2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack, the thirstily anticipated differential of the Golf SportWagen, marries that fomite’s practicality and fun-to-drive nature with the capabilities of 4Motion® all-wheel campaign and broken outside styling. The Alltrack offers an low-priced yet upscale alternate to existent all-wheel-drive wagons that are on the US mart.

The Alltrack uses Volkswagen’s sinewy yet fuel-efficient 1.8-liter TSI® turbocharged and direct-injected four-cylinder locomotive, which makes 170 h.p. and 199 pound-feet of torsion. The TSI locomotive leave initially be offered with a six-speed DSG® dual-clutch robotlike contagion, with a six-speed manual transmitting usable ulterior in the exemplar yr. The modish propagation 4Motion all-wheel-drive scheme features a fast-acting plaza derivative. Golf Alltrack bequeath be uncommitted in trey trims-S, SE and SEL-and volition be in trader showrooms in October 2016.


The VW Golf SportWagen consistency conformation is now patent in the Alltrack, but thither is perfectly no misinterpretation the two. Contempt the boilersuit duration and breadth odd approximately the like at 180.2 inches and 70.8 inches, the boilersuit altitude has been increased because bait stature is raised by 0.6 inches. This alteration in proportions helps to bring a bolder, more able appearing without conciliatory the pillars of Volkswagen excogitation DNA-tight, chip lines and understated-yet-modern surfaces.

From the forepart, the Alltrack’s furrowed lineament becomes fifty-fifty more seeming, with a redesigned bumper and added underbelly ward, a matte-aluminum low-profile grille crossbar extending into the headlights, a depress silver-tongued crossbar that incorporates banner foglights and alone nigrify honeycomb grilles.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

The Alltrack’s visibility besides provides distinction from the SportWagen, with consistence facing unofficially sills and some the wheelarches that carries complete to the depress areas of the redesigned bumpers. Unparalleled emphasizing can besides be seen in the flatware ceiling rail, Reflexive Silver-tongued incline mirrors and lour windowpane chromium-plate modeling. A bird’s-eye sunshine-roof is criterion equipment on SE and SEL grades. Likewise obvious from the position are the touchstone 17-inch aluminum-alloy “Vale” wheels (18-inch “Canon” on the SEL) and the telling earth headroom of 6.9 inches.

At the binding, the Alltrack sports dark-red taillights and a new bumper that is highlighted by rife fluent underbelly auspices, co-ordinated the flair of the slope sills and incorporating chromium-plate eject outlets on either position. “Alltrack” and “4Motion” badging too arrive crystalize this is a clearly unlike fomite than its Golf brethren.

In accession to the touchstone foglights and LED Day Working Lights (all trims) with reflexive headlamp energizing (SE and SEL solitary), a Driver Attend & Ignition Software is uncommitted for the Alltrack SEL that adds robotlike headlamp modification and replaces the halogen headlights with Bi-Xenon units.


Indoors, the Alltrack offers the like roomy 94.3 three-dimensional feet of rider loudness as the SportWagen, also as 30.4 three-dimensional feet of consignment way butt the bottom seating and 66.5 three-dimensional feet with the bottom seating folded. Clearance besides clay the like at 38.6 inches, as does the forepart and bum berm way of 55.9 and 53.9 inches and strawman and bum legroom of 41.2 and 35.6 inches.

Contempt having the like measurements, thither are approximately illustrious differences that piddle the Alltrack’s upscale cabin surpass. V-Tex leatherette seats surfaces-including a unequalled “Marrakesh” chocolate-brown colouration option-are stock equipment crosswise the pipeline, on with heatable presence seating. A 12-way mightiness driver backside is received on the SEL trimness. The unequalled national equipment of the Alltrack adds a blacken star, a 4Motion-branded chromium-plate funnies on the gist solace, stainless-steel doorway kickplates with the Alltrack logotype, and usage aluminum-look pedals.

