2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz is entry into the alfresco mollify with the get-go cab based on the C-Class, thereby rounding off its scope of cabriolets with a graeco-roman cloth easygoing top. The new cab’s excogitation interprets forward-looking sumptuosity with a vernal touching. Featuring deal of high-quality details, its typical fibre is near seeming when the top is devour. The cab is optionally uncommitted with the AIRCAP automatonlike draft occlusion arrangement and AIRSCARF neck-level warming – for exceeding ease during open-top drive 36 a class. Effective, knock-down engines delivering betwixt 115 and 270 kW (156 to 367 hp) and a abatement intentional for kinetics (with optional AIRMATIC air abeyance) assure sportily nimble manipulation. The new 9G-TRONIC robotic contagion is useable for all locomotive variants. Likewise aboard: proved help systems and state-of-the-art docudrama. The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cab launches in summertime 2016.

2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

“Our new C-Class Cab is the launching into the humanity of agio cabriolets from Mercedes-Benz. Sportsmanlike and vernal in fiber and styling, it offers double-dyed alfresco drive pleasance all class beat,” says Professor. Dr Thomas Wb, Extremity of the Gameboard of Direction of Daimler AG and responsible Aggroup Enquiry and Mercedes-Benz Cars Exploitation.

Sporty and youthful

As the new entry-level framework into the cab humanity of Mercedes-Benz, the C‑Course Cab is too a ordered shape of the Mercedes-Benz pattern doctrine: fleshly innocence as the definition of contemporaneous sumptuosity. It exhibits an independency of persona with a visibly sportsmanlike construction and youthfully wise ingathering.

2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet

With its top up, the visibility of the new two-door cab resembles that of the C‑Form Putsché with near superposable introductory dimensions: with a salient forepart featuring a rhombus grille, LED Gamey Operation headlamps, foresightful cowl and eminent beltline. Its tightly stretched easygoing top with deoxyephedrine windowpane transitions harmoniously into the clearly styled arse, which has a extremely sportsmanlike flavor with its full shoulders and flatbed LED empennage lights. With a content of 360 litres (285 litres with the ceiling afford), boot is open of retention an exceeding number of baggage for a cab, therefore offer eminent daily practicality.

At the sides, an lengthened falling job extending concluded the ass roll mischievous lends an vehemence distinctive of Mercedes-Benz innovation. Thanks to its 15 mm depress hanging as received compared with the Barroom, the fomite already gives a jazzy opinion with its 17-inch banner tyres, underlining the sporting lineament of the Cab, which excels aerodynamically with a cd evaluate of 0.28.

AMG version with distinct looks

The like falling pipeline is preoccupied by the new Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC Cab which, still, has an eventide sportier expression with its trenchant AMG excogitation and particular light-alloy wheels. It frankincense underscores the imperfect nature and execution of the make.

Exterior and interior from the same mould

With the ceiling clear, the meticulously unified harmoniousness betwixt outside and national figure becomes manifest. Top-grade details admit chromium-plate trimness on A‑mainstay and windshield likewise as a beltline modelling, which extends as far as the soft-top compartment, which it borders with a large-minded chromium-plate passementerie.

Premium-class fabric soft top

The full automatonlike hellenic cab textile subdued top comes in nigrify in the canonical form or is optionally uncommitted with a multi-layer acoustical balmy top in iniquity brownish, navy, shadow red or blacken. It importantly reduces the hint/impulsive haphazardness. This is made detectable in the shape of improved address intelligibility, including at heights speeds, and ameliorate insulant from troubled ambient disturbance. The acoustical balmy top thusly offers optimum mood quilt and quiet-running characteristics.

Based on the S-Class Cab, the flabby top besides meets superiority standards in price of enduringness and purpose. It can be open and closed less than 20 seconds capable a amphetamine of 50 km/h. Abaft possibility, it folds devour restfully and cautiously and is stored in the soft-top compartment in boot. In footing of its conformation and gloss, the covering of the soft-top compartment is an entire share of the internal and is made of the like stuff as the beltline.

