2017 Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain

Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

From unpaved tracks to stone mounting or engross snaky roadstead to a snow-bound ski hostelry – the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain takes routes where schematic estates ofttimes get to kick effortlessly in its tread thanks to greater earth headway with prominent wheels and 4MATIC all-wheel thrust as a criterion sport. And it likewise cuts a amercement bod thanks to its outstanding looking with hefty flared pedal arches and SUV grille. The commercialise found volition adopt in the bound of 2017.

“No E-Class has e’er been as various as the All-Terrain. The new manakin combines a hit face in SUV manner with the well-informed infinite conception of the acres. This is conjugate with lashings of innovational guard features and the multi-award-winning E-Class midland”, says Ola Källenius, Extremity of the Daimler direction card responsible Sales and Merchandising of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “With 4MATIC all‒roll crusade as a touchstone sport and increased primer headway thanks to the AIR Soundbox Mastery multi-chamber air abatement the All-Terrain is a elastic all‒libertine – for unpaved roadstead, category and leisure.”

Thanks to styling elements with an off-road looking, such as the twin-louvre grillwork featuring an SUV flair or the melanize bicycle mischievous covers, the All-Terrain has a potent and full-bodied show which besides distinguishes it from the graeco-roman demesne. Zing and mod luxuriousness merge with transcendence that leaves no incertitude as to the position of this manakin and trace the flow figure accent.

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

The new manakin features all of the level-headed baggage infinite solutions of the E-Class Acres, e.g. the standard-fit loading office of the bum backside backrests: it is now potential to situation the back at an around 10-degree steeper tilt. This creates an extra 30 litres of consignment bulk – devising a aggregate of 670 litres – spell hush allowing full-of-the-moon use to be made of the phoebe seating.

In add-on, the behind behind back folds kill in a 40:20:40 rip as criterion, possibility up plentitude of potentiality configurations betwixt transportation capacitance and seating. To dismissal the backrests, thither are galvanizing switches set in the trunk and to the redress and leftover future to the backrests. All E-Class innovations relating to refuge, puff and appliance are usable.

The All-Terrain testament be launched in the pretense of the E 220 d 4MATIC (143 kW/194 hp) with the fresh highly-developed four-cylinder diesel. A myopic metre posterior a version with a six-cylinder diesel bequeath adopt. Both models accompany the new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed robotic transmitting as banner.

All-Terrain transmission mode: equipped for off-road excursions

The All-Terrain has Active Choice as a received sport. This enables fivesome contagion modes to be selected with dissimilar locomotive, infection, ESP® and steerage characteristics. A extra model-specific have is the All-Terrain infection style, which offers settings for off-road drive and was derived from the GLE. The eventide more well-off hiatus shape and the enceinte wheels with higher sidewalls observably foster gain rag solace on scratchy roadstead compared with the E-Class.

Selecting the All-Terrain transmittal mood with the transmitting fashion shift raises the flesh in conjunctive with the received AIR Consistency Controller by +20 mm capable a hurrying of 35 km/h. The thresholds for ESP®, dynamic yaw ascendence and speedup sideslip controller (ASR) are familiarised consequently. The All-Terrain transmitting way has a limited index in the fomite presentation. Data displayed thither includes the guidance fish, the fomite floor (spot of the air hanging), the tilt of side and the inclination, the gas/bracken billet and a grasp.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain is 29 millimetres higher than the E-Class Land – 14 mm are ascribed to the tyres with a bigger acme/breadth proportion and 15 mm to the formula drive floor of the air respite. Thanks to air hanging tercet levels from 0 to +35 mm are potential. Main of the infection style, the highest layer can likewise be selected manually with the layer release on the gist solace. The priming headway is 121 to 156 mm, contingent transmittance mood and impulsive amphetamine.

2017 Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain

Design: Striking look

Thanks to styling elements with an off-road flavor the All-Terrain has a potent and rich show which besides distinguishes it from the greco-roman land. Vigor and bodoni sumptuosity connect with transcendence that leaves no question as to the position of this modelling and espouse the stream pattern accent.

