2017 Ssangyong Tivoli Xlv

SsangYong Tivoli XLV

SsangYong Drive Caller launched the new SsangYong Tivoli XLV to the external media at the 2016 Hollands Centrifugal Display in Switzerland.

“Pursual zoom in the contract SUV commercialise, we responded in 2015 by entry Tivoli, the offset pocket-sized SUV for SsangYong, and already the troupe’s well-nigh successful new car. Most 64,000 cars were manufactured and sold roughly the mankind finis twelvemonth,” aforementioned Mr Choi. “Tivoli has been praised universally for confluence a blanket reach of client requirements, not least its power to hold phoebe adults in comfortableness, and with one of the largest thrill capacities in its sphere. Now SsangYong has asleep a footmark advance by introduction an lengthy car to cater eve more carrying content and practicality – the XLV. This was shown as the XLV Air construct at the IAA drive read in Frankfurt end class, and from the passing favourable feedback we standard, took the decisiveness to put the car into yield. Undermentioned its external unveiling at Hollands, the SsangYong XLV leave continue sale crosswise Europe and roughly the earth from May, and we augur yearbook sales from the Tivoli chopine including XLV volition outstrip 100,000 cars this class,” he ended.

Tivoli has been praised universally for confluence a act of client requirements, not least its power to bear fivesome adults in quilt and with one of the largest bang capacities, spell many former cars in the sphere are regarded as beingness a ‘down-size’ too far.

Communion the like program and 2,600mm wheelbase as the Tivoli, the XLV features a prolonged consistency from butt the C mainstay, an growth of 238mm o’er the touchstone car, expanding the consignment capacitance to a brobdingnagian 720 three-dimensional litres of place. Lag, the styling cues that separate Tivoli are maintained, including its harmoniously amalgamated SUV soundbox designing, sports takeoveré looking and vagrant roofline.

2017 SsangYong Tivoli XLV

Intentional to whirl a multi-role, multi-function answer to a across-the-board compass of customers, Tivoli XLV provides upright the versatility requisite to satisfy single lifestyles: kinsfolk car for lugging coddle buggies and cots for pocket-size children, bikes and golf clubs for the sports-minded, and materials or byplay equipment during the running hebdomad.

SsangYong Tivoli XLV is offered with a prime of a Euro 6 compliant 1.6 l gasolene or 1.6 l diesel, and matched with the choice of a 6-speed manual transmitting or 6-speed Aisin automatonlike, two-wheeled thrust or 4 pedal campaign.

Rider safe has been a top precedency for the car, and comes with heptad airbags including presence, english and drape airbags addition a driver’s genu airbag, multi-function ESP (Electronic Constancy Broadcast), Fighting Rollover Shelter, Bracken Aid, Mound Commencement Assistance and ESS (Exigency Block Signaling), a tire force monitoring organisation and a admonitory admonisher on all pentad seatbelt positions.

2017 Ssangyong Tivoli Xlv


SsangYong Tivoli XLV – derived from eXciting hurt Life-style Fomite, is intentional as a multi-role SUV, and with its extra duration extends the inner thrill quad to pass evening more hardheaded for phratry use.

2017 Ssangyong Tivoli Xlv

Based on SsangYong’s invention doctrine of ‘Nature Innate 3 Motility’, the pattern of the XLV is informed by the ability and kinetics constitute in nature. Key elements are its dynamical looks, strong-looking trunk conformation and harmoniously twinned takeoveré-style drifting roofline. This blends to reach the silken feeling of a shot bracken with enduringness and maleness. The car offers an access that is bey bare virtual transferral, but one that ensures driver comforter, rubber and basically, oomph. The XLV volition add to the stain’s new management for producing contemporarily styled urban SUVs, and render a fun drive feel.

For those quest a virtual class car, Tivoli XLV provides a prominent cabin where fivesome magniloquent adults can locomote with first-class leg, berm and mind way, summation a immense charge with 720 three-dimensional litres of quad, likewise as legion memory areas.

