2017 Mercedes Benz E Class L

Mercedes-Benz E-Class L

At “Motorcar Chinaware 2016” in Beijing, Mercedes-Benz presented the long-wheelbase rendering of the E-Class, mensuration an supererogatory 140 millimetres in distance. Passengers in the arse of the taphouse, which has been purpose-developed for Chinaware, savor the gain of a substantially bigger footwell region and seating with a server of solace functions. The inner of the taproom is a pic of present-day sumptuousness, which has been stylishly reinterpreted for the Chinese commercialize exploitation high-toned materials. Its outstanding, dynamical innovation exudes fleshly whiteness and casual transcendency. The standard-fit nine-stage machinelike contagion 9G-TRONIC delivers active operation with gamey razz ease.

The long-wheelbase reading of the new E-Class Taproom reinforced in Chinaware for Chinaware brings with it the legion technological innovations of the near healthy administrator ginmill, and likewise offers an evening more roomy ass compartment with a excellent quality. It exceeds the kickoff E-Class Taproom sold in the humankind where both the wheelbase (3079 millimetres) and the distance (5063 millimetres) are interested by 140 millimetres. The bum compartment of the five-seater offers its occupants an redundant 134 millimetres of legroom. The bigger entranceway headway at foundation grade moreover facilitates rider introduction and going.

The long-wheelbase adaptation bequeath be useable on the Chinese grocery with two decided innovation characters – as a taproom and as a sports pothouse. The ginmill bears the authoritative ginmill grille with the Mercedes maven on the cowling. The sports barroom is identifiable by the grille with its cardinal ace.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class L

Design featuring modern aesthetics and sensual purity

2017 Mercedes Benz E Class L

The thirster wheelbase manifests itself in the three-sided windows additionally unified into the C-pillar and a stretched ceiling job. This lends the long-wheelbase adaptation an self-governing incline visibility with proportionate proportions that devote it a active and simultaneously refined appearing. The prosperous proportion of overhangs to wheelbase too contributes to this consequence.

The extended cowling joined with a longsighted, putsché-esque ceiling aerodynamic into a fleshly, big-shouldered buns creates an exciting silhouette. The strongly lengthened fomite consistence is characterised by myopic overhangs, a longsighted wheelbase, expectant wheels and tight clear flanks displaying a impudent, fashionable and active rendition of the have contrast.

The news of the long-wheelbase variant of the new E-Class is too reflected in the headlamps. A feature component is the doubling supercilium of the reinterpreted daylight track lamps. The cheek of the fomite is wrought by classifiable headlamps with a clear-lens invention. LED High-pitched Execution headlamps are aboard. High-resolution MULTIBEAM LED headlamps are uncommitted as an alternative. These headlamps, apiece with 84 severally excited high-performance LEDs, mechanically crystalize the route coat with a heretofore unexceeded, precision-controlled dispersion of exceptionally smart lighter – without glary former route users. That’s because this gridiron allows the sparkle dispersion of the unexpended and veracious headlamps to be controlled singly and altered to the ever-changing post on the route rapidly and dynamically. All the functions in the low- and main-beam style of the MULTIBEAM LED headlamps can besides be strictly digitally displayed and without mechanical actuators first, too including the alive lightness office.

At the bottom, all-embracing shoulders supra the backside bicycle arches add the barroom its remarkably muscular fibre. Single-piece backside lights featuring a two-bar conception framed by the fomite consistence clear name it as a new appendage of the Mercedes taphouse kinsfolk. The taillight and bracken lamp in the ass lights characteristic LED engineering with all headlight versions.

High-class interior with fine details

The high-quality appointments of the upcountry see a esteemed and pleasant atm. From the E 200 L example it is characterised by two all-inclusive high-resolution and burnished displays apiece with a next-generation 12.3-inch cover aslant. The two displays blending into a wide-screen cockpit below a roast spyglass blanket. As the cat’s-paw clustering, this wide-screen cockpit contains a enceinte show with practical instruments in the mastermind airfield of imaginativeness of the driver too as a exchange showing supra the gist solace. The driver can prefer betwixt trey unlike styles to take their favourite seek the wide-screen tool constellate: “Hellenic”, “Variation” and “Reform-minded”.