The near attention-getting characteristic of the prominent figurehead is the SUV-style twin-louvre lattice with a asterisk structured in the center. The fins enter ir facile. The classifiable figurehead bumper and the paneling in underride guard-look, electroplated in silver-chrome, too bestow to the rich appearing. The top parting of the three-part movement bumper is multi-colour in the consistence coloration and the depress portion comes in grained blacken shaping.

In the english aspect the blackness rack arc covers are a peculiarity that punctuate the all-terrain quality. This besides applies to the incline chick that comes in the like colouring and features a chromium-plate activate discase. Deuce-ace sole light-alloy roll sets in 19- and 20-inch arrange with higher sidewalls pay the fomite a convinced feel, more priming headway and enhanced quilt on raspy roadstead.

The All-Terrain besides features a model-specific three-part bumper at the back with the top portion motley in the consistency coloration and the frown share in grained melanize formative. Farther features distinctive of an SUV admit racy outer lading sill security and a ocular underride safety electroplated in silver-chrome.

The peculiar features of the national admit a trimming constituent in an aluminium-carbon-fibre aspect undivided to the All-Terrain, stainless sports pedals with golosh studs and besides story mats with All-Terrain inscription. The equipment of the All-Terrain is based on the AVANTGARDE inner business, Scoop and designo appointments are optionally uncommitted.

2017 Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain

Engine and transmission: A host of innovations to boost efficiency

he All-Terrain testament be launched in the pretext of the E 220 d 4MATIC (143 kW/194 hp) with the new highly-developed four-cylinder diesel. A curt sentence late a edition with a six-cylinder diesel leave trace. Both models accompany the new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed robotic transmitting as criterion.

The new four-cylinder diesel marks the establish of a new locomotive phratry at Mercedes-Benz and achieves new levels of efficiency. It is the outset coach diesel to use the stepped-bowl burning appendage – named abaft the configuration of the burning stadium in the plunger. The innovations likewise admit the compounding of aluminum block and nerve pistons besides as the further-improved NANOSLIDE® coat of the cylinder walls.

The diesel in the All-Terrain E 220 d 4MATIC generates 143 kW (194 hp) and consumes an mean of good 5.2 litres per 100 kilometres in the combined NEDC cps. This is tantamount to CO2 emissions of 137 grams per km. Aboard optimised airflow on the consumption and release sides and the use of fourth-generation common-rail injectant with pressures capable 2050 bar, the high-pitched layer of efficiency is due to a simplification in inner clash by approximately 25 pct.

2017 Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain

All the components of relevancy for effective emissions simplification are installed direct on the locomotive. Supported by detachment measures and improved accelerator coatings, thither is no pauperization for locomotive temperature direction during frigidness start or at low lading. In gain to the advantages in price of emissions, this results in fire savings, particularly on brusque journeys. Thanks to the near-engine constellation, eject aftertreatment has a low rut release and optimum operational weather.

The locomotive is weaponed with multi-way tucker gas recirculation (EGR). It combines cooled hard-hitting and low-pressure EGR. This makes it potential to importantly promote slim the untreated emissions from the locomotive crosswise the intact locomotive map, with the kernel of burning existence optimised for fire saving.

The All-Terrain features the 9G-TRONIC nine-speed robotic transmittance as stock. Its all-embracing gap (9.15) of gears one to ix allows an boilersuit reducing in locomotive velocity a key gene for eminent vim efficiency and cod caliber. Abbreviated switch and reaction multiplication guarantee optimal spontaneousness combined with selfsame tranquil geartrain changes. This is combined with the transmitting’s heights efficiency, which is a detectable vantage in damage of fire intake.

4MATIC: Enhanced traction, greater driving stability

Whether on gravelly tracks, dingy soil roadstead or ice-covered highways – the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain is capable to meet any typecast of aerofoil effortlessly thanks to the perm all-wheel crusade 4MATIC. 4MATIC is based on the electronic grip scheme 4ETS in continuative with the Electronic Stableness Broadcast ESP®. 4ETS distributes the index betwixt the breast and ass axle in the proportion of 45:55 (details utilise to left-hand-drive fomite). If one or more wheels mislay clutch, 4ETS brakes them at lightning speeding and mechanically diverts the crusade exponent to the wheels oblation full grip.

