2017 Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq

With a distance of 4.70 m, capable seven-spot seating and the largest bang inside its family, the Skoda Kodiaq is the Czech carmaker’s offset great SUV. From betimes 2017, Skoda’s up-to-the-minute modelling volition introduce itself with all of the steel’s strengths: a pattern that is wide-cut of quality, sinful midland infinite, virtual news and innovational engineering that can differently lone be institute in higher fomite classes. The Skoda Kodiaq marks the origin of Skoda’s all-embracing SUV run.

“With the Skoda Kodiaq, we are contact out in a new focus and orifice up new markets,” says Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier. “With our outset expectant SUV, we are conquest a new section for the mark – and new client groups. Our new improver to the Skoda manakin compass is sincerely as hard as a deliver: it makes the sword eventide more attractive thanks to its conception, hit invention and as the commencement Skoda that has the choice of constantly existence on-line and thereby offer more comforter, guard and real-time info. The Skoda Kodiaq is at the head of Skoda’s all-inclusive SUV movement.”

Skoda Card Phallus for Proficient Growing, Christian Strube, added, “The Skoda Kodiaq offers all of our make’s strengths: well-thought-out functionality, higher-ranking home quad and first-class evaluate for money. The largest bang compared to the challenger and the optional tertiary row of seating unique shuffle our new SUV the nonpareil company for daily demands. And when it comes to driver assist systems, docudrama and connectivity, the Skoda Kodiaq proves Skoda’s groundbreaking capabilities, offer the engineering of higher classes and so putt itself at the top of its section.”

2017 Skoda Kodiaq

Exterior design

The Skoda Kodiaq is an all-rounder: the SUV is suited for line, also as class and leisure use – and drives off-road with rest. The stain transfers its new invention terminology into the SUV section with a invention that reflects the car’s various role: the Skoda Kodiaq features a sheer interplay of refined lines, clean contours and lustiness, which pass well placeable.

All of the Skoda Kodiaq’s lines are crystallise, exact and clear – this applies particularly to the classifiable, extremely sunken berm demarcation. Duplicate horizontal lines on the presence typify shelter and force. The blanket, 3-dimensional grille is contact and conveys the rich lineament. The specialize, raked headlights, which stream seamlessly into the grille, commit the Skoda Kodiaq a classifiable appearing. The two double-headlights produce a hit four-eyed expression and surpass due to their pellucid construction, which can likewise be seen in former features such as the back lights. Hither, Skoda’s Drumhead of Excogitation, Jozef Kabaň, and his squad were elysian by traditional Czech crystallization methamphetamine art which is besides reflected in the efficacious interplay of lighter and tone on the SUV’s extremely contoured surfaces.

In the english sight, the foresighted wheelbase and brusk overhangs spot to the heavy inner. The cycle arches are slenderly angulate – a key component of Skoda’s SUV pattern terminology. LEDs are victimized as received in the behind lights; the backside lights likewise boast the C-shaped pattern that is distinctive of Skoda. A alternative of 14 rouge finishes is usable – quadruplet received colors and ten metal colors. The show of the components varies according to the leash passementerie levels – Dynamic, Ambitiousness and Stylus – which are offered in the Skoda Kodiaq as optional extras.


With its dimensions, the Skoda Kodiaq is at the speed end of the compact section. It is 4,697 mm foresighted, 1,882 mm blanket and 1,676 mm magniloquent (including cap runway); its wheelbase measures 2,791 mm. The Kodiaq is based on Volkswagen Aggroup’s modular thwartwise matrix (MQB) in which exacting jackanapes structure plays an significant purpose. For the consistence, a compounding of hot-stamped metallic sheets forms the ultra-strong back. With the entry-level TSI locomotive and front-wheel crusade, the gravid SUV weighs upright 1,452 kg when vacate (without driver), or 1,540 kg with the 1.4 TSI locomotive and all-wheel effort.

Torsional rigor, fabrication preciseness, crusade ease and clang refuge are likewise ranking. Thanks to its extremely streamlined delicacy, the enceinte SUV achieves a cx measure of scarce 0.33.