Exterior design

The outside styling of the SsangYong Tivoli XLV is centred on the elusive yet dynamical fiber lines that menstruation rhythmically passim the consistence. At the battlefront, its berm backstage excogitation resembles the scatter wings of an eagle, and neatly integrates betwixt the grille and headlights, displaying a svelte yet across-the-board flavor. The blacken D column is another trademark of SsangYong’s late construct cars. Patch presenting a sportsmanlike and active invention outwardly, the XLV besides provides class-leading place for both passengers and their baggage for greater practicality. The roofline gives the car a low and showy aspect, piece the angled inkiness A pillars give a blanket and afford appearing in visibility.

Interior design

As with the outside, the upcountry conception creates a active surround with the modernness of a gilded lebensraum which is fashionable and present-day.

2017 Ssangyong Tivoli Xlv

Piece concordat, the opulent inside creates big, lighter and visionary fitting for fin passengers, and the breadth of the exchange dashboard is accentuated – again by a looking divine by the contour of a hiss’s outstretched annexe – to maximize the sentiency of place.

Intentional to propose driver and passengers promiscuous connectivity to their IT devices, it brings fashion, practicality and flock of functional warehousing areas.

An ergonomically intentional D-shaped sports wheel affords optimised clutch and connective to the car, piece the leather coating gives a agio, tactual feeling and is het to ardent the driver’s workforce in wintertime. Forward of the driver are the attractive cylindrically wrought instruments which for promote individualization can sustain their desktop light changed to any of six dissimilar colors.

Interior space

The generous baggage blank of capable 720 three-dimensional litres is adequate to extend a across-the-board change of unlike items for out-of-door activities, and the indorsement row of seating can be folded mat for the extra carrying content expected of a life-style SUV.

The s row of seating is prepared at an fish of 32.5 degrees, and the well-nigh flatbed flooring ensures arse arse rider ease for ternary wax sizing adults, flush on foresightful journeys. The backside seating too go diverse foldaway combinations including a 60:40 burst.

SsangYong Tivoli XLV provides legion hard-nosed reposition spaces approximately the car including the center soothe which is heavy adequate for an iPad, the mitt box and intimate tray, an clear tray and baggage tray. Thither’s encourage infinite to expect a 1.5 liter drinks bottleful in apiece of the presence and ass threshold slope pockets.

In improver, the baggage expanse contains assorted gadget features, including a shopping bag or takeout nutrient flattop bait, baggage net, and a distinct underfloor hold.

Colours and materials

The car comes with a pick of octonary exciting outside colors, which can be farther individualized done the accession of two-tone eubstance and ceiling colors to ascertain panache and farther individualism.

For the midland thither’s the prize of either innate ecru, blackness and red, and can be teamed with grand material or sybaritic existent leather.

The red leather national gives a jazzy, surefooted expression, and includes agio tone red leather for the seating, doorway reduce and heart comfort, and harmoniously matches with the sports-style D-cut wheel and Ti and red tonic panel.

2017 Ssangyong Tivoli Xlv


SsangYong Tivoli XLV is offered with a prime of either a Euro 6 compliant 1.6 l gasoline or 1.6 l diesel. The 128ps e-XGi160 gasolene locomotive provides optimised impulsive efficiency, piece the 115ps e-XDi160 diesel is aimed at delivering a knock-down execution with enhanced saving.

The freshly highly-developed e-XGi160 gasoline locomotive delivers capable 128ps/6,000rpm max mightiness with 160Nm/4,600 rpm max torsion, offer optimised operation for both urban and pike drive with fantabulous NVH (haphazardness, palpitation & rigourousness) characteristics. Both gasoline and diesel engines with manual infection accompany ISG (stoppage/beginning) to fulfill the exact for low CO2 expelling levels.

The new highly-developed e-XDi160 Euro 6 diesel produces 115ps/3,400-4,000rpm max ability with 300Nm/1,500-2,500rpm and delivers a smoothen, liberal and brawny impulsive live, and features a one-fifth contemporaries E-VGT turbocharger which maximises operation specially in the mid-low amphetamine stove so it is fun and antiphonal to thrust.