Interior – modernity and lifestyle

The occupants delight an ambiance that, piece based on the home of the C-Class Barroom, offers a wise rendering with distinctive cab features. Specially top-grade materials and body-build calibre consecrate the upcountry a modernistic spirit of sportiness and life-style. The equipment includes heat-reflecting leather in a aggregate of phoebe coloring sunglasses (optional) too as a curving substitution in lustrelessness fluent chromium-plate in the essence comfort for porta and shutdown the amply automatonlike cab mild top. Based on the Takeoveré, the play seating sport an inherent flavor with powerful english bolsters and organically incorporated psyche restraints also as optional AIRSCARF neck-level heat. Reflex bash extenders as received assistant the occupants with buckling up.

The arse seating are in the mannikin of mortal seating. Their backrests crack a through-loading sport, can be rip 50:50 for gamy daily practicality and can be all folded fine-tune.

AMG with special details

2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

The upcountry of the Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC Cab reinforces the systematically active prejudice of the execution steel with legion peculiarly intentional details. Idealistic for a attached impulsive stylus, the multifunction sports wheel in lightlessness leather features a planate backside segment and red contrastive topstitching, and sits utterly in the deal.

Individual highlights

The Cab already comes as measure with a gamey equipment stipulation, which is augmented by a all-encompassing grasp of individualization options (about examples: 13 upholstery variants, such as designo Bengal red / blackness, 7 trimming variants, quatern soft-top colors, xii rouge finishes – including a mat cultivation, leather-covered board). The cap lining of the mild top is useable in melanise, porcelain and quartz gray-haired. Legion cut elements in flashy al, c character or ice character are complemented by unquestionable open-pore court species in sunglasses of chocolate-brown and lightlessness.

The AMG Job is useable as an choice to emphasise the heartiness of the Cab. It differs by merit of outside features such as especial bumpers and sills with AMG bodystyling, a rhombus grille with pins in chromium-plate and 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels. In the midland, the AMG Cable comes with sportsmanlike, single highlights, including a multifunction sports wheel with planate behind incision besides as AMG sports pedals.

At the marketplace establish an Variation 1 volition be usable for a special sentence. With a innkeeper of utterly unified equipment lines, it combines sportiness with life-style, hence utterly adjustment with the sporty-modern expression of the new cab.

Summer is included

Customers opting for a cab wish to ride as ofttimes as potential with the top kill. The fact that, besides in the C-Class Cab – as in the E- and S-Class Cabriolets – the occupants can relish utmost alfresco quilt is made potential by AIRCAP and AIRSCARF, which micturate the joys of overbold air pleasant eventide at low temperatures.

Inconspicuously incorporated into the cap bod, the galvanizing AIRCAP gulp stopover scheme was particularly highly-developed for Mercedes-Benz cabriolets and is joined to an electrical drawing stopover ass the bottom seating, which reduces the internal upheaval besides for the arse passengers at the pressing of a push. AIRCAP is function of the Cab Ease box, which too includes AIRSCARF neck-level heat for the driver and forepart rider. The combining of these two systems extends the open-top temper to the full twelvemonth.

Instead, thither is besides the selection of a retrofitted manual foldable draft stoppage ass the presence seating. This perceptibly boodle checkers in the battlefront seating.

Suspension: sportily agile and comfortable

The dangling offers a gamy storey of comfortableness with low route holloa and tire vibe characteristics spell ensuring quick impulsive kinetics – the ground for impulsive use. The abatement on the Cab, which is 15 millimetres depress in equivalence with the Pothouse, comes as touchstone with blade springs with a selective damping arrangement. An optional sports respite with firmer springing and damping, including the Sports Direct-Steer arrangement, makes for evening more quick treatment.

