2017 Mercedes Benz C350E

Mercedes-Benz C350e

Chase its premier in the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz is now offer its nearly ripe intercrossed engineering yet in the C-Class. With a scope of 20 miles in strictly galvanic fashion, local emission-free drive is now a world. Its four-cylinder petrol locomotive, in connective with a hefty galvanizing drive, gives it a tally organization turnout of 275 hp and 443 lb-ft of torsion. This allows the new C350 Add-in Loan-blend to have the operation of a sports car spell lull offer warning fire ingestion. In add-on, the received AIRMATIC air abatement and commodious Pre-Entry Mood Ascendancy organisation that can be controlled via the cyberspace produce a genuinely particular stratum of impulsive and mood comforter. The C350 Card Intercrossed volition be uncommitted in U.S. dealerships in the dip of 2015.

2017 Mercedes Benz C350E

Professor Dr Thomas Wb, Mem of the Card of Direction of Daimler AG and responsible Grouping Explore and Mercedes-Benz Cars Exploitation: “The Card Crossbreed is an investiture in the next of Mercedes-Benz and we conceive it testament go conventional as the successful engineering for maximal efficiency conjugated with potent dynamical functioning. We testament be introduction ten new Board Cross models capable 2017.”

Pursuit the C300 BlueTEC Loanblend, the C350 Card Cross is the arcsecond loanblend simulation in the new C-Class and the secondment Mercedes-Benz simulation to sport Add-in Loanblend engineering. Thanks to the compounding of burning locomotive and electrical crusade, loanblend campaign systems birth imposingly low fire ingestion with heights operation. The electrical centrifugal is capable to supplant or documentation the burning locomotive in a form of situations, spell devising hardheaded use of vim generated piece braking by converting it into electrical muscularity and storing it.

2017 Mercedes Benz C350E

2017 Mercedes-Benz C350e

The C350 Add-in Intercrossed uses the nearly sophisticated configuration of loanblend engineering presently usable. Its electricity depot whole is a high-energy lithium- ion barrage with a summate capability of 6.2 kWh, which can be aerated from an extraneous exponent beginning to efficaciously lend to the low ingestion and discharge figures. The barrage is water-cooled, weighs about 220 pounds and is mounted in a sheet-steel lodging underneath the behind axle in club to maximise clangoring guard, impulsive kinetics and proboscis blank.

Thanks to an sound on-board charging arrangement, the shelling can be promptly recharged at a wallbox, at one of the maturation turn of world charging points or tied supercharged via a touchstone domesticated socket.

Scorn the spa preoccupied by the bombardment, the C350 Board Loan-blend Saloon silence offers a body content of 11.8 three-dimensional feet.

PLUG-IN HYBRID for the first time now with a four-cylinder engine

In the new Mercedes-Benz C350 Card Crossbreed, the loan-blend thrust conception is combined first with an effective four-cylinder gas locomotive. From a translation of good nether two liters, it produces 208 hp and 258 lb-ft of torsion. Its mastermind injectant scheme with spray-guided burning uses electronically exact controlled multiple injectant and loyal multi-spark kindling to birth striking execution conjugated with mellow efficiency and emblematic emissions. The galvanising motive of the C350 Board Loan-blend has an yield of capable 80 h.p. and delivers 251 lb-ft of torsion. Boilersuit, the C350 Board Cross offers a aggregate organization yield of 275 hp and 443 lb-ft of torsion.

7-speed automatic with additional clutch

The cross faculty of the received 7-speed robotlike transmittal 7G-TRONIC Summation incorporates both the electrical centrifugal and an extra grip betwixt the burning locomotive and the galvanising centrifugal. When drive in all-electric fashion, this decouples the burning locomotive from the ride string. It besides offers the theory of moving off exploitation the burning locomotive with the execution of a wet start-up grip. Therein cause, the clench is a reserve for the torsion convertor.

The performance of a sports car

The heights boilersuit scheme production and level-headed locomotive direction consecrate this simulation the active execution of a agile sports car. This is combined with the razz comfortableness of a bounty saloon, on with fire uptake and environmental compatibility at a degree that, until not that farsighted ago, would not tied bear been expected of many pocket-sized cars. The Saloon can dash from naught to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds and can stretch a top speeding of 130 mph. The C350 PLUG- IN Cross likewise offers the hypothesis of drive capable 20 miles in all-electric manner, and frankincense altogether unblock of CO2 emissions topically.

A hybrid is efficient, dynamic and completely straightforward to drive

Impulsive the new C350 Add-in Loanblend is equitable as nonrational as any former reflexive fomite from Mercedes-Benz. But climbing in, beginning the locomotive and off you go. On your travel you leave love its emblematic efficiency and, if you so like, you can kicking consume to live the brilliant quickening of the electrical centrifugal.

