2017 Mini Countryman

Mini Countryman

As the new contemporaries of the Miniskirt Ruralist sees its premier, the tradition-steeped British make continues its progression into the agio constrict section. The new Miniskirt Ruralist is the biggest and near various framework in the sword’s 57-year account. Having been totally new highly-developed, it now reflects considerable advancements in the areas of spa, functionality, gymnastic panache and bounty characteristics.

2017 Mini Countryman

The new Miniskirt Ruralist (combined fire use: 7.0 – 2.1 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 159 – 49 g/km) achieves its unequalled standing among mastermind competitors due to its potently expressive excogitation, expeditiously molded bodywork and particularly its unrivalled impulsive lightsomeness. The up-to-the-minute variation of the all-wheel crusade organization ALL4 ensures drive fun bey paved roadstead, too. Moreover, the new Miniskirt Ruralist is the get-go modelling of the make to be usable with a card intercrossed thrust. In the manikin of the Miniskirt Cooper S E Ruralist ALL4 it has a compass of capable 40 kilometres track on wattage only.

20 centimetres longer than the predecessor model

The new Miniskirt Ruralist is about 20 centimetres yearner than its forerunner and around 3 centimetres wider. Its wheelbase has been lengthy by 7.5 centimetres. This growing results in importantly increased quad on five-spot fully-fledged seating likewise as a definite increment in entrepot intensity and baggage exaltation versatility. The elevated seats office ensures an fantabulous scene and earmark impulsive fun. The ass seating can be shifted lengthwise by capable 13 centimetres. The fold behind back offers a 40 : 20 : 40 tear. It likewise provides a varying list fish so as to be capable to either step-up seats comforter or advance extra depot quad at the back. The trunk mass is 450 litres and can be lengthy prn to a summate of 1,309 litres. This constitutes a maximal gain of 220 litres as compared to the forerunner example.

2017 Mini Countryman

Five seats in the interior, two on the Picnic Bench

An galvanising tailboard ascendence is useable as an alternative. This makes touchless gap and windup of the tailboard potential in concurrence with Puff Accession. The optional repositing box comprises not lone a varying freight flooring, tanning eyes and tautness straps but too a stainless enclose on the payload sill. One unequalled pick is the Breeze Workbench – a compromising aerofoil that folds out of the trunk and provides seats for two masses.

World premiere in LA, market launch in February 2017

The new Miniskirt Ruralist sees its humanity premier at the 2016 Los Angeles Motorcar Read. The commercialize establish in Europe follows in February 2017. From Adjoin 2017 ahead the new Miniskirt Ruralist leave besides be winning roadstead and tracks by ramp remote Europe.

MINI Countryman: a successful model with traditional roots

2017 Mini Countryman

Evening with its framework appellative, the new variation of the Miniskirt Ruralist stiff securely stock-still in the custom of the British mark. A especially various variation of the graeco-roman Miniskirt erst bore-hole the like describe dorsum in the Sixties. Upright same the identically constructed Morris Miniskirt Traveler, the Austin Seven-spot Ruralist had a extremely various midland, and the reading with woods skeleton pane – popularly known as “Arboraceous” – attained furor condition that it continues to savour to this day. The Miniskirt Ruralist similarly offered extra slipway of enjoying the make’s stylemark drive fun when it was launched in 2010. It was the get-go Miniskirt with four-spot doors, a prominent tailboard, fivesome seating and optional all-wheel thrust and a add of more 540 000 were sold universal.

Powerful proportions, matured character

The modish contemporaries of the Miniskirt Ruralist goes tied boost in price of the modelling’s versatility, nimbleness and bounty role. Thanks to its muscular proportions, the new Miniskirt Ruralist has a peculiarly classifiable mien. Its manifest air is outlined by an drawn-out undercoat headway and brocaded seats spot, promote emphasized by the Miniskirt ALL4 outside flavor and eminent ceiling rail. The new Miniskirt Ruralist features designing elements that are distinctive of the mark, including the elucidate tripartite construction of the face sight – impoverished polish into cap, spyglass incision and master principal – too as the myopic overhangs, heavy rack arches and down gain in breadth. Exact contours on the generous surfaces make an attractive frolic of spark and tint that underscores the car’s acrobatic formative and the upright preference of the torso. The excerption of torso finishes includes the variants Island Blueing metal and Chestnut, which are now useable for a Miniskirt first. “The new Miniskirt Ruralist has basically full-grown in sizing. But it was lull potential to hold the distinctive Miniskirt proportions,” says Julius Schluppkotten, Miniskirt Ruralist propose director.

Legion model-specific excogitation elements such as the prominent helmet cap, the vertical ass lights, the hexangular grille and the big headlamps deliver undergone evolutionary ontogenesis. The english trafficator surrounds known as position scuttles display a new arrow-like bod. The ceiling track in satin-finished al are combined with silver-coloured position sill a-one, thereby loaning greater optical accent to the car’s stature. Horizontal lines reign at the backside, with the vertically staged spark units providing an likeable line.