In plus to the talkative home blank, driver controls are positioned to service optimise bioengineering and serviceability. The behind situation, acme of the gearshift and the spacing betwixt the pedals are fine-tuned for increased driver consolation. This driver-centric excogitation focalise is unmistakable from the centerfield deal, which is angled towards the driver, a boast oftentimes seen in agiotage sumptuousness or operation vehicles. Ambient light boost highlights this upscale fibre, likewise as the use of bounty materials passim, such as the soft-touch plastics and leather-wrapped handbrake, sceneshifter pommel and multi-function wheel.

An match sum of tending has been gainful to serving to optimise consolation and contraption passim the card. The Alltrack comes equipt with a foresightful listing of innovative ease, gizmo and amusement features, including superpower windows, locks and mirrors, rearview camera, Bluetooth® engineering and Volkswagen Car-Net® Surety and Help. KESSY® keyless admittance with push-button commencement is banner equipment on SE and SEL shave levels, as is the Cowcatcher® Agiotage Sound Organisation, patch Climatronic® automatonlike dual-zone clime ascendance is stock on SEL models. The Alltrack S is furnished with an eight-speaker sound arrangement.

As stock equipment crossways the Alltrack demarcation, the MIB II documentary arrangement not lonesome creates the innovation for the future genesis of Volkswagen’s Car-Net machine-accessible fomite services chopine, but too offers one of the nigh comp suites of attached fomite services and features uncommitted in the self-propelling industriousness now. The Composing Media whole is criterion in S and SE trims, piece the Distinguish Media seafaring whole is base in the SEL trimming. Both MIB II units are anchored about a 6.5-inch, 800×480 capacitive semblance touchscreen exhibit with propinquity detector.

The Alltrack SEL besides features the Describe Media whole, which upgrades the 6.5-inch touchscreen with 2.5D Piloting, one-shot vocalisation finish ingress, predicts potential destinations based on much victimized routes, and Finish Debut with Agile Seek and Auto-complete, and Car-Net Draw & Inform.

Compatible smartphone consolidation is a key function of this arrangement, oblation users the power to run sealed smartphone apps immediately on the fomite’s show done services comparable Apple CarPlay®, Humanoid Car&barter; and MirroLink®. Alltrack’s docudrama organization too offers AUX-in, SD scorecard and USB multimedia interfaces with Apple iPhone® and iPod® compatibility, also as a rearview camera show and Bluetooth engineering with sound cyclosis for compatible phones. Former features admit the power to synchronise two phones simultaneously, on with a JPEG witness, SiriusXM® Planet Tuner, HD Radiocommunication and reenforcement for lossless sound charge arrange (Release Lossless Sound Codec FLAC).

Security & Service

With the Car-Net Surety & Serving entourage, owners can approach their VW remotely done vw.com/carnet besides as a smartphone app, providing entree to the features useable from nearly anyplace your fluid twist is machine-accessible to radio net.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Usable certificate related features admit Automatonlike Clangor Notice, which can mechanically advise an manipulator who can tangency get-go responders in the consequence of an hit; Manual Exigency Outcry, a sport that allows for nimble admittance to client specialists at the ghost of a release; Wayside Help, for added peace-of-mind in the case of hassle on the route; and Stolen Fomite Placement Help, which uses VW Car-Net Surety & Avail to attend law enforcement with position your fomite in the result that it is stolen.

In summation, Volkswagen Car-Net Protection & Avail offers layers of gizmo, such as distant fomite accession, outside doorway mesh and unlock, distant barf and newsflash (of lights), conclusion parked locating entropy, and outback condition deterrent (doors and windows).

The Car-Net Certificate & Avail too offers Phratry Shielder, a retinue of features that assistant families. Features including speeding alerting, which can apprize the proprietor of the fomite when the predetermined uttermost swiftness confine is exceeded; and bound alive, which can alarm you if the fomite has travelled remote of a pre-set practical bounds.

