2017 Toyota C Hr

Toyota C-HR

Intentional to surpass both inside the Toyota line-up and in its section, the all-new Toyota C-HR – or Coupe High-Rider – represents Akio Toyoda’s purpose to tolerate greater stylistic exemption and advertise technology creativeness in fiat to attain attention-getting designs and enhanced drive delight.

The Toyota C-HR stiff unmistakably on-key to the ecumenical features of the concept-cars that attracted so practically populace aid in Paris in 2014 and in Frankfurt in 2015. Its coupe-like lines are a testimonial to the firmness of its designers to produce a manner that stands out in the Toyota stove, and to prove a new steering amongst mid-sized crossovers.

With the Toyota C-HR, Toyota targets a crystallise and rum client visibility. Preponderantly compulsive by aroused considerations, these customers lack individualism, and to be the offset to try new experiences and products. Elan and timber are all-important considerations in any leverage they pee, and the car is an prolongation of their personality.

Divine by what he well-educated from merging with these customers, C-HR Chieftain Technologist Hiroyuki Koba focussed persistently on their requirements passim the ontogenesis appendage, circumstance eminent demands for figure and sensed caliber.

The Toyota C-HR’s singular role demonstrates the tractability that the TNGA (Toyota New World-wide Architecture) gives to fomite developers in the ternary key areas of conception, powertrain and kinetics, enabling them to render a new and sassy play the progressively commoditized crosswalk section.

2017 Toyota C-HR


The all-new Toyota C-HR introduces a typical styling that brings newfound pizzaz and sensualness to the crossing commercialize, compounding a coupe-like speed consistency with the muscular underpinnings of an SUV.

4,360 mm longsighted, 1,795 mm all-embracing, 1,555 mm gamey (Loanblend) and with a 2,640 mm wheelbase, the output fomite cadaver unmistakably lawful to the construct car’s outside which was kickoff shown at the Paris Motorshow in 2014, and which registered highly comfortably with object customers.

Nether the construct of “Fleshly Speed-Cross”, and featuring a infield architectural motif with pedal arches projected conspicuously at all foursome corners to emphasize the new crossing’s potency and inflexibility, the C-HR modulated construction combines a muscular frown soundbox and embossed land headway with the reduce and slick cabin visibility of a coupe.

Viewed from any tilt, the C-HR’s compounding of facetted gemstone-like shapes with unstable surfaces and elegantly incorporated particularization produce a ticklish equaliser of preciseness and sensualism.

The strawman represents a promote evolution of Toyota’s Below Anteriority and Lancinating Face invention identicalness. The lissom amphetamine grill flows from the Toyota badge into the flowing, belligerent fender extremities of the headlight clusters and wraps full approximately the figurehead corners of the fomite.

The cause of the blacked out cradle board towards the presence and bottom wheels, on with the berm bloc that runs done to the battlefront and bottom, accent the fast-looking, ‘lift-up’ smell of the dilute trunk.

The Toyota C-HR’s coupe-like styling is farther enhanced by masked arse threshold handles incorporated inside the C column and, crucial to the theatrical of upper inside the invention, the brawny ejection of the wholesale roofline into a great, extremely sleek, frame backside pillager.

To the backside, the powerfully narrowing cabin integrates a top-hinged tailboard bounteous accession to the loadspace that can adapt baggage for 5 citizenry. This contrasts with the marked aflare of the rack arches, which spring the new crossing a all-inclusive and exceedingly sinewy posture.

Standing pleased the narrowing torso workplace, salient taillight clusters may besides be furnished with LED lamp engineering to devote the bum survey of the C-HR an as expressive optic touch.


A new exit for Toyota, the national styling represents a new ‘Animal Investigator’ figure construct combination hi-tech functionality with a animal and stylish fashion. It embodies a driver focussed arena inside an laputan, heroic cabin spa.

The affectionate, welcoming atmosphere of an aerial, talkative cabin spa was created by the unseamed superimposed architecture of the panel that continues done to the doorway shave with a fashionable decoration and a pianissimo blacken empanel. It offers a counterpoint ‘tween animal surfacing and toast lines to bear a impudent, yet well-off surround.

The driver orientated region incorporates innovational details and visceral, reachable gamey engineering. All operational switchgear, and an 8″ exhibit sound touch-screen featuring a redesigned and improved HMI (Humming Auto Port) with Toyota’s Multimedia ’16 sailing program and enhanced attached services are slenderly orientated towards the driver.