2017 Skoda Kodiaq


The quantity of spa is distinctive of Skoda: the Skoda Kodiaq is hardly 40 mm yearner than the Skoda OCTAVIA, but offers a larger-than-average internal for the SUV section. Achieving over-the-top national spa from the outside dimensions usable again proves the blade’s splendid technology artistry. The great SUV’s upcountry duration is 1,793 mm, way is 1,527 mm in the figurehead and 1,510 mm in the bottom. Caput way is 1,020 mm in the breast and 1,014 mm in the bum. Bottom legroom measures capable 104 mm.

2017 Skoda Kodiaq

The gravid SUV’s home is too protective and racy. The scrunch outside pattern carries on into the upcountry: the doubling lines – with their three-d appearing – too characteristic on the board. The upcountry is characterised by boldface upright elements, such as the quatern expectant air vents. The big expose splits the board into two equalize sections for the driver and rider.

The high-quality craftsmanship likewise as the consistent and easy-to-understand functioning are distinctive of Skoda. The heavy broadside instruments suffer a exact and open conception. The wheel is usable in a option of unlike versions – one of which is het. The optional three-zone Climatronic, which has its own panel for the behind seating, is another lineament which is frequently lonesome institute in higher fomite classes. The electro-mechanical emergency is excited by pressure a clitoris.

Legion solace features are uncommitted for the breast seating. As an selection, they can be het, ventilated and familiarised electronically; the latter optional excess too includes a retention routine. The Skoda Kodiaq’s backside seating are besides passing various: they can be folded in the proportion 60:40, can be touched longitudinally by 18 cm as received and the lean of the back is separately adjustable. Two more seating in the tertiary row are uncommitted as an optional additional – the Skoda Kodiaq is Skoda’s get-go 7-seater.

As an substitute to the touchstone textile covers, a cloth/leather compounding and leather or Alcantara covers are offered. The decor is usable in five-spot designs. Darkly, the optional ambient inflammation adds an case-by-case trace to the inside. It is reinforced into the doorway trims and can be set to ten unlike colors.

2017 Skoda Kodiaq


With a loudness of 720 to 2,065 l (with the arse seating folded consume), the Skoda Kodiaq offers the largest kick inside its year. If the optional foldaway rider bum is elect, the SUV can exaltation items capable 2.80 m yearn. An electrically operated tailboard is usable as an selection, and can – as an extra optional supernumerary – too be open and unopen victimization base motion mastery or a push in the internal. The Skoda Kodiaq with the TDI/DSG/4&multiplication;4 drivetrain can tow a poke deliberation capable 2.5 t. An electrically retractable tow bar is useable for this.


The ‘But Apt’ features uncommitted in the Skoda Kodiaq are boost validation that Skoda constantly offers a petty bit ‘more car’ for your money – hardheaded and commodious aid in unremarkable sprightliness which is distinctive of the blade. These admit, e.g., door-edge aegis: thanks to preloaded springs, this deploys mechanically when porta the car doorway and prevents the metallic boundary of the doorway from orgasm into tangency with a garpike fence or an conterminous car. When closing the doorway, the passementerie folds itself backbone in. This ‘Plainly Apt’ boast thereby prevents bumps and scratches to your own car, also as neighbouring vehicles. Galvanizing nestling safe mesh for the backside doors, In-Car Communicating, also as rest headrests are usable as optional extras first in a Skoda. Altogether, the Skoda Kodiaq provides more 30 ‘But Cunning’ features, sevener of which are new.

Driver assistance systems

Skoda’s prominent SUV takes to the roadstead with a all-inclusive grasp of driver assist systems – many of which sustain, hitherto, but been seen in higher fomite classes. Around systems arrive as stock, others are usable as an choice – singly, but too as a software.

An institution for the portfolio is Tow Aid: when the Skoda Kodiaq is towing a poke, the arrangement takes complete steerage when reversing lento. Additionally, patch reversing, the new Maneuver Aid leave bracken as presently as an obstruction is detected bottom the fomite. The scheme is controlled victimisation an enhanced procedure of the arse parking sensors.