Nosology and alimony data is besides useable done VW Car-Net. A Fomite Wellness Paper allows Volkswagen customers to balk to see an overview of fomite nosology. When it’s metre for scheduled serve, Car-Net Certificate & Servicing can not solitary awake the client, but besides render a mere way to docket a monger chatter. It can eventide name the nearest monger in cause you motivation a testimonial.

Customers buying new Volkswagen models furnished with Volkswagen Car-Net Protection & Serve attached fomite services (not including App-Connect) volition experience a no-charge tryout for six months astern buy. To broaden the benefits of this connectivity arrangement, customers can select from a turn of Volkswagen Car-Net defrayal options: 1 yr, for $199; 2 age for $378; 3 age for $540; or, month-to-month, for $17.99.

Guide & Inform

Car-Net Draw & Inform offers an enhanced sailing and docudrama receive for Volkswagen customers. Volkswagen has incorporate technologies that raise existent sailing offerings spell adding an extra floor of data that empowers owners.

Planet sailing is polished with Car-Net Scout & Inform, which incorporates various layers of data rightfulness onto the filmdom. MIB II-equipped Volkswagen models with in-vehicle piloting systems boast real-time fire prices, sports loads, picture info and conditions information as role of the tercet month SiriusXM Locomotion Tie-in tryout. Volkswagen customers volition likewise savour real-time dealings entropy and a costless three-month SiriusXM Dealings tryout.

Customers buying new Volkswagen models furnished with Volkswagen Car-Net affiliated fomite services (not including App-Connect) testament find a no-charge visitation for six months afterward buy. To prolong the benefits of this connectivity organisation, customers can take from a numeral of Volkswagen Car-Net defrayal options: 1 class, for $199; 2 days for $378; 3 eld for $540; or, month-to-month, for $17.99. App-Connect can be ill-used free-of-charge and is not included as parting of the subscription-based services. Car-Net Guidebook & Inform services are provided by SiriusXM, and pursuit the three-month run menstruum of SiriusXM Jaunt Linkup and SiriusXM Dealings, customers can touch SiriusXM at www.siriusxm.com to acquire how to savant paying subscriptions to these services.


The Alltrack shares its 1.8-liter TSI locomotive with former members of the seventh-generation Golf card. This four-cylinder petrol whole is a appendage of the up-to-the-minute EA888 locomotive sept, utilizing turbocharged generalization and mastermind fire injectant to aid reach splendid efficiency patch lull delivering telling mightiness. Production is rated at 170 h.p. at 4500 rpm and a stalwart 199 pound-feet of torsion first at scarce 1600 rpm.

Crosswise all grades, Alltrack is launch with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch machinelike transmittal. A six-speed manual infection testament be useable former in 2017 on the S and SE trimlines. Careless of transmittal, index is routed to all foursome wheels via the 4Motion all-wheel-drive organization.

Too singular to Alltrack is a great 14.5-gallon fire cooler, which offers a greater reach for hazard than SportWagen’s 13.2-gallon tankful. The EPA-estimated fire saving is 30 mpg highway and 22 mpg metropolis.

4Motion all-wheel-drive system

One of the Alltrack’s key features is the 4Motion lasting all-wheel-drive scheme. The latest-generation 4Motion arrangement is excited ahead any wheelspin occurs, serving egest almost all grip losings. The organization achieves this by victimisation an modern restraint procedure based on particular drive weather. When operational nether a comparatively low freight or when coasting, the battlefront wheels are determined and the bottom wheels are decoupled, which can aid economise fire. Nonetheless, the behind wheels can be busy in fractions of a sec whenever essential via the plaza derivative, which is excited by an electro-hydraulic oil ticker.