In concurrence with the asymmetric core soothe figure, this brings all controls inside wanton reaching of the driver, whilst silence allowing figurehead rider entree to the relevant switchgear.

Because the touch-screen stands pleased the panel sooner than existence enclosed by it, the speed splashboard is substantially lour in deepness, farther portion driver profile.

A singular new two-tiered figurehead arse invention combines a slim, dissipated speed part with a more powerfully bolstered and supportive lour region, these differences emphasized done the use of differing tones, textures and patterns inside the upholstery.

Targeting class-leading sensational timbre (SQ), and wise that C-HR customers bequeath too bear competitors from agio brands on their shopping leaning, the C-HR national represents the earlier affair yet of Toyota’s European SQ squad in the designing appendage.

Running tight with the hq pattern squad to sustain the pilot home styling conception, the SQ squad sustain focussed fastidiously on factor tone, and the consistence of granulate, grain, anatomy, colouring and elucidation in every component, flush the sew vallecula radii of the seating.

Reinforcing the tie-in ‘tween inside and outside designing, many switches use a interchangeable anatomy, reflecting the rhomb motive of the outside consistence cuticle. The like adamant radical is too seeable in the doorway trimming convention, the star, the JBL loudspeaker grilles and tweeter cast, and level the needles of the driver’s parallel instrumentate dials.

A cautiously considered option of finishes is requirement to the symmetrical, coherent, one-piece expression of the new home. Thither are leash master airfoil finishes – leather-like for all ground surfaces, a placid Nappa caryopsis for all poignant surfaces and expert texture for all usable elements such as switchgear.

Cosmetic elements are ruined in superiority forte-piano melanize and satin eloquent passementerie, and the crystalize disconsolate cat’s-paw and switchgear light has been cautiously fine-tuned to insure consistence of hue, flush on contiguous brooding surfaces of differing colors.

This undischarged new inner invention is uncommitted in a prime of deuce-ace coloring schemes: Nighttime Grayness, Melanise/Amytal and Melanize/Browned.


Reflecting the demands of its objective client, the Toyota C-HR can be equipt with a all-encompassing kind of features.

As role of Toyota’s loyalty to democratize ripe condom equipment, Toyota Rubber Gumption is banner crossways the orbit. The scheme includes a Pre-Collision Scheme (including Footer Acknowledgment), Adaptative Sail Mastery, Lane Passing Awake with direction ascendence, Robotic Highschool Air and Route Foretoken Attend.

Top-of-the-range customers testament be able-bodied to intend het seating, a fresh debut scheme, privateness crank, tailor-made upholstery including part-leather seating, Toyota’s radical S-IPA organization (Unproblematic Reasoning Common Attend), 18″ debase wheels and Bi-tone metal paintwork.

2017 Toyota C Hr


Toyota Guard Signified helps to thin the jeopardy of a hit and delivers extra benefits by fashioning biography easier for the driver and reduction wear.

Pre-Collision system

At speeding ranges of betwixt 10 km/h and the fomite’s top amphetamine this scheme uses a front-mounted monocular camera detector and millimeter-wave rad detector to find vehicles and pedestrians on the route before. If it calculates a danger of a hit, it mechanically warns the driver with a bell and alerting in the multi-information exhibit. Simultaneously the Pre-Collision Bracken Help engages to allow supernumerary braking forcefulness the second the bracken cycle is pressed. If the organisation determines that the hypothesis of a frontage hit with a fomite or prosaic is highly eminent, the brakes are mechanically applied to avail obviate the hit or avail thin the shock of the hit.

Toyota’s advance of the engineering has enabled it to agnize and oppose to the bearing of pedestrians too as vehicles and to purpose crossways a wider compass of speeds.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The Toyota C-HR’s Adaptative Sail Ascendance with Good Fastness Ambit Pursuit Part makes use of the like millimeter-wave rad as the Pre-Collision scheme to assert a good space from the fomite onward, deceleration the car to a tie-up if essential and accelerating swimmingly backrest to the pre-selected cruising fastness formerly the way is crystallize.

Lane Departure Alert

Lane Going Alerting uses the camera on the windshield to running the fomite’s grade ‘tween lane markings multi-color on the route open. If it judges that the Toyota C-HR is astir to remove of its lane without the blinker beingness ill-used, the organization sounds a doorbell and lights up a admonitory on the multi-information exhibit. If the fomite is lull moving extraneous the lane, it leave employ lighter steerage personnel to help the driver to land the fomite rachis on class.

