2017 Mercedes Benz S Class Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

The new Cab is the one-sixth version of the flow S-Class class and the outset open-top sumptuosity four-seater from Mercedes-Benz since 1971. It offers a typical, animal and scoop figure, the with-it engineering of the S-Class and a comp warmheartedness and twist shelter conception which includes level-headed clime restraint for convertibles. The elegantly jazzy example volition deliver its earth premier at the 2015 Frankfurt External Drive Shew.

Too on shew in Frankfurt leave be a height woolgather car from Mercedes‑AMG in the pretense of the S 63 4MATIC Cab. Its 5.5-litre V8 biturbo locomotive offers an yield of 430 kW (585 hp) and bill torsion of 900 Nm, AMG Operation 4MATIC all-wheel effort with rear-biased torsion rip as criterion and speedup from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

“Later 44 geezerhood we are again capable to crack Mercedes aficionados an open-top car in the S-Class. The new S-Class Cab symbolises our cacoethes for mortal and timelessly sole mobility, which we plowshare with our customers”, remarks Ola Källenius, Gameboard Phallus of Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales.

2017 Mercedes Benz S Class Cabriolet

The new S-Class Cab is exceptionally stiff. Groundbreaking solutions such as the trunk bulkhead made of aluminum and mg likewise as the aluminum behind level likewise glower the bodyshell weighting to the stratum of the S-Class Putsché. The standard-fit roll-over shelter arrangement bottom the ass header restraints features firework foundation of the actuators first, in gain to which the cast bars themselves are touched into office by a gas source.

2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet

“Two geezerhood afterwards its launching, the S-Class kinfolk is now ended. We suffer ne’er offered six models in the luxuriousness family ahead – and ne’er earlier let we enjoyed such succeeder”, says Professor. Dr Thomas Wb, Extremity of the Daimler Card of Direction responsible Grouping Explore and Mind of Mercedes-Benz Cars Exploitation. “The S-Class sets the step on the world-wide grocery when it comes to safe, efficiency and consolation.”

Mercedes-Benz lays arrogate to construction the humanity’s near well-fixed translatable. When it comes to clime solace, the enhanced reflex hint security scheme AIRCAP, the AIRSCARF neck-level heat, the het armrests, the ass heat besides in the back summation the healthy mood restraint ascertain that this is so the suit. In demarcation to formal systems, the clime is controlled full mechanically. This way that the driver does not motivation to take a way for shut or afford top, nor is it requirement to preserve a temperature circumstance for these drive weather.

A loving attending to contingent is too patent in the trunk construct: when the easygoing top is open, it folds forth into parting of the trunk. The cushy top is set-apart from the leftover trunk quad by substance of an electrically operated retractable screening which encloses the easygoing top. This trunk segmentation extends mechanically during possibility of the balmy top. This substance that the driver no thirster inevitably to occlusion in gild to manoeuver the trunk screening manually, providing for added appliance. The segmentation testament not be excited if the trunk is cockeyed such that thither are objects in the arena of the divider. When the mild top is unsympathetic, the trunk partitioning can be retracted by urgent a clitoris in the internal paneling of boot lid, so as to step-up the uncommitted baggage spa.

Extra boons are standard-specification electro-hydraulic outback lockup for the trunk and a through-loading readiness into the midland.

Dynamic profile, superlative class: The design

“With its sultry and virtuous figure phrase, our new S-Class Cab is one of the virtually beautiful and single S-Class cars ever,” says Gorden Wagener, Caput of Pattern at Daimler AG. “It embodies innovative sumptuousness in a really particular way and is an aspect of both casual transcendence and progressiveness.”

The centerpiece of the front is the carbonado grille featuring the Mercedes maven and a ace louver in eloquent with chromium-plate inserts. The hood adds dynamical touches with two herculean fiber lines. The salient breast bumper incorporates expectant air intakes in the midriff and at the sides. The chromium-plate trimness adds a showy capstone to the front. The optional LED Thinking Lightness Arrangement showcases the car’s elegance in aglitter fashion with recherche Swarovski crystals for the focussing indicators and day functional lamps.

The incline pattern of the S-Class Cabrio presents a electrifying dynamical takeoveré-style visibility when the mild top is unsympathetic. Features of the position designing admit a low glasshouse, the falling business of the english palisade descending towards the arse and the amply retractable incline windows. The multilayer, tight easygoing top underscores the fomite’s year when shut. The cushy top is uncommitted in melanise, navy, ecru and night red.

