2017 Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Drive Potbelly unveiled the new Suzuki Ignis for Europe at the 2016 Paris Motive Shew as its new world-wide concordat crosswalk and it clear demonstrates gismo and solace in a fashionable new outside. It exudes Suzuki DNA from every stoma, piece simultaneously introducing an all new conception with unparalleled quality.

2017 Suzuki Ignis

In plus to its fashionable outside innovation in a squeeze sizing of fair 3,700mm farseeing, the Suzuki Ignis features fantabulous profile, a wide cabin and copious baggage place. The maturation finish was to produce squeeze crosswalk styling that is doubtless Suzuki.

Below the ‘SUZUKI Future 100’ contrive proclaimed at the Frankfurt Drive Demonstrate in 2015, Suzuki highly-developed a new chopine scheme for its succeeding models and the Suzuki Ignis is the irregular manakin (pursual Baleno) with this new contemporaries program to be introduced in Europe.

This new chopine targets the diminution of burden also as foster increased inflexibility and the lightest Ignis simulation has a curb slant of hardly 810kg.

Exterior design

The telling bod of the Suzuki Ignis eubstance begins with the classifiable breast nerve that integrates the hitting regard of the LED headlamps and the substantial lines of the figurehead wicket. It continues with the rich shoulders that indicate force whilst utilising a bare invention that concurrently presents a intimate, loveable look. It besides inherits the first-generation Cervo’s (SC100 Whizzkid) slit-like ‘C’mainstay pattern cues and likewise the Blue-belly’s classifiable blacked out ‘A’ and ‘B’ mainstay invention.

2017 Suzuki Ignis

Interior design

2017 Suzuki Ignis

In improver to its simpleton yet unequalled designing, the feature effigy of the Ignis is boost enhanced by its home atmosphere. The turn form of its air-conditioning arrangement’s gore and the modern look of its typical tool clump excogitation trust to springiness the cabin environs a futurist feeling.

Contingent the selection of outside gloss, orangish and metal ti emphasize colors add an excess signature of caliber to the cabin and assist demonstrate an alive picture that befits a crosswalk.

2017 Suzuki Ignis


Adopting Suzuki’s new propagation program scheme minimised the sizing of the locomotive compartment which has enabled maximizing the distance usable for cabin occupants and baggage. Inside its compress torso sizing, Suzuki Ignis features a spacious and well-situated cabin with plenteous spa betwixt occupants, sizeable headway and legroom conducive to its reposeful surroundings.

Another characteristic is large-capacity baggage quad of 267L (SZ3), (204L for ALLGRIP framework utilising a behind derivative). It likewise adopts sliding behind bottom functionality that, combined with the power to congregation kill the bum seatbacks, makes it potential to reconcile a wide-cut diversity of baggage.

Specification Highlights

Banner equipment for all Ignis models in the reach is comp and the SZ3 modelling includes six airbags, air conditioning, DAB tuner with Bluetooth, 15-inch wheels, eubstance dark-skinned doorway mirrors, battlefront galvanizing windows and 5 arse capability.

SZ-T adds planet sailing, ass scene camera, 16-inch admixture wheels, ceiling rail, rack implike extensions and iv backside content with severally sliding behind seating. SZ5 adds car air conditioning, Threefold Camera Bracken Keep, keyless launching and jump, behind galvanising windows, LED Headlghts with DRL and battlefront foglamps.

2017 Suzuki Ignis

Ignis is usable in one whole semblance, pentad optional metal colors and cinque two tint colors whereby the cap colouring on all is Ace Bone Nigrify Metal.

1.2-LITRE Engine AND shvs.

Suzuki get-go introduced its 1.2-litre Dualjet technlogy (K12C) in 2014, initially in the Blue-belly, so utilized in the Baleno SHVS (Hurt Loan-blend Fomite by Suzuki) in June 2016. In compact, Dualjet incorporates Suzuki’s locomotive engineering and uses duplicate fire injectors for improved fire saving. Dualjet pattern positions the fire injectors really about the locomotive recess valves which allows for a finer fire fragmentation (or mix).

Uncommitted on the SZ5 manual exemplar, the SHVS soft loan-blend is a compress and whippersnapper whole that incorporates an Structured Entrant Author (known as ISG) which acts as both a author and starter, the ISG is rap impelled and assists the locomotive during fomite deduct and speedup and besides generates electricity done regenerative braking.

The SHVS organization sole uses its ceremonious locomotive starter when offset started from frigidity, nether all early weather it uses the ISG whole to countenance still and silence locomotive restarts.

The vigor assist provided during quickening enables the SHVS to be known as a balmy loan-blend organisation which is ideally suitable to a compact and adds upright 6.2kg to the boilersuit angle. In the new Suzuki Ignis the SHVS scheme helps Suzuki compass a top course CO2 emissions build of 97g/km summation attain a fire ingestion build of 65.7mpg on the EC combined oscillation for the 2WD modeling.

2017 Suzuki Ignis


The new Ignis adopts Suzuki’s ALLGRIP ‘Machine’ 4wd organisation and is useable on the SZ5 manakin. Kickoff introduced in Fleet, this is a fountainhead proved and mere amply robotic and perm 4wd layout which transfers extra torsion to the bottom wheels when compulsory via a viscid conjugation.

Enhancements to the Suzuki Ignis ALLGRIP arrangement admit Mound Ancestry Ascendancy and Hold Restraint. Bag Controller activates on slippy surfaces at speeds of less than 18mph. Erstwhile switched on by the driver, it focuses torsion on the goaded wheels that bear clench and bequeath promptly utilize braking to the pedal that is spinning.

Safety equipment

The Ignis adopts Suzuki’s Sum Efficient Command Engineering (TECT) construct that provides a gamey degree of hit refuge. About of the features admit collapsable structures that engross impingement zip in the case of a hit, a anatomy construction that efficaciously disperses elf zip, and inflexible cabin construction.

As an extra guard boast on the SZ5 framework, Twofold Camera Bracken Backup (DCBS) is fitted which utilises stereophonic cameras set on apiece english of the drivers inner back aspect mirror. These procedure in a exchangeable way to the hum eye and find lane markings also as objects leading (including pedestrians) and likewise their space outside. This new boast has enabled the Suzuki Ignis SZ5 to be awarded 5 Stars in the modish NCAP tests.


The Suzuki Ignis SZ3 framework has a frozen bum bottom and the baggage ar has a capability of 267 litres (VDA) with the bum bottom in its good post. On SZ-T and SZ5 models the two case-by-case backside seating can slew 165mm to offer either greater baggage capability or more bottom rider leg way; additionally, the behind backrests let a two office repose procedure. The baggage capability increases to 514 litres with both bum seating folded and can be as gamey as 1,100 litres if full fuddled to the ceiling occupation.

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