2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

Acrobatic and gaudy, the intense, sensuous pattern of the new Coupe cuts a mulct pattern on the route and embodies mod opulence. Simultaneously, its midland elevates mantrap and manner to a clean degree. A dynamically configured build, with optional air reprieve, forms the fundament for a heights stratum of reprieve solace, low route bellowing and tire shaking, nimble treatment, and drive pleasance. Whippersnapper twist to thin slant, fantabulous aeromechanics and high-performance, effective engines too gambol their function. A boniface of assist systems provides safe of the rattling highest bore. With its high-toned charm and generous midland, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe sets new standards in its section.

As the sportiest edition of the C-Class, the Coupe displays its impulsive enjoyment-oriented role in an affective and concurrently officially trenchant excogitation. A flashy hitting presence subdivision featuring infield grille and farsighted cowl – the new Coupe is 60 millimetres yearner than its precursor ‘tween the firewall and battlefront axle unequaled – gives way to a crouched glasshouse the lines of which current into a bluff and powerful-looking backside incorporating the genes of Mercedes Coupes. A mellow beltline and frameless doors with free-standing outside mirrors emphasize the clean lineament.

Cleanse lines and sultrily staged surfaces construction the slope sections into lifelike spark and trace effects. One item foreground is the farseeing lengthy falling cable distinctive of a Coupe. In line to the C-Class Pothouse, the falling demarcation extends advance yesteryear the behind bicycle implike. To emphasise the Coupe’s gaudy temperament, the dangling is 15 millimetres glower than that of the Ginmill, fashioning it a real sportsmanlike proposal when combined with the stock 17-inch tyres.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe

Design: Sportiness meets beauty

As the sportiest embodiment of the C-Class, the Coupe plays to its fiber focalization on drive delectation in an emotionally likeable yet esthetic figure.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe realises the introductory theme of a sports car with the visibility of a Coupe. A showy hit forepart featuring adamant grille and foresighted hood – the new Coupe is 60 millimetres yearner than its herald ‘tween the firewall and forepart axle lonely – gives way to a crouched nursery the lines of which current into a bluff and powerful-looking behind. A heights, tight beltline reduces the peak of the slope windows, the visibility of which is highlighted by dressed al reduce on the beltline and the ceiling contours. Together with the frameless doors, these elements reach the fomite visually and are remindful of the lines of the S-Class Coupe. Outside mirrors mounted to the beltline advance underscore the Coupe persona spell up ahead profile of the route concurrently.

2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe

The silhouette appears elongate, low and tight care a speedster. The dimensions support this ocular effect. The Coupe is 37 millimetres lour than the ginmill modeling.

Houseclean lines and sultrily ordered surfaces construction the incline sections into intense sparkle and trace effects. As a assay-mark Mercedes touch, the feature Coupe shape of the prolonged falling business adds a dynamical foreground. In counterpoint to the C-Class Pub, it is more prolonged preceding the behind cycle impish. Tandem with a counter-line ascension in the depress share of the fomite from the breast bike, it creates a ball smell of tensity. The counter-line too makes the fomite look yearner and finally transitions the sides into the back creating a equilibrium.

Compared with the barroom modelling, the abeyance is lowered by 15 millimetres as stock. Therefore, it already sits at the mutant degree with the received 17-inch tyres. Light-alloy wheels with diameters of capable 19 inches (48.3 centimetres) are optionally useable.

Sporty front

The forepart of the Coupe differs from the Taphouse framework of the C-Class therein it has a sportier, classifiable cast. The sports lattice with exchange Mercedes ace is an eye-catcher. Enceinte air intakes in the bumper tip at the air requirements of the operation engines and emphasize the signified of breadth and sportiness of the front.

The AMG Business is flush more expressive. Its rhombus lattice sports mirrored dots. The AMG Cable bumper sports bigger air intakes and bigger fog lamp recesses also as a full chromed forepart rail-splitter.

Headlight contours with unobjectionable lines round the expression of the new C-Class Coupe. The LED daylight run lights in the blowtorch designing of Mercedes-Benz are structured into the headlamps.

The Coupe comes with H7 halogen headlamps as stock. Two energy-saving LED headlight variants are optionally usable: a atmospherics and a dynamical adaptation with “LED Levelheaded Igniter Scheme” and Adaptative Highbeam Help, which makes impulsive with lasting high-beam potential by cover out detected route users in the strobile of ignitor.