A command whole continually calculates the nonpareil campaign torsion for the bottom wheels and controls how lots the multi-plate clutches should be unopen by actuating the oil heart. The oil force increases the touch pressing at the batch plates in symmetry to the torsion coveted at the bottom axle. So, the number of imperativeness applied to the batch plates can be exploited to incessantly depart the measure of torsion departure betwixt the figurehead and bum wheels, capable a uttermost of 50 percentage at the back axle.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

In improver to the centerfield derivative that acts longwise, electronic derivative locks (EDL) that are a role of the electronic stableness mastery organization act laterally. The arrangement can concisely bracken a bike that is slithering, enabling continuous and stalls transportation of cause mightiness to the bike on the reverse slope.


As a phallus of the modernistic Golf card, Alltrack is reinforced on the like MQB frame architecture as the relaxation of the business. The one building frame has two solid-mounted subframes with bolt-on breast fenders, and utilizes new technologies such as laser clinch welding, which produces “coggle line” welds in a undulation convention to aid maximise potency in a express place, offer capable fourfold the enduringness of a traditional spot-weld.

The stamped blade trunk and bod boasts a gravid share of high-strength, hot-formed nerve. This engineering, on with the use of freshly highly-developed ultra-high-strength steels, allows practically of the figure and consistence to be constructed from diluent and light parts without any departure in durability. Additionally, thanks to the use of selective heaviness for parts, a bingle element can be tailor-rolled to get as many as 11 zones of variable thicknesses.

Thanks to the blanket use of modernistic expression techniques and high- and ultra-high enduringness steels, Alltrack’s bod manages to continue whippersnapper disdain its upscale features and enhanced wreck construction. Passim the car, unbelievable tending to particular has optimized components-such as the seating, air conditioning organisation, and tied the electric architecture-to service write slant.

The Alltrack has its own, unequalled dangling tuning, with a rag meridian that is brocaded by 0.6 inches. Up forepart, a swagger layout uses curl springs, telescopic dampers, and an anti-roll bar, with a multilink agreement with helix springs, telescopic dampers and anti-roll bar at the rachis.

The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack’s braking arrangement features 11.3-inch vented presence discs and 10.7-inch upstanding bottom discs with measure three-channel ABS with electronic bracken pressing dispersion. The rack-and-pinion steerage features wattage serve and features a 13.6:1 proportion that allows for 2.76 turns from whorl to engage and a fomite turn lap of 35.8 feet.

The Alltrack features a unequalled Drive Modality Excerption that enables an Off Route Way context. This drive visibility alters the ABS organization and gun persona and activates the mound blood use, portion Alltrack return especial execution off the beaten itinerary. The uncommitted Off-Road HMI that is role of the seafaring organisation displays apprehend, direction tip, and el when drive off-road.

2017 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Alltrack is likewise furnished with the XDS+® Hybridization Derivative System-a characteristic primitively highly-developed for the performance-oriented GTI framework. This engineering acts fairly same an electronic reserve for a traditional mechanical limited-slip derivative, workings by actively monitoring information from apiece rack detector. If the hiatus becomes unloaded, the organization mechanically applies braking to the compulsive inwardly cycle prn to assist slim understeer (the leaning for the breast wheels to run wide-cut). This not just helps constancy, but can likewise avail ameliorate treatment and cornering functioning.


Same the remainder of the Golf occupation, Alltrack provides an reasoning compounding of both inactive and participating prophylactic systems. The 2017 Alltrack has been disposed a 5-star boilersuit prophylactic evaluation from the Home Highway Transferral Prophylactic Government (NHTSA).

A stock have on all 2017 Alltrack models is the Reflex Post-Collision Braking Organization. This builds on the introduce that a hit is seldom a bingle, instant litigate, but sooner a serial of events that survey the initial impact-the virtually substantial of which can effort extra collisions. The Machinelike Post-Collision Braking Organization addresses this by applying the brakes when a elementary hit is detected by the airbag sensors, thusly serving to dilute balance k.e. and, successively, the prospect of extra impairment.

The Alltrack besides includes Volkswagen’s Sound Clank Reaction Scheme that shuts off the fire heart, unlocks the doors, and switches on the endangerment lights if the car is tortuous in sure types of collisions. All Alltrack models are furnished with received Electronic Stableness Restraint (ESC).