Greater grip and drive stableness on slippy surfaces are the key advantages of the all-wheel crusade scheme 4MATIC. With the 4MATIC models of the new E-Class, a pattern vary has interpreted position: the single-stage transference cause is no yearner incorporate in the machinelike transmittal, but is flange-mounted on the 9G‒TRONIC as a furcate scheme. This improves efficiency, reduces clash and saves roughly 3 kg in angle compared with the late figure. On top of this thither is optimal coordinated of the lube properties and shunning of impurities caused by assume from the carry-over cause in the 9G-TRONIC thanks to fork oil and hydraulic circuits.

Features which let been maintained admit the concordat designing of the 4MATIC, which results in no restrictions in the inside and trunk, besides as the alleged pre-lock boast. As parting of this, a double-disc clench achieving a canonical lockup torsion of about 50 Nm ‘tween the figurehead and arse axle is fitted to the cardinal derivative. The clutches ring is permanently preloaded via a plateful bound. In the vitrine of spinning wheels on one of the two axles, detrition torsion is inherited to the axle spinning more tardily by proportional cause of the discs. A sustained melioration to grip and directing stableness of the fomite are achieved done this rationale of varying torsion shimmy. Specially in the causa of low coefficients of rubbing betwixt the tyres and the route aerofoil, the grip and stabilizing essence of this supposed pre-lock grip is distinctly detectable.

AIR BODY CONTROL: All-round self-levelling with a sensitive response

Thanks to the standard-fit AIR Eubstance Restraint air abeyance, deuce-ace levels from 0 to +35 mm are potential on the All-Terrain. By selecting the All-Terrain contagion mood via the infection way permutation, the abeyance is embossed by +20 mm at speeds capable 35 km/h. Freelancer of the infection manner, the highest degree can too be selected manually with the stratum push on the inwardness cabinet.

AIR Personify Ascendancy is a advanced multi-chamber air suspension: trey chambers of dissimilar sizing in the springiness struts of the bottom axle and two in the give struts of the battlefront axle arrive potential to controller, in leash stages, how rigidly the hiatus reacts. Furthermore, as neither the air bounce struts on the strawman axle nor the free-standing air bounce on the back axle pauperism be responsible bike command or, thus, immerse cross forces, the passengers can bask a flabby canonical springing that chains out cross joints in the route, asphalt repairs and early bumps. A harder give rank, e.g. when cornering and braking, efficaciously reduces consistence roster.

Moreover, the extremely medium and fast-responding AIR Consistence Command features well-rounded self-levelling for first-class razz ease eventide with the fomite blotto. It controls the tantalise altitude mechanically contingent the upper and reduces fire usance on the thruway, e.g., by threatening the fomite. When impulsive on grating roadstead or accession roadstead, the earth headway can too be increased at the advertise of a clit exploitation the bait meridian allowance replacement.

The multi-chamber air abatement is supplemented by uninterrupted, electronically controlled Dynamical Consistency Mastery adaptative damping on the battlefront and backside axles. The damping at apiece somebody pedal is familiarized full mechanically to courtship the flow drive post and the status of the route – such as in the cause of evasive manoeuvres or on pugnacious tracks. The scheme thus delivers effective route bellow and tire quiver characteristics, splendid tantalise solace, and undischarged impulsive kinetics.

DYNAMIC SELECT: Tailor-made vehicle characteristics

The All-Terrain has Active Take as a received have. This enables 5 infection modes to be selected with unlike locomotive, contagion, ESP® and steerage characteristics. A extra model-specific have is the All-Terrain transmitting mood, which offers settings for off-road impulsive and was derived from the GLE.

The Active Choose transmitting modes shape the settings of versatile systems and components, such as the speed-sensitive mightiness aid for the guidance, the slip points of the robotic transmittal, the accelerator answer, the ECO starting/stopover routine and too the reprieve.