Dynamic rear end

Compared with the bar exemplar, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe has a whole freshly intentional bottom that carries the genes of the S-Class Coupe. A stiff point in the C-pillar forms a muscular berm, which is clearly sculptured and gives the notion of a sinew. Because the turn denture is situated in the bumper, the designers were able-bodied to pay the surfaces of boot lid more definition. This puts the nidus more powerfully on the Mercedes asterisk centrally set on boot lid. It hides a retractable environs panorama camera that is uncommitted as an selection.

Reduce, redesigned two-section LED ass lights underline the fomite’s breadth and emphasize the showy excogitation. The feature artwork of the lights with quadruplet horizontal LED bands provides a acknowledgment constituent day and nighttime.

The slight pattern of the poop lights became practicable because the designers merged the reflectors in the sportily styled bum bumper. The exhaust with two seeable tailpipes merged blush into the melanize depress division of the bumper and machine-accessible by chromium-plate passementerie furthrer emphasise the clean persona. Omit the C 220 d, C 250 d and C 180 models: They are fitted with a chromium-plate flank. In continuative with all locomotive variants, the AMG Demarcation includes two seeable pieces of tailpipe passementerie that are operational on gas models and non-functional on diesel models.

Interior: Dynamics and modern luxury

Driver and passengers savour an ambiance that leans toward the internal of the C-Class Bar yet raises it to a new, flashy layer.

The inner is similarly an emphasised command of the Mercedes-Benz designing doctrine of sultry whiteness. The doorway and back position pane besides as the wholesale core soothe combine swimmingly, hence emphasising the Coupe fibre. As a Organise Quality picker pry handles gearing excerption on vehicles with reflexive transmissions, a great, one-piece core cabinet board sweeps elegantly from the heart air vents to the touchpad in the handrest supra the comptroller on the gist burrow. These unseamed, trenchant lines produce a gumption of unfold distance and take a sentiency of unproblematic, purist modernness.

The gravid patience portion is uncommitted in a emcee of materials – e.g., with innovative court surfaces, in forte-piano lacquer innovation or c.

On vehicles with manual transmittal, the inwardness soothe is slimly steeper and features two furcate trimming elements in edict to make optimum place for ergonomic surgery of the slip jimmy.

At a high level

A centrally positioned free-standing fundamental expose is the master attention-getting lineament supra the center comfort – with a screenland slash of 17.78 centimetres (7 inches), or 21.33 centimetres (8.4 inches) if COMAND On-line is specified. It floats in the ergonomically scoop berth supra the essence solace and is affiliated with a slice of horizontal trimness. Thanks to its ergonomic locating, the eye well adapts to the exchange expose. Visualisations and animations on the key showing heighten the operational gismo and shuffling the functions of driver help and communications systems touchable.

A aliform small-arm of clipping separates the speed and depress sections of the board. Its conception makes it aspect alike it is aimless in the air. The optical tear likewise makes it potential to opt unlike textile and gloss combinations.

Inner kindling is mostly provided by long-lived and energy-saving LED engineering. This likewise applies to the optionally uncommitted solar (gold), gelid (ice bluing) and electroneutral (ovalbumin) atmosphere light.

The touchpad in the handrest of the cardinal restrainer highly-developed by Mercedes-Benz marks an evolutionary stair. As on a smartphone, all the functions of the multimedia can be operated victimisation thumb gestures.

The doorway panels of the frameless doors let a whole new designing. The doorway panels and the back slope paneling coalesce unitedly swimmingly.

Surfaces, coloring combinations and furrow patterns not just characterize the assess appealingness and an ambiance moulded by the Mercedes directing precept of forward-looking luxuriousness, but likewise emphasize the gaudy nature of the Coupe inner.

This too comes courtesy of the new intentional seating with entire behind feel, which raise the sentiency of roominess compared with the herald modelling. Gadget features are the easy-to-operate Coupe-specific controls of the promiscuous incoming office unofficially of the back. First, optionally useable automatonlike smash extenders aid in holdfast the seatbelt. The arse seating are intentional as case-by-case seating.

The stowing mass increased by 6.9 litres compared with the herald and now amounts to 24.8 litres (manual gearbox) and 28 litres with robotlike infection.

The unequaled situation of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is emphasized by the especial upholstery semblance combinations: burden embrown, porcelain and – in the Variant 1 – nut embrown/melanize with aquamarine topstitching.

