2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

Mini John Cooper Works Rally

Miniskirt proclaimed the starting of a new chapter in its longsighted, renowned motorsport story with the launching of its modish in a hanker contrast of cross-country bait car greats: the Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Rag. Now thither is a new Miniskirt genius in the qualification…

MINI John Cooper Works Rally: racing ahead into the future

The creation of the all-new Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Workings Exchange underlines Miniskirt Motorsport’s long-run allegiance to its participation in motorsport peculiarly in the area of rally-raid and the FIA Humans Cup, the fabled Dakar Exchange and the up-to-the-minute long-distance survival gainsay of the Silk Way Rebound.

The 2017 Miniskirt Trick Cooper Workings Cod is an exciting new growing from Miniskirt and X-raid and bound to reiterate wash succeeder achieved yet. Based on the all-new Miniskirt Ruralist, its card-playing kinetics pronto provided a program for the new Miniskirt Can Cooper Deeds Bait and its part as a specialiser cross-country bait car.

To grow a car capable to successfully harness and outlast the rigours of cross-country razz is a gainsay in itself. Still, the Miniskirt Trick Cooper Deeds Rallying has been intentional and constructed to attain and outgo the like story of achiever as the former car thanks to an stern maturation broadcast.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

The Miniskirt Privy Cooper Workings Cod volition besides be topic to incessant maturation via motorsport pardner X-raid in club for the new Miniskirt Trick Cooper Plant Cod to suit as winning and iconic in the cross-country exchange humankind as its harbinger. Concurrently, proficient feedback gained from its racing exploitation program can, course, be put-upon to promote aid reliableness and operation programmes altogether aspects of Miniskirt yield cars.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds Rag: more is ameliorate

Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Plant Cod is a new racer and the resultant of an blanket growth done racing get of the existent Miniskirt ALL4 Racing. Based on the new Miniskirt Ruralist; the car has been altered to cause the necessity refuge requirements and the stream airstream regulations as set out by motorsport’s brass Fédération Internationale de l’Car (FIA).

During the Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Workings Razz invention, maturation and anatomy processes, many key areas came nether examination and deliver been extensively reworked when compared to the old cross-country bait car. The followers key areas sustain been anteriority subjects to return a wholly new unnerving racing parcel.

  • Aeromechanics
  • Caloric direction
  • Burthen dispersion
  • Depress gist of somberness
  • Limited bod skeleton excogitation
  • New locomotive map
  • The supra areas were bailiwick to many hours of conception and feigning tests to check the Miniskirt Lav Cooper Deeds Rebound delivers improved execution with depress fire usance. The changes likewise delivered a selfsame electropositive consequence on the drivability of the car from gains made in constancy, grip and lightsomeness. When faced with all style of terrain and drive weather – from pelting to hoodwink to desiccate dry weather, from flabby moxie to recondite wet mud, from 3,000 measure supra sea story deal tracks to vale river beds -improvement in figure and locomotive particular is staggeringly good.


    The outside of the Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Rag replicates Miniskirt Ruralist and, thus, Miniskirt distinctive manipulation lightness for racing use. It is too one of the areas of the car that has standard exceptional care from X-raid technicians. Many hours washed-out in the BMW Grouping Flatus Burrow with in household drive sports specialists sustain resulted in flowing particularisation to substantially cut draw.

    Because the boilersuit dimensions of the Miniskirt Privy Cooper Deeds Rag are the like (1:1) to the erstwhile cod car, and that locomotive functioning and boilersuit car angle is, as in premature age, compulsive by FIA regulations, the improved aeromechanics of Miniskirt Trick Cooper Deeds Razz are crucial for improved top hurrying on flatbed, clear tail sections and the needful constancy at speeding. Decreased fire intake and wagerer subsystem chilling is too experient with the improved aeromechanics.

    Complex bodywork e.g. c character and Kevlar is put-upon for the Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Rag outer shield, piece a honeycomb mix of the like materials is victimized for an undersurface grade. The use of such materials is treble: 1) enduringness and strength – apotheosis for extra rubber shelter of the two-man bunch 2) decreased slant with greater force, and 3) panels are easy remote or replaced during service periods or if discredited.

    The bottom grade now houses all iii of the allotted ternary unembellished tire // pedal combinations and two hydraulic knucklebones operated from inside the cabin. Antecedently sole two plain wheels were carried in the bottom. By moving the tierce from boot distance to underneath, a depress CG was obtained on with a vary in angle dispersion to better stableness and associated impulsive kinetics.

