2017 Renault Megane Sedan

Renault Megane Sedan

The Megane kinfolk is expanding with the debut of a four-door interpretation – the new Renault Megane Saloon. This modeling completes Renault’s offer in the C-segment and strengthens the blade’s post in markets where constrict saloons stay the preferent prime amongst motorists looking a easy and broad fomite that reflects their rank.

Manufactured at Renault’s Bursa engraft in Bomb and set to hap sale this fall in near 30 countries, the new Megane Saloon contributes to the steel’s world development and the annexe of its intersection orbit.

Based upon Renault’s CMF C/D architecture, the new Renault Megane Saloon was conceived, intentional and highly-developed tandem with the new Megane, launched at the first of 2016. This substance it benefits from the like features, engineering and locomotive variants as its five-door sib, patch adding record-breaking capaciousness for its grade with generous blank for its occupants and a flush bulk of 550dm3 VDA.

Courtesy of its dynamical styling and its reach of features from the adjacent section up, the new Renault Megane Saloon represents a echt upmarket switching, which enables the sword’s up-to-the-minute example to office itself as the new benchmark in the constrict pothouse class.

A dynamic, well-proportioned saloon

The new Renault Megane Saloon is a dynamical and refined pub which features the styling hallmarks associated with this case of car which, in many countries, is hush the favoured personify contour of motorists in hunting of a fomite that mirrors their winner and sociable standing.

  • Nonetheless, the new Renault Megane Saloon is far more just a four-door rendering of the new Megane:
  • It stands out from the foe by dint of its putsché-like silhouette and proportions.
  • Renault’s designers suffer haggard upon their acclaimed expertness to seamlessly integrate 550dm3 VDA of bang depot capacitance without conciliatory the fomite’s aesthetical entreaty.
  • Its generous dimensions (4.63m foresightful and 1.81m wide-cut, with a disk wheelbase in its stratum of 2.71m) underline its status-enhancing certification and ply extra way for occupants.
  • Its silky visibility is the termination of scrupulous process the ratio of ice to alloy (tierce / two-thirds), likewise as its low acme (1.44m) and undercoat headroom (13cm).
  • Fitted as banner either crossways the orbit or in the higher-end versions, chromium-plate particularisation (wicket, position mouldings, doorway windowpane strips, threshold handles and expel tailpipes) head to the framework’s timber and reward its statusenhancing ingathering.
  • Its 1.57m movement and behind raceway – the widest in its category – and its grasp of bike sizes capable 18 inches hue it with a impinging posture.
  • Its tolerant, graven shoulders expressage its sportier manner.
  • 2017 Renault Megane Sedan

    A alone characteristic in the press pothouse class, higher-end versions of the new Renault Megane Saloon occur equipt with a bird’s-eye sliding spyglass cap that fills the cabin with raw ignitor figurehead and ass. From the external, the bird’s-eye cap forms a linkup betwixt the windshield and the ass windowpane to add a advance hint of elegance and nicety to the invention of the new Megane Saloon.

    The new Renault Megane Saloon is useable in a alternative of club outside colors:

  • Ogdoad metal options: Bone Tweed, Quicksilver, Mink Browned, Creation Disconsolate, Horn Greyish, Flaming Red, Starry Blacken, Dune Ecru.
  • One non-metallic finishing: Glacier Whiten.
  • The latest addition to the new Megane range

    The new Megane Saloon shares many styling features with its five-door sib, including its ignition touch which is seeable nighttime and day:

  • The figurehead C-shaped firing touch features LED 3D-effect igniter guides. High-end versions of the new Megane Saloon are furnished with entire LED (LED Vestal Imagination engineering) psyche lights nail with automatonlike primary/lordotic beams.
  • The permanently-lit behind LED lights mannikin a singular horizontal 3D-effect touch featuring Border Lighter engineering. The lissome brushing stroke-like lines utter a crimson sparkle.
  • A carefully-appointed ‘cockpit’-feel cabin featuring refined materials

    The cabin exudes an manifest ‘cockpit’-feel thanks to graven, enveloping seating and features such as a colouring head-up exhibit, a configurable gloss 7- in TFT information exhibit, a portrait-format 8.7-inch multimedia lozenge, R-LINK 2. Moreover, the location of all of the fomite’s technical features has been opinion done to ease their routine use.