Head-up display – focus on information

An optional head-up show provides less misdirection from dealings. As in a jet aircraft, it projects authoritative entropy forthwith into the driver’s bailiwick of imaginativeness before of the windshield. It displays the flow hurrying, posted velocity limits, pilotage instructions and DISTRONIC messages – contingent the selected settings.

The engineering is based on mirror optics and a full-colour exhibit faculty with a firmness of 480 x 240 pixels which is determined by high-energy LEDs. They task the practical simulacrum, which measures round 21 x 7 centimetres, into the driver’s battlefield of imaginativeness where it appears to blow supra the cowl round two metres outside. The resolve of more 60 pixels per stage of showing tilt ensures a needle-sharp epitome.

A igniter detector mechanically adjusts the smartness of the head-up showing to the outside light weather. In summation, the driver can correct the meridian of the practical epitome so that it is wanton to take.

Engine and drive system: Efficiency and temperament

Sinewy and effective gas and diesel engines, all weaponed with the ECO scratch/closure procedure and complying with Euro 6 emissions standards, offer for bouncy execution and gravid fun at the roll. Concurrently they depress fire usance and CO2 emissions by capable 20 percentage compared with the forerunner thanks to heights muscularity efficiency.

The boost modern four-cylinder diesel with a shift of 2.2 litres is eco-friendly and herculean. In the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe it produces outputs of 125 kW/170 hp and 150 kW/204 hp. Both variants are equipt with SCR engineering (Selective Catalytic Simplification) for expelling restraint, which makes peculiarly environmentally well-disposed drive potential.

In improver, four-spot gasolene engines are initially uncommitted. The production spectrum ranges from the 1.6-litre four-cylinder locomotive in the C 180 rated at 115 kW/156 hp to the two-litre C 200 (135 kW/184 hp) and C 250 (155 kW/211 hp) models and the C 300, also with a shift of two litres but with an production of 180 kW/245 hp.

All four-cylinder engines ploughshare the third-generation organise injectant organisation with spray-guided burning. The arrangement insistency is capable 200 bar with the coerce organism variably optimised in job with the locomotive function. Piezo injectors enable optimum concoction establishment with capable phoebe injections per powerfulness solidus.

This engineering is rounded out by the speedy multi-spark lighting (MSI), which is able-bodied to induction capable quatern sparks a msec prn. The interplay of both technologies enable undischarged fire use with minimum emissions.

The caloric direction arrangement with on-demand urine heart too operates expeditiously.

Optimised powertrain for more comfort and efficiency

Powerfulness is sent to the route via either a 6-speed manual infection, the 7G-TRONIC Positive 7-speed automatonlike contagion or the new 9-speed 9G-TRONIC. Both reflexive transmissions are weaponed with the Organize Blue-ribbon picker prise and Orchestrate Quality coggle shifters.

2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe

Chassis and suspension: Sportily agile and comfortable

The lowered criterion abeyance with wider raceway and particular tuning offers a eminent tantalise lineament with low route bellowing and tire quiver whilst ensuring nimble drive kinetics – the base for drive delectation on winding roadstead.

A new 4-link forepart axle with roll abeyance decoupled from the bound swagger plays a major role in the spry treatment. This enables jazzy axle kinematics for plenteousness of clench and gamey sidelong constancy. As a resultant, the dangling responds more sensitively to guidance movements and allows a showy, quick impulsive panache.

Because the components of the new forepart axle such as the tie rods, bounce links, wishbones and direction knucks are made of aluminum, it weighs almost two kilogrammes less than a like brand innovation. This enables a sore reply.

A multi-link fencesitter behind dangling with 5 links ensures first-class roll ascendancy qualities and sovereign straight-line constancy.The ass axle flattop and the leap command munition are made of bad al. A enceinte arse axle comportment contributes to improved isolation of vibrations and hence to the salient NVH characteristics and rag caliber.

The Coupe comes with a brand reprieve as criterion. Two suspensions with selective damping are usable in co-occurrence with this organization:

  • a well-off Nimbleness Restraint dangling with showy part and a drive elevation lowered by 15 millimetres compared with the bar modelling
  • a sports hiatus with tauter springing and damping including the Sports Direct-Steer organisation for eve more quick treatment
  • First in class: riding on air

    The Coupe is the get-go fomite in its section to accompany the optional AIRMATIC air reprieve on the figurehead and ass axle. Its electronically controlled, unceasingly adjustable damping on the breast and behind axle ensures undischarged route holloa and tire quiver characteristics in every berth and gives the driver the choice of selecting the craved impulsive fashion: sportsmanlike, well-off or consumption-optimised. To this end, the driver can take one of pentad drive modes victimisation the Active Blue-ribbon Permutation: “ECO”, “Comfortableness”, “Sportsman”, “Fun +” and “Person”. Selecting “Person” allows the driver to customize the fomite settings.