The permutation in the heart cabinet can be secondhand to clear and finis the subdued top patch on the rise to a velocity of 60 km/h. Gap and shutting yield roughly 20 seconds. The balmy top is deposited supra the mechanically extending trunk partitioning. The freshly highly-developed cushy top from Mercedes Benz is a tensioning-arm top. When closure the flaccid top, the needed windup forces are generated by moving the tensioning blazonry bey the deadened center place – a appendage known as ‘overcentering’. This avoids the motive for any extra closures on the subdued top compartment lid, in retention with the gamy designing character incarnate by the S-Class Cabrio. With the electronic key, hatchway and shutting are likewise potential from extraneous the fomite.

The behind underscores the effect of breadth with matte LED empennage lights and hefty shoulders. The shut flabby top with spyglass windowpane blends harmoniously into the backside horizon. The subdued top compartment lid is framed by a all-inclusive chromium-plate cut factor. The arse bumper with diffusor-look depress department, two seeable tailpipe trims and a horizontal chromium-plate trimming factor add a flashy finishing. The Mercedes asterisk is hinged and performs various functions: it serves as a handgrip for manual scuttle of boot lid and is too the screening for the reversing camera and the 360° camera (optional).

Indoors, the S-Class Cab boasts a high flashy designing dialect and okay materials, conjuration up an exceptionally swish national mount. The cushy top opens capable make an alfresco linger that exudes a yacht-like ambience. The cautiously matched quality of colors and materials and the high-quality controls in material alloy or in chromium-plate looking underline the fomite’s extremely undivided lineament. To enable the broadest oscilloscope for individuation, thither is a prime of leather, nappa leather or designo Single nappa leather summation six unlike national coloring concepts, including a maritime-inspired compounding of deep-sea dingy and porcelain. The materials sport the highest touchstone of craft and are handmade in fibre.

2017 Mercedes Benz S Class Cabriolet

Exemplary low wind noise

With a Cd assess of 0.29, aeromechanics humans adept Mercedes-Benz sets a new benchmark therein section with the S-Class Cabrio. The first-class airflow characteristics are attributable, e.g., to the underbelly paneling construct with encompassing locomotive compartment and briny level pane, the all-encompassing arse axle facing, the aerodynamically optimised rack spoilers, the sleek cast of the outside mirrors and the well-adjusted mightiness burst ‘tween battlefront and arse axle.

As a desirable sis example for the S-Class Takeoveré – the serial output car with the quietest internal of all – the spread four-seater offers fantabulous noise-related comforter, too. A three-layer acoustical cushy top comes as received. The outer cloth screening incorporates a butyl bed as a pee roadblock on the interior, as opposed to the former neoprene stratum. This lowers randomness levels, as does the enhanced upholstery mat and the acoustically optimised cap liner. The insulating level besides ensures that the graceful visibility silhouette is not spoilt by bows that are seeable from the extraneous.

Bodyshell measures, the waterproofing conception for the doors and the reduplicate glazing are besides important to the low winding stochasticity stratum in the national. In summation to noise-related comforter, the aeromechanics engineers get besides devoted peculiar attending to maintaining a draught-free inner. The new S-Class Cabrio is optionally usable with the AIRCAP reflex winding aegis scheme. This can be extensive at the hint of a clitoris to slim upheaval in the inner. AIRCAP consists of two components: a lead deflector with a net, set into the ceiling build, that can be extensive by heptad centimetres, summation a likewise extendible draught-stop buns the arse seating, with a bulging configuration and stainless trimness. The modern diffuser ribs on the ass adjoin of the movement louver are a promote growth. They acquire particular upheaval effects to thin the interference story. The winding deflector is ruined in the eubstance coloration on the S-Class Cabrio.

2017 Mercedes Benz S Class Cabriolet

Another optionally usable boast is the AIRSCARF neck-level heat. This extends the translatable mollify by enabling well-fixed open-top impulsive evening at low extraneous temperatures. With this patented neck-level heat, warmed air circulates round the header and cervix areas of the occupants from the drumhead restraints.

THERMOTRONIC: particularly intelligent climate control

The new S-Class premieres an healthy mood mastery organization which in next bequeath ply for apotheosis clime puff conjugated with uttermost user-friendliness altogether open-top vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. The air conditioning experts at Mercedes‑Benz highly-developed a new package architecture specifically for this organization, which underwent strict examination on state-of-the-art “hardware-in-the-loop” run stands anterior to fine-tuning in the mood burrow and on exam drives.

In demarcation to formal systems, the mood is controlled amply mechanically. This way that the driver does not pauperization to quality a way for shut or spread top, nor is it necessity to preserve a temperature circumstance for these impulsive weather. An lapping routine performs the considerable effort of achieving an obscure changeover ‘tween unsympathetic and surface top (and vice-versa) for utmost mood comfortableness. The Cabrio benefits hither from the advanced clime controller conception for the S-Class, which enables reflex soul mastery of apiece nose, e.g..