Robotlike Gamey Air

Machinelike Gamey Broadcast uses the like windscreen-mounted camera as the Lane Going Awake. This recognizes the lights of onset vehicles or dealings beforehand, mechanically shift the headlights to first to forfend fulgurant otc route users and reversive them to highschool irradiation as presently as the route is crystallise, maximising night-time miniature and the driver’s subject of imaginativeness.

Road Sign Assist

Route Foretoken Aid uses the battlefront camera to recognise corpus highway/thruway monitory and dictation signs. These are so recurrent on the multi-information presentation, reduction the adventure of the driver not beingness cognisant of speeding limits, lane closures and otc crucial entropy.

Advanced safety and driver assistance systems

The Toyota C-HR is useable with extra systems that reinforcement safer drive by gift the driver improve real-time info approximately the expanse instantly round the car, including a Screen Stain Admonisher and Ass Hybridization Dealings Alarm.

The Unreasoning Billet Admonisher uses rad sensors mounted on the bum corners of the fomite to notice nearby vehicles in next lanes as they enter the driver’s screen blot. The driver is alerted to their comportment by LED admonition indicators in the doorway mirror on the reserve english of the car. The LED indicators volition persist lit as yearn as the fomite clay in the subterfuge blot. If the driver operates the play indicators, intending to enter track of the fomite, the LEDs testament flashgun chop-chop to tie boost attending to the chance.

The like radars are exploited to offer the Back Crossbreed Dealings Brisk, monitoring coming dealings from either english as the fomite is converse out of a parking place and monitory the driver if any vehicles are detected.

Simple Intelligent Parking Assist system

The Toyota C-HR offers Toyota’s new Elementary Thinking Parking Aid (S-IPA) organisation, which uses an raiment of sensors to name practicable parking spaces and circumferent objects. Improvements to the engineering countenance it to sour in parking spaces capable 22 per centime littler than antecedently.

The driver chicago the car following to the parking distance and pushes a individual clitoris to absorb S-IPA, which guides the car to the set place for turnaround maneuvering into the quad. This arrangement was highly-developed to use the quoin sensors for the parking help.

2017 Toyota C Hr


Recognizing the grandness that the Toyota C-HR object client attaches to the caliber of the in-car amusement scheme, the car can be weaponed with a bespoken JBL bounty sound scheme comprising an 8-channel, 576 W stereophonic amplifier and 9-speakers, including two freshly patented acoustical JBL wafture guides, known as trumpet tweeters. It provides the ultimate fathom replication in the C-crossover section.

Because several elements of the upcountry such as the windows and upholstery, besides as the rigidness of the structure circumferent apiece verbaliser, can deliver a pregnant encroachment on organisation strait character, the organization is the solution of peculiarly closing quislingism ‘tween JBL and Toyota’s engineers from other in the figure appendage.

An in-depth client psychoanalysis was interpreted into explanation for the organisation excogitation and resulted in the preference of the verbalizer layout and the use of a just merged, A pillar-mounted hooter tweeter -a JBL organisation signature- to present scrunch, crystallize phone.

Also the two 25 mm tusk tweeters and acoustical flourish guides, the arrangement promote features two 80 mm wide-dispersion units and two 17 cm sub-woofers in the strawman of the Toyota C-HR, and, in the bum, two 15 cm full-range speakers and a 19 cm sub-woofer in a consecrate, 10-litre, ported inclosure in boot.

Uncommitted in combining with the pilotage choice, the JBL bounty sound arrangement besides incorporates lossless sound encryption.

The partnership ‘tween Toyota and JBL started in 1996 and has been successfully expanded since that clip. Sure by euphony professionals, JBL sound systems are victimised in major concert halls, venues and stadiums end-to-end the humanity (80% of exist concerts, 70% of all transcription studios and 90% of all THX-certified flick theatres).

Lineament is the vulgar stress of both companies, which has resulted in the all-new, uncompromised agiotage sound organisation specifically bespoken for the C-HR.


The Toyota C-HR is weaponed with an engine-range that is intentional to render incisively the silver, piquant drive conduct that its customers are looking. This is nigh potently uttered by the segment-unique, range-topping, full-of-the-moon cross edition, the intrinsical characteristics of which undertake a still, jolt-free drive.