    The adaptative damping organisation allows a highschool storey of drive kinetics because the arrangement adapts the damping forces to the fomite’s impulsive kinetics inside fractions of a arcsecond.

    Simultaneously AIRMATIC is characterised by a easy razz unremarkably lonesome institute in the lavishness section. It smooths out elaboration joints, asphalt patches and undulating asphalt caused by trucks braking at dealings lights.

    AIRMATIC too features well-rounded self-levelling for splendid rag quilt eve with the fomite crocked. It controls the rag acme mechanically contingent the upper and reduces fire expenditure on the expressway by heavy the fomite, e.g.. This likewise improves impulsive refuge. Moreover, the priming headway can be increased at the advertize of a clit victimization the ride-height alteration shift on pugnacious roadstead or pathetic admission roadstead.

    Sporty steering feel

    The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is weaponed with an electro-mechanical Direct-Steer arrangement with a flashy, mastermind fiber. It combines speed-sensitive index aid from the speed-sensitive steerage with a steerage proportion that varies according to the precondition steerage weight.

    Advantages of the electromechanical Direct-Steer organisation:

  • improved nimbleness thanks to more aim steerage reception
  • prosperous treatment and high-pitched floor of direction comforter at all speeds
  • considerable savings voltage, since muscularity is just requisite when steerage occurs
  • enables the use of help systems, such as Dynamic Green Assistance
  • Fade-resistant brakes for short stopping distances

    The brakes adjoin high-pitched requirements with esteem to fillet outstrip, reception, fleet resistor, directing stableness and overhaul biography of the bracken pads. The braking

    arrangement is moreover furnished with Adaptative Bracken that offers the pursuit advantages:

    2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe
  • Hill-start aid prevents peal rear on a mound
  • a Grasp office keeps the fomite fast without having to dismay the bracken treadle
  • in the pelting, a brake-drying part regularly wipes the wet from the bracken discs to fill braking exponent now useable
  • the undercoat procedure gently puts the bracken pads into tangency with the discs the trice the driver releases the throttle speedily, and can accordingly expurgate the fillet outstrip during subsequent braking.
  • In increase, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe comes with an galvanizing emergency with ‘Comfortableness Go’ reflexive liberation as banner. It mechanically releases the emergency when the driver intends to beginning off.

    Otc bracken functions:

  • As a torsion vectoring bracken it provides for extra rubber at the confine by purposefully vectoring the torsion betwixt the wheels of the compulsive axle by substance of slanted bracken interventions.
  • The adaptative bracken lights can discourage vehicles undermentioned bottom of expectant braking and contract their latency.
  • Aerodynamics: Against the wind

    Great fire intake figures involve expectant flowing properties. The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe has the last-place pull coefficient in its section.

    Mercedes-Benz offers the near aerodynamic cars with the last draw coefficients in most all fomite categories. The new C-Class Coupe boasts a Cd valuate of 0.26.

    2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe

    Because the streamlined cart is greater than all otc drive opposition forces from a amphetamine of almost 70 km/h, this top number of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe pays off in the cast of fire savings and reductions in CO2 emissions – specially at higher rates of swiftness such as when impulsive on the thruway. A decrease in the Cd esteem by 0.01 points translates into one gm less of CO2 per km in the drive oscillation (NEDC), spell it can match two grammes in averaged real-world usance and really as practically as fivesome grammes of CO2 per kilometer at 150 km/h.

    Intensive detail work for Cd benchmark

    The aeromechanics engineers achieved the Cd assess of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe with an blanket packet of measures. They admit:

  • aerodynamically intentional movement and bum bumpers
  • streamlined roll spoilers, at the strawman with 3-D configuration and adjunct despoiler on the battlefront locomotive bay pall
  • waterproofing betwixt roll arches and locomotive compartment
  • aerodynamically intentional outside mirrors with mirror fundament
  • waterproofing approximately headlamps and aero lip in the gap betwixt the cowl and the strawman bumper
  • Improved waterproofing of the radiator incision and menstruation properties to pee-pee effective use of the usable chilling air
  • mollycoddler modelled on boot lid
  • aerodynamically optimised underbelly with all-encompassing locomotive compartment and underbelly paneling
  • aerodynamically optimised wheels and tyres
  • Bodywork: More rigid and sturdy, safer

    Healthy whippersnapper twist with a higher dimension of al helps shuffling the Coupe flatboat yet more strict than its herald.