LED headlamps with peripheral daytime driving light ring for the first time

The salient visibility of the headlight units deviates from the flier conformation that is differently distinctive of the stigma. Their classifiable, slenderly unsymmetrically rounded configuration goes conjointly the grille to create an evident battlefront panorama. The parking lights unified in the air inlets are victimized for the daylight impulsive ignitor as banner. In continuative with the optional LED headlamps, the latter is generated first by a stria of ignitor run all about apiece headlight.

More space for premium ambience

In the midland of the new Miniskirt Ruralist, a crystallize increment in infinite, tasteful agiotage atmosphere and a forward-looking showing and operational construct excogitate the procession achieved done the modification of coevals. Both driver and presence rider profit from extensive nous and berm place, spell the modification reach of the seating has besides been magnified. Electric readjustment of the driver and presence rider seating is optionally useable, including a store role on the driver’s position. The contract trunk columns and the gamey seats spot bring optimal visibleness when manoeuvring. At the behind of the new Miniskirt Ruralist thither are trey fully-fledged seating. The behind threshold openings get been exaggerated as compared to the harbinger simulation, now enabling a more commodious entering and outlet. In add-on to inside breadth, leg infinite is now importantly more generous, too.

The blanket reposition facilities also lend to the car’s optimised functionality. At both figurehead and back thither are doorway pockets that clasp one-litre drinkable bottles. The fully-fledged inwardness solace extending capable the board has an incorporated depot compartment and two cup holders ahead of the cogwheel or chooser jimmy. The Miniskirt Accountant and the switching for the electric emergency are besides positioned on the heart soothe. “The upcountry of the new Miniskirt Ruralist emphasises the car’s suitableness for families and as a chief fomite. The sentiency of tone in the upcountry has been importantly enhanced, too” says Julius Schluppkotten, Miniskirt Ruralist propose coach.

Distinctive cockpit design

With a crystallize horizontal construction, stretched lines and liberally sized surfaces, the distinctively intentional cockpit emphasises the self-colored part of the new Miniskirt Ruralist. The visibility of the air vents echoes the erect predilection of the outside designing elements. In accession to the high-quality materials and accurate ending, the advanced, ergonomically optimised controls add to the car’s undivided atmosphere. The trademark primal instrumentate is structured in the board and is encircled by an LED mob that provides a kindling presentation in reception to drive situations by way of mastery feedback. This forms contribution of the Miniskirt Agitation Bundle, which besides comprises the LED ambient light and a protrusion of the Miniskirt logotype from the outside mirror on the driver’s face when possibility and closure the car.

Market launch with four engines

The new variant of the Miniskirt Ruralist lines up for the starting featuring whole freshly highly-developed locomotive engineering. For the commercialise launching thither are two gas and two diesel engines of the up-to-the-minute contemporaries uncommitted to take from, apiece with Miniskirt TwinPower Turbo Engineering:

  • Miniskirt Cooper Ruralist: 3-cylinder gas locomotive, capability: 1 499 cc, production: 100 kW/136 hp, max. torsion: 220 Nm
  • Miniskirt Cooper S Ruralist: 4-cylinder gasolene locomotive, capability: 1 998 cc, yield: 141 kW/192 hp, max. torsion: 280 Nm
  • Miniskirt Cooper D Ruralist: 4-cylinder diesel, capability: 1 995 cc, yield: 110 kW/150 hp, max. torsion: 330 Nm
  • Miniskirt Cooper SD Ruralist: 4-cylinder diesel, capability: 1 995 cc, yield: 140 kW/190 hp, max. torsion: 400 Nm
  • The ambit too includes the low e’er Miniskirt with add-in loan-blend effort:

    2017 Mini Countryman
  • Miniskirt Cooper S E Ruralist ALL4: 3-cylinder gasolene locomotive, content: 1 499 cc, turnout: 100 kW/136 hp, synchronal galvanising motive, outturn: 65 kW/88 hp, arrangement production: 165 kW/224 hp, organisation torsion: 385 Nm.
  • As an choice to the criterion 6-speed manual transmitting, a 6-speed Steptronic infection is likewise offered for the new Miniskirt Cooper Ruralist. An 8-speed Steptronic transmitting is usable for the new Miniskirt Cooper S Ruralist and the new Miniskirt Cooper D Ruralist. This comes as criterion in the Miniskirt Cooper SD Ruralist.