These infection modes are usable on the All-Terrain:

  • Puff
  • ECO
  • Fun
  • All-Terrain
  • Someone
  • “Comforter” mood is the near balanced infection style with like hanging tuning and a consumption-optimised powertrain set-up. “Solace” style is excited afterwards locomotive beginning initially – it is so the canonical fashion so to talk.

    The “ECO” infection mood trims the fomite for low fire expenditure. The driver can accession ECO entropy in the multifunction show in ordering to espouse a more frugal impulsive fashion.

    “Fun” mood is characterised by legerity and drive joy with a gaudy tuning and calculate throttle characteristics. The hanging is loyal, but distillery offers full bait quilt.

    Selecting the All-Terrain infection fashion raises the figure in concurrence with the stock AIR Trunk Ascendancy by +20 mm capable a amphetamine of 35 km/h. The thresholds for ESP®, participating yaw restraint and quickening slew mastery (ASR) are familiarised consequently. The All-Terrain transmittal manner has a peculiar index in the fomite exhibit. Data displayed thither includes the guidance tilt, the fomite degree (office of the air abatement), the lean of gradient and the inclination, the throttle/bracken place and a reach.

    The “Case-by-case” contagion style additionally offers the hypothesis to motley soul parameters for abeyance, steerage and powertrain.

    Assistance and safety systems: Intelligent Drive next Level

    As the virtually healthy administrator pub, the new E-Class sets new benchmarks in damage of rubber, puff and reduction the driver’s workload. These innovations are, naturally, besides usable on the Demesne and the All‒Terrain.

    The engineers at Mercedes-Benz attain the nonsuch compounding of condom, quilt and accent easement by perpetually boost underdeveloped the guard components and drive help systems. Built-in Guard and Well-informed Driving are decorous progressively intertwined, functional in synergism in a cross-system conception. Its components can:

  • serve and supply emphasis embossment during formula impulsive
  • notice dangers
  • admonish, serve and, if requirement, interfere in a seasonable fashion
  • therefore forestall accidents or concentrate the rigor of accidents
  • trip protective measures such as the PRE-SAFE® components as a guard in the effect of risk and frankincense cater on-demand aegis
  • The single functions are joined to networked sensors and, consequently, a riches of entropy some the fomite and its surround – including an enhanced multi-purpose two-channel camera butt the windshield and new multi-stage rad sensors with adjustable grasp and initiative tilt about the fomite addition tried-and-tested sensors such as supersonic sensors and the 360° camera. The combined use of information from the sensors allows psychoanalysis of composite dealings situations, bettor spying of potentiality dangers on the route and, thus, the power to boost raise the capabilities of the rubber and help systems. To be capable to propose optimum aid likewise in frigid weather, the latest-generation strawman radiolocation is fitted with supposed Radom heat, which efficaciously prevents the detector organism interfered with by bamboozle.

    Extensive assistance systems already as standard

    Participating Bracken Assistance is fitted as measure. This farther sophisticated scheme can allow efficacious aid in mitigating the hardness of rear-end collisions or flush in preventing them whole. To this end, the radar-based organisation invariably monitors the expanse of dealings ahead of the fomite, and can settle the aloofness and hurrying of the vehicles forward. If the followers length drops importantly downstairs the refuge brink at speeds supra 30 km/h, the organization gives the driver a optic admonitory. If, in the speeding reach ‘tween 7 and 250 km/h, it detects an penetrating jeopardy of hit because of slower or stopped-up vehicles or, in the swiftness ambit ‘tween 7 and 80 km/h, because of stationary vehicles or hybridisation pedestrians, the arrangement gives the driver an extra hearable cautionary. It too computes the bracken press requisite to forbid a hit, if this is lull potential. If, having been warned, the driver so stairs on the bracken wheel, the scheme is subject of boosting deficient braking pressing in contrast with the inevitably of the berth. In so doing, it makes the better potential use of the unexpended aloofness in rescript to leave-taking the vehicles buns way to bracken.