    As for the bar exemplar, the eubstance plate engineers employed the rule of sustainable jackanapes structure for the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe. Light-alloy components admit the wings, cowl and thrill lid. Therefore, they were capable to dilute the weightiness of the Coupe by capable 50 kilogrammes.

    In plus, they intentional every point in a way that results in the soundbox case merging demanding standards with unprecedented operation therein section – e.g., with gaze to the transferee of forces from the frame to the consistency or the NVH characteristics. High-strength and ultra-high-strength materials swordplay an authoritative persona therein attentiveness. Their use resulted in higher inflexibility and force of the consistency case. This has electropositive effects on the drive kinetics and the randomness degree.

    Safety first

    In retention with Mercedes-Benz traditions, the personify shield is intentional for monitory clank condom. The Coupe not lonesome meets all flow home and external laws, but likewise all paygrade requirements likewise as the more tight intimate Mercedes-Benz condom requirements, which are based on what really happens in real-life accidents.

    A high-strength safe rider compartment forms the kernel of this conception. It consists principally of high-strength and ultra-high-strength shroud nerve and panels with gradatory paries thicknesses intentional to resist particular local stresses. Many segments lie of hot-formed steels, which as the answer of this product serve turn selfsame grueling and less deformable.

    The strict refuge cellphone is encircled by purposefully measured contortion zones that let been time-tested in pattern. Thanks to optimised force-out paths, they farm striking wreck essay results (e.g. Euro NCAP and U.S. NCAP) and check maximal rubber for the occupants.

    Assistance systems: Driving safely, reducing stress

    Extra assist systems, expanded with important functions compared with the harbinger modell, raise both the ease and rubber of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe. It comes as banner with the Care Serve somnolence sensing arrangement and Hit Bar Assistance Summation, which can service to forestall rear-end collisions or extenuate their rigour.

    A detector organization, the range of which can be heroic contingent the client’s selected options, provides the fundament for the sound help systems. The standard-specification modeling comes with a multi-mode radian (reach capable 80 metres) in the strawman bumper that supports the functions of the Hit Bar Help Asset. If the DISTRONIC Addition is specified, this detector is replaced by a long-range radian (capable 200 metres) buns the grille. Contingent the equipment features, these sensors can be supplemented with a single-channel camera arse the windshield for functions such as Lane Guardianship Attend, Dealings Signal Help or Adaptative Highbeam Serve Addition, likewise as near-range radiolocation sensors (30 metres) at the slope in the bum bumper for Unsighted Stain Aid.

    In the showcase of a amply weaponed fomite with the Impulsive Assist Addition packet, the unified detector arrangement provides the fomite with a 360-degree sight. This is in role courtesy of a two-channel multi-purpose camera (SMPC) backside the windshield. Two camera eyes cater it with a third-dimensional sight of the domain capable about 50 metres before of the fomite, and it is able-bodied to admonisher the boilersuit place beforehand for a grasp of capable 500 metres and thence mold the spot and move of objects, peculiarly of vehicles and pedestrians. Two short-range rad sensors in the battlefront bumper and at the sides of the bum bumper (scope of capable 30 metres), a long-range rad (capable 200 metres) including mid-range rake (capable 60 metres) butt the grille and a multi-mode radian (capable 80 metres) in the kernel of the bottom bumper are likewise portion of the detector organisation.

    Combine the information from the camera and the radian sensors is important in club to ply utilitarian information for a boniface of assist systems – a summons dubbed “detector unification”. Sound algorithms psychoanalyze this information in ordering to notice and speck the situation of vehicles forwards, cross, upcoming from the backside and level from the breast, too as of pedestrians, inside a big battleground of imaginativeness. In summation, the camera can too discover route markings and a kind of dealings signs. The aim is enhanced puff, aid and well-rounded security not hardly for occupants of the own fomite, but too for otc route users.

    Combating inattention and rear-end collisions

    Thither is a legion of optional refuge and assist systems based on the Mercedes‑Benz Reasoning Campaign construct aboard the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe. Attending Assistance with adjustable sensitiveness, which can monish the driver of heedlessness and somnolence, is included as measure.

    Foster touchstone equipment includes Hit Bar Assistance Addition. This farther modern organisation can supply efficacious aid in mitigating the rigor of rear-end collisions or evening in preventing them wholly.

