2017 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

The new Miniskirt Cooper Privy Cooper Deeds Gainsay takes track-driving operation to a new story, piece too oblation a electrifying on-road drive get that doesn’t forfeit mundane conveniences and civilisation.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

Based on the ultimate execution Miniskirt, the up-to-the-minute Can Cooper Workings Incubate, the Gainsay takes more good stirring from the stream Challenge-specification racer.

The minor, passionate maturation squad, based at Miniskirt Works Oxford in the UK, worked in partnership with key suppliers on the racer to pitch the topper solutions for a authentically believable trackday motorcar. With its super-sticky Michelin Fender Athletics Cup 2 tyres, adjustable abatement and modified elusion derivative, the Miniskirt Lavatory Cooper Plant Gainsay takes made-to-order rail operation to levels ne’er earlier seen in the modest hot incubate category.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

Circumscribed to a maximal of 100 units, the single Miniskirt Trick Cooper Plant Gainsay features a alone gloss compounding and artwork, Real Miniskirt JCW Pro Accessories, and is uncommitted in one set spec but.

A home-grown performance hero, designed and developed in the UK

The groundwork for the new Toilet Cooper Deeds Gainsay is the Miniskirt Lav Cooper Workings Brood, manufactured, wish otc Miniskirt vehicles, at Miniskirt Imbed Oxford. It’s thither that a minor radical of Miniskirt employees had a dreaming to make a Miniskirt that was specifically intentional and highly-developed to surpass on a circuit, piece maintaining dead operational manners on the populace route. They self-collected their ideas remote of oeuvre sentence, fuelled by the trust to make a car that really unbarred the functioning likely of the up-to-the-minute Miniskirt Incubate on a circuit. All-inclusive examination was so carried out on a scope of circuits passim the UK, with considerable route milage too accumulated as the spec and settings of the car were fine-tuned.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds Dispute came to biography in ‘Edifice 71’, a non-descript whole at Implant Oxford that houses OX4 Racing, a racing squad run alone by Miniskirt employees. It can so be aforesaid that the new Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Plant Dispute is really a ‘workings’ car for the rails, in the finest custom.

High performance starting point: the MINI John Cooper Works Hatch

The new Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Gainsay uses the modish Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Workings Brood as its footing – itself the nearly strong Miniskirt e’er produced. Powered by a 2-litre four-cylinder locomotive featuring Miniskirt TwinPower Turbo engineering, model-specific designing of the pistons, turbocharger and fumes firing 231hp and 320nm of torsion. These olympian outputs enable a 0-62mph meter of upright 6.3-seconds, with a top amphetamine of 153mph. Still, when fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox (the lonesome gearbox pick usable for Trick Cooper Plant Gainsay), Lav Cooper Workings manages a singular 42.2mpg, with C02 emissions of barely 155g/km.

Miniskirt Toilet Cooper Deeds Dispute is pronto identifiable by its bespoken personify addenda, including hypertrophied air intakes at the battlefront for increased chilling, unambiguously contoured bike archway extensions and a back coddler. Inner, Trick Cooper Plant sports seating and sports wheel produce the complete surroundings for drive use.

Bespoke tuning parts for the ultimate road and track performance

The stock Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings is a unnerving operation car on route and racetrack, but the Privy Cooper Deeds Dispute’s pocket-size technology squad knew that it could be interpreted foster lull if on-track power was prioritised to a greater stage. Realising that Toilet Cooper Workings Cover’s particular, and furthermore dependable and full warrantied, ability production was already rich, they saturated their efforts in the areas of build, tyres and braking.

Many route cars are aforesaid to be ‘elysian by the humans of motive racing’, but the connection with Can Cooper Plant Gainsay is a more real one than nigh: the engineers off to Nitron for the hanging, Mintex for the braking requirements, Quaife for the grip benefits of a express gaffe derivative and Squad Kinetics for specially jackanapes debase wheels. All these brands append the Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds racer that competes in the top stratum of the UK Miniskirt Gainsay.

Chassis: tuned on road and track

Not solitary were the squad trenchant for ultimate running execution, but Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Deeds Dispute was too to be a car that rewarded fancier drivers on the populace route, piece maintaining daily usableness. Thereto end, it seemed imperative that Can Cooper Workings Dispute featured a hiatus that could be familiarized by the driver to the surroundings in which the car was existence impelled.