    Travel comforter is encourage enhanced by the deliberate care that has been paying to the inside finishing, to the timber of the soft-to-the-touch materials, which are inside light range of the driver and passengers:

    2017 Renault Megane Sedan
  • Materials base in Renault’s higher-end models,
  • Plushy foam-backed cover selected for the fascia, speed doorway panels, threshold inserts and armrests,
  • Satin-effect chromium-plate instrumentate, air release and essence cabinet surrounds,
  • Full-grain Nappa leather-trimmed wheel on high-end shave.
  • The consistence of the materials put-upon for the splasher and the top of the doorway panels accentuates the national’s sensed breadth. The essence comfort is across-the-board, improbable and encircled by a impertinent reduce. In higher-end models, the innovation of the solace besides as the forepart and behind threshold panels are enhanced by two o.k. strips of sparkle picked out in the like gloss as that of the ambient light.

    Depending upon the equipment storey and commercialise, the new Renault Megane Saloon’s cabin is cut in either ecru (with a prize of 3 unlike types of upholstery: cloth, velour or leather) or melanise (with pentad unlike upholstery options: two framework, one velour, one TPE/cloth and one leather).

    All of the supra bring to the esthesis of master puff on-board the new Megane Saloon.

    Class-leading seat comfort and roominess

    The precision-designed seating forebode and render class-leading ease and accompaniment thanks notably to the use of dual-density fizz. The frames are the like as those employed for Espace and Amulet. Contingent reading, the battlefront seating are het and the driver benefits from a knead purpose addition electricallyadjustable lumbar supporting.

    The cabin offers a generous grade of infinite for the driver and passengers similar:

  • Berm and way are amongst the outdo in the category (1,441mm berm board in the strawman and 1,377mm in the back, with 1,492mm way in the movement and 1,413mm in the bottom).
  • 216mm genu board in the ass – 37mm more in the five-door interpretation.
  • The lean of the rear-seat backbone (27 degrees) optimises drumhead way for taller passengers and improves postural comforter.
  • One of the new Megane Saloon’s nigh telling features is its thrill, whose 550dm3 intensity (20dm3 more the Renault Fluence) is the largest in its family. In plus to its capacious load- blank, it is exceptionally hardheaded with gentle approach courtesy of a blanket gap. The maximal lading distance is 1,084mm, with a utmost breadth of 1,393mm.

    Especially closing care has been gainful to cabin storeroom blank and user-friendliness:

  • The fundamental armrest can be familiarised in distance to propose as lots as leash litres of depot.
  • A generous 7-litre mitt box.
  • The front-door stowing infinite accommodates a 1.5-litre bottleful.
  • Unrivalled equipment and technology levels in its segment

    The new Renault Megane Saloon is based upon the Renault-Nissan Coalition’s CMF-C/D modular architecture which it shares with former high-end Renault models, including the Espace, the Amulet and the new Koleos besides as the new Megane and new SCENIC ranges. The new Megane Saloon comes with a all-encompassing orbit of features more ordinarily associated with the adjacent section up and unequaled in the section: a colouration head-up expose, a configurable 7-inch TFT color concealment tool exhibit and the R-LINK 2 multimedia pad usable in two formats (7-inch landscape formatting, or 8.7-inch portraiture formatting), likewise as MULTI-SENSE.

    R-LINK 2 multimedia tablet and a 7-inch instrument display

    Higher-end versions of the new Megane accompany R-LINK 2 with a 7-inch landscape arrange or 8.7-inch portrayal arrange (22cm), selfsame thereto useable for the new Espace and the Amulet. Singular in the section, it benefits from a capacitive ‘tweak & whizz’ cover for simplified use, practically comparable that of a smartphone or lozenge figurer.

    R-LINK 2 is a restraint essence that manages the fomite’s several functions: multimedia, piloting, telephony, wireless, MULTI-SENSE, impulsive aids (ADAS).