The Country Purview scheme is likewise a outset for the mark: the surround-view cameras, which are situated in the strawman and behind sections also as in the fender mirrors of the Skoda Kodiaq, accompany fisheye lenses and permit views of the country straightaway circumferent the car to be displayed on the reminder. These admit a practical, top-down survey and 180-degree images of the areas to the battlefront and ass. This makes it easier to screw puzzling situations or on grating terrain.

Breast Attend including Metropolis Emergency get as measure and, exploitation rad, can discover severe situations involving pedestrians or over-the-counter vehicles ahead of the car. If requisite, the organization warns the driver and, when requisite, partly or full applies the brakes. Metropolis Emergency is alive capable 34 km/h. The optional Prognostic Footer Tribute complements Figurehead Assistance.

Adaptative Sail Mastery (ACC) is too radian aided and helps the driver to keep the selected amphetamine and the craved gap ‘tween the Skoda Kodiaq and the car ahead. Lane Attend, Screen Office Discover and Behind Dealings Alarum assistant the driver to arrest in lane, micturate ever-changing lanes safer victimization the ass radian and assistant when manoeuvring in setback. If the car is fitted with Lane Attend, ACC and DSG transmittance, Snarl-up Attend comes as an extra part. It maintains fastness and applies the brakes in slow-moving dealings. Additionally, the car testament be unbroken in lane capable speeds of 65 km/h thanks to the Lane Aid routine.

Driver Alerting detects signs of outwear in the driver and prompts the driver to yield a breakage. Exigency Help, besides but in compounding with DSG transmittance, is a boost role of the ACC and Lane Assistance compounding. Should the risk rebel that the driver is ineffective to campaign, the arrangement can get the heavy SUV to a tie-up. Bunch Protect Help, usable in a selection of two variants, closes the windows and sunshine-roof, and tensions the behind belts mechanically in the effect of an imminent fortuity. If you suffer an stroke, the Multi-Collision Bracken, which comes as stock, prevents any foster uncontrolled motion of the Skoda Kodiaq. The camera-based Move Help with Dealings Preindication Realisation displays fastness limits and early route signs as images on the in-car figurer besides as the piloting arrangement.

Skoda Connect

With its documentary and connectivity solutions, the heavy SUV from Skoda shows how an SUV can incessantly be on-line. With the new, innovational and modern wandering on-line services, Skoda presents a new attribute of piloting, entropy and amusement. Concurrently, Skoda Colligate helps with outback entree to the fomite also as help.

Skoda Join is comprised of two categories: the Documentary On-line services cater more data and real-time piloting details. Aid Relate provides removed accession too as assist.

Documentary On-line includes on-line dealings info, which shows dealings stream on the elect path in material sentence. The Google Land services (uncommitted for the Columbus organization) engraft the path into a topographic purview from Google; Google Street Scene (usable for the Columbus arrangement) displays a street scene of the terminus. Map updates besides as fire prices, parking entropy, on-line tidings, conditions info and ‘My Points of Concern’ services round the docudrama parcel. Documentary On-line services are provided gratis for the offset twelvemonth afterwards buying a new car and are usable at an redundant be thenceforth.

The Pinch Shout astern an fortuity is the almost significant boast of the Charge Join services: the Pinch Vociferation (eCall) is sent direct to an exigency song kernel when a constraint arrangement is deployed. This comes as received and is merged into the Attention Unite services. It besides comes with a telling routine for shaver accidents likewise as a dislocation song. Proactive Serve is too included in the Upkeep Associate services. When this is excited, all of the mandatory information is sent to the garpike in a apropos style earlier a fomite’s overhaul. The thirdly Charge Link serve is Removed Approach.

Skoda now besides offers the Skoda Unite app, which can be victimized to admission and controller extra services. E.g.: the smartphone leave alarum the possessor if their car is organism stirred by a thirdly company in an unauthorized way – be that too loyal or international a specified arena. Exploitation the app, the itinerary deviser can be transferred from abode to the piloting organisation in the car.

First, the SmartLink all-in-one app besides integrates SmartGate in the new Skoda Kodiaq SUV – aboard the existent Apple CarPlay, Humanoid Motorcar and MirrorLink&patronage; standards. All of the pop services are uncommitted in barely one app: navigational information, medicine and tidings too as all relevant fomite information via the car’s documentary arrangement – and this is the showcase for every trimness storey.

