2018 Bmw M550I Xdrive

BMW M550i xDrive

To co-occur with the premier of the new BMW 5-Series stove, BMW M GmbH is delivery out a sporting BMW M Functioning edition of the earth’s near successful byplay saloon. For the nonce leastways, the new BMW M550i xDrive bequeath acquire the position of range-topper in the new BMW 5-Series line-up. Jactitation a powerful M Operation TwinPower Turbo locomotive, BMW xDrive reasoning all-wheel campaign with rear-wheel predetermine and a made-to-order M Functioning anatomy set-up, the new BMW M550i xDrive can be classed as both a four-door sports car and the almost dynamical job saloon approximately. With its abundant torsion militia and high-revving characteristics, the V8 index whole serves up a unmatched flux of sovereign operation, superbly accurate drive kinetics and uncompromised casual serviceableness. This all helps the new BMW M550i xDrive to set the footstep in its section and routine apiece and every cause into an stimulating get.

State-of-the-art high-performance engine melds power with efficiency

The new BMW M550i xDrive is the kickoff BMW 5-Series M Execution framework to be powered by a gas locomotive, viz. a specifically limited M Execution TwinPower Turbo eight-cylinder whole with a translation of 4.4 litres. The V8 is furnished with two twin-scroll turbochargers and features the Mellow Preciseness Injectant aim shot organisation, Valvetronic amply varying valve timing and Double-VANOS varying camshaft ascendence. This all adds capable an outturn of 340 kW/462 hp at 5,500 rpm (fire expenditure combined: 8.9 l/100 km [31.7 mpg imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 204 g/km) and vizor torsion of 650 Nm (479 lb‒ft) that can be summoned from upright 1,800 rpm.

2018 BMW M550i xDrive

The state-of-the-art, high-performance locomotive comes with all the dynamical credential expected of a BMW M Execution Machine, propulsive the BMW M550i xDrive from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.0 seconds, so on to an electronically special top amphetamine of 250 km/h (155 mph). Simultaneously, the new V8 locomotive too demonstrates the olympian efficiency of the M Operation TwinPower Turbo engineering. The new BMW M550i xDrive already complies with the strict EU6c emissions banner.

2018 Bmw M550I Xdrive

Steptronic Sport transmission and BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive

Cause transport in the nigh muscular BMW 5-Series Saloon is, now, handled by the standard-fit Steptronic Mutant eight-speed infection, which plays a pregnant persona in the brilliant kinetics of the BMW M550i xDrive. The M Execution contour of the slip modes has been bespoken to the characteristics of the V8 locomotive, with clearly sporting pitch changes and more instant downshifts crossways the integral rev reach, and serves to enrich the electrifying impulsive feel. For an eventide sharpie clean adjoin, the eight-speed Steptronic Variation contagion can besides be operated victimization the switch paddles on the wheel. The infection itself helps to cut fire expenditure and emissions thanks to its concordat pattern, low burthen and optimised efficiency.

2018 Bmw M550I Xdrive

The BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive organization in the BMW M550i xDrive splits thrust powerfulness ‘tween all four-spot wheels as the place demands – intelligently and with a rear-wheel predetermine. BMW xDrive is thereby key to delivering two intrinsical elements of the earmark M Execution impulsive see nether all weather: summit impulsive execution and exceedingly accurate manipulation. And when the adaptative M Fun respite (lowered by 10 millimetres) is added to the equating, on with either the banner 19-inch M light-alloy wheels in Ce Gray-haired metal lusterlessness or the optional 20-inch light-alloy wheels (in an undivided conception, besides multicolor in the Ce Greyish metal matted conclusion), the termination is fantastic treatment stableness and optimal grip, arrive what may.

In improver, the powerfulness steerage with M-specific responses in the Fun and Fun+ settings serves to spotlight the toast manipulation and accurate drive properties of the sportiest spokesperson yet of the new-generation BMW 5-Series. Steerage commands are executed with speck truth and the driver receives the rather feedback that guarantees brobdingnagian impulsive delight when powering on winding sections of route. The performance-enhancing stipulation of the BMW M550i xDrive is realised to paragon by the

2018 Bmw M550I Xdrive

M Fun brakes with bracken callipers in Bluing metal and M badging, which coalesce prominent fillet ability with splendid tone.