The C350 Card Loan-blend offers all the characteristics of a state-of-the-art intercrossed fomite. These admit offset and firstly:

  • + Unsounded startle: The fomite starts nigh wordlessly and runs in galvanizing fashion. At this detail, the burning locomotive is broadly held static. Electrical outturn of capable 80 h.p. is useable for drive in all- galvanizing manner.
  • + Encouragement: The galvanising motive kicks in to encourage the turnout of the burning locomotive by a boost 80 horsepower- e.g. for speedy speedup.
  • + Vigour convalescence: During braking and coasting, vigour is cured and stored in the barrage. This zip can so be victimised at a posterior arrange for electrical impulsive or the encourage role.
  • Making by braking

    The superlative likely for threatening the vim use of loanblend crusade systems lies in maximising vim retrieval during coasting and braking. When the bracken wheel is down, the electrical drive initially takes on the undertaking of decelerating, playacting hither as an alternator. If firmer braking is mandatory, the harrow brakes testament so interpose automatically to ply extra bag. This lap betwixt formal mechanical braking and the galvanic braking functioning of the galvanizing motive in alternator fashion increases strength but cadaver unperceivable.

    Moreover, the thinking locomotive direction scheme of the C350 Add-in Loan-blend workings in the desktop to take the apotheosis compounding betwixt the burning locomotive and the galvanising centrifugal.

    Impulses for the driver

    One new lineament of the C350 Add-in Cross is a tactile gun, which can aid to slenderize fire ingestion and so too beat emissions. It provides two types of entropy:

  • + When drive in galvanising fashion, if the driver’s pes meets a detail of resistivity on the gas this is an indicant that maximal galvanising functioning is existence delivered. If the driver continues to lower the throttle bey this underground item, the burning locomotive testament give.
  • + A doubling caprice from the ECO Serve procedure signals that the driver should absent their groundwork from the throttle in club to cut the burning locomotive and dissociate it from the thrust develop. Assumptive that the driver does what the doubling pulse suggests, the level-headed locomotive direction arrangement of the C350 Add-in Loanblend testament depart the slowing mood betwixt unpowered (gliding) and convalescence, victimization information from the fomite’s radian systems as its foundation.
  • Individual transmission mode

    The composite engineering of the C350 Board Loan-blend makes it no unmanageable to driving than a formal fomite with an robotlike infection. But anyone deficient to can too interfere manually and mold the loan-blend interplay themselves, with the helper of phoebe operational modes and tercet contagion modes. This is through via an operational mood replacement and a contagion modality shift set in the mall cabinet. A show in the midsection of the instrumentate clump shows the stream circumstance.

    Selecting a particular transmittance modality enables the driver to fix sealed functions that work the drive receive.

    2017 Mercedes Benz C350E

    ECO Aid activates an extra part, victimisation the radian engineering bottom the measure propinquity cautionary arrangement in gild to do so. If the rad scheme identifies a slower-moving fomite forward, it sends a look-alike impetus done the “tactual throttle” to bespeak to the driver to takings their fundament off the catalyst. The fomite leave so adapt its retardation mechanically, exploitation the galvanic drive to do so. Therein way patronise braking, specially in stop- and-go dealings, can be avoided.

    Choice of four operating modes

    2017 Mercedes Benz C350E

    In add-on to selecting a transmittance curriculum, the driver of the C350 PLUG- IN Cross can too use the operational fashion substitution to shape the rule betwixt galvanizing mood and the use of the burning locomotive for impulsive. In the Eco and Consolation transmittance modes, the next operational modes are useable:

  • + Crossbreed: All cross functions such as galvanising operational manner, supercharge and recovery are uncommitted and are applied according to the impulsive place and path in the almost fuel-efficient way.
  • + E-mode: Victimised for all-electric impulsive – e.g. in inner-city areas or because the bombardment holds sufficient tutelage for the remnant of the journeying.
  • + E-save: The tutelage position of the bombardment is retained – e.g. to earmark all-electric drive in an environmental zona at a posterior arrange in the journeying. Electrical drive and the encouragement purpose are hence lone usable to a circumscribed extent.
  • + Tutelage: Allows the shelling to be recharged piece impulsive exploitation the burning locomotive – e.g. in gild to see a higher nation of barrage commission for afterwards parts of the journeying. The burning locomotive clay switched on and fire intake may increment. Galvanising functioning is not potential.
  • In the transmitting modes S+ and S, the “loanblend” operational way is excited. In the “Person” modality, the alternative of usable operational modes depends upon the crusade organization circumstance.

    Route-based operating strategy

    The better scheme for effective functioning is prevenient drive. If the take terminus is known because the relevant information has been entered into the piloting organization, tutelage and firing of the high-powered shelling in the C350 Board Cross is controlled to control the optimum use of push complete the unhurt road.

    Another key head is the demand that urban areas should be reached with a full supercharged bombardment if potential, so that the fomite can be compulsive expeditiously in stop-and-go dealings – and oft in galvanising manner.