2017 Skoda Kodiaq

Infotainment systems

The euphony and docudrama systems in the Skoda Kodiaq map the up-to-the-minute engineering. They oeuvre promptly, fling state-of-the-art functions and interfaces, and sport capacitive contact displays in a spyglass pattern – they oppose to the feeling of a thumb and not good to force. The introductory functions are light to manoeuver exploitation forcible buttons and ascendancy dials.

The Sway docudrama organization with its 6.5-inch covert comes as stock. It can be supplemented with a smartphone Bluetooth connecter and Skoda SmartLink. SmartLink supports the use of the Apple CarPlay, Humanoid Car and MirrorLinkTM standards in the car. When the client connects their call to the USB embrasure, the relevant mount displays on the docudrama show.

The optional Bolero docudrama scheme features a high-definition 8.0-inch touchscreen, including the In-Car Communicating (ICC) use. The hands-free mike records the driver’s vocalism, and transfers it to the cover seating via the back speakers.

The Amundsen piloting docudrama scheme builds on the capabilities of the Bolero scheme with a pilotage use also as a peculiar exhibit style for impulsive off-road or eve in specify car parks. The top-of-the-range documentary arrangement, the Columbus sailing scheme, adds a 64-GB fanfare store and DVD thrust. An optional LTE faculty facilitates high-velocity on-line admittance in the Skoda Kodiaq. Exploitation a WLAN hotspot (optional), passengers can use their fluid devices to breakers, current and mail emails at their gismo.

Attractive extra components polish the ironware offer in the Skoda Kodiaq: the Phonebox charges a smartphone inductively victimisation the Qi criterion and connects to the car aeriform – both processes come wirelessly. The Quarter Voice Arrangement features ten speakers, including a subwoofer, and has a might outturn of 575 watts. As an alternative, the Skoda Kodiaq can be furnished with lozenge holders that can be affiliated to the movement headrests. The devices can be aerated exploitation optional 230 V and USB sockets.


Pentad powertrains, two TDI and deuce-ace TSI engines, settle the locomotive reach at the establish of the Skoda Kodiaq. They suffer capacities of 1.4 and 2.0 l, and exponent production ranges from 92 kW (125 PS) to 140 kW (190 PS). The diesel and gas engines characteristic turbocharged calculate shot and fulfill EU6 expelling standards. All engines likewise boast a Stop-Start scheme, bracken push recuperation and a knock-down thermo-management arrangement, tributary to low expenditure scorn the powerful superpower speech.

The 2.0 TDI is useable in two versions. The outset interpretation generates 110 kW (150 PS) and 340 Nm. The top-of-the-range reading delivers 140 kW (190 PS) and puts 400 Nm on the crankshaft. On intermediate, the entry-level TDI consumes 5.0 l of diesel (131 g CO2/km) per 100 km. The about potent diesel accelerates the enceinte SUV from 0-100 km/h in 8.6 s and reaches a top speeding of capable 210 km/h.

The orbit of gas engines consists of two 1.4 TSI engines and one 2.0 TSI. The entry-level interpretation of the contract four-cylinder generates 92 kW (125 PS) and 200 Nm of torsion. Its NEDC expenditure is 6.0 l per 100 km, which corresponds to 140 g CO2/km. In the more knock-down edition, the 1.4-litre exerts 110 kW (150 PS) and 250 Nm of torsion; its ACT organisation – Combat-ready Cylinder Engineering – shuts fine-tune the secondment and tertiary cylinders when the payload and locomotive speeding are low. The top-of-the-range 2.0 TSI gasolene locomotive features a new burning serve for high-pitched efficiency. Exponent outturn is 132 kW (180 PS), torsion is 320 Nm.


The Skoda Kodiaq is usable with assorted transmittal technologies. Contingent the locomotive, thither is a 6-speed manual gearbox or DSG transmissions with six or 7 speeds.

