2017 Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic

The new Renault Scenic is a bodoni, self-assertive MPV that bequeath be bought not just for the impulsive use it delivers, but too for the puff the unharmed phratry volition be able-bodied to savor whilst travel.

2017 Renault Scenic

The invention and ingathering of the new Renault Scenic breaks out from formal MPV cues thanks to the new modeling’s unprecedented proportions, the fitment of 20-inch wheels crossways the reach and a head-turning two-tone gloss system that is unprecedented in the section.

Rightful to its DNA, the new Scenic meets the necessarily of families. It takes the modularity that bad the succeeder of the framework’s originally generations to a new stratum to micturate workaday motoring level easier, including a One Contact Foldable organization for the arse seating.

Interim, in plus to a comp number of over-the-counter drive aids, the new Scenic is the just contract MPV to have AEBS (Combat-ready Exigency Braking Arrangement) with Walker Sensing as touchstone equipment.

The new Renault Scenic likewise packs features more normally associated with the following section up, such as MULTI-SENSE engineering, R-LINK 2 discharge with an 8.7-inch filmdom and a colouring head-up presentation. The quaternary propagation of the simulation bequeath too be useable with an electrified Loanblend Attend diesel powertrain.

Surprising proportions and large-diameter wheels

“We precious the new Scenic to prisonbreak new undercoat. It is a sexier and more mod acquire the MPV which carries complete the prominent modularity that has been preponderating to the succeeder of the exemplar’s ternary premature generations complete the retiring 20 eld. Its proportions and large-diameter wheels haulage stirring from the R-Space construct car.” Laurens van den Acker- Elder V.p., Bodied Excogitation

2017 Renault Scenic

The new Renault Scenic establishes a smart coming to the MPV and lots of its brainchild comes from the R-Space construct car that was unveiled at the Hollands Centrifugal Read in 2011. Honcho features admit re-designed proportions, conscientious lineament and punctilious aid to item, both inner and out.

The innovation of the new Scenic marks a major slip, if solitary because of its unprecedented proportions. It sits on expectant 20-inch wheels – the received fitment crossways the grasp – and its nicely-balanced lines survive specially pleasing to the eye, thanks to a lour ceiling business, yearner wheelbase and shorter back beetle compared with those of its forerunner. Its runny silhouette, liberal shoulders and whang pipeline that rises towards the behind permeate it with a new sentiency of heartiness. Wider tracks at both the presence and ass ideally billet the wheels at the four-spot corners of the fomite to control a peculiarly unanimous position.

Wish those of the R-Space conception car, the new Scenic’s steeply-raked windshield and myopic cowl raise the elegance of its MPV silhouette. Concurrently, the three-part cover – a beginning for the Scenic and a have carried complete from the new Espace – combines a bird’s-eye aspect with improved face imagination.

The new Renault Scenic’s expressive forepart includes a classifiable kindling touch. Contingent adaptation, the C-shaped breast headlights welfare from LED Arrant Imaginativeness engineering, piece Boundary Spark engineering provides the taillights with a 3D consequence.

Unprecedented: 20-inch wheels for all versions

Likely the nearly ground-breaking sport of the new Scenic’s figure is the fitment of 20-inch wheels as stock crossways the scope. These narrower wheels (195mm) are both a technical and styling introduction.

With a sidewall elevation of 107mm – tantamount thereto of the Scenic 3’s 17-inch tyres – the new Scenic’s tyres insure a floor of tantalise ease that is amongst the grocery’s identical scoop.

This boldface designing selection was a key directional precept bum the undertaking from the first. So, these heavy wheels pee-pee an dynamic part to the car’s balanced proportions and are customisable on involve thanks to a comp prize of rims and inserts, called ‘add-ons’. These rims and add-ons birth likewise been devised to write burden and streamline the car’s aeromechanics, which leads to frown fire intake.