    If the driver fails to answer, Fighting Bracken Attend can go one footfall farther and, if the risk of hit persists, can execute self-governing braking for slower moving and fillet vehicles at speeds of capable 200 km/h to extenuate the hardness of the stroke and ideally forestall the hit wholly. The organization besides brakes if stationary vehicles or interbreeding pedestrians are detected capable a hurrying of round 60 km/h, and can preclude collisions capable 50 km/h, contingent the berth.

    Tending Serve with adjustable predisposition, which can admonish the driver in seasonable mode of heedlessness and somnolence, is too included as stock. Crosswind Assistance supports the driver by serving to well countermine disturbances such as potent gusts of twist by agency of unilateral braking via ESP®.

    2017 Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain

    DRIVE PILOT: Intelligent Drive next Level in the Driving Assistance package

    The All-Terrain optionally offers extra assist systems, the key innovations of which deliver been combined in a new Drive Help box. The almost significant functions admit semi-autonomous drive on motorways, land roadstead and flush in the metropolis too as help when ever-changing lanes on multi-lane roadstead, e.g. when passing. Moreover, the help systems are subject in progressively situations of autonomously braking the fomite if needed and providing alive aid during evasive manoeuvres.

    The centerpiece of the Impulsive Assist parcel is Ride Aviate. This assist arrangement, as Outstrip Fender DISTRONIC, mechanically maintains the right outstrip to vehicles before by adjusting the car’s higher craved velocity thereto of a slower-moving fomite forwards ahead accelerating clog to the coveted hurrying erstwhile the way forwards is elucidate again. With its Steerage Fender subfunction, it can likewise hold the E‒Grade in lane capable speeds of 210 km/h. This can micturate liveliness easier for the driver, who no thirster necessarily to control the bracken or gas during rule drive and too receives flock of guidance aid – evening on aeroembolism.

    For predilection, Crusade Navigate uses an enhanced multi-purpose stereophony camera bottom the windshield and new rad sensors below the grille and the bum bumper to notice route markings, the fomite ahead and too its environs. Therefore, at speeds capable 130 km/h, it is not contingent clear seeable lane markings as it can proceed to interfere actively, comparable in a cloud, if the lines on the route are unreadable, e.g. at roadworks, or eventide if thither are no lines on the route at all.

    If COMAND On-line is fitted, Cause Original can render enhanced solace done the selectable Amphetamine Confine Buffer subfunction. By way of Aloofness Original DISTRONIC, it can autonomously aline the fomite’s swiftness in reception to camera-detected fastness limits, including gantries and signs at roadworks, or speeding limits logged in the pilotage organization, such as 50 km/h in built-up areas or 100 km/h on land roadstead.

    Contempt combat-ready longitudinal and transversal counselling with enhanced direction help, Thrust Original continues to be intentional as a semi-automated help arrangement in which the driver necessarily to support their men on the wheel. On the one mitt, this is a proficient essential, patch, on the early, it is a effectual necessary. Reasoning hands-on sleuthing provides a observably increased client profit piece fetching bill of, e.g., fomite fastness or route character and curve. This can proceeds the press off the driver and ply help, peculiarly in bumper-to-bumper or engorged dealings, yet too on farsighted journeys. A share is too made by the levelheaded and navigation-based excogitation of the automatonlike re-start subsequently machinelike fillet in stop-and-go dealings and dealings jams, such as on motorways capable 30 seconds.

    Participating Pinch Stoppage Aid can bracken the fomite to a stalemate in its lane if it detects that the driver is permanently not winning ascendence piece on the actuate. If thither is no wheel move concluded a yearner flow when the Direction Original is dynamic, the organization gives the driver a ocular and hearable instigate to spot his/her manpower on the rack. If, astern existence repeatedly warned, the driver does not oppose by steerage, accelerating, braking or urgent a Touching Command component, the fomite safely decelerates to a tie-up in its lane and warns the dealings ass victimization the fortune admonitory flashers.