The new 7-speed dual-clutch transmittance is qualification its launching at Skoda. It is a variation that has been intentional for knock-down engines with torsion of capable 600 Nm. The DSG transmittance is a real covenant structure and enables prompt and comfy cogwheel ever-changing.

The driver can manoeuvre the 7-speed DSG in the reflex D and S fashion, or controller it manually exploitation the gearshift or the wheel paddles. When Eco manner is selected in the optional Drive Manner Choice, the car is interpreted out of geartrain: as shortly as the driver takes their understructure off the gun at a hurrying supra 20 km/h, effort is disengaged – the Skoda Kodiaq is coasting.

Both top-of-the-range engines – the TDI with 140 kW (190 PS) and the TSI with 132 kW (180 PS) – are linked with the 7-speed DSG and all-wheel ride. This compounding is new at Skoda. The manual 6-speed contagion and 6-speed DSG are the options for the 1.4 TSI with 110 kW (150 PS) and all-wheel ride; front-wheel thrust is conjugate with the 6-speed DSG. The entry-level diesel with all-wheel ride is offered with the manual 6-speed transmittal or the 7-speed DSG; the front-wheel-drive variation is offered exclusively with the 7-speed DSG. The entry-level TSI is usable with manual 6-speed contagion and front-wheel cause.

The all-wheel-drive scheme with electronic command is usable for well-nigh locomotive variants. It delivers a big gain in grip, stableness and impulsive condom – fifty-fifty off-road.

The centerpiece of the all-wheel campaign is an electronically controlled multi-plate grip. The all-wheel-drive arrangement workings intelligently and chop-chop. The ascendance whole invariably calculates the nonesuch drive torsion for the ass axle; passing of grip is about eliminated due to a ascendance organization that is contingent drive position. When in overproduction or at low shipment, campaign is via the presence axle, which saves fire.


2017 Skoda Kodiaq

The flesh of the Skoda Kodiaq is besides the outcome of saturated expertness. The components of the MacPherson figurehead struts dwell partly of al; the nerve four-link behind axle absorbs the longitudinal and transversal forces severally. The powerfulness guidance, exploitation an effective electro-mechanical crusade, ensures demand striking with the route and plant in finis concordance with various help systems in the Skoda Kodiaq.

In the Dynamic and Ambitiousness trimness levels, the enceinte SUV from Skoda comes weaponed with 17-inch wheels as stock; 18-inch wheels are stock in the Elan reduce grade. The compass of optional extras extends to lustrous 19-inch wheels. The brakes – with enceinte ventilated bracken discs at the battlefront – are substantial and unchanging. When cornering chop-chop, the electronic derivative curl XDS+, which is a routine of the Electronic Stableness Ascendance (ESC), makes treatment tied sander and safer for both front- and all-wheel driving.

As an optional spare, Skoda is qualification Drive Style Choose uncommitted in its enceinte SUV. It allows the driver to correct the procedure of the locomotive and DSG direction, ability guidance, air conditioning and former systems in Convention, Eco, Fun and Case-by-case modes. The all-wheel-drive versions whirl Bamboozle mood on top of this, which is intentional for impulsive on roadstead and does not sustain a swiftness boundary. C style adapts the procedure of the ABS, ASR and ACC (if fitted) systems, likewise as the locomotive direction and electronically controlled, all-wheel, multi-plate grip to slippy and snow-clad roadstead.

Adaptative Active Flesh Ascendence (DCC) is besides usable as an choice, and is incorporated into Impulsive Manner Choose. Hither, galvanising valves mastery the exercise of the jar absorbers contingent the position. Combined with Drive Manner Choose, the arrangement adapts to the drive elan of the driver and manoeuvres the driver safely on the route. Victimisation DCC, the driver can opt betwixt Comfortableness, Formula or Play modes.

And the Skoda Kodiaq keeps sledding when the paved route ends. Off-road style can be selected by the simpleton ghost of a push (optional for the all-wheel-drive versions in combining with Impulsive Mood Take). Hither, the bod, locomotive direction and brakes adapt their functioning specifically to scratchy terrain. This principally involves pull by, grip and retardation. In off-road modality, Mound Ancestry Help helps the driver to safely passkey drive declivitous ended scratchy terrain by braking fitly.

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