2017 Skoda Citigo

Skoda Citigo

From saltation 2017, the Škoda Citigo is existence presented with comp upgrades to the outside designing and about revisions in the inside. Cowl, grille, bumpers and fog lights with optional cornering office place a new designing. The peculiarly intentional 15-inch debase wheels, optional for the Flair trimming storey, dispatch the new face. Škoda’s metropolis car impresses with its generous measure of blank, first-class layout, gamy floor of safe, enceinte manipulation, effective drivetrain variants and legion ‘Only Ingenious’ features. Esteem for money – distinctive of the mark – rounds off the metropolis roadster’s offer. The Škoda Citigo bequeath observe its premier at the 2017 Hollands Outside Drive Display.

With the revisions, the Škoda Citigo has full-grown by 34 mm to a duration of 3,597 mm. The breadth of the five-door variation corpse at 1,645 mm and the acme at 1,478 mm. Thanks to its generous 2,420-mm wheelbase, Škoda engineers were capable to produce an midland which too offers sufficient infinite for the back passengers. The Škoda Citigo proves: flush a metropolis car can bear a wide internal. The 251 litres of kick capability, which gain to 951 l when the arse seating are folded polish, place amongst the trump rival values.

The Škoda Citigo is the everlasting fomite for urban mobility: squeeze yet broad, economic and spry simultaneously, attractive, safety and equipt with many hard-nosed ‘Just Apt’ features.

The Škoda Citigo is useable in the Wanton, Dynamic, Ambitiousness and Stylus reduce levels. You can likewise opt for one of two peculiar editions – the Škoda Citigo Monte Carlo and Škoda Citigo Fun – which are characterised by legion extra features.

2017 Skoda Citigo

A brand-typical design with a new front section

2017 Skoda Citigo

The Škoda Citigo’s presence division has been essentially revised: a new hood, a redesigned grille in distinctive Škoda pattern, limited bumpers and updated fog lights make a impertinent, new flavor. The tinted quarter lights are now likewise uncommitted for the Dream trimness cable. A color bundle with cap and annexe mirrors offshoot in whiten or blackness is uncommitted for the Panache and Dream shave levels.

The figurehead headlights are fitted with LED daylight track lights and the fog lights accompany an optional cornering procedure, which lights up the country the fomite is turn into on junctions with pitiable profile. To this end, the cornering procedure mechanically switches on the left-hand or rightfield fog sparkle when turn at speeds of capable 40 km/h.

2017 Skoda Citigo

New 15-inch admixture wheels in flatware and anthracite for the Dash cut story and the Apteryx Jet trunk color, which is a new increase to the syllabus, nail the options for creating an somebody outside conception.

Small vehicle – big on safety

2017 Skoda Citigo

One of the many combat-ready prophylactic features ensuring a gamy grade of safe is the machinelike braking purpose Metropolis Good Crusade. The optional Emergency helps to forbid collisions in urban dealings. The aid scheme is mechanically excited at speeds betwixt 5 and 30 km/h. A laser detector, which is incorporated in the windshield, scans a 10-metre country before of the fomite. In the issue of an impendent hit – if the driver does not oppose – the braking organization is set and the hydraulic Bracken Serve use becomes more sensible. If requirement, the organisation initiates a total coating of the brakes to institute the car to a deadlock or – if the driver is not braking difficult adequate – supports the driver by providing wide-cut braking strength. Contingent the hurrying and the person berth, Metropolis Rubber Cause can thereby forestall a hit or leastwise substantially thin the stroke’s rigor.

Škoda Citigo equipment

2017 Skoda Citigo

The Škoda Citigo’s inside wows with a cleanse and clear staged invention and layout of the instruments likewise as with a two-colour fascia in the higher passementerie levels. Aft the advance, the Škoda Citigo’s midland is flush more neat and more usable. The pawn bunch with speedometer, rev counterpunch and fire calibre comes in a new pattern and is useable in two unlike versions. The seating with merged headrests supply commodity sidelong reenforcement, radiocommunication and cell can be operated on the optional multifunction leather wheel without the driver having to absent their workforce. Reflex mood ascendancy ensures pleasant temperatures at all multiplication. A high-resolution Maxi-DOT exhibit likewise as sparkle and pelting sensors are besides optional.

The new-generation Megrims and Vacillation radiocommunication models fling many connectivity options – ranging from an aux-in socket to an SD lineup slot and a USB socket. A color presentation, six speakers and a Bluetooth connexion are added to the Sway version. Victimization this, the organisation can be attached to the driver’s smartphone, which is stored in a extra smartphone bearer on the splasher. The apps track on the iOS and Humanoid smartphone operational systems cater seafaring, a impulsive information showing, hands-free earphone calls and scotch drive too as playacting euphony and the tuner.

Many hard-nosed home features emphasise the metropolis two-seater’s functionality. Reposition compartments in the heart soothe and mitt compartment, bottleful holders (capable 1 l) and cup holders are as virtual as the multimedia provenance in the center cabinet. Nets in boot and pragmatic repositing nets on the battlefront seating crack a sort of options to dungeon respective pocket-sized items good.

Move&Fun: The app for information and entertainment

The Motion&Fun app offers entropy and amusement. The lotion is uncommitted for smartphones with iOS and Humanoid operational systems. Low, the smartphone is clicked into to the smartphone bearer and a Bluetooth association is constituted with the organization. Contacts and playlists stored on the smartphone can now be accessed via the fomite’s controls. The in-car reckoner provides entropy on fire expenditure and over-the-counter utilitarian entropy. The Actuate&Fun app’s DriveGreen office supports the driver in optimising their drive panache. In gain, the app has a seafaring use.

Clever features

The legion ‘Plainly Cunning’ features admit an umbrella nether the rider backside, a change of reposition compartments, cup and smartphone holders, a bag sweetener on the mitt compartment and virtual rush nets.

Engine portfolio

3 forward-looking three-cylinder engines are usable for the Škoda Citigo – two gasolene variants and one gas version. The front-, transverse-mounted engines with a 1.0-litre content ride the forepart wheels. Scorn their pocket-sized capacitance, the engines severalize themselves done high-pitched torsion with low stochasticity levels.

The entry-level locomotive is the 1.0 MPI with 44 kW (60 PS) and 95 Nm of torsion at 3,000 rpm. From a standing first, it accelerates the Škoda Citigo to 100 km/h in 14.4 seconds, reaches a top amphetamine of 162 km/h and consumes 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres on modal.

2017 Skoda Citigo

With the 55 kW (75 PS) 1.0 MPI, maximal torsion of 95 Nm is useable at 3,000 rpm. The extra mightiness is due to the limited locomotive ascendence of the three-cylinder exemplar. It accelerates to 100 km/h in 13.5 seconds, reaches a top upper of 173 km/h and consumes 4.1 litres per 100 kilometres on norm.

You can besides opt for the 1.0 G-TEC CNG variate. The three-cylinder locomotive, optimised for gas procedure, produces a exponent outturn of 50 kW (68 PS). From a standing beginning, this Škoda Citigo version takes 16.3 seconds to scope 100 km/h, has a top fastness of 165 km/h and consumes fair 4.5 m3 of gas per 100 kilometres. CO2 emissions are good 82 g per kilometer.

All values employ to the discrepancy with 5-speed manual gearbox, with start-stop arrangement and bracken vigour recuperation.

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