2017 Renault Kaptur

Renault Kaptur

Renault drawn-out its grasp with the demonstration in Moscow of the all-new Renault Kaptur crosswalk which testament be weaponed with 4wd transmitting in Russia. The Kaptur is one of the 10 new models that Groupe Renault’s Chairperson and CEO Carlos Ghosn proclaimed for this class as Renault continues to boom away of Europe, notably in Russia.

The establish of the Kaptur in the pop, strong-growing SUV section testament assist Renault to consolidate its footing in the Russian and Eurasian Custom Mating markets. The new modeling is the up-to-the-minute gain to Renault’s orbit in Russia where it rounds out the shuffle’s crosswalk and SUV line-up aboard the Sandero Stepway, Dustcloth and Koleos.

The particular inevitably of the Russian marketplace were dialled into the new crosswalk from the really commencement of the innovation outgrowth. In summation to its describe, which starts with an exclamatory ‘K’, the Kaptur’s dimensions are likewise particular, piece its 4wd transmittal stands out as a major friend to match the state’s coarse clime.


The Renault Kaptur’s designing, which is based on Renault’s six-petal peak scheme which symbolises the hum animation bicycle, marks a new milepost in the stain’s overture to styling in Russia and the CIS.

2017 Renault Kaptur

“To figure Renault Kaptur, we bear motley the outflank of Renault’s attention-getting innovation with a particular care to Russian necessarily for off-road abilities, traveling quilt and versatility,” aforementioned Laurens van den Acker, Embodied Excogitation, V.p., Groupe Renault, at the exemplar’s presentment in Moscow on Borderland 30, 2016. “It is a real crosswalk, with a rich, expressive invention.”

2017 Renault Kaptur

The front features Renault’s new styling cues, including a bluff Renault logotype set against a glossary nigrify ground. The across-the-board amphetamine incision of the typical lattice features a new honeycomb interlock design, spell the all-encompassing glower parting of the bumper visually widens the car. The graven forms of the cowl and threshold inserts are early boldface crosswalk cues that expressage force.

As at the strawman, a key lineament at the backside is the C-shaped kindling touch of the 3D-effect LED taillights.


2017 Renault Kaptur

The Renault Kaptur’s posture points to the reliableness expected of a echt all-terrain fomite, including attack and expiration angles of 20 and 31 degrees severally, summation immortalise priming headway of 204mm (unladen).

The Renault Kaptur’s particular dimensions are:

2017 Renault Kaptur
  • Duration: 4,333mm
  • Breadth (not including threshold mirrors): 1,813mm
  • Stature :1,613mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,674mm
  • Forepart racetrack: 1,564mm
  • Backside rail: 1,570mm
  • Turn bicycle: 11m
  • The Kaptur volition solicitation to motorists who leading interfering life-styles, treasure a forward-looking ambience and rate puff. To compound its collection, Renault has besides highly-developed a unparalleled set of customisation options for the car.


    In improver to its bluff yet graceful outside lines, the Kaptur features a fashionable, comfortably-appointed, occupant-friendly cabin that can be customised to get a singular inner ambiance.

    2017 Renault Kaptur

    All occupants savour spectacular ease, patch the driver benefits from the highest impulsive place (708mm from the land) in the Kaptur’s section. The behind judiciary bottom well accommodates ternary adults.

    The Renault Kaptur’s thrill mass is 387 litres and carrying capability increases to 1,200 litres with the 60/40-split ben in the fully-folded spot. Lading is facilitated thanks to a all-encompassing tailboard aperture (1,002mm) and extra kick kindling.

    2017 Renault Kaptur

    The Kaptur comes with a advanced equipment box for daily use, including visceral technologies such as keyless entering, firing and lockup for all versions. The Kaptur is likewise uncommitted with the MEDIA NAV scheme which covers all the canonic multimedia functions, dispatch with a seven-inch (18cm) touchscreen showing, a tuner and Bluetooth® connectivity for sound cyclosis and hands-free use of wandering phones.


    The Kaptur is an all-terrain 4×4 crosswalk engineered to meet the weather that can be encountered in Russia thanks to its high-pitched undercoat headway (204mm), big responsibility abeyance and true all-wheel ride transmitting incorporating a lockup gist derivative. Former key features that survive apotheosis for the rough frosty weather that can be launch in Russia and CIS countries are Renault’s Outside Locomotive Scratch organization, het figurehead seating and a het windshield.

    The Renault Kaptur, which bequeath pass sale in summertime 2016, is manufactured at Renault’s Moscow imbed. The assemblage of the crossing in the Russian uppercase marks a boost milepost in Renault’s active intersection offense therein commercialize.

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