2017 Kia Rio

Kia Rio

The new Kia Rio testament micturate its humankind entry at the 2016 Paris Motive Display. The Rio is the Korean maker’s planetary best-selling framework, with more 473,000 sold approximately the earth in 2015, accountancy for 16 per penny of Kia’s yearly sales. The UK contributed to this with 12,115 Rios sold in 2015, which was 15 per centime of the UK’s aggregate sales.

Now ingress its fourthly genesis, the new Kia Rio bequeath whirl B-segment buyers a compelling box, with an attractive new innovation, highschool practicality and contraption, class-first rubber engineering, new connectivity features and more piquant drive and manipulation.

Michael Colewort, Ceo for Kia Motors Europe, commented: “The Rio is an significant car for Kia, as our best-selling simulation oecumenical. The B-segment is one of the almost hotly-contested areas of the new car commercialise, and the third-generation Rio helped acquaint more mass to the Kia steel than always earlier.

“As a gateway to the make, the Rio has typically offered an attractive designing, low operative costs and practicality. It’s for these reasons that the flow simulation has sold in commemorate numbers approximately the humans. The new framework bequeath anatomy on these key strengths, with higher oomph, a more pleasurable cause and the about advance condom features in its year.”

Intentional and engineered to play the inevitably and desires of a wider reach of buyers, the new Rio bequeath turn an progressively significant character in the Kia example line-up. The B-segment is the largest grocery section in the European new car marketplace, and Kia anticipates that the new Rio testament draw concluded 100,000 buyers in its get-go full-of-the-moon yr on-sale. This bequeath position the Rio aboard Kia’s best-selling models in Europe, the Sportage and cee’d.

2017 Kia Rio

2017 Kia Rio

The new Kia Rio leave be manufactured at Kia’s Sohari fabrication adeptness in Korea, and leave occur sale globally during the get-go poop of 2017.

Outside innovation: Outlined by straightaway lines and placid surfaces

The Kia Rio’s liberalist new outside and upcountry innovation was led by Kia’s excogitation centres in Germany and California, in end quislingism with the party’s domesticated pattern bag in Namyang, Korea. The show of the new Rio is outlined by full-strength lines and tranquil surfacing, freehanded the car a typical new feeling and more grow role than its precursor.

At the movement, the Rio wears the up-to-the-minute phylogenesis of Kia’s ‘tiger-nose’ wicket, now diluent in elevation and wider crossways the battlefront of the car, with a burnish melanize grillwork blanket. The lattice is merged with the newly-designed bi-function headlights, more sculptured for a cardsharper feel, and featuring a new U-shaped LED daylight sidelight touch. The Rio’s forepart fog sparkle surrounds are affected outward and upwardly in the battlefront bumper compared to their post on the third-generation simulation, adding greater optical breadth to the battlefront of the car for a stronger boilersuit aspect. The thirster hood features bracket-shaped creases that exhaust from the foot of the A-pillars to the grillwork and headlights.

In visibility, the fourth-generation Rio’s extended, more balanced posture is achieved with a longsighted cowling and thirster forepart beetle, a 10 mm yearner wheelbase (capable 2,580 mm), a diluent, more unsloped C-pillar, and a shorter backside beetle. Boilersuit, the new car is 15 mm thirster than its precursor, at 4,065 mm in duration, and 5 mm lour (now 1,450 mm marvelous). Full-strength, clearly-defined lines sap the entire duration of the car’s berm and on its doors, promote stretch the show of the car for a more sure-footed looking.

The backside division of the Rio is now more good, with a near-vertical bum windshield and a shorter beetle. The square job that runs from the grill, done the headlights and on the top of the doors, continues approximately the cover of the car, mated with dilutant, more graven arse lamps, which now characteristic a new sagittate LED sparkle touch. Same the wider-looking ‘boldness’ of the car, the back innovation of the new Rio gives the car a stronger boilersuit show.

When the new Rio goes on sale crossways Europe, it volition be useable in a prize of ogdoad outside colors and a option of trey al metal bike designs, ranging from 15-inch to 17-inch in diam. The Rio volition be sold as a fin doorway modelling in Europe.