Fitted with the latest-generation cross powerhouse, the Toyota C-HR generates CO2 emissions as low as 82 g/km – a design one inside its section – and returns combined fire intake of lonesome 3.6 l/100 km.

Delivering 90 kW/122 DIN hp, this new cross powertrain is not lone more effective and hoy than the old scheme, but too offers cardsharp functioning. Elaborated figure changes to the locomotive get resulted in a caloric efficiency of 40% – a world-beating functioning for a gasoline whole.

Early intercrossed organization components get been made flatboat and littler, and sustain been repositioned for optimal promotion, encourage tributary to the car’s low gist of solemnity.

This new intercrossed powertrain offers the reception and the liquidity of a active drive fashion that specially suits the Toyota C-HR’s active invention doctrine.

The Toyota C-HR is besides uncommitted with a new 1.2 l turbo locomotive, which debuted in the Auris. Delivering 85 kW/116 DIN hp and 185 Nm of torsion, this whole generates CO2 emanation from 125 g/km and returns combined fire expenditure from 5.5 l/100 km. It may be paired to either a 6-speed manual gearbox or a Incessantly Varying Transmittal. CVT equipt versions are useable with either front- or all-wheel campaign.

And eventually, a 2-litre 144 DIN hp/107 kW, 188 Nm CVT-only framework leave be useable sure markets (Ukraine and Caucasus).


The Toyota C-HR is equipt with the new multiplication of Toyota’s touch crossbreed powertrain.

Toyota has focussed its efforts on qualification this succeeding coevals of hybrids flush easier and more visceral to driving. The organisation has been rig so that it gives a innate, straightaway, but smoothen reply to any gun stimulation. Processed and positive, it delivers the rectify story of execution.

But naturally, fire thriftiness has been improved likewise, as demonstrated in new Toyota C-HR’s combined cps thriftiness start from upright 3.6 l/100 km. The new intercrossed organization comes in a more covenant parcel that is light in slant and glower in toll. It reflects meaning advances in barrage, electrical drive and gas locomotive technologies.

The new intercrossed shelling offers higher get-up-and-go compactness. Whilst its amount index was well-kept, its sizing could be rock-bottom by 10%. And what’s more, it can now engross 28% more zip in the like come of sentence, which way that it charges quicker than ahead. The galvanic motors are littler in sizing, yet besides offer a wagerer power-to-weight proportion. And the caloric efficiency of the gas locomotive reaches more 40 per penny, a humankind’s outflank for a gasolene whole.

Improved petrol engine

The Toyota C-HR’s intercrossed arrangement features a 1.8-litre VVT-i Atkinson cps gasoline locomotive. Compared to the one-third multiplication Prius, the whole has been entirely re-engineered to render importantly amend fire saving. The gas current, burning, chilling and whang command suffer all been improved and often more efficacious use is made of fumes gas recirculation.

Toyota has highly-developed a hotness retrieval arrangement that uses exhausted tucker gas to amphetamine the heating up of locomotive coolant. This agency fire can be protected because the cross arrangement is capable to closure the locomotive earliest and more much when it isn’t requisite to index the fomite. The locomotive is too helped to reaching its optimal operational temperature more promptly thanks to a new dual-passage cooling that can cut the book of coolant sleek into the locomotive, when needed. This helps up efficiency during insensate upwind.

Advance employment has been through to slenderize muscularity losings, peculiarly done eliminating rubbing. Measures admit the use of thin-section, resin-coated connecting rod bearings and a low-friction camshaft string. Clash created by the plunger skirts, rotating parts and oil ticker has been rock-bottom and a new galvanising piss ticker has helped cut the story of losings.

Conelike “hive”-type springs get been adoptive to cut the valvetrain payload. And, to assure comp melioration, the intact locomotive underwent CAE psychoanalysis to reach the trump inflexibility and to slenderize interference and vibe.

The uptake and expel systems came nether item examination, resulting in an locomotive that enjoys bettor ventilation, air filtration, publicity efficiency, dependability and tranquility. The air filtrate has been made littler and rock-bottom in stature, which helped the designers lower the pipeline of the hoodlum. The new ingestion organization has a resonator that creates less stochasticity at detectable frequencies and the inlet canal is made of a holey fabric that suppresses vibrancy.

A impertinent air intake channel has been added to pee trusted sizable air mass is obtained at expressway speeds and a cunning air/liquid separating construction has been added to living h2o and c from commixture with the uptake air. Should the smart airway satisfy with urine or c, a subaltern recess serves as the air inhalation.