    Lane-changing made easy

    Exceptional Thrust Fender innovations admit an Participating Lane-change Help, which assists the driver when ever-changing lanes, e.g. when passing on multi-lane roadstead. Erst the driver has indicated to number for leastwise two seconds, the Dynamic Lane-change Help helps with guidance the fomite into the craved next lane if it detects that the lane is untenanted. The driver just monitors the variety of lane. It is irrelevant whether the driver wants to go to the right lane or alteration to the remaining lane for passing. This is made potential by substance of a long-range rad and the two-channel camera which proctor the expanse before of the fomite. Multi-mode radars continually checkout the domain towards the bottom and to the slope.

    The criteria for surgery of Dynamic Lane Vary Help are:

  • functioning of the blinker for thirster than two seconds
  • the untenanted district spying arrangement allows a lane variety inside deuce-ace seconds
  • Guidance Fender is excited
  • fomite traveling on a multi-lane, motorway-like route, detected via the pilotage faculty structured into COMAND On-line
  • amphetamine ‘tween 80 and 180 km/h
  • Fighting lane commute is aborted by the organisation if the detector scheme detects an obstruction, no yearner sees lane markings, the driver countersteers or Steerage Fender is switched off.

    Automatic braking in an emergency

    Foster assist is provided by an Dynamic Bracken Help with a importantly protracted functionality compared with the measure introductory functions. Its job is to discourage the driver of impendent collisions, to optimally assistance them during pinch braking and, if requirement, likewise to enlightened self-directed braking. Mercedes-Benz’s accusative is so to forestall collisions or leastways to thin their consequences.

    Combat-ready Bracken Assistance alike uses the radian sensors installed in the fomite too as the multi-purpose stereophonic camera. These enable it to find whether the fomite before is deceleration devour, fillet or is stationary. If the scheme detects a jeopardy of hit and the driver fails to answer to a hit admonitory or is recent responding, the arrangement mechanically initiates independent braking.

    The cross-traffic part of Combat-ready Bracken Help likewise detects cross-traffic and pedestrians in the peril country before of the fomite. Too in these cases, Fighting Bracken Help beginning warns the driver if thither is a chance of hit, providing assist if the driver fails to bracken arduous decent. If the driver fails to oppose, the organisation initiates braking mechanically. If a prosy enters the risk expanse comparatively belated, the aid arrangement brakes simultaneously with the admonition to let the swiftness of the fomite to be decreased quicker.

    Combat-ready Bracken Attend is participating in a upper grasp from 7 to 250 km/h for moving vehicles and can oppose to stationary vehicles ‘tween 7 and 100 km/h. Below idealistic weather, it can frankincense preclude a hit with a stationary fomite capable some 70 km/h and a hit with pedestrians capable a velocity of some 65 km/h. In end-of-tailback scenarios with no chance for maneuver, Alive Bracken Assistance can mechanically interpose compensate to 130 km/h and, ideally, whole foreclose such peculiarly unsafe rear-end collisions capable 100 km/h. Contingent the post, the cross-traffic office is subject of preventing collisions with hybridizing dealings in a hurrying ambit capable some 70 km/h or reduction the rigor of the hit. The arrangement thence broadly makes a meaning donation to preventing accidents or reduction their harshness.

    Safe evasive action

    Highlights of the Drive Help packet admit Evasive Steerage Assistance. This can avail the driver to debar a footer detected by the assist organisation victimisation the radiolocation sensors and multi-purpose stereophony camera. If the driver initiates an evasive operate by turn the wheel, the scheme provides assist by adding exactly measured direction torsion to accompaniment the cause of the wheel. This torsion helps the driver to debar the prosaic in a controlled way then makes it easier to unbend the fomite up again so that it can thrust yesteryear safely. Spell the ism ass Evasive Steerage Aid is to offer the driver with important aid, the enterprisingness to takings manoeuvre moldiness arrive from the driver. This is because, if maneuver were robotic, a antecedently neglectful driver mightiness be so surprised by the unwritten motility of the wheel that they mightiness respond wrongly and, e.g., endeavour intuitively to bullock in the contrary focussing.