Upcountry excogitation: Innovative cabin with new aimless HMI

The new Kia Rio features a bodoni new cabin, with more sculptured forms and a more ergonomic layout than its forerunner. The national has likewise been intentional to adapt the Rio’s new ambit of technologies.

Same the outside, heterosexual lines working the breadth of the fascia characterize the configuration of the home, big the cabin a wider appearing and increasing the sentiency of infinite for occupants. Besides as farsighted, sidelong lines that regularize the anatomy of the splasher, horizontal vents farther add to the optic breadth of the cabin, replacement the erect vents of the third-generation manakin. Polish lightlessness cut lines the key incision of the splashboard.

The splashboard itself is now angled towards the driver, a layout which provides the car with a sportier, more driver-focused figure and a more bounty quality. At the core of the fascia is a ‘aimless’ HMI (human-machine port), usable with a high-resolution touchscreen. Beneath, the driver-oriented kernel solace features fewer buttons, with more ergonomic, concave switches and rotator dials under to controller the heat and airing.

2017 Kia Rio

The new Kia Rio is usable with a option of nigrify or greyness textile ass upholstery, or with blackness or greyish contrived leather. A ‘Red Clique’ for the Rio gives buyers melanize with red stilted leather-trimmed seating passim the cabin.

New technologies farther further the collection of the Rio’s cabin. Intentional to better consolation and contraption for owners, the new modeling is usable with keyless debut and kindling, het seating and wheel, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and robotlike headlamps. The new modelling is besides usable with Robotlike Sail Ascendance, with a speeding clipper, and Arse Parkland Serve with a behind sight camera (see ‘Prophylactic’ for more data on the Rio’s new guard systems).

Practicality: Greater cabin and thrill spa, with improved well-rounded profile

The Kia Rio volition bear the near wide cabin and one of the highest kick capacities (325 litres) of any car in its course when it goes on sale, with practicality a key focalise for the Rio’s maturation and technology teams.

The Rio’s 10 mm-longer wheelbase and 15mm-longer consistence give to bigger cabin and rush dimensions. Leg way grows to 1,120 mm in the breast and 770 mm in the behind, spell the new manakin offers more berm board than nigh over-the-counter cars in its stratum – 1,375 mm in the presence and 1,355 in the behind. Disdain the new Rio organism 5 mm shorter in elevation than the extroverted modeling, presence and ass clearance (1,021 mm and 966 mm severally) are among the trump in the B-segment.

These improvements to infinite in the cabin sustain been achieved with a serial of changes to the Rio’s publicity. These admit re-profiled doorway trims, the borrowing of new headlining materials, and changes to the cast of the splasher, besides as more pregnant changes to the bodyshell of the Rio – such as the yearner wheelbase.

2017 Kia Rio

Moreover, diluent C-pillars – rock-bottom in breadth by 87 mm – and resettled threshold mirrors (stirred capable the foundation of the A-pillar) assistant minimize the sizing of the driver’s unreasoning floater and meliorate all-around visibleness. A frown windowpane demarcation some the cabin and new quarterlights at the buns of the bum doors too springiness the driver and passengers a amend panorama out.

The Kia Rio’s cabin offers more warehousing spa than ahead. At the stand of the center comfort is an unfold image tray to fund nomadic devices and former modest items, and the viewgraph soothe includes an region to storehouse shades. The mitt compartment is too a single-box contour. The new Rio has bottleful holders in every threshold (to oblige 1.5-litre bottles in the figurehead and 0.5-litre bottles in the behind of the car) and two bigger cupholders in the movement. The doors too sport closed-bottom store holes in the doorway handles, utilitarian for little items such as a call or coins. An optional armrest is useable, adding boost entrepot content to the cabin.

Baggage capability has likewise increased by 37 litres to 325 litres (VDA; +13 per penny), among the better in grade. This supererogatory infinite has been achieved in bitchiness of the Rio’s arse beetle existence sawed-off by 15 mm to 655 mm, a key constituent of the car’s new figure. The new Rio features a split-level rush story, which enables owners to alteration the peak of boot story to fit items below the level to forestall objects rolled round, or to hold them hidden. The Rio is fitted as touchstone with split-folding backside seating and a tire mobility kit below boot flooring. Buyers can determine an optional bare bike.