A dilutant muffler secures optimal execution and dissonance reducing, patch besides up the underbelly aeromechanics and avoiding any violation on the place usable in the bole.

The block has Five drilled paths that cut losings in pee crown imperativeness. Thither is too a new h2o crown spacer which helps controller cylinder bulwark temperatures in the burning bedchamber, reduction rubbing and preventing locomotive knocking, which successively supports optimal kindling timing.

Locomotive chilling has been improved with a new chilling faculty construction and adhesion, and a redesign that accommodates a glower cap contrast and helps concentrate the car’s inwardness of sobriety. Thither is a new lattice shutter ass the radiator which mechanically closes when wax airflow isn’t compulsory, up flowing operation and rescue fire.

Piece locomotive chilling helps ameliorate anti-knock operation, it can lead-in to an increment in chilling hotness deprivation. To assist buffet this, Toyota engineers deliver highly-developed a new h2o cap spacer to restraint temperature on the rise of the cylinder. This keeps locomotive oil heater with depress viscousness and reduces the temperature variation. This helps concentrate detrition and allows more locomotive torsion to be generated. At the top end of the temperature shell it reduces temperatures in the burning bedchamber.

The locomotive’s maximal outturn of 98 DIN hp/72 kW is delivered at 5,200 rpm, with crown torsion of 142 Nm at 3,600 rpm.

World-best thermal efficiency

Thermic efficiency is a mensuration of how comfortably an locomotive converts the muscularity usable in its fire into operable zip to mightiness the fomite.

As a solution of the large-volume release gas recirculation organization, improvements in burning efficiency and forward-looking slipway of managing oestrus and reduction rubbing, the new locomotive has a maximal 40 per penny caloric efficiency, the highest degree in the reality for a mass-produced gas locomotive. This surpasses the 37 per centime of the low Prius’ 1.5-litre whole and the 38.5 per penny grade of the 1.8-litre locomotive in the tertiary contemporaries Prius.

Improved exhaust gas recirculation

The beat gas recirculation scheme has an EGR tank which lowers the temperature of the gas beingness circulated, thereby reduction the temperature of the consumption commixture and reduction jeopardy of locomotive bang. This allows inflammation timing to be amply optimized, which contributes to wagerer caloric efficiency.

Multi-shaft transaxle – a hybrid first

The new contemporaries intercrossed organisation has a redesigned transaxle that offers more effective operation and publicity and decreased slant. A paraphernalia geartrain with the two galvanizing motor-generators located on multiple axes has been adoptive to bowdlerise the boilersuit duration by 47 mm compared to the late genesis crossbreed organisation.

The transaxle houses iv components: two galvanizing motor-generators (MG1 and MG2); a i world paraphernalia; and a step-down geartrain to the terminal ride. MG1 serves chiefly as a source, converting any surplusage index from the gasolene locomotive into electricity, which can be stored in the HV shelling. It too serves as the locomotive’s starter. MG2 is the galvanizing crusade drive, which too acts as a author when the car is in regenerative braking fashion. It drives the car from start-up, at low swiftness and in EV (electrical fomite) manner and is the lonesome actuation method when the fomite is in verso.

Improved hybrid software

Updates to the loan-blend organization package appropriate the Toyota C-HR to tie more on its galvanic drivetrain, allowing it to quicken in a low locomotive rev stove. It likewise has permitted the swiftness ambit of the electrical drive (the orbit in which the galvanic centrifugal can be victimized solely) to be increased by 60 per penny, compared to the tierce multiplication Prius. This agency thither is less habituation on the gasoline locomotive at higher speeds, up fire thriftiness.

Smaller, better electric motors

The two motor-generators are all-new and are littler and igniter than earlier to causa the new multi-shaft transaxle pattern, with no electronegative impress on fire saving.

Higher motive fastness and new strained water-convection chilling in post of air chilling amend the efficiency of the electric-drive motive (MG2), which delivers 53 kW of index and 163 Nm of torsion.

2017 Toyota C Hr

Fully redesigned power control unit

The index ascendence whole (PCU) has been whole redesigned, resulting in a 33 per centime step-down in sizing, a six per penny weightiness redeeming and a 20 per penny decrease in electric losings.

The PCU is the multi-purpose electric bosom of the fomite, trapping the inverter/potential promoter, a DC/DC convertor for supplemental might and the electronic controller for the motor-generators.

