2017 Mercedes Benz C63 Amg Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Cabriolet

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 Cab combines an intensifier alfresco atmosphere with the AMG V8 locomotive to produce an elating execution see. The biturbo locomotive highly-developed in Affalterbach is uncommitted in two yield ratings with 350 kW (476 hp) or 375 kW (510 hp) and provides execution on a par with a sports car. Flared cycle arches at the battlefront and ass, the all-encompassing racecourse and the enceinte wheels emphasise the herculean looks. The quick longitudinal and sidelong kinetics occur courtesy of the advanced AMG Rally Ascendancy dangling with adaptative damping readjustment, the rear-axle limited-slip derivative and the dynamical locomotive mounts.

Performance-oriented self-propelled enthusiasts can delight the largest extract in the commercialise section with the Mercedes-AMG C-Class: it is now useable in a tally of xii versions as Barroom, Demesne, Takeoveré and Cab; with a quality of V6 biturbo locomotive and all-wheel effort or V8 biturbo locomotive in two outturn ratings, rear-wheel crusade and rear-axle limited-slip derivative. “The C-Class is a clincher in our party’s achiever. The new compounding of intensifier alfresco atmosphere and potent V8 locomotive is singular in the section and utterly supplements our great C-Class stove”, says Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. All-embracing know-how from motorsport and the heat of the AMG engineers, designers and production managers shape the foundation for the affective impulsive live with the new Execution Cab. It illustrious its man premier at the 2016 New York Outside Machine Demonstrate. The commercialise establish began in Venerable 2016.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Cabriolet

Unique offering in the segment with V8 biturbo engine

In its private-enterprise study the new C63 Cab is exceeding in every respectfulness, existence the alone fomite in the section to brag an 8-cylinder biturbo locomotive. Mercedes‑AMG hence meets the wishes of those customers who want a combining of a extremely affectional, plain locomotive vocalize and torquey ability bringing.

The driver too benefits from the unrivaled operation: the C63 S Cab accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds, the C63 Cab in 4.2 seconds. The top upper is 250 km/h (electronically express; 280 km/h with AMG Driver’s Box).

New V8 biturbo closely related to the engine in the Mercedes-AMG GT

The 4.0-litre eight-cylinder biturbo locomotive is already ill-used in the C63 Bar, Acres and Putsché. It is likewise installed in the GT sports car with dry cesspool lubrication. A feature boast is that the two turbochargers are positioned not on the external of the cylinder banks, but betwixt them in the “V” – experts birdsong this the “hot inwardly V”.

The master advantages of this innovation are the constrict locomotive expression, optimum answer and low fumes gas emissions. A healthier assembles the locomotive by script in the locomotive store in Affalterbach according to the “one man ‑ one locomotive” precept.

Exhaust system with flap technology for variable engine sound

The distinctive V8 locomotive voice was besides a key maturation destination. The Takeoveré adoptive the constitution with its heavy basso tones, brawny mid tones and increasing trebles as the locomotive upper increases. A model-specific exhaust with pother engineering is victimised as criterion. It is mechanically map-controlled contingent the AMG Active Prize contagion manner, the ability demanded by the driver and the locomotive amphetamine. Optionally uncommitted is the Operation exhaust, which allows the audio to be modulated at the closet of a push. Anyways, the tucker systems are so intentional that all dissonance limits are complied with disregardless of the flaps place.

Faster gearshifts: the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports transmission

The infection plays a major share in the organise and jazzy lineament of the new Mercedes-AMG C63 Cab. The AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed sports contagion impresses with its bespoken kinetics and gamy unevenness. Whether reflexive or initiated by the driver exploitation the wheel shifting paddles, upshifts and downshifts are executed apace and forthwith. This is achieved by specifically adjusting the locomotive and transmittance parameters.

Specific suspension for maximum lateral and longitudinal dynamics

The entrancing lightness and mellow cornering hurrying of the C63 Cab are likewise thanks to the standard-fit AMG Drive Ascendence abeyance with adaptative damping alteration. This combines a sporting with a prosperous set-up. The driver can quality the leash abeyance settings “Solace”, “Athletics” and “Sportsman Asset” via a push in the gist comfort. Whatsoever the background, apiece roll is separately electronically controlled mechanically.

A four-link figurehead hiatus with radiate, racing-style bracken connections is victimized. Model-specific steerage knucks and a wider racetrack appropriate greater sidelong quickening.

The arse axle was altogether new highly-developed for the Putsché and Cab. The multi-link construct ensures extremely accurate rack ascendancy and increased inclemency. The AMG-specific bum axle toter makes the wider rail potential, with the link surfaces of the pedal bearings affected out by another 25 millimetres compared with the Taphouse and Demesne. Early innovations admit AMG-specific bicycle carriers, stiffer elastokinematic tuning and higher blackball bank.