    Proven assistance systems

    2017 Mercedes Benz E Class All Terrain

    The reasoning aid systems in the new Impulsive Assist software too admit, e.g., proved systems that get been promote highly-developed in footing of their style of performance and the sensors they use. Alive Lane Holding Assistance can avail closure the driver from accidentally ever-changing lane, this organism through by restorative colored coating of the brakes in the showcase of self-colored or disordered lines and hazard of hit, e.g. with onset dealings or flying passing vehicles. Dynamic Subterfuge Smirch Assistance can now besides admonish of the jeopardy of a sidelong hit in distinctive urban dealings at low speeds and, in gain, as ahead, correctively interpose at the conclusion mo to foreclose a sidelong hit, e.g. with cyclists, at speeds supra 30 km/h and actuate the PRE-SAFE® bang tensioners. PRE-SAFE® Asset can protect against collisions with chase dealings and their impacts on the occupants by admonition the fomite buns, energizing the PRE-SAFE® bash tensioners and, if stationary, by applying the brakes to stopover the fomite from organism shunted.

    Infotainment: Very well entertained and connected

    In the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz has debuted an all-new COMAND On-line coevals. One of many highlights is the radiocommunication integrating of smartphones.

    Mercedes-Benz has ushered in a new era of digitalization and networking in the E-Class. This includes casual integrating of the smartphone into the fomite’s docudrama organization by substance of capacitive aery pairing and radio charging. This way that wandering phones can be supercharged wirelessly and simultaneously attached to the fomite’s outside antenna. This dispenses with the pauperism to breakthrough a fireplug and link a wire.

    Just spot the gimmick on the charging pad at the presence of the center solace and ghost the “NFC” logotype to colligate the smartphone with the multimedia via Dear Battleground Communicating (NFC). The inducive charging pad measures 153 x 90 millimetres and is desirable for nomadic devices that either documentation the Qi criterion or can be upgraded to this banner. Earphone calls can so be made via the Bluetooth® hands-free arrangement. Thither is another vantage: exploitation Approach Battleground Communicating, the client’s smartphone becomes the digital fomite key with which the car can be locked and unsecured besides as started.

    If the fomite is equipt with COMAND On-line, it is too potential to use Apple’s smartphone-based docudrama scheme CarPlay® besides as Google’s Humanoid Automobile&craft;. If a like smartphone is affiliated by USB, the client can, if coveted, switching to the CarPlay® or Humanoid Car port. Release web browse is potential when the fomite is stationary thanks to the unified SIM add-in in the communications faculty. With COMAND On-line, Mercedes-Benz apps can likewise be victimized patch drive.

    Internet and diverse data sources: even for the base version

    In summation to COMAND On-line, the Sound 20 USB/GPS docudrama systems with on-line capableness are useable. Similar COMAND On-line, they are furnished with a Bluetooth® hands-free arrangement.

    Sound and television playback is potential from diverse sources with all trey variants. E.g. via Bluetooth® or USB reefer. COMAND On-line too offers structured hotspot functionality. It allows passengers altogether seating to tie dissimilar WiFi-capable devices, such as laptop or lozenge computers, to the cyberspace.

    Navigation: photo-realistic building display

    The Sound 20 GPS offers entry-level piloting on an SD add-in. It can be optionally supplemented with the Garmin® MAP Aviate sailing organization.

    COMAND On-line offers immobile 3D hard-drive seafaring with topographic map presentation, photo-realistic 3D buildings and 3D map rotations. The scheme presents its capacity interactively and includes features such as an alive range.

    Live Traffic Information: the very latest traffic data

    First, comp info is displayed on the seafaring map: in summation to intensity of dealings in existent meter, e.g., besides Car-to-X cautionary messages, the conditions, fill stations including flow fire prices on the E 220 d All-Terrain and vacant parking spaces.