    With the coming of the new Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Workings Rag, new colourways and styling cues are organism introduced in holding with the dissipated position of the Trick Cooper Workings route car scope. It bequeath have the undivided Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Plant consistency colouration Arise Common with the single Miniskirt Lav Cooper Deeds demarcation ceiling coloration Chilli Red likewise as new intentional Play chevron. Boost Miniskirt consistence colors for the X-raid rival cars are Chile Red, Tweed Facile and Lighter Tweed. The outside invention has been highly-developed in finis quislingism with the Miniskirt Designing squad. Thence, the archetype tough and perpendicular outside innovation of the new Miniskirt Ruralist was transferred to the contender cars, such as bumpers, lattice, cowl, english and poop geometries, lights, ceiling runway and english scuttles. A new dash of racing metal cycle is too to sport at key multiplication during events and is derived from the Can Cooper Workings appurtenance pedal solicitation.

    The archetype invention of the all-new Miniskirt Ruralist was transferred into Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Razz by accentuation the primary features. The invention squad were design to ‘shape follows part’, by purposeful ever-changing the master. The expressive buffer flares are stressing the crease-lines which are real feature on the new Miniskirt Ruralist. The soundbox itself is much wider on the fenders, which is portion to mix an air-outlet ahead of the doors.

    The expressive cap was lowered for a bettor visibleness for the drivers, by enhancing the landscaping of fenders and powerfulness attic, and the broken sounding Trick Cooper Workings ALL4 Outside Oculus Coterie was altered to fit the car. The position covers for the bottom level caparison the scanty wheels are new “Cradle panels” and shape a new innovation ikon of the Miniskirt Trick Cooper Plant Cod.

    2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

    An expressive air recess is incorporated in the cap geometry, framed by the master ceiling racks. The arse is exhibit the Miniskirt typically cascading, a self-assured position and an reading of the All4 Ingroup.

    Chassis and chassis components

    To control the prophylactic of the gang and in conformity with regulations, the figure bod of the Miniskirt Privy Cooper Deeds Razz is replaced with a specialiser anatomy constructed from vasiform brand to aerospace standards. Intentional specifically for the demands of cross-country racing, the underframe is constructed to fastidious standards by CP Autosport.

    Piece the independent bod carries the screening bodywork and ply the underframe for driveline components it is the job of a battlefront subframe to keep the locomotive. Miniskirt Motorsport pardner X-raid devised this subframe to be obliterable. Such is the designing of the bod and the new subframe; ended locomotive remotion, if mandatory, can be accomplished in barely ended one hr.

    Abeyance is provided by specialists Reiger Racing Hiatus. Apiece axle rides on quatern amply adjustable reprieve units (two per cycle) providing the allowable 250mm rack locomotion. Six-piston calipers well-rounded pursue 320mm vented blade discs. To assure uniform braking functioning spell below the strain of racing weather for hours on end in mellow ambient temperatures, the behind bracken calipers are air and water-cooled.

    Engine and gearbox

    Typic locomotive operation in damage of reply, ability // torsion pitch and ultimate dependability is provided by a BMW Grouping TwinPower Turbo Six-Cylinder Diesel. Intentional with survival contender in brain, the 2993 cc dry cesspool locomotive produces 340hp @ 3250 rpm, and torsion of approx. 800 Nm @ 1850 rpm with the regulative 38mm air restrictor in berth.

    The use of the BMW Grouping Counterpart Mightiness Turbo Engineering is an obvious option for the Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Rebound inside the BMW Radical engines’ phratry. The brawny and torque-laden locomotive is airstream proved whole that has captured Miniskirt many major victories. Delivering crest operation at low rpm contributes to its celebrity dependableness and is nonsuch for all terrain weather from acclivitous, bouldery trails to wide-cut surface WRC-like rock covered tracks. Its tractableness is besides an vantage on defect littoral. Low fire usance of a race-tuned diesel is likewise an authoritative circumstance.

    Improved fire ingestion likewise comes with the use of new locomotive direction map. Many hours of examination has completed level greater potency in racing weather specially at el.

    The 2017 Dakar Exchange bequeath assimilate Bolivian heap sections approx. 3,000 metres supra sea floor. Rock-bottom o contented at such high not sole dramatically affects the way a eubstance and judgement plant, but too the way an locomotive breathes and can hard shackle locomotive execution. To full agnize locomotive execution at all multiplication, the new locomotive map ensures the retentivity of the Miniskirt Lav Cooper Plant Bait’s drivability and operation.