The unequaled sizing of these wheels (195/55 R20), and the fitment of specifically highly-developed tyres for depress vim use and enhanced flowing efficiency, too assure class-leading trilled resistivity.

The new Renault Scenic’s CdA of 0.775 represents an betterment of 0.065 complete that of the Scenic 3 (0.840).

A status-enhancing interior with two driving configurations

A key boast of the new Scenic’s wide cabin is the persistence of the splashboard’s lines crossways the doorway panels and the concord of the materials employed (foam-backed materials, chromium-plate astragal) which enhance the notion of quad. The layout of the unlittered splashboard is more driver-centric than that of the Scenic 3. Shielded by a curving peak, the panel is positioned straightaway in the driver’s pipeline of ken and incorporates Renault’s full-colour head-up show for level greater impulsive delectation. The optional great frozen bird’s-eye ice ceiling does not demand the fitment of a primal pair, thereby allowing occupants to revel an evening brighter cabin.

Meantime, the sliding center solace situated ‘tween the breast seating enables the driver to customize the cabin layout at leave:

  • When the core comfort is in the forrader place, it tucks below the prominent portrait-format presentation to manakin a ace whole, creating a saloon-car cockpit pity the driver who hush benefits from the panjandrum seats situation associated with MPVs.
  • With the solace in its backmost office, the new Scenic boasts a more ‘afford design’ placement that can be divided betwixt the driver and the car’s over-the-counter occupants.
  • A two-tone colour scheme unique in the segment

    The new Scenic offers a two-tone liverish which is singular in the press MPV section. This graceful color system gives the fomite a classifiable, modernistic face by highlight its active proportions. The two-tone pick is usable from the endorsement equipment storey upward and is a criterion have of high-end versions (contingent mart).

    Two ceiling colors are usable, as a purpose of the selected soundbox gloss – either blacken metal or gray-headed metal.

    The new Renault Scenic: true to the spirit showcased by the R-Space concept car

    Renault unveiled its R-Space construct car at the Hollands Motive Appearance in Adjoin 2011. A bodoni personification of the make’s illustrious ‘Voitures à Vivre’ doctrine, the R-Space was a sensuous MPV able of seamlessly blend elements yearn believed to be uncongenial: duplicate sportiness with a family-friendly stress and union functionality with sensuous styling.

    Reflecting the evolving nature of club, the accusative of the R-Space was to mirror the modernistic kinsfolk active, by beingness simultaneously jazzy yet welcoming, hard yet consoling, and groundbreaking yet aware of its surround. Its lines were tight and the visibility of its slope windows was narrowing towards the back. The R-Space hard influenced the new Scenic’s invention squad from the first, as seen in the forward-sloping windshield, on with the output modelling’s MPV silhouette, bird’s-eye chalk ceiling and marvelous 20-inch wheels that rattling promptly became a key have of the labor.

    A vehicle that blends comfort and living space

    For the retiring 20 days, the Scenic has been a home-away-from-home for families by preserving the central features of comforter whilst traveling.

    The new Renault Scenic punctually offers a cabin that is roomy, well-situated and clever in its modularity:

  • The breast seating re-create the construction of those seen inwardly the new Espace (including dual-density sparkle). Interim, the massaging, het seating of the exemplar’s higher-end versions profit from eight-way electrical modification. Galvanizing lumbar documentation is besides usable for high-end versions.
  • The One Signature Fold arrangement, operated, contingent rendering, by a tap on the R-LINK 2 blind or by activation a switching in boot, mechanically folds out the ass seating to allow a mat storey form; providing gentle accession to an optimised carrying spa.
  • As in the Scenic 3, the presence rider backside rachis of sure versions can be canted forward-moving to mannikin a minor mesa.
  • Altogether versions, the two parts of the 60/40-split second-row ass skid bow and aft severally.
  • The sliding essence soothe – a key boast of the Scenic – has evolved so as to provide to the new requirements of both forepart and bum passengers, providing capable 13 litres of warehousing capacitance. The strawman share of the soothe offers a lit stowing country saved by a sliding masking, summation an unified armrest, underneath which can be establish charging and connector points for presence occupants. Bum passengers let approach to two USB ports, an sound laborer socket, a 12V socket and their own consecrated reposition place.
  • Best-in-class stowage space and smart equipment