Sporty looks with exclusive M Performance equipment features

The outside of the new BMW M550i xDrive boldly expresses the saloon’s dynamical execution capabilities, piece likewise underlining its position as the flagship simulation in the new BMW 5-Series reach. The M sleek packet, including an M arse mollycoddler with Gurney fluttering on boot lid, accentuates the sportsmanlike, dynamical lines of the new BMW 5-Series, simultaneously as optimising the airflow roughly and terminated the car. The outside mirror caps, the kidney grill beleaguer, the particular M Functioning bars on the forepart air uptake and the two Air Breathers at the sides all play the sole Ce Greyness metal coating, spell the high-gloss Fantasm Business shave approximately the windows gives added hob to the active concern saloon’s undeniably sporting show. An M sports exhaust – with sole tailpipe embellishers in Blacken chromium-plate on the odd and rectify – is responsible producing the apparent and arousal BMW M soundtrack.

Lighted threshold sills aim the lettering “M550i xDrive” wave passengers into the inside, where M sports seating upholstered in Lightlessness Dakota leather with disconsolate line sewing, the up-to-the-minute variation of the M sports wheel, M conception flooring mats and limited midland cut strips and pedals made from aluminum commingle to produce the nimbus of sportsmanlike exclusivity that is a trademark of all BMW M Operation Automobiles.

2018 Bmw M550I Xdrive

Driver assistance systems take the hard work out of routine tasks

Equitable care the otc models in the latest-generation BMW 5-Series line-up, the BMW M550i xDrive likewise offers an flush wider selection of aid systems to service the driver, if coveted. These admit an escape aid, cross dealings admonition arrangement and alive Lane Modify Monition, which uses guidance inputs to debar an impendent hit. The optionally usable Combat-ready Sail Command (ACC) and Lane Holding Supporter now sport protracted functionality. And Reasoning Hurrying Confine Attend, which allows speeding limits to be mechanically imported into the sail ascendance organisation, also represents another footmark on the route to machine-controlled drive for the BMW M550i xDrive.

Forging an even closer link between man, machine and the outside world

The up-to-the-minute coevals of the BMW 5-Series enables close-knit connectivity ‘tween the driver, fomite and international humans thanks to BMW Attached. This new scheme links up devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, computers and tablets, also as the fomite’s pilotage organisation, via the BMW servers. This, so, is extremely levelheaded engineering. So, it is subject of identifying move patterns also as personal preferences, turn it into a de facto personal mobility coach that helps users to subdue with simpleness the progressively composite challenges of daily mobility. Earlier the travel has fifty-fifty started, BMW Machine-accessible mechanically factors in Material Sentence Dealings Data (RTTI) for route-planning purposes, and recommends departing sooner if a detour has to be made due to dealings hold-ups. And although BMW Machine-accessible uses the fomite’s localisation as the footing for conniving the path in the common way, it takes the BMW driver’s whereabouts into explanation too. The new organization besides merges the functions and services of the associate BMW Distant app and BMW Affiliated app. Positive, users are able-bodied to admittance products such as ParkNow for digitised booking and defrayal of parking spaces, not to credit the well-informed On-Street Parking Data lineament, which identifies the areas of a townspeople where drivers are nearly probable to breakthrough a release parking office. And if the optional Distant Parking arrangement is specified, the BMW 5-Series Saloon can be manoeuvred into evening the tightest spaces from exterior the fomite with the aid of the car key. End but not least, erstwhile the car has been parked, BMW Machine-accessible helps to draw users to their terminal address on base.

Sportiness and everyday usability in perfect harmony

The BMW M Functioning Automobiles are single products from BMW M GmbH and slot in betwixt the top-of-the-range measure BMW models and the essence M models reinforced for utmost functioning. “We modernise the BMW M Operation Automobiles for customers who are quest selfsame showy impulsive characteristics yet do not like to give any of their BMW’s mundane practicality,” explains Postmark van Meel, CEO of BMW M GmbH. “The live and expertness garnered by BMW M in the reality of drive play and the exploitation of high-performance sports cars are likewise channelled into the developing of our BMW M Functioning Automobiles. The sales achiever clear demonstrates that we are on the rectify cartroad. When you takings a deal the BMW AG exemplar portfolio, you leave card that not every exemplar serial includes a BMW M Execution Auto. We testament inflate our ware reach sagely and finale any gaps in the line-up strategically.”

2018 Bmw M550I Xdrive

The example portfolio presently comprises the 3-door BMW M140i, 3-door BMW M140i xDrive, 5-door BMW M140i, 5-door BMW M140i xDrive, BMW M240i Coupe, BMW M240i xDrive Coupe, BMW M240i Transmutable, BMW M240i xDrive Transformable, BMW M550d xDrive Touring, BMW X4 M40i, BMW X5 M50d, BMW X6 M50d and BMW M760Li xDrive.

The new BMW M550i xDrive is scheduled to joint the existent simulation line-up in Marching 2017.

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