The fire cooler, which is placed below the back judiciary, is 45 litres in sizing, two litres bigger than the earliest example.

Powertrains: Efficient new T-GDI engines with low emissions and instant responses

The new Kia Rio bequeath be powered by a compass of gasoline and diesel engines when it goes on sale in 2017, apiece offer mellow efficiency and unforced quickening.

An increasing client appetence for downsized, turbocharged engines has led to the acceptance of Kia’s modish three-cylinder 1.0-litre T-GDI (turbo gas aim shot) engines. The jackanapes and constrict new locomotive was introduced first in the upgraded Kia cee’d in 2015 and is expected to invoice for the bulk of Rio sales when the new simulation goes on sale. Likewise as offer eminent efficiency and low emissions, the whippersnapper nature of the new T-GDI engines welfare the Rio’s lament front-end manipulation, with less bulk and inactivity for the car to sour against nether cornering.

Customers ordination their Rio with the 1.0-litre T-GDI locomotive can take betwixt 98 or 118 bhp might outputs. The 98 bhp locomotive produces crown superpower at 4,500 rpm and 172 Nm torsion from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm .The higher-powered 118 bhp locomotive produces the like torsion production crosswise the like banding of locomotive speeds, patch might is approachable at a higher 6,000 rpm crown. Now in the latter stages of examination and growing, both engines are expected to have sub-100 g/km CO2 emissions (NEDC, combined). The Rio’s Loose Stopover & Go (ISG) organisation testament see emissions decreased flush encourage, pending homologation.

Aboard the 1.0-litre T-GDI, the Kia Rio is offered with naturally-aspirated 1.25-litre and 1.4-litre MPI (multi-point injectant) gasoline engines. The 82 bhp 1.25-litre locomotive produces its eyeshade index at 6,000 rpm and 122 Nm torsion at 4,000 rpm; the 1.4-litre produces 90 bhp at 6,000 rpm and 132 Nm torsion at 4,000 rpm. Pending concluding homologation tests, both engines are expected to pitch CO2 emissions of nether 120 g/km.

For level depress emissions, the new Rio bequeath too be sold with a 1.4-litre diesel, producing either 69 or 88 bhp. Disregardless of superpower outturn, the 1.4-litre diesel bequeath be able of producing the last CO2 emissions levels in the Rio line-up – Kia engineers are targeting CO2 emissions nether 90 g/km with ISG.

All engines use powerfulness to the strawman wheels, either done a five-speed manual infection for 1.25-litre and 98 bhp 1.0-litre T-GDI gas engines; or a six-speed manual infection for the 1.4-litre gasolene locomotive, the higher-output 118 ps 1.0-litre T-GDI locomotive, and both 1.4-litre diesel engines.

Safety: ADAS assistive technologies and a five-star Euro NCAP target

2017 Kia Rio

The new Kia Rio bequeath be one of the safest cars in its grade when it goes on sale, uncommitted with a bundle of Kia’s Ripe Driver Aid Systems (ADAS). The new Rio is reinforced on high-strength nerve consistency and features a wide-cut regalia of inactive rubber equipment – the car is engineered to fulfil the almost demanding clang guard quiz criteria about the humankind.

Targeting a five-star Euro NCAP clangour safe valuation when fitted with optional ADAS engineering, the Rio volition be the outset car in the B-segment to lineament Self-directed Exigency Braking (AEB) with walker realisation. The Rio’s AEB scheme uses a long-range rad spotting organization to find potency collisions with early vehicles or pedestrians and helps play the car to a hitch. AEB is opposite with a Lane Going Monition Scheme (LDWS), which alerts the driver if they cast out of their lane on the route without the use of indicators.

2017 Kia Rio

The bodyshell of the new Rio is made up of a important ratio of Advance Gamey Effectiveness Sword (AHSS). The broad use of AHSS in the consistency of the Rio is contribution of a wider exploit by Kia to attain a 5 per penny diminution in the median burden of new car bodies by 20 when compared to 2014, patch enabling greater safe and certificate. 51 per centime of the new Rio’s eubstance is made out of solid, lightness AHSS, compared to 33 per penny in the third-generation example.