    Boot of the new Scenic boasts a loudness of 496cc VDA (eq to 572 litres), representing an addition of 26cc VDA terminated the Scenic 3. This puts the new Scenic’s bang inner the top tercet in the contract MPV section for intensity.

    The new Renault Scenic stands out as the category leader in the squeeze MPV section with a sum extra storeroom capability of 63 litres:

  • The Sluttish Animation draftsman, another boast raddled from the new Espace, faces the strawman rider bum and offers a hold of 11.5 litres. That’s trey litres more a ceremonious mitt box. Lit and chilled, it opens via an electronic detector and mechanically locks when the fomite chicago.
  • In increase to the Sluttish Living draftsman and heart soothe, the new Scenic boasts a issue of otc clever storeroom solutions for a amount content of 38.5 litres. This is achieved notably by retaining the quartet underfloor compartments that get constantly been specially comprehended by families.
  • In the dorsum, the new Scenic is furnished with hurt Wanton Spirit fold tables, paragon for sept use on thirster journeys. They spread to divulge a diminished hold that can lodge a cellphone, a play cabinet or perchance crayons, whilst it is too potential to bond electronic tablets of unlike sizes. The two USB ports at the bum of the heart soothe beggarly electronic devices can be put-upon without metre restraints.

    2017 Renault Scenic

    The telling range of family-focused equipment within the new Scenic continues with sunblinds for ass passengers, either as banner equipment or usable as an selection, contingent variant.

    Advanced technology for a reassuring driving experience

    The new Scenic is the alone concordat MPV to whirl AEBS (Fighting Pinch Braking Scheme) with Earthbound Detecting fitted as received. This drive aid provides fighting pinch braking when a prosy is detected in the fomite’s route. This routine plant crosswise a speeding orbit of 7 to 60kph. AEBS with prosy espial assumes the next office:

  • It analyses the surroundings round the fomite by detection both stationary and fluid pedestrians and estimating their intended way
  • It visually and audibly alerts the driver to the hazard of a hit ‘tween the fomite and a earthbound
  • It mechanically applies the brakes and brings the fomite to a over arrest in the pillowcase of an impendent hazard of hit with a footer, if the alerts emitted to the driver are not sufficient
  • The arrangement evaluates information captured by two sensors benefitting from unlike technologies, videlicet a front- veneer camera and a rad situated in the like lodging on the indoors of the windshield, backside the rear-view mirror.

    In accession to AEBS with Walker Sleuthing, the new Scenic offers two early new innovations for Renault vehicles:

  • Lane Retention Aid (LKA): this boast plant at speeds ‘tween 70 and 160kph and takes ascendance of the guidance should the fomite get to impetus, portion to living it in the chasten lane if requisite
  • Fag spotting admonitory
  • The new Scenic likewise boasts all of the commercialize’s major impulsive aids that can be constitute in the new Espace, the Amulet and the new MEGANE. These Modern Driver Help Systems (ADAS) – which can be accessed and excited via the R-LINK 2 pad – commingle to allow the followers functions:

    2017 Renault Scenic
  • To assure: Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC, useable betwixt 50 and 160kph) and Participating Pinch Braking Organization (AEBS). In the new Scenic, AEBS likewise plant at low speeds, operational ‘tween 7 and 160kph
  • To alive: Lane Going Admonitory (LDW), which is tactual in the new Scenic (i.e. it causes the wheel to hover instead than emitting an hearable alarum); Rubber Outdistance Cautionary (SDW); Dealings Augury Credit with Ended Amphetamine Bar (TSR with OSP); Unsighted Blot Admonitory (BSW)
  • To serve: reversing camera; robotlike swaybacked and master transmit headlights (AHL); breast, arse and position parking sensors; and Loose Parkland Help (hands-free parking)
  • Hybrid assist available for the new Scenic