As criterion the C63 Cab is shodden with 10-spoke light-alloy wheels 9.0 J x 18 (strawman) and 10.5 J x 18 (ass) with rims multi-color ti gray-headed with a high-sheen destination and tyres in sizing 255/40 R 18 (figurehead) and 285/35 R 18 (arse). The C63 S Cab runs on tyres of sizes 255/35 R 19 (figurehead) and 285/30 R 19 (bum) mounted on 9.0 J x 19 (movement) and 10.5 J x 19 (behind) 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels, too motley ti grayness with a high-sheen destination.

Over-the-counter tire/roll combinations are optionally useable. These admit mixed-size tyres with bad cross-spoke wheels, multicolor flatness lightlessness with high-sheen rim rim. The breast axle features tyres of sizing 255/35 R 19 on 9.0 J x 19 wheels. The behind axle is fitted with tyres of sizing 285/30 R 20 on 10.5 J x 20 wheels.

Rear-axle limited-slip differential: optimal traction, including on the race track

2017 Mercedes Benz C63 Amg Cabriolet

For improved grip and fomite kinetics, the C63 Cab is provided with a mechanical rear-axle limited-slip derivative, piece the C63 S Cab comes with an electronic edition. Both differentials slenderize the miscue on the privileged bicycle when cornering, without command interventions in the braking scheme. The vantage: it allows the driver to quicken out of corners earliest thanks to the improved grip. The car corpse more static when braking from mellow speeds, and the limited-slip derivative too improves grip when moving off. The model-specific, totally redesigned arse axle was particularly altered to the higher fomite kinetics of the Cab.

The superlative welfare from the electronic rear-axle limited-slip derivative – which is installed as criterion alone on the C63 S – is the evening more raw and quicker restraint, which pushes the thresholds higher and makes it eve easier to cause at the fomite’s limits. The 3-stage ESP® with “ESP ON”, “ESP Mutation Manipulation Modality” and “ESP OFF” settings workings in arrant unison with the rear-axle limited-slip derivative and is optimally tuned to the great kinetics.

2017 Mercedes Benz C63 Amg Cabriolet

AMG DYNAMIC SELECT transmission modes

The driver is able-bodied to regulate the characteristics of the C63 with four-spot unlike AMG Active Prize infection modes. The driver decides on the coveted impulsive feel, from comfortable-economical to super-sporty, exploitation a accountant to the left-hand of the touchpad.

“Solace” is the well-adjusted infection style with a comfort-oriented respite and direction set-up, besides as a fuel-efficient powertrain constellation – including placid gearshifts and a circumspect locomotive billet. The “glide part” for a farther step-down in fire use is new: when the driver releases the throttle in a speeding compass betwixt 60 and 160 km/h, the clutches of the MCT transmittal is disengaged and the locomotive is decoupled from the powertrain. The electronics concentrate the locomotive fastness to jobless floor, and the drive underground is rock-bottom by the compressing and frictional forces of the locomotive in overflow style.

The transmitting modes “Sportsman” and “Mutation Summation” raise the clean vividness. The C63 S likewise comes with the “Raceway” mood, which provides the optimal context for intriguing laps on secret racing circuits.

C63 S with dynamic engine mounts as standard

Unparalleled in its section, the C63 S Cab – comparable the Pothouse, Acres and Putsché – is weaponed with active locomotive mounts. These aid to promote resolution the self-contradictory aims of comforter and dynamical functioning. These active mounts are really promptly and variably capable to accommodate their rigor to the drive weather and requirements. Cushy locomotive mounts meliorate quilt, as they furnish more good decoupling of dissonance and shakiness. Nevertheless, treatment and lightness profit from a mostly stiffer climb set-up. These measures raise the fomite’s preciseness when compulsive dynamically. E.g., the guidance reception and feedback are tied more organize.

2017 Mercedes Benz C63 Amg Cabriolet

Precise, agile handling

The electromechanical, speed-sensitive sports direction ensures exact, nimble manipulation. The driver benefits from the aim, one-dimensional direction proportion of 14.1:1 and an optimised reaction.

It too features varying mightiness assist with the deuce-ace characteristics “Consolation”, “Fun” and “Mutant Positive”. The ability guidance is not lonesome speed-sensitive but likewise factors in the stream sidelong quickening, the selected AMG Dynamical Quality transmittance modality or the mount of the AMG Razz Ascendance adaptative damping.