    The Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Rag retains the extremely regarded ALL4 racing driveline to position it inside the 4×4 racing class that has seen Miniskirt Motorsport command cross-country exchange competitor in late eld.

    The driveline features an AP Racing hold combined with a six-speed SADEV serial gearbox. Lockable, oil-cooled Xtrac figurehead and bum diffs with a fundamental SADEV whole to bear uttermost locomotive functioning at all multiplication disregarding of the terrain and racing weather.

    2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

    Too serving to arouse the bloodline of Miniskirt Motorsport and Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds fans bequeath be the fumes step of the Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Cod. The AkrapoviДЌ eject is a new innovation with bum exit.


    The cabin inside has been renewed. A c fiber fascia are consists of deuce-ace sections: driver, primal and co-driver information units displaying requirement information. The driver has selected geartrain expose and LED read-out for RPM and appurtenance proportion switch watchful. Velocity, oil pressing, fluent temperatures and electronic functions are displayed on the primal splasher to enable both bunch members to survey. All navigational systems are set on the co-driver’s fascia.

    MINI John Cooper Works Rally: the race continues

    On-going quiz and growth study is preponderating to racing succeeder. The new Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Plant Rallying is soon undergoing concluding examination leading of the 2017 Dakar Cod – the ultimate in longsighted outstrip cross-country survival rallies – and testament be the focusing of X-raid stave and Miniskirt engineers end-to-end its lifespan.

    Talk approximately the new Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Cod, Sebastian Mackensen, Aged V.p. Miniskirt, aforementioned:

    “Miniskirt and X-raid is a fabled partnership. Unitedly we let molded now’s fertile sportsmanlike inheritance of this renowned British mark with the 4 victories in a row at the Dakar and of the FIA Hybridisation Commonwealth Humanity Cup from 2012 to 2015 and we want to preserve in the like management and demonstrate the reliable racing competency of Bathroom Cooper Workings. With the actualization of the new Miniskirt Privy Cooper Deeds Bait, Miniskirt is dead located to widen its clean achievements.”

    “Introducing the notable Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Deeds sub-brand inside the exciting arenas of rallying foray, cross-county cod and the survival challenges of the Dakar Exchange and Silk Way Rallying seals Miniskirt’s committal to this outstanding and compelling motorsport. This racing liveliness leave invariably be a function of Miniskirt’s genes and products.

    2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

    “The competitory launching of the Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Cod at the 2017 Dakar Cod is a rowdy launching so. The Dakar Cod is the prototype of long-distance rebound, where the private-enterprise tenseness located on man and motorcar is same no former but utterly represents the sporty heart of Miniskirt Motorsport and the Toilet Cooper Workings sub-brand.”

    X-raid is motorsport collaborator to Miniskirt and polar to its mod day racing succeeder by providing the essential run reenforcement. Sven Quandt, CEO, X-raid aforementioned at the uncover of the new Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Plant Rallying:

    “The all-new Miniskirt Can Cooper Deeds Rebound is evidently big; is totally unlike to the precursor framework we reinforced upon and highly-developed; it’s a car based on exhaustive ontogenesis too in the twist burrow. We bear achieved improve aeromechanics from this and, on with former new features; we let improved operation from this car.

    “One of the advantages of flatus burrow ontogenesis is a higher top swiftness and meliorate speedup from 140 km/h up – these were important areas for melioration. The center of sombreness has deceased consume considerably – we set most 50 kilos down by about 50 centimetres in the kernel of the car, which helps the manipulation and makes the car lots more well-situated o’er all types of terrain, and aids the treatment on a rallying cartroad with gobs of corners. Altogether: a comp new and exciting bundle.”

    2017 Mini John Cooper Works Rally

    MINI John Cooper Works Rally: technical specifications

  • Locomotive: BMW Radical TwinPower Turbo Six-Cylinder Diesel
  • Outturn: 340 bhp / 3250 rpm
  • Torsion (approx.): 800 Nm / 1850 rpm
  • Capacitance: 2993 cc
  • Air restrictor: 38 mm diam
  • Top upper (approx.): 184 km/h
  • Infection: six-speed sequent gearbox
  • Braking: 4 x six-piston calipers – air-cooled battlefront, air / water-cooled bottom. Discs: 320 x 32 mm
  • Distance / breadth / peak: 4350 / 1999 / 2000 mm
  • Pedal foundation: 2900 mm
  • Racecourse breadth: 1736 mm
  • Weighting: 1952,5 kg
  • Fire tankful content (approx): 385 litres
  • Form: tubelike blade with complex bodywork
  • Tyres: BF Goodrich 245/80R 16
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