Riding on air

The Cab is optionally usable with AIRMATIC air hanging. Its electronically controlled, endlessly adjustable damping on the forepart and ass axles ensures low route holloa and tire palpitation characteristics in every office.

Active Quality – stock with AIRMATIC and optionally uncommitted with a brand dangling – allows the driver to select their craved background: flashy, well-situated or fuel-efficient. To this end, the driver can choose one of pentad infection modes victimisation the Active Choice replacement: “ECO”, “Quilt”, “Variation”, “Play Summation” and “Mortal”. Selecting “Soul” allows the driver to tailor-make the fomite settings to courtship their personal preferences.

Active: 4 and 6-cylinder engines and, first, 4MATIC

Hefty and effective gasoline and diesel engines with ECO starting/occlusion part and an all-embracing 4MATIC ambit play flashy execution and drive joy all yr bout. All are compliant with the Euro 6 emissions touchstone.

Six gasoline engines are usable for the Cab. The compass of outputs extends from the 1.6-litre four-cylinder whole in the C 180 rated at 115 kW (156 hp) to the 3.0-litre six-cylinder locomotive in the Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC Cab (270 kW/367 hp). The C 200 is optionally usable with 4MATIC all-wheel crusade.

The diesel models are powered by a four-cylinder locomotive delivering 125 kW (170 hp) in the C 220 d or 150 kW (204 hp) in the C 250 d and are weaponed with eco-friendly SCR engineering (Selective Catalytic Simplification) for fumes aftertreatment. 4MATIC is usable for the C 220 d.

The new 9G-TRONIC machinelike infection can be coherent for all locomotive variants.

Light and safe bodyshell

In a cab, the deficiency of a cap frequently results in decreased personify hardness. This fact was interpreted into condition by the designers in underdeveloped the C-Class Taproom. This allowed them to adjust the bodyshell at the forepart and on the flooring to adjoin the specific inevitably of the Cab. Accordingly, this simulation, too, features an admonitory corpse conception of the variety requisite for highschool impulsive kinetics.

The Putsché’s levelheaded whippersnapper twist with a gamey balance of aluminum was maintained – among others, the wings, cowling and thrill lid are made of sparkle debase. The Cab not lone meets all stream home and outside laws, but besides all paygrade requirements also as the more rigorous inner Mercedes-Benz guard requirements, which are based on what really happens in a real-world fortuity.

2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

Safe semi-autonomous driving to reduce stress

Thither are many guard and help systems based on the Mercedes-Benz Well-informed Driving construct to take from. Tending Aid with adjustable sensibility, which can monish the driver of heedlessness and somnolence, is included as banner. Boost measure equipment includes Hit Bar Aid Summation. In summation to a optic propinquity admonitory and an extra hearable hit cautionary, it includes Adaptative Bracken Assistance, which can assist forbid collisions by boosting the bracken press to case the billet. When a risk of hit persists and the driver fails to answer, the organization is able-bodied to action self-reliant braking at speeds of capable 200 km/h, thereby reduction the rigor of collisions with slower or stationary vehicles or, in the best-case scenario, eve avoiding a hit entirely. At speeds of capable 50 km/h, the scheme likewise brakes in reply to stationary vehicles and is olibanum capable to assistant forbid rear-end collisions at capable 40 km/h.

The optionally uncommitted Impulsive Help box includes extra help systems that get been importantly protracted in footing of their functions. As office of the Levelheaded Crusade conception, these coalesce information from versatile detector technologies, such as radiolocation sensors and two-channel camera, and thence bring importantly enhanced prophylactic and solace. These functions admit e.g. DISTRONIC Addition with Guidance Attend and Layover&Go Buffer or the PRE-SAFE® Bracken with earthbound catching addition the Bracken Help BAS Asset, which too offers situation-adaptive bracken boosting if thither is a jeopardy of hit from hybridization dealings. A encourage routine of the Impulsive Aid packet is Fighting Lane Holding Aid, which is open of preventing unwitting lane loss by agency of nonreversible, lane-correcting lotion of the brakes. The scheme intervenes if the driver crosses a firm lane grading and can serve flush in the suit of noncontinuous lane markings if thither is a peril of hit with a fomite in the conterminous lane.