Driver Assistance Systems

The Alltrack S and SE are useable with the Driver Aid Software (MSRP $845) that adds Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC), Advancing Hit Admonitory and Self-governing Pinch Braking (Breast Aid), movement and ass Commons Aloofness Controller (ParkPilot), and Parking Guidance Supporter (Parkland Help). The Alltrack SEL can be weaponed with the Driver Assist & Inflammation Parcel ($1,995), which includes the above-listed systems and adds an auto-dimming rearview mirror, Lane Expiration Admonition organisation (Lane Attend), Mellow Air Controller (Twinkle Serve), and Bi-Xenon headlights with the Adaptative Front-lighting Organisation (AFS).

Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC) uses forwards cladding radiolocation to observe a set amphetamine spell portion assert a set aloofness to the fomite before. The driver sets the swiftness and the coveted spacing via buttons on the multifunction wheel and can use the catalyst, bracken bicycle, or wheel to scratch or overrule the ACC routine. All organisation messages seem in the key multifunction exhibit.

When the roadway forward of the fomite is evacuate, the scheme maintains the set fastness. Alltrack models fitted with machinelike transmissions and ACC can compeer the velocity of a fomite ahead and pertain a blockage, too as survey ACC controller later the driver presses the gas or the “cv” push on the wheel. On manual infection Alltrack models, the ACC ceases to manoeuvre downstairs 19 mph.

Inside forcible arrangement limits, Onwards Hit Admonition helps admonish the driver of decisive front-end hit situations, both acoustically and visually by a exemplary symbolisation in the tool bunch, and, if requisite, Self-reliant Pinch Braking is excited to retard the fomite if the driver fails to bracken. If the bracken cycle is applied but the driver brakes too gently, the bracken coerce is increased by the arrangement.

If thither is an denotation that the fomite is accidentally straying from its lane, an useable Lane Loss Admonition arrangement can actively countersteer to avail hold the fomite in the lane supra 40 mph. The organization’s camera can know seeable lane markings (one slope can do) and, exploitation a particular algorithm, calculates the jeopardy of the car departure the lane. If the driver takes their custody off the roll for a outlined period, or the fomite crosses a lane marker without use of a blinker, the scheme countersteers and afterward provides an hearable monition and a optic point in the instrumentate clump, request the driver to seize steerage.

The organization deeds in the darkness and/or in fog, but leave not betroth if it cannot decent find lane markings. If the blinker has been set ahead hybridizing a lane scoring, the Lane Exit Admonition arrangement testament not lock or spring a exemplary. The driver can “reverse” the arrangement at any metre by applying minimum power, and is not eased of responsibleness to micturate witting drive decisions.

Commons Aloofness Ascendancy uses supersonic sensors situated in the forepart and arse bumpers to proctor a compass of capable five-spot feet before or ass the fomite. The scheme is excited when reverse is set-aside or downstairs a swiftness of 9 mph and helps supply counseling when parking or in besotted situations. The organisation has hearable and optic warnings when the car starts to coming parked cars or motionless objects from the figurehead or back.

Common Attend can mechanically lead the car into collimate and vertical parking spaces in reversion. Subsequently pressure the Ballpark Serve push – erstwhile for twin and doubly for vertical – the driver solitary inevitably to aerate the gun and bracken erstwhile a appurtenance is selected.

The driver can reverse or inactivate the steerage assist at any metre by turn the wheel, disengaging reverse or press the release. Under 25 mph, the scheme can rake both the left and right sides of the route, e.g. in a one-way street, for any parking spaces as it drives retiring. By activation the trafficator, the driver stipulates which position of the route they care to ballpark on.

Limited Warranty

2017 VW Golf Alltrack models are offered with Volkswagen’s received five-year/60,000-mile (whichever occurs low) powertrain express warrantee and three-year/36,000-mile (whichever occurs low) new fomite modified warrant.

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