The high-performance braking organisation of the C63 Cab ensures brusk fillet distances and first-class restraint with heavy cross-drilled and vented bracken discs mensuration 360 millimetres in diam at the forepart and back. The C63 S Cab is fitted with deepen bracken discs at the battlefront with a diam of 390 millimetres to report for the increased operation. A high-performance deepen braking organisation with ceramic discs measure 402 millimetres in diam on the movement axle is optionally useable for the C63 S Cab. They matter good one-half of like ceremonious bracken discs and as a resultant slim unsprung people. This successively considerably improves the guidance reception.

Design visualises performance

The telling proportions of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Cab forthwith grab the eye. The 8-cylinder locomotive, jointly the increased racetrack breadth on the figurehead and bottom axles, called for a redesigned forepart and a model-specific bum assemblage too as new incline walls. The flared cycle arches brand the AMG Cab 64 millimetres wider at the figurehead and 66 millimetres wider at the backside compared with the criterion Cab, enabling the fomite to hug the route bettor.

Two impinging powerdomes invest the 60 mm yearner aluminum cowl, underscoring the knock-down looks. The distinctive AMG “A-wing” forepart looter besides serves as an air deflector for the trey chilling air intakes. Extra flics check an optimum airflow to the chilling modules in the cycle arches. A movement rail-splitter at the bum of the strawman proscenium helps to dilute front-axle rhytidectomy. The low, sagittate “counterpart brand” grille with AMG inscription too visually lowers the fomite’s gist of soberness.

The face contrast, too, presents an totally unequaled nerve thanks to the prominent wheels, which ending gush with the torso on the far away, and the extra position skirts. The sidelong in footprint from doorway to sill lends extra stress to the across-the-board groundwork.

The multi-layered material balmy top with deoxyephedrine windowpane follows the Takeoveré’s cap demarcation with the top shut, so reinforcing the feeling of a meticulously modelled carving. Frameless doors, amply retractable face windows and the absence of a seeable B-pillar promote raise the slope panorama. Neat contingent: in distinctive sports car forge, the outside rear-view mirrors are mounted on the threshold instead than in the mirror trigon.

With the cap surface, the punctilious coordination betwixt outside and upcountry pattern becomes manifest. Top-grade details admit the mat chromium-plate trimness on the A-pillar and windshield besides as a beltline molding, which extends as far as the soft-top compartment, and borders this with a tolerant lustrelessness chromium-plate reduce.

The bottom with its all-new styling comes crossways as rattling showy thanks to the tolerant shoulders and echoes a distinctive motorsport boast with the diffusor inset. The extra designing of the laterally positioned, opthalmic air release openings improves the backside airflow, allowing it to scarper with aerodynamically advantageous preciseness. Features such as the constrict bottom reflectors reward the picture of breadth. The two chrome-plated pair tailpipes of the AMG exhaust are harmoniously incorporate into the diffusor. A specialise pamperer lip is situated on boot lid. Multi-coloured in the personify coloration, its refined cast is redolent of a shrill sword.

Interior with high-class appeal

The internal of the C63 Cab offers a riches of mulct details: cautiously selected, top-quality materials whose smell and accurate craft develop a storey of sensed timber that is rarefied eventide in the higher fomite classes.

The board is cut with nigrify ARTICO semisynthetic leather with contrastive topstitching. The wing-like aluminum trimming and the analog time in IWC excogitation (contingent stipulation) underline the high-quality printing. The touchpad is flanked by the AMG Active Prize switching and legion AMG-specific controls such as the clitoris for the 3-stage AMG Rally Ascendence reprieve, 3-stage ESP® or optionally the clitoris for the AMG Functioning exhaust with dither ascendance.

A jazzy and active ambiance is likewise ensured by the 3-spoke Execution wheel with a 12 o’time mark and the pawn clump. Equipt with particular dials in carbon-fibre feeling, the speedometer reads capable 320 km/h. Functioning seating are too usable as an substitute to the standard-fit sports seating: these countenance the occupants a glower seats post and are more powerfully contoured for increased sidelong accompaniment.

Intelligent cabriolet concept

Levelheaded functions such as process of the framework cushy top spell drive (capable 50 km/h, initiated under 5 km/h), the optional AIRSCARF neck-level warming or the reflex AIRCAP draught-stop supply sinful solace with open-top motoring, 36 a twelvemonth. With a content of 355 litres (260 litres with the ceiling outdoors), the trunk is subject of keeping an especial come of baggage for a cab, thence offer heights unremarkable practicality.

Undivided options admit the amply automatonlike framework acoustical flaccid top, which is usable in the colors melanize, darkness brownish, navy or shadow red. The multi-layered construction incorporating diverse insulant materials efficaciously reduces ambient interference and therefore reduces the inside haphazardness degree.