UK-based dangling provider Nitron has provided coilover leaping and muffler units based on its NTR R1 arrangement. These are adjustable for gibbousness and backlash, too as for boilersuit tantalise elevation. The R1 is a calculate ontogenesis of the racing dampers exploited on the Lavatory Cooper Workings racer, and is hand-built with many ti and hard-anodised parts to the really highest character standards. Cant accommodation plates on the strawman axle allow an addition in damaging bank, with Lav Cooper Deeds Dispute possessing two degrees of minus cant on both the presence and bum axle. Thanks to both bank and caster organism adjustable, the respite geometry of the new car is importantly unlike thereto of the stock car. Miniskirt Bathroom Cooper Workings Gainsay is supplied with recommended settings for both route and rails drive, the muffler units oblation allowance done legion ‘clicks’, but owners can prefer to experimentation with their own settings to air the car exactly to their own tastes.

For master grip when powering out of corners, Toilet Cooper Deeds Dispute is fitted with a Quaife automatonlike torsion biasing (ATB) express gaffe derivative in office of the stock car’s out-of-doors detail. This proved ingredient, which uses coiling gears rather of a plate-type LSD, offers a unseamed performance without any disconnected ‘lock’, and assists braking execution also as transferring exponent out from a spinning figurehead pedal during quickening. The Quaife ATB derivative workings in compounding with all measure fit electronic systems (DSC, Execution Controller, etcetera).

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

Wheels and tyres: more grip, less weight

Few aspects of a car touch rail execution more tyres, and the Lav Cooper Plant Gainsay technology squad fatigued lots of clip during the developing operation examination unlike makes and compounds to uncovering not alone a tire that gave the virtually hold on a lap, but one that besides worked fountainhead on the route.

The solvent was the acclaimed Michelin Archetype Variation Cup 2, pilot equipment for a innkeeper of high-performance cars, and unambiguously able-bodied to mobilize exceedingly mellow clutches levels without causation any civilisation issues.

Miniskirt Privy Cooper Plant Gainsay retains the 17″ cycle sizing of the stock Bathroom Cooper Workings Cover, but features 215/45 R17 tyres on a 7.5″ pedal, 0.5″ wider than the pilot stipulation rim that uses a 205/45 R17. The wheels are besides specifically elect for ultimate functioning: the Squad Kinetics Pro Wash 1.2 rims write 1.5kg of unsprung people per niche. Combined with the Michelin Fender Fun Cup 2, this angle vantage promote increases to 2.5kg per recess.

Braking: greater reserves of retardation

Lav Cooper Workings Dispute employs well-grooved and part-drilled 330mm presence discs with four-pot Brembo-developed calipers, sourced from the Miniskirt JCW Pro Accessories stove. These are mated with especially highly-developed Mintex bracken pads. This compounding offers brilliant braking superpower with fantabulous resistivity to disappearance on racecourse. Nevertheless, no compromise with on-road braking reception has been requisite, fifty-fifty when victimised from inhuman.

John Cooper Works Accessories fitted as standard

The new Privy Cooper Plant Dispute takes good reward of the Miniskirt JCW Pro Accessories already useable for Trick Cooper Workings Hachure.

The JCW Pro Aerokit, which features depress presence splitters, arse coddler add-ons for the already prominent cap looter, ass diffusor and bottom splitters for extra flowing execution, enhances the already typical, fast-growing outside styling. The c fiber air consumption foster complements enhances the feel of this new modelling, as do the C Character Mirror Covers.

A JCW Pro fumes with c character tailpipe finishers not solitary maximises the current of washed-out gases, but besides gives Lavatory Cooper Deeds Gainsay a purposeful hollo. It can be controlled via a Bluetooth tie-in, offer a pick of Mutation and Raceway phone levels.

The well-grooved bracken discs are besides interpreted from the JCW Pro Accessories stove, although the Mintex pads fitted to the Dispute are unequalled to this framework.

Unique specification

Miniskirt Lav Cooper Plant Dispute leave be reinforced in no than 100 units, and is usable with one rigid spec and only with Miniskirt’s acclaimed 6-speed manual gearbox.

Every Toilet Cooper Workings Gainsay is multi-colored in Ovalbumin Ag, can be pronto identifiable by a bespoken art bundle, and has the 17″ metal wheels ruined in nigrify. Blackness ceiling and mirror caps nail this unparalleled fashion.

Inwardly, the Dinamica/textile national compounding is besides ruined in Smut. The rider position fascia of apiece car bears its unequalled bod figure in the serial, will to the exclusivity of this unequalled modeling. The measure stipulation includes Pianoforte Nigrify upcountry trimming, bottom Green Aloofness Ascendancy, Rainfall Detector with Automobile headlamp activating and Adaptative LED headlights. No amendments to the stock stipulation are potential, and the OTR cost is &quid;32,000.

Miniskirt Can Cooper Workings Gainsay bequeath be unveiled to the populace first on the Miniskirt pedestal at 2016 Goodwood Fete of Velocity and is uncommitted to gild at Miniskirt retailers crosswise the UK.

2017 Mini John Cooper Works Challenge

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