    The up-to-the-minute genesis of engines and transmissions gives the new Miniskirt Ruralist a detectable addition in disposition too as mensurable improvements in damage of drive execution figures. E.g., the new Miniskirt Cooper S Ruralist ALL4 with 8-speed Steptronic transmitting sprints in 7.2 seconds from nada to 100 km/h – fashioning it 0.9 seconds quicker than its precursor exemplar. In maliciousness of a meaning gain not fair in flashy genius but likewise in infinite, comfortableness and fittings, nigh all the locomotive variants shew foster optimised fire efficiency as compared to their various harbinger. Contingent the locomotive, the simplification in fire phthisis amounts to as lots as 1.4 litres per 100 kilometres. The favourite in damage of efficiency among those simulation variants powered alone by a burning locomotive is the new Miniskirt Cooper D Ruralist, with a fire intake of 4.5 to 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres and a CO2 emissions number of 118 to 113 grams per klick (EU tryout hertz figures, contingent tire formatting selected). The figures for the new Miniskirt Cooper S E Ruralist ALL4 with board crossbreed ride are tied depress.

    The new all-wheel drive system ALL4: fast and precise, compact and efficient

    The new Miniskirt Ruralist likewise achieves owing efficiency figures in junction with the all-wheel cause organisation ALL4, which is optionally useable for all locomotive variants. The new rendering of the all-wheel cause scheme not lone reacts cursorily and exactly to ever-changing situations, it is too concordat and offers a eminent layer of inner efficiency. It consists of a ability take-off whole incorporate in the breast axle derivative, a propellor dick lead to the behind axle and a hang-on grasp that ensures just metric infection of the effort torsion to the back wheels. The arrangement’s electronic mastery is coordinated with the Active Constancy Mastery DSC, so it detects any motivation to accommodate exponent dispersion early. Therein way, ALL4 optimises both grip and stableness in untoward upwind and route coat weather, likewise as ensuring improved lightsomeness when fetching aeroembolism in active manner.

    Electric and electrifying: the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

    In accession to this, the new propagation of the Miniskirt Ruralist likewise paves the way to impulsive fun that is topically emissions-free. The card cross campaign of the Miniskirt Cooper S E Ruralist ALL4 enables strictly electrical impulsive at a top amphetamine of 125 km/h. The impromptu initiating, long-lived and most noiseless exponent speech of the galvanizing drive provides an alone new, ground-breaking position on the stylemark Miniskirt go-kart opinion. No less engrossing is the just controlled interaction ‘tween the galvanising motive and the burning locomotive of the Miniskirt Cooper S E Ruralist ALL4. The 65 kW/88 hp electrical centrifugal directs its exponent via a single-speed transmittal to the arse axle spell a 3-cylinder gasoline locomotive with an turnout of 100 kW/136 hp machine-accessible to a 6-speed Steptronic transmittance drives the forepart wheels. This compounding produces an electrified all-wheel campaign that ensures an optimal equalizer betwixt impulsive fun and efficiency at all multiplication. The fire usance of the Miniskirt Cooper S E Ruralist ALL4 as deliberate according to the EU examination oscillation is 2.1 litres per 100 kilometres, patch its CO2 emissions chassis 49 grams per km.

    Driving fun made to measure: Dynamic Damper Control and MINI Driving Modes

    The high-quality hiatus of the new Miniskirt Ruralist combines the tried-and-tested precept of a single-joint springiness tittup axle at the figurehead and a multilink behind axle with a innovation that is optimised for weighting and rigidness also as a model-specific order. This lays the introduction for accurate treatment properties and maximal lightsomeness. In accession to this thither is an electromechanical direction with Servotronic role, brawny brakes and Dynamical Stableness Ascendance DSC. 16-inch sparkle debase wheels semen as banner with the new Miniskirt Cooper Ruralist and the new Miniskirt Cooper D Ruralist, patch the otc modelling variants are fitted with 17-inch lighter metal wheels. The syllabus of optional extras includes otc ignitor admixture wheels in sizes of capable 19 inches.

    Active Muffler Command is optionally useable for the new Miniskirt Ruralist. Two platform maps can be excited for the electronically controlled dampers via the besides optional Miniskirt Impulsive Modes. A orbitual replacement at the bag of the pitch or picker pry enables the driver to quality a set-up according to one of the leash modes MID, Mutant and Greens. This besides influences the accelerator and direction cut, the operational manner of electrically powered ease features and the locomotive audio and switch characteristics of the Steptronic transmitting, contingent locomotive and fittings.

    2017 Mini Countryman

    Premiere: central instrument with touchscreen display

    The stock fittings of the new Miniskirt Ruralist admit the Radiocommunication Miniskirt Further with four-line show in the fundamental instrumentate and a Bluetooth hands-free call adroitness. Options admit the Tuner Miniskirt Optic Supercharge with 6.5-inch color expose, the Harman Kardon hectogram loudspeaker, the Miniskirt pilotage organisation and the Miniskirt piloting scheme Master. The features of the Pumped box including Miniskirt sailing organization Pro contain not equitable the Trace Accountant on the heart soothe but besides an 8.8-inch semblance sieve in the exchange instrumentate with a new graphical figure. It is besides a touchscreen, allowing functions to be selected and familiarised at the tip of the feel.