Exclusive optional extras from the Performance Studio

The AMG Functioning Studio offers technological and figure highlights that shuffling the Mercedes-AMG C63 Cab flush sportier, more undivided and more mortal.

Key extras admit:

  • AMG Execution exhaust with flaps ascendance at the advertize of a push
  • Greater specialization of the tonic characteristics done two extra tucker flap
  • Ton characteristics contingent selected transmittance fashion ‑ crystalise specialization ‘tween full-of-the-moon in the C and S modes and clearly clean in the S+ and Wash modes
  • Extra command of the tonic characteristics via clitoris on the core board in the gist soothe
  • AMG ceramic high-performance deepen braking organisation with intensify bracken discs in diam 402 x 39 mm (figurehead) and entire 360 x 26 mm bracken discs (ass), particularly multicolor bracken callipers and “AMG C Ceramic” inscription
  • AMG Dark bundle:
  • Facile chromium-plate louver in the grille
  • High-gloss melanise A-wing of the battlefront bumper and A-wing clipping airstrip
  • English sill empanel inserts in high-gloss lightlessness
  • Back bumper cut slip in high-gloss melanize
  • Outside mirror housings in high-gloss melanize
  • Sports exhaust with two chrome-plated match tailpipe tips
  • AMG Outside Carbon-Fibre bundle I:
  • Smooth-spoken chromium-plate fin in the grille
  • A-wing of the presence bumper in c
  • Position sill venire inserts in c
  • Speed passementerie jury of bum bumper in c
  • AMG Outside Carbon-Fibre parcel II:
  • Outside mirror housings in c
  • Despoiler lip in c
  • AMG Functioning Studio internal:
  • Execution seating for driver and presence rider with more hard contoured behind for enhanced sidelong backup, incorporated nous restraints and “AMG” badge in the backrests
  • Two-tone nappa leather tabasco/melanise or pt whiteness/lightlessness, perforate
  • Carbon-fibre/lightness aluminum clipping with longitudinal caryopsis
  • Lustrelessness ag spyglass character/aluminum with brilliant longitudinal granulate passementerie
  • Safety of the highest calibre

    The Cab too offers a sovereign layer of prophylactic. It comes as banner with the Attending Help sleepiness spotting organization and Hit Bar Serve Positive, which helps to keep rear-end collisions. Many early optional help systems are uncommitted to step-up both solace and condom.

    Exclusive “Edition 1” special model for the market launch

    C63 Cab and C63 S Cab testament likewise be usable as “Variant 1” models for the grocery plunge: the single combining of over-the-top items of equipment act the exceptional modelling into the flagship of the compass. The “Variant 1” is lonesome useable in the rouge colouring tweed. The step runs from icy gabardine, rhomb whiten burnished to the new AMG sole semblance designo cashmere tweed magno. The Nighttime parcel offers a delicious counterpoint and adds extra highlights with chrome-plated tailpipe trims and the coddler lip in high-gloss blacken.

    Two AMG Carbon-Fibre packages are besides usable as an pick. The carbon-fibre items included in the Outside parcel I admit the A-wing in the AMG movement proscenium, the inserts in the AMG incline sill panels and the amphetamine clipping of the AMG arse proscenium. The radiator reduce louver is ruined in ag chromium-plate. As share of the Outside II box the outside mirror housings and the AMG mollycoddler lip are made of c fiber.

    The ultralight AMG bad wheels motley mat blackness with cross-spoke excogitation add extra highlights with their high-sheen rim flanges. Mixed-size tyres in 255/35 R 19 on 9.0 J x 19 wheels (movement) and 285/30 R 20 on 10.5 J x 20 wheels (arse) raise raceway operation and emphasise the hefty optical looks.

    AMG Execution 5-twin-spoke bad wheels are uncommitted for the S-Model as an selection. They are multi-colour matte blacken and likewise characteristic high-sheen rim flanges. Sizing 255/35 R 19 tyres on 9.0 J x 19 wheels are fitted at the figurehead, patch the arse axle comes with 285/30 R 20 tyres on 10.5 J x 20 wheels.

    The echt racing feeling continues in the internal. The Operation seating are cut in heat-reflecting AMG nappa leather in burden brownish/melanize in a rhombus designing. The mid greyish contrastive topstitching, the AMG badges and the blackness centre part in the backside punctuate the sportsmanlike looks. Mid gray-headed contrastive topstitching is besides ground on the inkiness threshold heart panels in a adamant pattern, the armrests, the wheel rim and the beltlines. With the melanise nappa leather Execution wheel with flatbed ass and the smooth-spoken mastery buttons, the driver incessantly has the C63 Cab safely below command.

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