    To this end, the radar-based organization incessantly monitors the country of dealings before of the fomite, and can influence the outstrip and fastness of the vehicles leading. If the pursuit outstrip drops importantly infra the condom doorsill at speeds supra 30 km/h, the organisation gives the driver a optic monitory. If it detects a life-threatening jeopardy of hit at speeds supra 7 km/h, the driver receives an extra hearable exemplary. The organization too computes the bracken coerce needed to forbid a hit, if this is calm potential. If the warned driver so depresses the bracken cycle firm, the organisation is subject of boosting deficient braking commensurate to the berth. In so doing it makes the scoop potential use of the left outdistance in edict to will vehicles pursual bum quad for braking manoeuvres.

    If the driver fails to react, Hit Bar Attend Asset can go one tone boost and if the risk of hit persists can do self-reliant braking for slower moving and fillet vehicles at speeds of capable 200 km/h to extenuate the inclemency of the stroke and ideally forestall the hit all. The organisation tied brakes when stationary vehicles are detected capable a amphetamine of 50 km/h, and can preclude rear-end collisions capable 40 km/h contingent the post.

    In increase, more aid systems with expanded functions compared with the forerunner manakin are optionally uncommitted, which can importantly raise comfortableness and guard:

  • DISTRONIC Positive with Guidance Attend and Block&Go Original is an adaptative sail restraint arrangement that can set the fastness of the fomite in cable with a slower-moving fomite forwards in a upper ambit from 0 to 200 km/h if compulsory. Besides uncommitted from 0 to 200 km/h, guidance interventions service the driver stoppage in lane. At speeds infra 130 km/h, e.g. in tailbacks or when impulsive bumper to bumper, the organisation can pursue the fomite onward level where thither are no or ill-defined lane markings, thusly enabling the driver to safely and well accompany the menstruation of dealings.
  • Asunder from vehicles traveling forward and stationary vehicles, BAS Positive Bracken Assistance can besides notice interbreeding dealings and rise the braking strength if the driver fails to give the brakes sufficiently. In improver to slower-moving, fillet and stationary vehicles, the PRE-SAFE® Bracken can eventide find pedestrians and bracken autonomously if the driver fails to respond, therefore preventing accidents at speeds of capable 50 km/h and mitigating the rigor of collisions at speeds of capable 70 km/h. In flow dealings, the PRE-SAFE® Bracken provides help in the like way end-to-end the integral speeding stove from 7 to 200 km/h.
  • Enhanced Combat-ready Lane Guardianship Help can now likewise forbid the fomite from accidentally vagrant out of lane by applying the brakes on one face when the lane markings are upstanding or confused and thither is a hazard of hit, e.g. as a termination of vehicles passing at gamy hurrying, twin dealings or tied onset dealings.
  • PRE-SAFE® Summation extends the Thinking Campaign functions to appreciate of impending backside impacts. It warns the followers dealings by energizing the bottom chance admonitory lights at increased oftenness and initiating hindrance PRE-SAFE® occupier tribute measures such as the two-sided whang tensioner instantly anterior to the elf. If the fomite is stationary, the brakes are locked to cut the forward-moving jar, which reduces the forces playing on the occupants and the endangerment of petty collisions.
  • Two dozen assistance systems

    Criterion equipment features are:

  • Hit Bar Attend Asset with Adaptative Bracken Help and self-directed braking
  • Adaptative Bracken with Hill-Start Assistance, bracken primer, bracken drying and Clutches part
  • Wind Command steerage serve part
  • Crosswind Serve
  • Torsion Vectoring Bracken
  • Adaptative bracken lights
  • Aid Help
  • Bracken Serve (BAS)
  • Tire force monitoring arrangement
  • Thither is a innkeeper of optional extras uncommitted:

  • Sail ascendence with SPEEDTRONIC
  • DISTRONIC Summation adaptative sail ascendancy
  • Lane Guardianship Help
  • Screen Blot Attend
  • Driver Aid Box Summation comprising of
  • DISTRONIC Asset with Tip Attend and Stoppage&Go Navigate
  • BAS Summation with Cross-Traffic Aid
  • PRE-SAFE® Bracken with earthbound detecting
  • Alive Lane Retention Aid
  • Participating Unreasoning Berth Serve
  • PRE-SAFE® Positive
  • Dealings Signal Attend
  • LED Healthy Twinkle Scheme
  • Adaptative Highbeam Help Addition
  • Participating Parking Assistance with PARKTRONIC
  • Reversing camera
  • 360° camera
  • Infotainment: A sensual pleasure

    The new multimedia contemporaries of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe is characterised by cyberspace accession already with the introductory sound arrangement, visceral surgery thanks to displays with optical effects and precise dealings data. The Frontbass organization delivers strait near of the timber of a concert anteroom as touchstone.