The higher coating of AHSS has reinforced the rider cabin ‘cubicle’ for greater resident prophylactic and more efficient dispersion of gremlin forces. The stronger nerve has been victimized to reenforce the A- and B-pillars, besides as position sills, ceiling construction, locomotive bay and storey pan.

The new Rio is fitted with six airbags passim the cabin, besides as ISOFIX child-seat lead and linchpin points for strawman and ass rider seating.

Driving: More engaging and stable handling with a comfortable ride

Likewise as beingness fabulously rubber to effort, the new Rio seeks to body-build on the story of driver booking offered by the third-generation modelling. Kia’s bod developing teams deliver sought-after to precede greater drive charm, with more quick and quick treatment, piece up drive consolation. The Rio sits on fully-independent MacPherson swagger figurehead reprieve and a tortuosity broadcast backside axle.

The evolution of a stiffer bodyshell gave R&D teams the exemption to modernise a more compliant suspension. The new Rio benefits from a revised give and muffler set-up than the extroverted manakin, up the car’s conformation and puff at all speeds, spell facilitating the car’s more pleasurable, piquant manipulation characteristics.

Compared to the third-generation modelling, the modifications to the Rio’s figure admit: more unbending battlefront dangling struts and crossbreeding phallus and a brocaded arse tortuousness ray for high-velocity stableness; the acceptance of new upright ass blow absorbers and figurehead impact absorbers with pre-loaded elongate valve engineering, both resulting in more elongate manipulation and abatement reception o’er unkept route surfaces; and a repositioned mightiness guidance gearbox, to enable greater ‘on-centre’ tone done the wheel. The changes to the form are intentional to invest the Rio with more quick treatment responses and ameliorate the storey of assurance that the driver has butt the rack.

On top of the new box of ADAS technologies, the new Rio is fitted as stock with Kia’s Fomite Stableness Direction (VSM) with Electronic Constancy Ascendence (ESC). VSM ensures constancy nether braking and cornering, sleuthing a release in grip and exploitation ESC to assistant the driver livelihood the car on grade.

Connectivity: full Android and Apple smartphone integration

At the essence of the splashboard is the new docudrama scheme, caparison Kia’s up-to-the-minute HMI (human-machine port). The new Rio is uncommitted with a ‘vagabond’ 5.0-inch touchscreen sound arrangement with six speakers. Buyers can besides designate a 7.0-inch touchscreen docudrama and sailing organisation, with Kia Affiliated Services powered by TomTom®, too asAndroid Machine&deal; and Apple CarPlay&barter; for wax smartphone integrating.

The Kia Machine-accessible Services connectivity software offers drivers a full stove of cutting-edge data, including endure dealings updates, hurrying camera locations and alerts, local point-of-interest hunt and brave forecasts. Uncommitted in cars weaponed with sailing Kia’s Machine-accessible Services volition be useable gratis for European buyers for vii age subsequently the car’s buy.

The Kia Rio’s Humanoid Car&swop; organisation is intentional to study with Humanoid phones linear 5.0 (Lolly) or higher. Uncommitted from plunge, Humanoid Car&patronage; connects to the exploiter’s earpiece and lets them approach smartphone apps and functions done the in-car documentary organization, such as voice-guided Google Maps sailing, hands-free calls and texts and vocalism credit. Humanoid Automobile&swap; besides lets users pullulate euphony from Google Gaming Medicine&deal; and early services.

Apple CarPlay&patronage;, for iPhone 5 or newer, leave enable entire Siri vocalism controller to ascendence the telephone’s several functions and apps, including piloting via Apple Maps, calls and textbook bid. Apple CarPlay&patronage; likewise supports former sound apps that the exploiter may get downloaded to their iPhone – such as euphony cyclosis or audiobook services.

The Kia Rio bequeath be the low car in the B-segment to be equipt with USB ports in both the forepart and bum of the cabin, enabling users to physically join a roving gimmick to the Rio’s docudrama scheme, and reload batteries on the motion.

On sale: New Kia Rio arrives in Europe in early 2017

The all-new Kia Rio volition proceed sale crosswise Europe in the kickoff poop of 2017, with the troupe’s unequalled 7-Year, 100,000 mi guarantee as measure.

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