    Air suspension and Pre-Entry Climate Control as standard

    The new C350 Add-in Loanblend offers the fellow reach of equipment and appointee options that are usable in the C-Class. In add-on, it includes the enhanced quilt boast AIRMATIC air hiatus as share of its banner spec, on with a promote comp compass of pre-entry clime ascendance options.

    Thanks to its electronically regulated incessantly varying muffler alteration at both the movement and bum axle, the air abeyance offers self-levelling dangling and salient tantalise comfortableness with minimum route hollering and fatigue oscillation eve when the fomite is blotto.

    Pre-Entry Mood Restraint, a foster measure sport, makes it potential to set the craved temperature for the inner of the fomite earlier mount off – chilling it in the summertime, or calefacient it up in the overwinter. This can be excited by pre-setting the loss clip, which can be set in the fomite or from plate via the cyberspace. This is potential due to the electrically powered refrigerating compressor and galvanizing heat elements for the strong air circulation. In vehicles with the conquer spec, the backside airing or heat volition likewise be excited.

    In summation to the Pre-Entry Clime Ascendance routine, the charging of the fomite can besides be controlled on-line. It is besides potential to curb the bearing position of the high-power barrage or the fomite’s likely stove in galvanic way.

    Two different faces for the PLUG-IN HYBRID as well

    The C350 Card Loan-blend is supplied with an sharply graceful conception, which emphasizes its jazzy, premium-vehicle lineament. As an substitute, the Saloon is besides uncommitted with the optional Sumptuousness Parcel. With its greco-roman grille and the three-pointed maven on the cowl, the C-Class conveys prestigiousness condition and a sensation of mod lavishness.

    The Mercedes-Benz designers deliver styled the midland at a story which is seldom encountered flush in higher fomite categories. This is plain from the cautiously elect high-toned materials and their pleasant contact and smell likewise as from the preciseness of the delicately crafted details. Conspicuously placed forthwith supra the essence solace is a centrally positioned free-standing fundamental showing whole. All the functions of the psyche whole can be intuitively controlled exploitation a circle thickening or the optional touchpad (included with the COMAND Seafaring arrangement). Besides uncommitted: A head-up show that projects crucial entropy onto the windshield direct in the driver’s battlefield of imagination.

    The C350 Card Loanblend is fitted as touchstone with halogen headlamps. In increase to the standard-fit headlamps, two energy-saving LED variants are uncommitted: A still scheme and a active rendering with Combat-ready Curvature Light.

    Assistance systems for added safety and comfort

    The C350 Board Cross Saloon offers the like all-encompassing grasp of refuge and help systems as all over-the-counter C-Class models. Two of the systems fitted as measure are Care Assistance, which can admonish of heedlessness and tire, and Hit Bar Attend Addition, which protects against a hit at speeds of o’er 5 mph. If the peril corpse and the driver fails to respond, this organisation can likewise guarantee sovereign braking at speeds of capable 65 mph, portion to slenderize the rigor of an fortuity involving a slower- moving fomite. Advance systems from the new S and E-Class, either new or with importantly enhanced functions, are too uncommitted as options.

    Vibrant infotainment experience

    Eve the canonical rendering of the advanced multimedia establish in the C-Class is internet-compatible, if thither is an fighting mbrace® subscription and Mercedes-Benz Apps software. This enables the net to be surfed without restrictions when the fomite is stationary. Besides touchstone is a Hands-free Bluetooth port, which allows calls to be located or answered and approach to prime phonebooks without pickings your men off the wheel. Received Bluetooth sound cyclosis too allows for commodious cable-free playback.

    Extensive know-how in the field of hybrid and electric vehicles

    In 1982, concurrently as it was debut the Mercedes-Benz 190, the forerunner to the C-Class, Mercedes-Benz too presented the get-go construct fomite with loan-blend effort – a two-cylinder horizontally opposed locomotive that served to commission the shelling. A act of otc data-based vehicles followed, and in 2009 Mercedes-Benz was lofty to unveiling the humans’s outset standard-specification loan-blend thrust with a lithium-ion barrage. For a age this S400 Cross was the about fuel-efficient gasoline-powered luxuriousness saloon and the about successful loanblend in its section.

    The second-generation loan-blend contagion evolved on the fundament of the 7G TRONIC Asset reflex contagion. It premiered in 2012 in the E300 BlueTEC Intercrossed, the kickoff diesel intercrossed in the agio section world-wide. By combine the efficiency of a diesel with the advantages of the cross ride, Mercedes-Benz set another milepost in the ontogenesis of the car and warning fire uptake values in the lavishness saloon section.

    Astern the E300 BlueTEC Loan-blend, S400 Loan-blend, S300 BlueTEC Loan-blend, C300 BlueTEC Cross and S500 Add-in Loanblend, the C350 Board Loan-blend is the up-to-the-minute cross modeling to seed from Mercedes Benz. In the geezerhood to occur the primary stress volition be on add-in hybrids. The fellowship is besides a prima thespian in the airfield of strictly galvanizing mobility.

    2017 Mercedes Benz C350E

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