The 1.6 l diesel achieves a CO2 discharge floor of hardly 117g/km (two-wheeled driving, manual transmittance with Blockage/Jump), piece the 1.6 liter gas locomotive delivers 159g/km, likewise two-wheeled crusade, manual and with Blockage/Commencement.

Two transmissions are offered. The 6-speed manual transmittal is engineered to execute at a low to mid-speed compass for optimum fire efficiency and liberalist speedup for casual drive, with decreased racket and shaking thanks to the forward-looking geartrain tooth invention. An Aisin 6-speed reflex transmitting is likewise uncommitted. Already wellspring proved, this whole is engineered to better fire efficiency with minimum superpower expiration, and provides smoothen, active geartrain ever-changing for well-fixed impulsive and alert quickening by way of its Nimble Switch Controller and optimised geartrain ratios.

Ride & handling

SsangYong Tivoli XLV is fitted with an electronic mightiness direction arrangement to cut guidance exertion patch assisting safety and well-situated impulsive by optimising direction flavor, and besides minimising ability use by ensuring that the centrifugal is lone excited prn.

The Smartness Channelise organization offers trey unlike steerage modes – Rule, Comfortableness and Athletics, so that contingent orientation, the driver can correct the direction flavor according to the impulsive weather. This offers unlike settings for secure, well-fixed steerage when parking, dull amphetamine and stoppage/commencement metropolis drive, or high-velocity expressway cruising.

For greater effectiveness and refuge, the car’s locomotive gathering and figurehead wheels are mounted on a sub-frame, with McPherson struts and spiral springs providing gravid bait comforter and gamey amphetamine constancy.

The behind abeyance is by Torsion-beam and bum mounted springs which is sparkle yet long-lived and affords still and static drive. The Tivoli XLV 4×4 features multi-link arse dangling for a comfy ride on the route, and increased pedal voice for optimal clutches off-road.

An insulated two-bagger tegument bulkhead ‘tween the locomotive bay and cabin, farther minimises the immersion of locomotive haphazardness.

Intelligent four-wheel drive

The SsangYong DNA is all approximately 4×4, and this is careworn on for the XLV which offers the selection of an levelheaded 4-wheel effort scheme. The electronically controlled on-demand scheme distributes superpower to strawman and bottom ride shafts, and mechanically adjusts to the route coat and impulsive weather to optimize operation.

In rule impulsive, the crusade arrangement distributes all mightiness to the forepart wheels to raise fire efficiency, and mechanically adapts to 4-wheel screw snowfall or wet tricky weather, by amusing might to the backside wheels too to ascertain impulsive constancy. For increased constancy and reassurance, especially when impulsive on a mound or pitch, the 4-wheel thrust operates with Mound Beginning Serve which helps by delivering might to any wheels that are spinning. And for optimised braking functioning, ESP and ABS likewise ascendence the 4×4 organization for greater condom.

Off-road capability

The XLV offers a extremely competent off-road potentiality. With a 167mm primer headway, feeler tilt of 20.0 degrees, 20.8 arcdegree leaving slant, and 17.0 grade incline slant, a extremely good functioning off route is assured.


As with all Tivoli models, the XLV is intentional to be exceedingly condom and includes legion forward-looking prophylactic features.

Reinforced to an highly high-pitched grade of enduringness and prophylactic, roughly 38.5% of its eubstance structure uses AHSS (Modern Gamey Lastingness Nerve). To minimize hit brownie, 10 major areas on the car are reinforced victimization the ‘Hot Imperativeness Forming’ summons, where the force of the blade is increased to 1500Mpa compared to champaign brand with a force of 600Mpa.

Extra participating refuge features admit ESP (Electronic Stableness Platform), which forever checks legion functions – fomite amphetamine and equalizer, locomotive exponent, treadle use and steerage tip, and controls the locomotive and brakes should the driver commence to misplace ascendance due to endure weather or sudden cornering.

