2018 Audi Sq5 30 Tfsi

Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI

Audi presented the new Audi SQ5 at the 2017 Northward American Outside Machine Display (NAIAS) in Detroit. The sportiest mem of the Q5 framework serial embodies more always the excited construct of the pragmatic SUV with the up-to-the-minute engineering. It’s turbocharged, 3.0 TFSI offers brawny operation combined with advance enhanced efficiency.

The 3.0 TFSI

The Audi SQ5 has a 2,995 cc, V6 TFSI locomotive with an outturn of 260 kW (354 hp). The turbocharged, al locomotive delivers a invariable 500 Nm (368.8 lb-ft) of torsion from 1,370 to 4,500 rpm. The dash from nil to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) is realized in 5.4 seconds; top velocity is an electronically governed 250 km/h (155.3 mph). In the NEDC, the new Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI consumes hardly 8.3 liters of fire per 100 klick (28.3 US mpg) – a CO2 eq of 189 grams per klick (304.2 g/mi). Compared with its harbinger, this is a diminution of 13 grams per km (20.9 g/mi).

New combustion process: higher efficiency

A new burning appendage highly-developed by Audi makes the 3.0 TFSI especially effective. It is based on the alleged “B oscillation” appendage in compounding with hard-hitting injectors centrally placed in the burning chambers.

With its unnaturally abbreviated compaction stage, the B cps enables an locomotive operation with a importantly higher foundation contraction proportion. Combined with a index stroking that, patch convention, is thirster relation to the concretion diagonal, this allows for more effective burning and increased locomotive efficiency.

2018 Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI

Below contribution payload, the Audi valvelift scheme enables a rattling short-circuit inlet aperture length of 130 degrees of camshaft weight linked with the other blockage of the inlet valve. This shortens the consumption stage. At higher oodles, the organization switches to a camshaft configuration with a thirster porta meter and a bigger valve separatrix. The locomotive so operates with a convention concretion proportion and maximal throughput.

Turbocharger: separate exhaust gas flows

The turbocharger, which replaces the mechanical compressor of the old locomotive, operates according to the twin-scroll precept. The fumes branches of the two cylinder banks run singly in the release multiply and in the turbocharger caparison, and but commingle ahead the turbine bicycle. This engineering improves the stream characteristics for more ad-lib turbine reception, and is key element backside the former and herculean maturation of torsion.

The turbocharger is placed inside the 90-degree V of the cylinder banks. Consequently, the eject slope is on the intimate slope of the cylinder heads and the air inhalation on the outer position. This organization enables covenant twist and curt gas menstruum paths with minimum stream losings, thence the 3.0 TFSI responds super impromptu and now.

Less weight: 14 kilograms (30.9 lb) less

The V6 TFSI locomotive weighs equitable 172 kilograms (379.2 lb) and olibanum 14 kilograms (30.9 lb) less than the old charged locomotive. Made with an al admixture victimization the composite moxie cast summons, the cylinder crankcase features merged, thin-walled cylinder liners of grayish mold cast-iron. In combining with the new highly-developed rings for the aluminium pistons, this reduces rubbing.

Another efficiency module: innovative thermal management

2018 Audi Sq5 30 Tfsi

The crankcase and the cylinder caput suffer branch coolant circuits. Abaft a frigid startle, the switchable weewee heart controls the current of coolant done the locomotive so that the oil comes capable its operational temperature as promptly as potential. The tucker multiply is unified into the cylinder caput and bathed in coolant. This helps the locomotive to heat apace. When the locomotive is quick, the organization reduces the release temperature. The solution is lour fire expenditure, peculiarly during jazzy drive.

Driving dynamics

A truehearted and smooth-shifting, eight-speed tiptronic transmits the index in the new Audi SQ5. The glower gears boast myopic, sporting ratios, patch the speed gears are foresighted to dilute revs and fire use. Provided that the office is excited in Audi thrust prize, the contagion mechanically switches to happy-go-lucky modality as shortly as the driver lifts his understructure off the gun at speeds ‘tween 55 and 160 km/h (34.2 and 99.4 mph) for level greater fire efficiency.