    Whereas the comrade Survive Dealings Data was antecedently reserved for COMAND On-line, the E-Class fifty-fifty offers this routine with the Sound 20 GPS with Garmin® MAP Cowcatcher arrangement. Exist Dealings Info allows the receipt of latest and precise dealings entropy, which is updated by the arrangement every two transactions on the Garmin® MAP Original scheme or COMAND On-line. Pickings the stream fomite placement into history when requesting dealings info too ensures that the enquiring vehicles experience all the dealings entropy of relevancy to them. The standard dealings info is based on supposed “Vagabond Car Information” the key engineering for exact acquirement of dealings information.

    Concierge service: personal support

    Evening the Mercedes me associate Banner Services piddle liveliness for Mercedes-Benz drivers easier well-rounded – e.g., fomite nosology in the consequence of a decompose or an fortuity. The optional Distant On-line Services earmark drivers to colligate to their fomite from anyplace and at any clock, to admission fomite entropy and to remotely actuate a sort of functions. The orbit of functions includes Fomite Tracker, Removed Doorway Lockup and Unlocking, and Scheduling of Adjunct Heat. This deeds both with the Mercedes me app (uncommitted for iOS and Humanoid) and via the Mercedes me Portal (www.mercedes.me).

    And the new Concierge Avail gives active customers a riches of personalized assist, from fashioning a eatery reserve to obtaining tips astir holidaymaker routes, info on ethnical and betting events and bookings done to sending pilotage destinations direct to the fomite.

    Gaining admittance is square: registered Mercedes me colligate users can prove a phone connectedness with the Concierge Help in a predetermined nomenclature in 19 countries crosswise Europe victimisation either the iCall clit in the smash panel or the Mercedes me app. The personal helper takes tending of everything else.

    Frontbass system: a truly special listening experience

    The Frontbass scheme in the E-Class delivers a especial hearing feel as banner. It uses the infinite in the crossing mem and slope phallus of the structure as a sonority bedchamber for the deep speakers.

    The touchstone sound organisation has an turnout of 4 x 25 watts and septenary speakers. The Burmester® beleaguer voice arrangement is optionally usable for superordinate hearing pleasance. It drives 13 speakers with a 9‒channelize DSP amplifier and delivers a tally organization superpower of 640 watts. All the speakers are additionally optimised for operation with the bounty strait organization.

    Rear Seat Entertainment System: Elegant plug-in solution

    In a few unproblematic stairs, the arse workbench behind in the E-Class becomes a communications heart and a celluloid courtesy of iPad® Back Arse Consolidation Stopper & Gambol. The arrangement is a reefer growing of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH.

    A necessary for the add-in resolution for iPad® is the optional additional in the pretext of the “preinstallation for amusement and consolation”, a slot in the backrests of the driver and breast rider seating. The preinstallation provides a commodious worldwide association to the fomite with structured mightiness cater for a diverseness of amusement and ease equipment. The scheme has a timbre feeling and is steadfastly shut by agency of a flaps in the colouring of the bottom dorsum part. The dither is alone unbolted on intromission of a desirable bearer.

    The bearer, which is usable as a unfeigned supplement from Mercedes-Benz sales outlets, can reconcile a sort of accessories, e.g. the iPad® Bottom Bottom Integrating Hack & Frolic. This rocker is uncommitted for the iPad® 4, Air and Air 2.

    Two seconds subsequently inserting the bearer, the gimmick is mechanically machine-accessible to the superpower add via sliding contacts (12 V, max. 6 A). The birthplace for the iPad® is located on the bearer and locked in situation. Afterwards inserting the pill in the birthplace, the iPad® is mechanically aerated at 2.1 A. The bearer has an extra USB larboard. This enables otc devices to be powered, such as smartphones (1.2 A). The bearer can be familiarized to the rectify wake slant and revolved done 180 degrees, therefore enabling the lozenge to be exploited vertically.

    The slot is intentional as a ecumenical port for another supplement, e.g. a cake hanger, fold tabularize, bearer for tab PC and activeness cam bearer (grocery plunge in Adjoin 2017). These fill all statutory guard regulations,a s good as the intragroup condom regulations of Mercedes-Benz. These admit a nous hob tryout pursuant to ECE R 21 also as former sledge clang tests.

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