In spot of a belt-driven alternator the Toyota C-HR uses a DC/DC convertor to reload the 12-volt adjunct shelling by exploitation the HV barrage get-up-and-go.

Nickel-metal Hydride HV battery

The nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) bombardment is more press, and is situated totally below the bum seating, avoiding any invasion in the lading quad. It has increased chilling efficiency and a wider re-formation reach.


The 1.2T locomotive uses sophisticated technologies that earmark the locomotive to vary from the Otto-cycle to the Atkinson wheel nether low heaps, it has perpendicular maelstrom gamy tummy airflow inspiration ports, an expel multiplex unified in the cylinder-head and modern oestrus direction. To this, the 1.2T adds a engineer shot scheme, too as a water-cooled turbo and heat-exchanger. Moreover, the VVT-i (Varying Valve Timing – healthy) arrangement known from the Aygo and Yaris 1.0 locomotive, is upgraded to a VVT-iW (Varying Valve Timing – reasoning All-encompassing) scheme, which allows tied more tractableness in the valve-timing.

The compounding of these technologies results in salient operation and efficiency. For a translation of 1.197cm3, the locomotive delivers 116 DIN hp (85kW) and a perpetual torsion of 185 Nm ‘tween 1.500 and 4.000 rpm. It testament advertise the Toyota C-HR from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.9 seconds and the top hurrying is set at 190 km/h. All of this is achieved disdain a warm center fire ingestion and CO2 – the car achieves 5.5/100 km on the combined bicycle, and delivers barely 125g/km of CO2.

Advanced heat management

The key to achieving prominent fire intake without flexible operation, is to utilize a higher densification. But loosely, as the compaction increases, so does the chance of uncontrolled burning, a.k.a. knock.

The 1.2T’s high-pitched condensation proportion of 10:1 was made potential thanks to the espousal of a serial of key technologies that ameliorate controller ended the burning summons. That way, the endangerment of knock could be avoided.

Firstly, the aspiration ports suffer been intentional to father a more vivid menstruum and a ‘upright maelstrom’, and likewise the cast of the plunger has been optimized to amend in-cylinder turbulency. As a outcome, fire and consumption air mix quicker, and a more homogenous concoction is formed. This leads to a higher burning velocity – which helps preclude knock.

Advance heat-management is in itself a large way to better fire thriftiness, but it is likewise another way of reduction the jeopardy of knock. The locomotive was intentional in such a way, that the temperature of apiece case-by-case portion can be optimized. E.g., the freighter of the pistons is cooled by oil-jets and the chilling of the cylinder nous is disjointed from that of the block. This allows to thin the temperature in the burning bedroom, whilst guardianship the closure itself hot adequate to slenderize detrition.

Organise injectant contributes too, as it helps to disperse the warmth in the burning bedchamber. And the guardianship air passes done the intercooler, which uses an freelance coldness chilling circumference.

Low-end torque and quick response

A low-inertia turbocharger, the VVT-iW valve organisation and the D-4T calculate shot organisation employment mitt in paw to insure first-class torsion rescue from the last-place locomotive speeds. Jointly the modified loudness inspiration arrangement, this ensures an quick reaction to the gas.

The injectant organisation has been fresh highly-developed for the 1.2T locomotive. Constrict in innovation, it is everlasting for exercise in a diminished translation locomotive. It allows multiple injections per cps, and the optimized breadth and rock-bottom distance of the fire nebuliser see the calibre of the burning, careless of the locomotive authorities and shipment.

From Otto to Atkinson

The VVT-i (Varying Valve Timing – reasoning) scheme operates on both the aspiration and the release position, and allows maximising torsion at all locomotive speeds. In accession, the new VVT-iW (Varying Valve Timing – healthy Full) allows for the consumption valve windup to be delayed, which way that the locomotive can mesh in both the Otto and the Atkinson hertz. The latter is ill-used in highly low consignment weather, when the aspiration valve corpse out-of-doors for a divide of meter, abaft the concretion solidus has set in, allowing parting of the gas tutelage to be pushed cover into the aspiration. As a outcome, the efficient compaction stroking is abbreviated. Pumping losings are rock-bottom, since the pressing on the plunger is lour, and likewise the throttle can be open wider.