    Leash docudrama systems are usable for the new C-Class Coupe.It comes as received with the Sound 20 arrangement. Advance alternatives are the touchpad-controlled Sound 20 CD with CD cause, and COMAND On-line. All iii variants of the docudrama scheme are internet-capable with a Bluetooth®-enabled cell with tethering and a information project. This enables surfriding the net without restrictions when the fomite is stationary. In continuative with COMAND On-line, the Mercedes-Benz Apps can be secondhand spell drive. COMAND On-line offers constitutional hotspot functionality additionally. It allows passengers on all seating to join unlike W-LAN-capable devices such as laptop or pad computers to the net.

    2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe

    COMAND On-line is identified by the gloss matt cover positioned supra the gist soothe. Its 21.3-cm TFT colouration exhibit (8.4 inches, closure 960 x 540 pixels) outperforms the 17.78-centimetre color displays of the Sound 20 and Sound 20 CD (7 inches, resolve 800 x 480 pixels).

    Both types of displays use IPS engineering (In-plane Switch) with LED presentation backlighting. Therefore they accomplish gamey cleverness values of around 500 cd/m² and contrasts of roughly 800:1 and higher. A igniter detector adjusts the light to the ambient ignitor. Drivers are too able-bodied to align the luminosity to their personal preferences.

    Touchpad and diverse data sources

    Sound 20 is operated with a circular/energy control on the center solace. Sound 20 CD and COMAND On-line can be likewise operated with fingerbreadth gestures on a touchpad. As a 3rd operational alternative, COMAND On-line likewise offers the LINGUATRONIC voice-operated command scheme for sound, phone, piloting and medicine hunting.

    Sound and picture playback is potential from several sources with all ternary variants. E.g., via Bluetooth®, from an Apple iPod® or iPhone®, from an SD add-in, USB amaze or CD/DVD (with Sound 20 CD or higher and with COMAND On-line). Digital tuner for the DAB, DMB and DAB+ standards and cyberspace radiocommunication are optionally useable.

    COMAND On-line is additionally furnished with a Bluetooth® port that allows the use of schoolbook and e-mail save and study functions besides as sound cyclosis for medicine playback. A CD/DVD effort, a slot for SDHC storage cards and 10 GB of warehousing (Media Record) for flat sound and picture files (mp3, wma, aac, mpeg, avi capable 720p) are besides merged. Blanket Menses show, birdcall tagging and the “gaming more comparable this” part are besides included.

    COMAND On-line likewise offers the pick of performing videos from DVDs and has a photograph watcher for photos from SD cards or USB masses memory devices. Optionally Mercedes-Benz equips the COMAND On-line arrangement with a six-disc DVD modifier and TV recipient for digital TV response with reinforcement for multichannel vocalize, EPG (electronic curriculum template) and television textbook.

    Listening pleasure guaranteed

    The Frontbass organisation, which was honoured with the Daimler Inquiry and Initiation Accolade, delivers over-the-top fathom tone The wonted woofers in the doors are replaced in the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe with a woofer (Burmester® besiege audio scheme: two woofers) installed in the presence longitudinal and cross-members in the footwell before of driver and figurehead rider. The cavities bum the speakers dish as a rapport bedchamber. Because these structures are inherently real fixed, the deep notes reproduced hither are really exact and bear footling straining, tied with rattling gamy sign levels.

    As no woofers now indigence to be accommodated in the doors, the pesky vibrations that are distinctive of such configurations are eliminated. The mid-range speakers and tweeters motion nigher to the fomite’s beltline and therefore near to the passengers’ ear story. As a answer, they produce a superb audio.

    Sound system – concert hall sound

    Mercedes-Benz offers the Burmester® besiege vocalize organisation as an alternative for audiophiles, which brings a concert dormitory ambience to the Coupe. The Burmester® environs vocalise organization drives 13 loudspeakers (received stipulation 5) with a 9-channel DSP amplifier and a sum scheme turnout of 590 watts (touchstone spec 100 watts). All loudspeakers are additionally optimised for operation with this audio organisation.