    R-LINK 2 offers:

  • an nonrational, easy-to-use port, standardised thereto of a pill or smartphone: click-and-drag to run icons, foliate scrolling, two-finger soar, etcetera.
  • soft customisation, courtesy of iii configurable ‘dwelling’ pages with widgets (icons) and capable six dissimilar profiles that permit fleet entree to pre-selected drive settings and in-car atmosphere preferences,
  • a ascendancy essence which enables the energizing and defusing of the bulk of the car’s functions, including the sound arrangement, the hands-free phone, the piloting and drive aids,
  • connectivity, with a parcel that includes a absolve 12-month subscription to TomTom Dealings (contingent grocery), approach to the R-LINK Fund, with-it European maps and smartphone comeback (uncommitted former 2017 contingent mart). For iPhone users, the Siri part instruction organization can be excited from the wheel.
  • The new Megane Saloon weaponed with R-LINK 2 too welfare from 3D Voice by Arkamys® and octad speakers. Thanks to its exceptional digital betoken processing package, this arrangement adds astuteness and grain to hearing delight.

    Connectivity and charging options admit:

  • Bluetooth® for hands-free use of a call and sound cyclosis (criterion on all versions),
  • one or two USB ports (contingent variation),
  • a 3.5mm jackass socket (banner on all versions),
  • one or two 12V powerfulness provision (contingent reading),
  • a SD board slot (stock with R-LINK 2),
  • Impulsive information (hurrying, RPM, fire ingestion, etcetera.) is displayed on a personalisable 7-inch color screenland set arse the wheel, in the driver’s occupation of ken.

    A personalised driving experience thanks to the MULTI-SENSE technology

    Already usable for Espace and Amulet, the MULTI-SENSE engineering allows users to individualise their drive feel by:

  • modifying throttle and locomotive reply,
  • adjusting the swiftness of the gearshifts (just usable with the Effective Double Hold robotic transmittal),
  • controlling the soundness of the steerage,
  • modifying the cabin ignition surround,
  • activation the knead part of the driver’s arse (contingent rendering).
  • A MULTI-SENSE clit on the heart comfort provides aim approach to these functions via the R-LINK 2 expose, too as to five-spot unlike predefined drive settings: Achromatic, Play, Consolation, Perso and Eco. These modes commingle with a option of phoebe upcountry kindling ambiences: mahogany, red, disconsolate, violet and commons. The elucidation covers the core comfort – besides as the movement and backside doorway panels in the suit of higher-end versions – and matches the gloss on the fascia’s TFT cover and on the portrait-format multimedia show. Furthermore, with the assist of MULTI-SENSE engineering, the driver is able-bodied to correct the locomotive fathom with a pick betwixt iii unlike settings: Achromatic, Quilt and Athletics.

    A comprehensive range of driving aids (ADAS)

    More traditionally establish in higher-segment vehicles, the retractable colouring head-up expose contributes to drive puff and refuge by devising the impulsive aids (ADAS) clearer and easier to use. Without the driver needing to takings their eyes off the route, the cover displays info similar stream amphetamine, seafaring and impulsive aid information to guarantee a reassuring drive get.

    Contingent marketplace, new Renault Megane Saloon benefits from the real modish drive aid (ADAS) technologies that likewise fit Renault’s high-end models (Espace, Amulet, new Koleos).

    These drive aids are all accessed and excited via the R-LINK 2 lozenge and admit the pursuit functions:

  • To assure: Adaptative Sail Restraint (ACC); Fighting Exigency Braking Scheme (AEBS).
  • To watchful: Lane Release Monition (LDW); Condom Outdistance Monition (DW); Overspeed Bar with Dealings Augury Credit (OSP with TSR); Unsighted Smirch Admonition (BSW); Fatigue Espial Monition (TDW).
  • To assistance: back purview camera; automatonlike lordotic and master shaft headlights (AHL); strawman, ass and incline parking sensors; and Soft Common Aid.
  • The new Megane Saloon’s drive aids in details:

    2017 Renault Megane Sedan
  • Adaptative Sail Mastery (ACC): This mechanically adjusts the fastness of the fomite to asseverate a pre-selected undermentioned length. The figurehead radiolocation evaluates the outdistance to the fomite forward and calculates its velocity. It so communicates with the locomotive and braking scheme to conform the car’s amphetamine consequently and deference the followers aloofness. This engineering functions betwixt 50kph and 150kph.
  • Participating Pinch Braking Organisation (AEBS): Combat-ready betwixt speeds of 30kph and 150kph, this organization alerts the driver to the hazard of a hit with the fomite leading. If the driver fails to reply or does not oppose sufficiently, the brakes are mechanically applied in rescript to annul or minimize a hit.
  • Lane Leaving Admonitory (LDW): Fighting at speeds of more 70kph, this warns the driver should the car accidentally interbreeding a whole or unkept whiteness occupation. This engineering contributes to in-car rubber by alert the driver if the fomite adopts a flight that could termination in it departure the route.
  • Good Outstrip Monitory (DW): This helps the driver to follow with rubber fillet distances. A monition pictogram – comparable to the interval separating the new Megane from the fomite forward – is displayed in an visceral fashion in the mannequin of bars on the splasher or head-up showing. This scheme operates at speeds of ‘tween 30kph and 200kph.
  • Overspeed Bar with Dealings Mark Acknowledgement (OSP with TSR): By interpretation dealings signs via a camera, this organisation informs the driver of the swiftness confine in the expanse in which they are traveling and offers to correct the hurrying clipper consequently (availableness contingent mart).
  • Subterfuge Office Monition (BSW): To ascertain dependable passing manoeuvres, this organization alerts the driver by way of a optic point unofficially mirrors when another fomite is detected in the screen blot. The arrangement functions ‘tween 30kph and 140kph.
  • Fatigue Sleuthing Cautionary (TDW): The fomite’s itinerary is forever monitored by a Bosch-developed algorithm, providing both optic and hearable warnings should driver wear be suspected.
  • Arse Survey Camera: When reversing, this camera provides a sight of the infinite butt the fomite on the touchscreen exhibit. To promote serve the tactics, this simulacrum is attended by a moving template contrast and a electrostatic usher occupation.
  • Reflex Gamey First (AHL): A camera detects the lights of onset vehicles and the bottom lights of vehicles forrader and mechanically switches to swaybacked send mind lights. This role is too able-bodied to notice street firing.
  • Battlefront, behind and english parking sensors: These sensors help the driver in successfully complemental parking manoeuvres, without relinquishment any command of the car; 360° supersonic detectors brisk the driver when thither is the peril of striking an obstruction, thereby protecting the fomite.
  • Promiscuous Commons Attend: Astern serving the driver to key a worthy parking berth by measure the useable distance with its sensors, this organisation afterwards takes burster of the steerage during the parking channelise. Soft Common Help caters for leash dissimilar types of parking: analog, english-gothic and angled. The key filmdom displays all of the info compulsory to nail the maneuver (graphical example, reversing camera and sensors). In every pillowcase, the driver has ascendence ended the braking and speedup during the tactics.
  • The new Renault Megane Saloon is besides equipt with the latest-generation electronic constancy command (ESC), grip mastery, braking attend, electronic bracken forcefulness dispersion and mound scratch assistance as stock equipment.

    Features that make life easier

    In accession to this technologies from Renault’s high-end models – singular in the section – and depending upon the adaptation and mart, the new Megane Saloon offers the next features from the future section up, intentional to shuffling liveliness easier:

  • Promiscuous Bole Entree (ETA): a hands-free thrill initiative scheme that plant by detection motility underneath the behind bumper. This is a singular have in the covenant bar section.
  • Hands-free launching lineup and start (with robotlike fomite lockup).
  • The electronic emergency immobilises the fomite when the locomotive boodle and frees up distance on the inwardness soothe.
  • Robotic dual-zone mood command.
  • Het wheel.
  • Best in class dynamic and acoustic comfort

    The new Megane Saloon is a fomite that performs easily in every arena by dint of its offset course treatment and a stove of engines that binding the inevitably of all motorists. Pregnant ferment has likewise deceased into ensuring perpendicular damping and acoustical quilt operation is at the outflank layer.

    The correspondence betwixt consolation and dynamical manipulation delivered by the new Renault Megane Saloon comes from a particular process ensuring the abatement is both dependable and good:

  • The dampers and excrescence chicago sustain been intentional to present ranking solace.
  • The guidance is exact and reactive thanks to improved ability attend, and done the fact that thither are no prophylactic mountings betwixt the sub-frame and trunk.
  • A particular tending to breast wishbone bushings.
  • The arse reprieve joints deliver been revised in decree to amend the way irregularities in the route airfoil are engrossed.
  • The bottom transmit has been limited to offer micro-steering movements of the backside wheels when turn in to corners for a more reassuring rag at higher speeds.
  • Pregnant workplace has been led in footing of acoustical puff and low route racket in the pursual areas:
  • A printing of cocoon-like comfortableness, one of the symbols of the new Megane Saloon’s upmarket slip, by the espousal of effervesce and matt-up underneath the hood, some the hatchway panels and pedal arches, in the substructure wells, in the pillars and arse boot’s sidelong trimness, etcetera.
  • Splendid insulant from fart haphazardness, especially on motorways, thanks to thicker windows too as to outside seals at the behind of the doors, too as by fashioning the acoustical chalk windscreens measure crosswise the ambit.
  • A stiffer structure, ensuring amend insularism against racket and vibrations at idle.
  • Designed to make driving safer

    2017 Renault Megane Sedan

    The new Renault Megane Saloon benefits from Renault’s huge get in the region of peaceful rubber. Contingent commercialize, the followers features are stock equipment:

  • two battlefront airbags,
  • two sidelong chest/berm airbags for the figurehead occupants,
  • two drape airbags,
  • anti-whiplash breast and bottom psyche rests,
  • anti-submarining organisation for both figurehead and bottom seating,
  • ass Isofix anchorage for i-Size minor seating,
  • all the ass belts are furnished with pretensioners and lading limiters.
  • Furthermore, the use of real highschool flexible restrain sword for the locomotive skeleton and of high-strength brand for the rider refuge cadre was specified to protect the cabin in the lawsuit of a major encroachment.

    Uncompromising quality and durability tests

    The new Megane Saloon was subjected to a serial of tests in extremum weather, also as to a scrupulous exploitation procedure to gift it with model route belongings and treatment. Precondition that it bequeath be marketed in nigh 30 markets, it was significant that the new Megane Saloon met the expectations of drivers altogether types of conditions and on all types of roadstead.

    2017 Renault Megane Sedan

    To control its dependability, and in add-on to the tests already carried out on the new Megane hatchback variant, the car was implement 276,000 kilometres on Renault’s trial tracks in weather intentional to speed aging. That is the tantamount of 828,000 kilometres of real-life use. Furthermore, 24 vehicles covered more one billion kilometres in gild to find any voltage issues and fleetly remedy them.

    Done the new Megane syllabus, the new Megane Saloon likewise benefits from a strait judgement of its ripening potentiality. As with all of new Renault’s models, the car was implement the EDAU essay operation (tests of operative and optical strength). Combined with the route tests, this serve simulates tercet days of fomite exercise by repeatedly acting the next actions: acquiring into and out of the car and adjusting the seating, fostering and sullen the windows, snip and unclipping the ass belts, ever-changing gearing, orifice and shutting the doors and tailboard, lavation and cleansing, and climatical bedroom tests (to imitate frigid, hot, wet and cheery weather).

    A complete range of powertrains delivering fun to drive and efficiency

    As an locomotive adept and a innovator of turbocharging and curtailment in Normal 1, Renault is a starring counselor-at-law for smaller-capacity locomotive that seamlessly conflate drive pleasance and efficiency. Contingent markets, around of these engines are useable with X-Tronic or EDC (Effective Threefold Clutches) reflexive transmittance, both noted for their dependability and simpleness in routine use. This locomotive line-up has been trim to encounter the necessarily and expectations of the markets where new the Renault Megane Saloon is sold.

    A banner sport on all versions is the ECO style, which modifies the fomite’s operation characteristics and reduces fire intake by capable 10 percentage. Useable on versions equipt with R-LINK-2, the Drive Eco2 provides a grasp of information aimed at serving drivers to psychoanalyze the way they crusade and issue disciplinary measures to tighten their fire ingestion and CO2 emissions.

    SCe 115: 1.6-litre naturally aspirated, 115hp and 156Nm of torque from 4,000rpm.

    Usable at entrance layer, this locomotive has already proved its deserving in legion Groupe Renault’s vehicles and is paired to either:

    – 5-speed manual transmittance (6.3 litres/100km; 142g of CO2/km),

    – or X-Tronic reflex infection (6.6 litres/100km; 153g of CO2/km).