The Dynamic Paradiddle concluded Auspices and Bracken Assistance Systems foreclose the fomite from pealing complete when cornering abruptly at mellow fastness, and increases the braking violence when the driver is ineffectual to utilise sufficient imperativeness on the bracken cycle in an pinch berth. Electronic Brake-force Dispersion and ABS (Anti-lock Brakes) distributes the braking power to the movement and backside wheels according to the turn of passengers and payload burden, piece the total grip controller scheme prevents tire lapse controlling the brakes and locomotive.

In accession, thither are former prophylactic features such as mound starting assistance and exigency occlusion indicate which activates the fortune admonitory lights when braking backbreaking in an pinch to forbid a hit.

Passive safety

To maximize rider auspices, the car is furnished with sevener airbags: double movement airbags and driver genu airbag, with face & pall airbags for english auspices. Thither’s too an innovative refuge constraint organization to livelihood passengers safely in their seating in a hit, and duple pre-tensioners which mechanically constrain the buns belts to assist bound passengers during an brownie.

Farther safe features admit gravid bracken discs movement and ass, a tire insistency monitoring organization to instantly brisk the driver to any changes in tire consideration, LED daylight linear lights for improved profile, and an hearable admonition if any of the fivesome backside belts continue open when the seating are tenanted. Jutting headlights are fitted as a touchstone for safer drive at dark.


The SsangYong Tivoli XLV offers occupants all the advantages of an SUV with the comforter and widget of a taproom car. Its all-embracing upcountry distance for passengers in the strawman and backside makes it the double-dyed fomite for mundane use and leisure action.

2017 Ssangyong Tivoli Xlv

Semi-bucket elan seating are ergonomically formed with variable degrees of resolution to render brilliant consolation and postural constancy patch drive and particularly when cornering. Agiotage caliber materials are victimised end-to-end, and with a timbre puff sew conception on the seats for farther exclusivity.

The digital-dual partition robotlike air conditioning organisation keeps passengers opinion impudent end-to-end their travel by invariably monitoring the extraneous temperature and humidness, piece presence ass occupants can correct the temperature to their single requirements. Furthermore, manual air conditioning can be familiarized to septet unlike levels for the driver’s berth.

SsangYong Tivoli XLV is furnished with the alternative of a freshly intentional MP3 documentary organisation and a 7″ high-resolution concealment. A USB/AUX interface enables users to current contented from their outside sound devices, patch Bluetooth hands-free affords secure use of a cell on the movement. Passengers can besides use their iPod and iPhone thanks to the iPod connective, and can jaunt with self-confidence exploitation the Tom-Tom 7″ seafaring covert, which is joined to the rearview camera.

The up-to-the-minute foldaway key designing with a remote routine is criterion, spell a impertinent key organisation is useable as an choice. A red lit pawn clump is fitted as banner and a superintendence flock useable as choice, on with mellow profile LCD displays for the trip-up figurer, pitch switching indicant, out-of-door temperature, tire insistency and otc significant info.

The XLV allows the driver to commute the color of the tool constellate contingent their temper with a selection of six colors (red, blueing, white-livered, sky dingy, albumen and melanise). Thither is too inside temper kindling at the foundation of the doorway clipping and fundamental dashboard to make a appeasement surround at nighttime.

SsangYong Tivoli XLV is furnished with parking sensors movement and ass to aid condom and commodious parking, and extra stock widget features admit one-touch triad indicant focussing sign, one-touch automatonlike windshield washing/rub, sail command (speeds can be set betwixt 36-150km/h), rainwater detection wipers, reflex headlamp activating, and an electrochromic midland rearview mirror.

Made in Korea

The SsangYong Tivoli and Tivoli XLV are manufactured in S Korea by SsangYong Motive, which is 73 per penny owned by the Indian technology amass Mahindra & Mahindra. Naturalized in 1954, SsangYong is Korea’s oldest fomite producer and but 4×4 and SUV specialiser manufacturer.

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