    Modern-style navigation

    The Sound 20 CD can optionally be supplemented with the Garmin® MAP Navigate piloting organization. Its merits admit precise map information and fantabulous itinerary steering. 3-D views with naturalistic views of streets and buildings besides as photo-realistic join and lane assistants brand predilection easier. Visceral procedure is provided by the Control or the touchpad. The fiber acknowledgment have of the touchpad allows textbook stimulus. The seafaring organisation can besides be operated by part ascendance. Package and maps can be updated easy via the net.

    The immobile 3-D hard-disc sailing of COMAND On-line with topographic map exhibit, photo-realistic 3-D buildings and 3-D map rotations, likewise as presentation of NASA planet images, makes for a receptive have. The arrangement displays its contents interactively and its features admit an alive orbit also as a “Cause Prove” with data for passengers exchangeable to the on-screen presentations alongside airliners. In summation, the pilotage arrangement can ply real-time data most the place on the roadstead with the “Survive Dealings Data” avail.

    Telephony via Bluetooth® as standard

    The canonical Sound 20 arrangement likewise as Sound 20 CD and COMAND On-line all crack staple telephone as stock, which links a cell to the fomite via a similar Bluetooth® port. The optional “Ease Telephone” is useable as pre-installation of a cosmopolitan phone port which allows the cell to be affiliated to a earphone birthplace in the kernel comfort.

    Mercedes connect me: connected with the car

    Below the describe “Mercedes colligate me”, Mercedes-Benz offers an all-inclusive bundle of unblock banner services via a KOM faculty merged into the fomite. This faculty too makes it potential to use the fee-based Removed On-line services. The scope of services is existence expanded unendingly.

    The disengage received services admit robotic pinch cry (eCall), Fortuity Retrieval, Dislocation Direction and Sustenance Direction. In an stroke, the Mercedes-Benz pinch vociferation arrangement mechanically connects the occupants with the Mercedes-Benz Pinch Outcry Core and sends the situation and stipulation of the fomite to the deliverance operations gist. A deliverance fomite can so be dispatched straightaway. The organization can too be triggered manually.

    The “Mercedes link me” received services likewise admit:

  • Fortuity Retrieval – astern the Mercedes-Benz pinch outcry, the organization connects to the Client Help Core so that extra assist can be requested, where requisite, to batch with an stroke, e.g. a wrecker.
  • Partitioning Direction – provides technological assist in the issue of a dislocation. To this end, the berth and term of the fomite are transmissible to the Client Assist Gist, which informs Mercedes‑Benz Serving 24h. This allows the Mercedes-Benz Serving 24h to render immobile and optimum aid.
  • Sustainment Direction – the fomite detects and reports pending sustenance necessarily and sends the essential information to the serve issue as the base for preparing a serving citation.
  • Telediagnostics – the fomite detects the want for substitute of diagnostics-capable assume parts and reports this to the serving vent. The servicing exit contacts the client to do a shop engagement. The antecedently inherited information enable the shop to offer optimum assist.
  • Connected to the car via internet

    The optional duplicate Outback On-line (measure with COMAND On-line and release to use for the outset tercet eld) allows drivers to join to their fomite from anyplace and at any clock via “mercedes.me” to regain fomite information and remotely spark respective fomite functions. With the new Mercedes me app, this likewise plant with iOS and Humanoid smartphones besides as with the Apple Sentry.

    The optional Removed On-line services admit:

  • Parked Fomite Locater – allows the fomite spot to be compulsive, e.g., if the fomite was parked in an unfamiliar metropolis. This makes it potential to handily uncovering the fomite inside a scope of 1.5 kilometres with the assistance of a smartphone.
  • Fomite Tracker – enables the modish billet of a moving fomite to be pinpointed via GPS. The driver has a show in the fomite and can inactivate the help at any clock with a toll-free birdsong to the Client Assist Essence.
  • Geofencing – shows where the fomite is in an are antecedently outlined on the map and informs the proprietor if the car leaves or enters this region. Comparable the Fomite Tracker, this overhaul can too be deactivated by the driver at any clip.
  • Outside doorway lockup and unlocking – allows orifice or culmination the fomite doors remotely, e.g., if the driver forgets to ringlet the fomite. Outside Recovery of Fomite Condition – fomite information such as fire story, ambit and more can be accessed from house or piece on the route.
  • Scheduling of Supplemental Heat – if the fomite is furnished with accessory warming, all functions such as start, shift off or scheduling of the timekeeper can be controlled on-line via a smartphone.
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