The quattro lasting all-wheel cause contributes to the sportsmanlike treatment. During convention drive, it distributes the locomotive mightiness with a little rear-axle predetermine. When requirement, the lion’s plowshare of the superpower is sent to the axle with the amend grip. Wheel-selective torsion restraint is combat-ready on all types of surfaces. During dynamical cornering, the package routine somewhat brakes the inner wheels. The car turns itself into the cut ever slenderly. Turn-in doings clay impersonal thirster, and treatment is unchanging, exact and nimble.

2018 Audi Sq5 30 Tfsi

The optional mutant derivative boost optimizes manipulation by actively distributing torsion betwixt the behind wheels via two superposition stages. It sends more torsion to the out-of-door back bicycle when accelerating out of especially nasty radii, fashioning the Audi SQ5 fifty-fifty more quick. The mutant derivative literally pushes the car into the curl, crisp understeer in the bud. Its direction is incorporated into the Audi thrust take command organization, and it runs complete a key ascendence whole, the electronic figure chopine.

A five-link hiatus movement and ass lays the creation for the sporting impulsive characteristics of the new Audi SQ5. The composite pattern provides for greater constancy at the confine and combines increased nimbleness with importantly improved puff. The measure muffler ascendancy features a peculiarly across-the-board scatter ‘tween comforter and active. The adaptative CDC dampers (uninterrupted damping ascendence) are structured into the Audi campaign blue-ribbon scheme on with the locomotive, guidance, tiptronic and optional sportsman derivative. This lets the driver restraint the characteristics of the locomotive and hiatus o’er various modes. The S-specific adaptative air respite is useable as an alternative. This scheme allows the driver to adjust not scarce the damping, but likewise the bait stature to the several impulsive position.

2018 Audi Sq5 30 Tfsi

The new electromechanical might direction with S-specific tuning is an significant subscriber to the drive kinetics of the SQ5. Optionally uncommitted is the active steerage, which varies its paraphernalia proportion contingent the speeding and guidance slant.

255/45-series tires are mounted on the measure 20-inch, casting al wheels. 21-inch wheels are uncommitted as an choice. Audi Mutant offers cinque sole 21-inch wheels for encourage specialisation. Up figurehead the SQ5 sports blackness (choice: red), six-piston, fixed-caliper brakes with an S logotype and 350-millimeter (13.8 in) discs.

Driver assistance systems

The new Audi SQ5 besides picks up the driver aid systems from the large-minded, hi-tech portfolio of the Audi Q5. The prognostic efficiency helper provides particular drive tips to helps the driver economise fire. Adaptative sail ascendence (ACC) including snarl-up assistance can handgrip around of the direction sour in slow-moving dealings. Audi dynamic lane attend makes it easier to check in lane. Length admonition alerts the driver when the outdistance to a fomite drops beneath a condom length.

Interbreeding dealings aid ass, the departure admonitory scheme, hit shunning attend and twist assistance are former new features for prophylactic in routine dealings. The like is straight for the pre-sense systems: Audi pre smell metropolis is stock. The organization warns the driver almost pedestrians and vehicles, and initiates machinelike exigency break inside organisation limits. Commons help, the camera-based realization of dealings signs and mound lineage mastery round the features.

Infotainment and Audi connect

2018 Audi Sq5 30 Tfsi

The top-of-the-line documentary organisation in the SQ5 is MMI seafaring addition with MMI all-in-touch and an 8.3-inch exhibit, which is useable in combining with the tiptronic. The scheme recognizes handwritten stimulation too as signature gestures comrade from consumer electronics, such as surge. It likewise provides tactile feedback to comment. One ingredient is Audi relate, which connects the new SQ5 to the net via LTE. Audi colligate enables commodious roaming in Europe for many attached documentary services with its permanently installed SIM plug-in – the Audi join SIM with a flatcar information value. Users can besides hold information packages for the Wi-Fi hotspot, which besides admit EU roaming.

With the software “Audi unite condom & help including protection & widget” the SQ5 too offers Car2X services. In the effect of an fortuity or dislocation, customers in an befittingly furnished fomite obtain assistant mechanically or at the advertize of a clitoris via the exigency outcry and on-line wayside assist services.