The numerousness of assist systems besides includes a Parking Aid for semi-automated parking; a 360° camera for assist during parking and manoeuvring; a camera and navigation-based Dealings Augury Attend with wrong-way admonitory role likewise as Adaptative Highbeam Attend Positive, which allows uninterrupted highschool irradiation by selectively blanking out over-the-counter vehicles from the high-beam ignitor strobilus.

2017 Mercedes Benz C Class Cabriolet

Safe protection

In an fortuity, optimum security is afforded by the mellow morphological guard of the personify likewise as by the constraint systems, peculiarly the comp accompaniment of airbags. These admit:

  • adaptative breast airbags for driver and presence rider
  • a kneebag on the driver’s position
  • pectus/hip bags for driver and presence rider
  • windowbags structured in the top edges of the strawman doorway panels
  • The roll-over shelter arrangement is particular to the Cab. It consists of two cartridges that are full retracted arse the behind seating and thus unseeable. If a roll-over is impendent, these cartridges are pyrotechnically discharged, whereupon they pullulate bent supply a selection blank collectively the A-pillar.

    Sensitive climate control for open-air driving

    Particularly highly-developed for cabriolets, the clime command scheme responds to whether the fomite is beingness goaded with the ceiling up or fine-tune. With the cap unopen, the organization performs in the like way as in the Takeoveré. With the subdued top pile, the clime ascendancy organization adapts by, e.g., blowing heater air onto the driver’s custody on the wheel and deactivating the air recirculation use. The particular adjustments for open-top impulsive pee leeway for whether chilling or warming is requisite and reply sensitively to the changeover zones in betwixt.

    Vibrant infotainment experience

    Visceral surgery with animations and optic effects is offered by the docudrama arrangement. Frontbass ensures a hearing feel well-nigh on a par with a concert lobby – particularly if the optionally useable Burmester® fathom organisation has been specified. The Frontbass scheme uses the quad inside the cross-member and position mem in the structure as a ringing bedroom for the basso speakers.

    The piloting scheme, which supplies the driver with exact dealings data in veridical clip (Be Dealings Entropy), processes its contents interactively. Its features admit an alive reach and a “Campaign Appearance” with info for passengers standardized to the on-screen presentations on an airliner.

    Extensive networking even in the basic version

    A Bluetooth®-compatible cell with information alternative is all it takes to pay the Sound 20 scheme cyberspace capableness. This allows net surfboarding without confinement when the fomite is stationary. Mercedes-Benz apps can be victimized spell drive. Sound and television playback is potential from several sources.

    The instead useable COMAND On-line organization provides not lonesome a bigger presentation with a resoluteness of 960 x 540 pixels, but it too optionally allows digital TV/wireless receipt, e.g., spell offer immobile hard-drive seafaring, constitutional WiFi hotspot functionality and LINGUATRONIC vox ascendancy also as many former features.

    The staple Sound 20 organization likewise as Sound 20 CD and COMAND On-line all whirl introductory telephone as criterion, which links up a cell to the fomite via a interchangeable Bluetooth® port.

    Mercedes me connect: connected with the car

    Wish otc models, the new C-Class Cab comes with an blanket reach of unfreeze Stock Services and Outside On-line Services as function of the “Mercedes me relate” bundle. Criterion Services admit machinelike pinch song, Fortuity Recuperation likewise as partitioning assist and after-sales serving. The Distant On-line services survive potential at any clock and from anyplace to admittance fomite data such as the condition of windows and doors, milage, tire pressures and early symptomatic information. Thither is too a Fomite Tracker role also as outback doorway lockup and unlocking.

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