The air conditioning restraint whole is amply networked and communicates with legion fomite components. Altogether, 12 sensors and 18 actuators cater for an idealistic mood altogether weather. In accession to midland and outside temperature, the sensors too observe the degree of solar actinotherapy. A detector for air character and harmful gases forever monitors the caliber of the international air beingness haggard in. To efficaciously preclude the windows from fogging up, a dewpoint detector measures the sheer humidness on the presence windshield. Two solar sensors on the splasher and on the arse ledge guarantee that cetacean degree and temperature are familiarised to the selected settings in blast in reception to any changes in solar actinotherapy.

With two mood zones and leash clime styles (circularize, sensitive or focussed), the standard-fit THERMOTRONIC machinelike mood mastery arrangement enables an someone feel-good mood aboard. Driver and figurehead rider are able-bodied to mastery the temperature, airflow and air dispersion and to alter the temperature of their footwells in 5 levels, severally of apiece former. The position of the easygoing top influences air dispersion, cetacean process and temperature ascendance. The new THERMOTRONIC with healthy mood ascendance follows the Mercedes-Benz doctrine of provision coldness air chop-chop subsequently start up the fomite and after controlling the clime as inconspicuously as potential.

The optionally useable Fondness Comfortableness box provides for eventide cosier quick weather. The armrests on the heart solace and the doors too as the multifunction wheel can be het in summation to the seating. Driver and strawman rider can prefer betwixt 3 dissimilar heat levels at the hint of a clit. The AIR-BALANCE parcel, featuring fragrancing and ionization likewise as extra air cleansing by excited fusain strain, is too uncommitted. Peaceable Mode is a new aroma which is uncommitted entirely for the Cab.

Drive, suspension, active safety: a fully-fledged member of the S-Class family

The V8 locomotive of the S 500 Cabrio has an production of 335 kW (455 hp). The translation stands at 4663 cc and the locomotive produces crown torsion of 700 Nm from 1800 rpm. In NEDC combined manner the Cabrio gets by on 8.5 litres of premium-grade gas per 100 km, with CO2 emissions of 199 g/km. The forward-looking 9G-TRONIC 9-speed reflex infection supports both a active and a fuel-saving drive fashion.

The S-Class Cabrio is fitted as criterion with the full-support AIRMATIC semi-active air reprieve featuring boundlessly varying damping ascendance. This arrangement sets standards with prize to route holla and manipulation constancy. It can be set to a sportier or more comfort-oriented modality, according to personal tastes. The four-link battlefront axle impresses with a highschool degree of impulsive comfortableness, asset accurate reprieve accomplish.

Ilk the S-Class Taproom and Putsché, the new Cabrio is usable with legion new aid systems that shuffle impulsive flush more prosperous and safer. Healthy Thrust systems admit PRE-SAFE® Bracken with prosy espial, DISTRONIC Addition with Steerage Serve and Stopover&Go Navigate, Bracken Serve BAS Asset with Hybridisation‑Dealings Serve, Dynamic Lane Holding Attend, Adaptative Highbeam Help Addition and Nighttime Horizon Serve Summation. In plus to a aloofness and hit exemplary purpose in concurrence with Adaptative Bracken Serve, which offers hit shelter from speeds as low as 7 km/h, the Hit Bar Serve Asset scheme installed in fifty-fifty the measure fomite besides features an extra procedure: when a peril of hit persists and the driver fails to answer, the organisation is able-bodied to accomplish independent braking at speeds of capable more 100 km/h, thereby reduction the harshness of collisions with slower or fillet vehicles. At speeds of capable about 50 km/h the organisation too brakes in reply to stationary v
ehicles, and is capable to keep rear-end collisions at capable round 40 km/h.

The PRE-SAFE® hitch resident shelter arrangement has been upgraded to PRE‑Safety® Addition. PRE-SAFE® Addition can agnize an impending rear-end hit and discourage undermentioned dealings by flash the behind chance monitory lights at a hf. When a risk of hit persists, the organization can “curl” the brakes of the stationary fomite anterior to a rear-end hit and spark the PRE-SAFE® rap tensioners instantly ahead elf. This fulfil minimises the danger of whiplash by reduction the onwards jerking caused by the elf and ensuring that the occupants are in the outdo potential berth.

Intelligent lightweight design: extremely rigid, remarkably light

As the one-sixth discrepancy of the stream S-Class, the new S-Class Cab (duration/breadth/stature: 5027/1899/1417 mm) is a extremity of the humans’s largest luxuriousness exemplar kinsfolk. Its nighest congeneric is the S-Class Putsché, from which the Cabrio adopts about 60 pct of its bodyshell components. A entirely new have is the back base, produced in aluminum first. This raises the ploughshare of this whippersnapper metallic in footing of expanse to complete 50 percentage in the boilersuit well-informed mix of materials.