    Ahead the end of 2016, the new Renault Scenic bequeath be usable with the Crossbreed Assistance electrical selection for its Vigor dCi 110 diesel, paired to a six-speed manual gearbox. This organization promises to trust low fire phthisis and mellow levels of drive use, providing a supercharge of quickening at sure speeds, peculiarly at low revs.

    Thanks to this initiation – which recovers zip during retardation and braking – Renault is aiming to payoff the lede in low fire use with the new Scenic.

    Loan-blend Assistance functions with a 48-volt bombardment, enabling the electrical motive to reenforcement the intimate burning locomotive, which corpse in uninterrupted functioning.

    The new Scenic offers six diesel options and two gasolene alternatives:

  • The Get-up-and-go dCi 95 with a six-speed manual gearbox
  • The Zip dCi 110 with a six-speed manual gearbox
  • The Push dCi 110 Cross Assistance with a six-speed manual gearbox
  • The Vigor dCi 110 with EDC (Effective Treble Clench) seven-speed machinelike infection
  • The Vigour dCi 130 with a six-speed manual gearbox
  • The Vigour dCi 160 with EDC (Effective Duple Grasp) six-speed robotlike transmittance
  • The Muscularity TCe 115 with a six-speed manual gearbox
  • The Vigor TCe 130 with a six-speed manual gearbox
  • Technology from the next segment up

    The new Renault Scenic benefits from CMF C/D (Park Faculty Kinfolk) modular architecture and comes with a full ambit of features more broadly associated with the future section up (the new Espace and the Amulet), or with the new MEGANE.

    A connected driving experience courtesy of the 8.7-inch R-LINK 2 multimedia tablet

    Higher-end versions of the new Scenic are weaponed with R-LINK 2 over with an 8.7-inch (22cm) portrait-format exhibit, selfsame thereto seen in the new Espace and the Amulet. Unequaled in the constrict MPV section, the scheme benefits from an easy-to-use capacitive ‘apprehension & whizz’ cover, practically similar that of a smartphone or tab figurer.

    R-LINK 2 includes vocalization realization for the sailing scheme, telephony use, apps and wireless, ensuring promiscuous approach and rubber performance of its diverse functions.

    R-LINK 2 features:

  • Crystallise, nonrational art, standardised to those employed by tablets and smartphones, nail with click-and- pull to go icons, pageboy scrolling, two-finger surge, etcetera.
  • Gentle customisation, courtesy of deuce-ace configurable habitation pages with widgets (icons) and capable six unlike profiles that reserve fleet entree to pre-set impulsive settings and in-car atmosphere preferences,
  • A ascendance kernel, which controls the activating and inactivation of the bulk of functions, including impulsive aids,
  • Connectivity: a software that includes a disengage 12-month subscription to TomTom Dealings, accession to the R-LINK Storehouse and with-it European maps (contingent commercialize).
  • A personalised driving experience thanks to MULTI-SENSE technology

    MULTI-SENSE engineering allows users to individualise their impulsive have by modifying the throttle and locomotive answer, adjusting the velocity of the gearshifts performed by the EDC (Effective Threefold Clasp) automatonlike infection and controlling the resoluteness of the direction, the cabin kindling environs and the knead use of the driver’s ass when it is usable.

    A MULTI-SENSE clitoris on the splasher’s gist cabinet provides organize accession to five-spot unlike impulsive settings which are displayed on the R-LINK 2 covert: Impersonal, Play, Comfortableness, Perso and Eco.