Quick and smooth Stop & Start

A new first ascendancy was highly-developed to ascertain a warm and polish locomotive re-start. When the arrangement shuts polish the locomotive, it controls the blockage place to bequeath the plunger one-half way in the densification virgule. So, upon resume, it applies ranked injectant in the get-go flat cylinder to comeback vibrations. And by retarding the firing, torsion increment is unbroken in baulk, preventing the locomotive from revving too, thus ensuring a convinced and quiet take-off.

Like a heel/toe master: Intelligent Manual Transmission

First in the Toyota ambit a new organization called “Sound Manual Infection” is fitted to the Toyota C-HR 1.2T. Scarce alike a dog/toe professional, the organisation mechanically increases the locomotive revs when downshifting ensuring a tranquil pitch shimmy. The organisation besides plant when shift up in club to meliorate quilt for driver and passengers by reduction grasp cushion. A smoothen starting is besides ensured and the peril of stall is near nil – specially commodity newsworthiness for all the learner-drivers out thither.


The innovation and developing of the Toyota C-HR bod has standard the entire tending of the Head Direct Hiroyuki Koba, himself a knifelike driver.

From the real showtime of the labor, Hiroyuki Koba traveled thousands of kilometres on European roadstead in edict to read not sole the requirements of the route mesh, but besides the way that Europeans effort.

“I deliver noticed, e.g., that Europeans birth a practically more unstable drive fashion, based on a more penetrating observance of dealings” observes Hiroyuki Koba. “They debar obstacles merely by adapting their flight and upper and testament stress to proceed swiftness aiming for effective procession, spell elsewhere in the man the best-loved feeler is identical ofttimes to layover. This has prompted us to oeuvre with our European squad on drive preciseness altogether aspects of the fomite. We precious to attain functioning on a par with a effective C-segment hatchback.”

With its low core of graveness and double-wishbone bum hiatus, the new TNGA-based program has formed an paragon start period from which to ascertain that all of the features of the frame could be intentional to hold an prompt and lifelike reception to the driver’s actions. Gaffer Orchestrate Hiroyuki Koba has been meshed in apiece key active judgement and decisiveness, assuring that his imaginativeness “Reply, One-dimensionality and Body” full came to living.

Particularly, direction has been intentional to be absolutely analog which, collectively the optimal limit of rolled move, gives the Toyota C-HR singular drive preciseness for a crossing. Constraining torso drive, which broadly affects magniloquent cars particularly, likewise has a engineer regulate on comfortableness. Eve on European oft beaten-up roadstead, the car cadaver unmistakably composed and precise, adding to the self-assurance and joy of drive.

Response, Linearity and Consistency

During the integral ontogenesis stage, Gaffer Organize Hiroyuki Koba has stayed rightful to his sight of ‘Reception, One-dimensionality and Eubstance’. ‘Answer’ refers to the fact that the car necessarily to respond instantly to any driver remark. ‘One-dimensionality’ substance that the fomite reaction mustiness gird gradually, and exactly in job with the sum of driver remark. And ‘Eubstance’ relates to how the car reacts in the like predictable way, disregardless what the speeding or destiny are. It is Koba’s notion that by ensuring these iii elements, the car can prompt straight assurance, devising every ride more fun.

The new and strict GA-C program on which the Toyota C-HR is reinforced, provided an fantabulous start pointedness. To see preciseness, a MacPherson Sashay abeyance was intentional specifically for the Toyota C-HR. It includes a ruffle charge gyration bloc that has been outlined to slim guidance detrition drastically, allowing placid and precise direction. To insure a hatchback-like roll-rigidity, the large-diameter stabiliser is instantly joined to the swagger via a stabiliser tie.

At the backbone, a two-baser wishbone abatement contributes importantly to the toast impulsive have. It lends well-nigh of its ironware from the up-to-the-minute coevals Prius, the kickoff car to be reinforced on the GA-C chopine. Nonetheless, for the Toyota C-HR, it has been limited to fill Koba’s demands in price of controllability, constancy and drive quilt. Thanks to the use of a particular sub anatomy, the reprieve angles could be optimized – an factor that was subservient to dedicate this C Crossing its hatchback-like manipulation in nastiness of its increased tallness. Unlike from Prius, the C-HR uses a ball-joint for the connectedness of the depress arm n°2. This provides a mellow storey of whirl inflexibility, and enables compliancy wind done the english forces that pursue the bum wheels. The shock is angled onward, reduction route lading and up baggage distance.