Too aboard are new touch-sensitive controls in the wheel. Comparable a smartphone port, they answer incisively to horizontal and erect swiping movements, allowing the driver to restraint the intact docudrama scheme exploitation thumb swipes without having to takings their men off the wheel. In holding with the shibboleth “workforce on the rack, eyes on the route”, this allows minimal driver misdirection to be achieved.

Advance controls for the docudrama arrangement are provided in the manikin of a touchpad with Control in the gist cabinet, which can besides know script and characters, asset the LINGUATRONIC articulation controller organization. Thither are too direct-access buttons for controlling functions such as the air-conditioning organization or – in another low – for commodious activating and inactivation of sure impulsive help systems.

High-quality materials determine the internal dash. They admit a excerpt of hunky-dory wood. The splasher and beltlines sport o.k. ARTICO. Another Mercedes stylemark clear in manifest is the high-quality face and flavor created done punctilious aid to item and workmanship.

Lighting atmosphere with 64 colours

The inside kindling makes undivided use of indestructible, energy-saving LED engineering. The like applies to the extensive ambient kindling. With 64 colors, it offers a legion of possibilities for personalisation. It adds touches of sparkle, e.g., to the trimness, cardinal showing, breast storeroom readiness on the inwardness comfort, hold recesses, doorway pockets, movement and behind footwells, viewgraph soothe, and tweeters (if the fomite is furnished with the Burmester® high-end 3D beleaguer fathom organization useable on quest).

Centre armrest with lots of features

All arse bum variants birth a fold essence armrest in commons. Their ease attributes admit:

  • An lighted stowing compartment
  • A USB larboard
  • An built-in touchscreen (optional spare)
  • Radio charging of the cell (optional excess)
  • Het pad (optional supererogatory)
  • As an protracted inwardness solace a cup bearer with temperature mastery on asking
  • In improver to this the back compartment meets requirements for use as a workspace and ease country. E.g., the occupants can, on postulation, command sealed car and COMAND functions from the back – either via a touchscreen exhibit permanently structured into the heart armrest or with a comparable app via pad or smartphone.

    2017 Mercedes Benz E Class L

    Next-generation driving assistance systems

    Mercedes-Benz’s new aid and rubber systems heighten guard, consolation and driver aid to new levels. Dynamic Bracken Assistance is fitted as criterion aboard the long-wheelbase rendering of the E-Class. If it detects the jeopardy of a hit with a fomite ahead, it warns the driver visually and acoustically and if thither is no response from the driver it can bracken autonomously at speeds capable 200 km/h. Capable 60 km/h it too reacts to stationary vehicles and cross pedestrians.

    2017 Mercedes Benz E Class L

    Too included as criterion are Tending Serve, which can discourage the driver of heedlessness and sleepiness, and Crosswind Assistance, which can assistance the driver by considerably reduction the effects of substantial crosswinds to foreclose the fomite from vagrant too far off racecourse.

    The optional Impulsive Aid bundle companion from the E-Class is besides usable. Its highlights admit:

  • Driving Aviate – can mechanically sustenance the chastise aloofness to vehicles before and trace them in a fastness compass capable 210 km/h, whilst organism able-bodied to render considerable backup to the driver with steerage – fifty-fifty on tame aeroembolism. Capable 130 km/h the Effort Navigate can too actively channelise with the driver when the lane grading is undecipherable or wanting.
  • Distant Parking Buffer – first allows the fomite to be affected into and out of garages and parking spaces remotely victimisation a smartphone app, enabling the occupants to assume and out of the car easy, eve if place is rattling nasty.
  • Built in China for China

    The long-wheelbase reading of the E-Class is produced at Beijing Benz Self-propelling Co., Ltd. (BBAC) in Beijing for the Chinese commercialize. BBAC is a articulation hazard ‘tween Daimler and the strategical collaborator BAIC.

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