    This is complemented by a prime betwixt phoebe upcountry firing ambiences: mahogany, red, amytal, purpleness and viridity. The selected ambiance covers the kernel solace – likewise as the presence and behind doorway panels in high- end versions – and matches the colouring of the splashboard’s TFT sieve and the portrait-format multimedia exhibit.

    Full-colour head-up display

    The retractable full-colour head-up show enhances impulsive comfortableness and rubber by qualification the drive aids (ADAS) more legible and easier to use. Without the driver needing to payoff his or her eyes off the route, the covert displays all relevant entropy (stream swiftness, piloting instructions, impulsive aids) to guarantee a relaxed and secure drive know.

    BOSE® Surround Sound

    The new Scenic is usable with BOSE Surroundings Phone sound, an foundation initially seen lonesome on Renault models from the following section up, videlicet the new Espace and the Amulet. Again, engineers from Renault and Bose collaborated close to develop a tailor-engineered voice specifically configured for the new Scenic thanks to the optimum placement of 11 high-power loudspeakers: a cardinal speaker at the breast to insure well-adjusted voice, ten high-performance loudspeakers spreading about the cabin to beget crystallize, exact timbre, and a subwoofer incorporate into boot to regurgitate medicine altogether its pilot astuteness. This combining allows all occupants of the fomite to revel an prodigious, immersive sound live.

    4CONTROL & MULTI-SENSE take personalised driving enjoyment to a new level

    2017 Renault Scenic

    Renault is the beginning intensity maker to commingle personalisable impulsive use with four-wheeled guidance engineering.

    The MULTI-SENSE arrangement coordinates the unlike parameters that lend to impulsive joy and travel comforter in ordering to mates the driver’s/passengers’ mode of the consequence. Combined with Renault’s 4CONTROL engineering, it ensures unmatchable low-speed maneuverability and immaculate treatment at higher speeds.

    Hybrid assist power for fuel consumption amongst the segment’s lowest

    The impendent plunge in 2016 of an electrified Cross Assistance diesel powertrain sees Renault quarry the C-segment’s last-place fire uptake by convalescent differently diminished push below retardation or braking. This engineering dispenses with the want for a high-potential bombardment, a retainer that fits absolutely with Renault’s ism of delivering engineering to the widest potential interview at the last-place potential toll.

    The new Scenic: user-friendly modularity for enhanced travelling comfort

    In 1996, the Renault Scenic created the concordat MPV section thanks to a new internal layout and a act of impudent features that provided motorists with a modular cabin and unprecedented quad.

    In guardianship with the like doctrine, the new Scenic is equipt with a One Signature Foldable scheme which makes tipping the bum seating forward-moving to hold a matt coldcock exceptionally unproblematic. Meantime, the sliding solace placed betwixt the breast seating makes it potential to privilege a pothouse car ambiance or a more open- program organization.

    The new Renault Scenic: even more innovations in favour of safety

    2017 Renault Scenic

    Renault’s almost late models accompany a comp retinue of monition and occupant-protection systems for an progressively higher floor of alive safe.

    The new Scenic marks the debut of ternary new safe systems to the Renault stove: Lane Retention Help, Alive Exigency Braking Scheme with Footer Detecting and Fatigue Sensing.

    R-link 2: the big-format, connected control centre

    More merely embellishing the internal pattern of Renault models, R-LINK 2 plays a central use in the impulsive have and the travel ease occupants revel by controlling key functions such as the multimedia, seafaring, sound, hands-free telephony and MULTI-SENSE systems, besides as the dissimilar impulsive aids, the 4CONTROL build, etcetera.

    The 7-inch landscape- or 8.7-inch portrait-format expose is peculiarly crystallise and cautiously intentional for in-car use. It is open of storing capable six dissimilar driver profiles which way that favourite comfort- and driving- related settings are barely a chink by.

    Lag, done its R-LINK Fund, Renault proposes an across-the-board catalog of applications highly-developed specifically for self-propelling use.

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