2018 Audi Sq5 30 Tfsi

Moreover, the fomite surety & contraption services enable users to well engage and unlock the SQ5 via the MMI relate app on their smartphones. Customers can likewise deterrent fomite’s condition and use extra services such as Car Viewfinder and entropy astir the future avail appointments or monition messages.

The MMI operational logic is based on the flatcar hierarchies secondhand in tod’s smartphones, and it offers such features as thinking free-text explore. The natural-language vocalism ascendancy routine besides recognizes inputs from routine address. Portion as an extra 3rd operational degree in the new Audi SQ5 is the leather-covered multifunction wheel. Audi can pitch a fresh highly-developed head-up show as an choice. It projects relevant data onto the windscreen – including from driver assist systems – as symbols and numbers that can be sensed rapidly.

One foreground of the show and ascendancy construct is the Audi practical cockpit. It displays all key info in razor-sharp artwork on its 12.3-inch supervise. Views usable to the driver admit an S-specific mutant mood centered about the rev tabulator.

The Audi telephone box, another optional sport, connects the smartphone to the on-board aerial by near-field mating and simultaneously charges it inductively victimization the Qi measure. The Blast & Olufsen Fathom Organisation with new 3D vocalise is useable for hello fans. The Audi smartphone port brings Apple CarPlay and Humanoid Machine into the car.

Body and exterior design

The new Audi SQ5 is 4,671 millimeters (15.3 ft) farsighted, 1,893 millimeters (6.2 ft) all-inclusive and 1,635 millimeters (5.4 ft) marvellous. The wheelbase is 2,824 millimeters (9.3 ft). The SQ5 has a kerb burthen of 1,995 kilograms (4,398.2 lb), 35 kilograms (77.2 lb) less than its herald. The consistency features an reasoning cloth mix of al and highly high-tensile-strength steels.

Level when stationary, an regalia of details emphasize the dynamical characteristics of the new Audi SQ5. The sheer, flashy bumpers up forepart and in the arse are complemented by more powerfully contoured, S-specific air inlets and the diffusor with a honeycomb grillwork. Another S-specific have is the grille with doubling aluminium slats and contrastive reduce elements in flatness crepuscle grayness. The S logotype with red diamond is secondhand in legion locations to set extra accents.

LED engineering is touchstone for all firing functions. The active number signals assure a gamy acknowledgement agent. On the sides of the fomite, aluminum-look outside mirrors glimmer and doorway shave strips in the consistency colouring emphasise the gaudy role. The bottom bumper houses the S-specific couple discharge tailpipes of the dual-branch exhaust and an aluminium diffusor clench. The outside semblance puma blackness is reserved alone for the new Audi SQ5.


The dark-toned upcountry welcomes the driver and passengers with lighted doorway sills presence single S logos. Contrastive sewing on the leather wheel and mutant seating produce a dynamical and refined atmosphere. The S sportsman seating in Alcantara/leather can be upgraded to mulct Nappa leather with infield design and a pneumatic knead part Fleecy aluminium inlays are measure, with a diverseness of romance applications and an single c inlay uncommitted as options. Aluminum-look shimmy paddles enable the driver to apace chemise the tiptronic’s gears. The pedals and tuffet are surfaced with stainless.

The behind ass terrace addition in the new Audi SQ5 is schism into deuce-ace segments. Longitudinal and bottom dorsum tilt modification are optional. Contingent the post of the back buns ben, the trunk has a criterion capacitance of 500 to 610 liters (17.7 to 21.5 cu ft). When the backside ben is folded fine-tune, this intensity grows to 1,550 liters (54.7 cu ft).


In Germany, the SQ5 comes with a comp leaning of measure equipment, including 20-inch, form al wheels in a 5-twin-spoke maven invention, LED headlights and S-specific muffler ascendance. Too included are quattro lasting all-wheel thrust, eight-speed tiptronic, mutation seating in Alcantara/leather and a three-spoke, leather-covered multifunction wheel. The new Audi SQ5 3.0 TFSI volition be useable purchasable in Germany from mid-2017. It is produced in the new mill in Mexico.

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