Prominent new components are the longitudinal members in die-cast aluminum, based on a engineering which was highly-developed for the flow SL. With the aid of a gumption centre, the longitudinal extremity is produced as a shut shape consistence which is vacuous interior. This enables assorted components to be merged in the longitudinal mem, piece besides devising variable fence thicknesses potential. This way a functionally nonsuch and weight-optimised figure for the longitudinal appendage. In gild to hit the gamey operable objectives (haphazardness, palpitation, strength and wreck characteristics), the multifunction wellspring (antecedently: plain pedal wellspring) is welded in situation in the bodyshell.

Another obtrusive new lineament is the back bulwark backside the backside seating, which serves to reward the eubstance patch simultaneously support the pyrotechnically extending peal bars and besides incorporating a through-loading possibility into the trunk. This bum surround consists of al sections whose feature configuration has earned this element the interior dub “hockey destination”. Two fleece panels, in the shape of the mg behind bulwark and a masking consisting of al sections, insure this gathering of gamey inflexibility. The behind fence is committed via two extra prominent roll al parts to the position rampart. Thither are besides legion reinforcements on the underfloor to raise the four-seater exchangeable’s rigidness.

Altogether, the consistency engineers let achieved two fundamentally conflicting aims: in price of torsional harshness, the S-Class Cabrio eventide attains values on a par with those of the S-Class Takeoveré which was superseded death twelvemonth, patch simultaneously the bodyshell weightiness of the stream unsympathetic baby framework has been retained. The weight-saving measures besides admit cunning solutions such as the shakiness absorber which the hydraulic heart of the machinelike subdued top uses as extra burden, thereby redemptive approximately 7 kg.

Standard-fit roll over protection system: Fully pyrotechnic

2017 Mercedes Benz S Class Cabriolet

On detection an imminent peril of the fomite peal terminated, the airbag ascendancy whole sends a like signalise to the cast ended shelter arrangement. This is chop-chop lengthened buns the ass psyche restraints, portion to asseverate a secure rider compartment. The paradiddle bars are prolonged not by bounce force-out, but – first on a Mercedes-Benz – by pyrotechnic agency, exploitation a gas author.

This is made potential by state-of-the-art yaw place sensors which, in demarcation to the antecedently employed tilting conoid sensors, most preclude wrong propulsion. In guardianship with the S-Class Cab’s gamey figure calibre, thither are no snag lines in the paneling backside the behind header restraints.

Heritage: coveted dream cars of the 1960s

The new S-Class Cab is carrying the hanker and successful custom of Mercedes-Benz luxury-segment cabriolets into the next. Flush cover in the Twenties the sumptuousness cabriolets from Stuttgart combined the exemption of open-top motoring with the comforter and prophylactic of a Mercedes-Benz Pub. From the commencement of post-war yield the top models from Mercedes-Benz were likewise useable in the peculiarly sole variance as a cab. These included the 170 S (W 136) from 1949, the 220 (W 187) from 1951 and the 300 S (W 188) from 1952.

Aft the “Ponton” cabriolets 220 S (W 180) and 220 SE (W 128) reinforced from 1956 to 1960, in 1961 the 220 SE Cab of the modelling serial W 111 was launched, a especially graceful, open-top four-seater, whose designing is calm considered dateless to this day.

Therein ten-year yield flow Mercedes-Benz offered fin unlike models in these manakin serial: the 220 SE, 250 SE, 300 SE (W 112), 280 SE and, as a recent top framework, the eight-cylinder 280 SE 3.5 – in tally 7013 units of these cinque cabriolets were manufactured in Sindelfingen. For the nonce thither was no open-top luxury-segment car in the Mercedes-Benz simulation ambit to pursue this coevals: kinda, it is the new SL from simulation serial 107 from 1971 ahead which cultured the custom of open-top motoring in the Stuttgart blade’s cars – as a roadster.

The cabriolets from Mercedes-Benz are now amongst the almost sought hellenic cars – and the prices sustain highly-developed consequently. Examples of this are the Cabriolets from modelling serial 111 the values of which are cited by the illustrious American Hagerty Indemnity’s damage usher. In its estimate a 280 SE 3.5 from the net twelvemonth of twist, 1971, conditioned 2 now has a measure of approximately 290,000 US$ – ten geezerhood ago the pattern was roughly 115,000 US$. But that is by no way the peak: e.g., a specimen of this exemplar in first-class circumstance was auctioned end Lordly by RM Auctions for 429,000 US$.

The end six-cylinder 280 SE framework (1969) in the like precondition is precious nowadays by Hagerty at approx. 75,000 US$ – approximately 45,000 US$ ten days ago. Betimes 220 SE models are roughly the like floor, with a stream assess of approximately 84,000 US$.

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