    The X-Tronic gearbox was intentional to raise drive delectation and slim fire ingestion compared with schematic reflex transmissions. Dissimilar old CVT transmissions, this contagion performs more ilk a multi-ratio reflexive whenever the driver necessarily to quicken briskly. Notwithstanding, the X-Tronic gearbox ensures unseamed geartrain shifts nether quickening by proposing an multitudinous figure of gears. It ensures that locomotive revs and payload are invariably optimised to birth enhanced fire expenditure, rally comfortableness and low dissonance levels when traveling at ceaseless speeds. X-Tronic transmittance provides all the benefits of established reflexive transmissions without the downsides.

    Energy TCe 130 EDC, 7-speed EDC automatic transmission: 130hp and 205Nm of torque from 2,000rpm.

    This 1.2-litre turbocharged gas whole offers the like execution and efficiency as a course aspirated 2.0 litres locomotive. Its calculate injectant engineering and structured turbo multiplex signify it is whippy and reactive. The mastermind shot improves burning to the welfare of fire intake and CO2 emissions figures. Paired to a 7-speed EDC machinelike contagion this locomotive generates the like fire usance and CO2 emissions levels as the manual gearbox reading (5.4 litres/100km; 122g of CO2/km) whilst providing the consolation and reply of a double clutches transmitting.

    2017 Renault Megane Sedan

    At the first of 2017, the like whole volition suit usable with a 6-speed manual transmittance.

    Energy dCi 90, 6-speed manual transmission: 90hp and 220Nm of torque from 1,750rpm.

    Paired to a six-speed manual gearbox, this whole is both economic and a pleasance to thrust. Furnished with a Layover & Starting organization, it consumes scarce 3.7 litres of fire per 100km, tantamount to 95g of CO2/km.

    Energy dCi 110

    – 6-speed manual transmitting: 110hp and 260Nm of torsion from 1,750rpm.

    – or 6-speed EDC robotlike infection: 110hp and 250Nm of torsion from 1,750rpm.

    This locomotive guarantees an enhanced drive feel, resulting of an broad work the consumption form and burning treat. Fire use and CO2 emissions rest selfsame low (95g of CO2/km, 3.7 litres/100km), both with the 6-speed manual gearbox and the 6-speed EDC machinelike contagion. Vigour dCi 130, 6-speed manual transmittal: 130hp and 320Nm of torsion from 1,750rpm. This locomotive is jammed with advance technologies. Courtesy of curtailment, this 16-valve diesel produces 130hp disdain a three-dimensional capability of fair 1,598cc. It is underpinned by a peculiarly effective conception, based upon an architecture derived from Renault’s expertness in F1. Fire uptake figures for this diesel are upright 4l/100km and CO2 emissions alone 103g/km. The generous torsion ensures brisken and effectual pick-up for actual drive delectation.

    This locomotive line-up (exclude SCe 115) comes with an extra reach of effective solutions intentional to assistance drivers concentrate their fire uptake and CO2 emissions:

  • The Closure&Beginning organisation mechanically cuts the locomotive when the fomite comes to a deadlock in achromatic with the grasp disengaged (pregnant neither harmful emissions nor CO2 are produced). The locomotive mechanically re-starts when the clutch is blue.
  • The vigour convalescence arrangement recovers the fomite’s k.e. via the alternator during periods of slowing/braking. This get-up-and-go is stored in the shelling which takes straining off the alternator.
  • The fascia exhibit’s Drive Panache Index (common, chicken, orangish) and Appurtenance Slip Indicant (GSI) assist drivers set their impulsive panache with a survey to achieving fire intake savings.
  • Particularly well-adapted to the requirements of image-conscious fleets

    Renault has bestowed the new Megane Saloon with features that are more ordinarily associated with models from the succeeding section up, boast all the requisite certification to appeal job customers thanks to its attractive, differentiating placement:

  • Outside dynamical and position enhancing styling for the driver and/or the fellowship they map.
  • Best-level low fire intake and CO2 emissions for the section.
  • Unrivaled active functioning and compass of features and technologies for its family (R-LINK 2, drive aids, MULTI-SENSE), to assure and assistance high-mileage drivers.
  • Exceptionally well-off seating and capaciousness pass the everlasting traveling accompany.
  • A proved fomite (Alinement CMF-C/D architecture, locomotive compass) and various lakh kilometres of route tests to control its lineament and reliableness.
  • These are all key criteria when it comes to deciding the rest rate of the new the Renault Megane Saloon – a critical factor the fight of a fomite in the eyes of evanesce managers and professionals.

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