    Registers driving fun over demanding terrain: the MINI Country Timer

    In continuative with the Pumped-up box and the Miniskirt pilotage organization Master it is potential to use another routine highly-developed solely for the Miniskirt Ruralist that lights-out into the new example’s well-rounded endowment in a way that is both innovational and entertaining. The Miniskirt Nation Timekeeper registers all locomote terminated aslope, scratchy, unsurfaced and snow-clad roadstead and tracks. As presently as the new Miniskirt Ruralist moves on demanding terrain, the typewrite and extent of the gainsay are detected and shown on the show in the key tool by substance of art. “The driver can so translate off on the on-board reckoner how foresightful and how intensively they suffer goaded o’er this character of coat,” explains Julius Schluppkotten, Miniskirt Ruralist externalize handler. The drive billet is analysed based on information supplied by the ascendance whole of the Active Constancy Mastery part. Therein way it is potential to remark how flying and how pertinacious the new Miniskirt Ruralist is exceptional the position of “Street Cruiser” and nisus to reach the “Drop-off Title-holder” class.

    Modern driver assistance systems, high-quality options for increased comfort

    Impulsive fun in the new Miniskirt Ruralist is based not good on versatility but too on prophylactic and comforter. The measure and optional driver assist systems are a key agent hither. The banner hit admonitory with metropolis braking office can be lengthened to admit the Impulsive Help organisation with camera-based alive sail ascendance, prosy monition with initial bracken purpose, highschool broadcast helper and route mark spying. In increase to this, Ballpark Space Mastery, arse purview camera, Parking Helper and Head-Up-Display are too optionally useable.

    The curriculum of optional equipment items foster includes a 2-zone reflex air conditioning, a diorama methamphetamine cap and an alarm including red LED condition indicant in the fin aerial. A tow hobble with obliterable ballock caput is besides useable. Contingent the locomotive eccentric, the permitted preview freight is ‘tween 1 500 and 1 800 kilograms. The across-the-board stove of outside rouge finishes, bum upholstery types and internal surfaces enables individuation of the new Miniskirt Ruralist in a way that reflects personal stylus. With the Miniskirt Yours Inside Styles alternative useable in deuce-ace variants, the hitting inner airfoil conception in the cockpit is highlighted by way of backlit cosmetic strips. An atmospherical mode is besides created by the optional ignition box comprising LED inside kindling and LED ambient light; the latter forms portion of the optional Miniskirt Fervor Parcel and offers ceaselessly varying coloring alteration.

    New from MINI Connected: personal mobility assistant and MINI Find Mate

    Connectivity likewise moves into a new attribute with the plunge of the new Miniskirt Ruralist. Miniskirt Affiliated now goes bey the companion in-car documentary functions to go a personal mobility help as function of a holistic conception that provides accompaniment for soul mobility provision international the fomite, too. Based on a elastic program, the Afford Mobility Corrupt, Miniskirt Attached integrates the fomite seamlessly into the Miniskirt driver’s digital living via touchpoints such as the Apple iPhone and Apple Vigil.

    At the bosom of this connectivity in the new Miniskirt Ruralist lies Miniskirt Machine-accessible, the personal mobility supporter uncommitted to Miniskirt drivers with new advanced services as of October 2016. Hither, somebody mobility preparation enables punctual, stress-free reaching at appointments. And mobility doesn’t starting in the car: Miniskirt Machine-accessible informs the driver of the optimal release clip based on calendar entries and flow dealings information. Reference information and appointments protected by the driver antecedently on a smartphone via Miniskirt Machine-accessible are mechanically transferred to the car and do not deliver to be entered in the pilotage arrangement again. Miniskirt Affiliated can besides relieve regularly visited places as front-runner destinations and it detects oft covered routes such as the day-by-day run betwixt house and oeuvre so as to be capable to inform the driver in the outcome of unexpected dealings delays.

    2017 Mini Countryman

    Another new have in the arena of connectivity is Miniskirt Discovery Partner. This forms role of the Pumped box and consists of supposed tags with a tuner trailing procedure that can be connected to ofttimes secondhand objects and travelling items such as bags, cases, key rings and rucksacks. Miniskirt Incur Fellow is capable to cartroad the localization of any such objects attached to the arrangement that the driver wants to be trusted not to leave: trailing is through not solitary on the on-board calculator of the Miniskirt Ruralist but likewise on a smartphone. Providing thither is a Bluetooth connective with the tag, an acoustical bespeak can be excited in the car or on the smartphone to assistance situate the objective. If the tag is external the Bluetooth ambit, the driver can be guided to the spot at which a connectedness was death detected.

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