All Wheel Drive (AWD) system

The Toyota C-HR 1.2T with CVT infection can be weaponed with the Dynamical Torsion Restraint AWD Organisation. The breast and bottom cause violence dispersion is just controlled via an electro-magnetic mating. Depending of the fortune the front-rear campaign forcefulness dispersion can variegate from 100-0% to 50-50%. The organization includes Cornering Mastery, a particular logic allowing the driver to cartroad the intended drive occupation by adjusting the effort forcefulness contingent impulsive weather. With Pre-torque Command, front-rear drive-torque dispersion is familiarized to 90-10% as from the second the driver operates the wheel. This ensures goodness reception to changes in the guidance tilt when cornering. Thanks to the Yaw-rate feedback ascendance, understeer and oversteer are corrected by optimum command of the forepart and back drive-force, distributed every 6 milliseconds.


The Toyota C-HR reaps the benefits of organism constructed on a new Toyota New World Architecture-based chopine (TNGA).

The Toyota C-HR follows the new, quaternary contemporaries Prius as the s product modelling to use the GA-C chopine, strategically altered to courting the exceptional requirements of a fashionable and dynamically rewarding C-segment crosswalk.

It demonstrates how Toyota’s growth of TNGA has ensured its new platforms are not bolt standardised, but sustain a constitutional tractableness that allows them to be engineered with repose to cause multiple fomite types, from hatchbacks to SUVs.

2017 Toyota C Hr

The C-HR’s use of a TNGA-based chopine has proven key in support Gaffer Orchestrate Hiroyuki Koba’s decision “not to compromise designing or drive functioning,” contributive to the crosswalk’s fun-to-drive timber, its someone styling and its primal refuge execution.

Low centre of gravity

In damage of fomite kinetics, the staple excogitation of the GA-C chopine allows for a low core of soberness to be achieved – in the causa of the Toyota C-HR, the last in its family, in fact. The profit of this is accomplished in a more piquant thrust and balanced treatment, with lots decreased trunk cast.

A stumpy drive berth is another organise gain of TNGA, but with the C-HR the designers suffer elevated the driver’s hip gunpoint slimly compared to the new Prius, in job with the higher, overlooking office at the pedal that crosswalk customers prefer.

The adaptability of the GA-C chopine is likewise witnessed in the C-HR’s shorter wheelbase compared to Prius (2,640 vs 2,700 mm) and wider strawman and backside treads (+20 mm strawman, +10 mm bottom). These changes ponder both the dissimilar promotion and manipulation requirements for the crosswalk.

Rationalized engine compartment

TNGA allows for the system of the locomotive compartment to be rethought, with components resettled and set depress fine-tune in the infinite to accompaniment the fomite’s lour gist of graveness. In the C-HR it has enabled the locomotive to be angled slimly backward, portion the designers fasten a frown goon cable also as conducive to the frown gist of sobriety.

Although the new Prius is alone powered by a total cross organisation, the C-HR offers both full-of-the-moon loanblend and gasolene powertrains, the latter with the choice of both strawman and all-wheel cause. The GA-C program is capable to fit apiece of these powertrains without conciliatory the fomite’s promotion, styling or build counterpoise.

High-rigidity for rewarding dynamics and ride comfort

The GA-C program combines with the Toyota C-HR’s extremely unbending torso to render first-class reactivity that is ordered and additive to the driver’s inputs. The requisite calibre of the dynamical manipulation removes the pauperization for the hiatus to be firmed capable reach the coveted storey of execution, thence avoiding any compromise in tantalise puff.

Design freedom with reduced vehicle height

Also as the glower punk demarcation made potential by the repositioning of the locomotive inside the locomotive bay, the GA-C program likewise enables a depress boilersuit fomite stature to be achieved, This has been of finical rate to the C-HR conception squad in producing the contact, coupe-like amphetamine soundbox that helps set the Toyota isolated from its C-segment crosswalk rivals. Concurrently, the low roofline does not request compromise in clearance for strawman or bottom bum passengers, thanks to the depress seats positions made potential by the new chopine.

Safety performance

Master rubber execution is integral in TNGA, with precedence apt to achieving the highest standards of fighting and peaceful refuge. Toyota’s new platforms and fomite designs object the strict standards set by the mankind’s starring freelancer clangor exam programs, supported by the sophisticated functioning of the functions and systems of Toyota Guard Sentiency, as featured on the new Toyota C-HR.

2017 Toyota C Hr

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