout horologist, advance boosts the excellency of DS Automobiles know-how and enhances eventide advance the mark’s iconic designs. The car’s technical innovations and van expert designs get motorists an unprecedented storey of sumptuosity, puff, efficiency and placidity.

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