2017 Kia Picanto Gt Line

Kia Picanto GT-Line

The all-new Kia Picanto metropolis car made its world launching at the 2017 Hollands Outside Centrifugal Read. The new Picanto bequeath occur sale crossways Europe from the beginning of Q2 2017.

Now in its third-generation, the new Kia Picanto brings a new, more young and industrious persona to the A-segment. Jactitation an self-asserting new pattern and a high-quality, hi-tech new cabin, the up-to-the-minute simulation too offers buyers greater voltage for customisation and promises to be the near various car in its category.

The new Picanto bequeath be powered by one of iii gas engines, including Kia’s new 1.0-litre turbocharged gas organize injectant (T-GDI) powerfulness whole. When the new 1.0-litre T-GDI locomotive goes on sale during Q4 2017, it volition be the nigh knock-down locomotive e’er offered in the Picanto, and the kickoff sentence this car has offered a turbocharged gasolene locomotive.

Michael Kale, Ceo of Kia Motors Europe, comments: “The Picanto is one of Kia’s best-selling models about the humanity, and has a especially stiff fan stand hither in Europe. Our European customers bear told us that they dear the designing of the forthcoming Picanto. They dear its low working costs, its contract dimensions for metropolis impulsive, and the heights degree of equipment usable for the money. The new framework retains these strengths, and now offers a new storey of vigour and functioning, likewise as introducing the up-to-the-minute technologies for in-car connectivity and enhanced rubber. For these reasons we are convinced that the new Picanto leave service us farther chassis our visibility and commercialize ploughshare therein really militant section.”

2017 Kia Picanto GT-Line

Universal, more 1.4 billion of the current-generation Picanto birth been sold since it was launched in 2011, with more 300,000 of those sold in Europe. Scorn the car upcoming the end of its lifecycle in showrooms, Kia sold more 55,000 Picanto models in Europe in 2016, representing year-on-year sales maturation of 3 per centime.

Exterior design

The all-new Kia Picanto has been created by Kia’s innovation centres in Namyang, Korea and Frankfurt, Germany, collaborating to invention a young, industrious expression.

Briefed to develop an forward-looking, bluff and fun-looking urban metropolis car, designers bear followed abreast the mandatory to total core, bounteous the new Picanto a more self-assertive posture with bolder torso lines.

With the wheelbase lengthened to 2,400 mm (an gain of 15 mm), the wheels sustain been pushed promote bent the corners of the car for a 25 mm shorter movement beetle, fashioning the car aspect more implanted on the route. Substantial, heterosexual lines run horizontally crosswise the figurehead of the car, emphasising the ‘tiger-nose’ grill and angulate new wrap-around headlamps. Upright lines that embrace the slope intakes and frown grill heighten the Picanto’s more convinced new ‘boldness’.

2017 Kia Picanto Gt Line

In visibility, the new Kia Picanto is characterised by typical lines run on the slope skirts, berm and round the rack arches, and subtly-sculpted torso surfacing – again, apiece serving to produce a more positive on-road invention and visually ‘stretch’ the car for a greater smell of bait stableness – although the Picanto is no yearner than the extroverted example, at 3,595 mm in distance.

The new exemplar adopts Kia’s all-inclusive C-pillar as a pattern motive, which stands more just than that of the premature framework. Combined with a thirster ass beetle – up 10 mm, to 520 mm – for a more assured stance.

2017 Kia Picanto Gt Line

The all-new Picanto bequeath offers buyers greater voltage for customisation than e’er ahead, with a option of 11 vivacious key finishes intentional to piddle the car surpass. Among the six new colors useable to buyers are ‘Basswood Lightness’, ‘Glossy Red’, ‘Morning Blackness’ ‘Pop Orangeness’, ‘Twinkle Ag’ and ‘Supernal Blueness’ iridescent metal pigment finishes. The Picanto is fitted with 14-inch sword wheels in its nigh canonical manakin, and customers can prime one of quatern al admixture rack designs, ranging from 14-inch to 16-inch in diam.

The outside of the Kia Picanto is likewise complemented by new jutting headlamps with LED indicators and LED daylight functional lights, and, from Q3 2017, a pernicious shark-fin aerial on the cap to supplant the existent ethereal.

First, Kia bequeath likewise crack the Picanto in a new ‘GT-Line’ spec, divine by the sportier show of the party’s higher-performance ‘GT’ models, such as the Optima GT. In GT-Line spec, the outside of the new Picanto is realized with red, facile and inkiness highlights in the wicket, incline intakes, on the face skirts and in the behind cornice, besides as chrome-tipped couple exhausts.

Interior design

Inner the new Picanto, Kia designers let created a more modernistic, neat cabin than the second-generation exemplar, with new materials and layout adding a greater gumption of calibre for occupants. The preponderantly horizontal conception adds greater optic breadth to the inner, highlight the increased cabin dimensions.

The fascia layout is now more centrally aligned, with a heavy 7.0-inch ‘drifting’ touchscreen HMI (human-machine port) seated at the mettle of the gist solace and moving many of the car’s controls farther up into the driver’s demarcation of survey. A satin chrome-effect slip runs crosswise the fascia for a higher tone atmosphere, and great, perpendicular air vents at either end ‘bookend’ the figurehead rider compartment.

Customisation is key to the collection of the new Kia Picanto’s cabin. Patch melanise and grayish fabric seating are uncommitted as touchstone, buyers can too individualize their new Picanto with one of pentad optional coloration packs, featuring counterpoint stilted leather upholstery and sewing. Usable at found, these coloring packs are:

  • Heights Colour Blackness – a combining of blacken, grayness and albumen upholstery with tweed sewing (and uncommitted with a melanise or grayness fundament semblance)
  • Dark-brown – brownness seating with twinkle blueness flashes pile the position and ignitor disconsolate sewing
  • Bluing – navy and lawful amytal contrived leather and material upholstery with ovalbumin and orangeness sewing
  • Red – melanize and greyish seating with red flashes and red sewing
  • Calx – grayish and twinkle grayness upholstery with quicklime k sewing
  • The demarcation colors of the seating can be mated with optional new coloring pads on the threshold armrests, reechoing the demarcation system selected for the seating. Lastly, the Picanto’s new GT-Line differential leave be furnished with a D-cut wheel. The inner of the GT-Line modeling volition be useable with the wide-cut reach of colouration packs.

    Practicality and packaging

    Disdain its on-road footmark leftover the like as that of the forthcoming manakin, the all-new Kia Picanto leave crack buyers best-in-class promotion efficiency, with uttermost versatility resulting from its bigger cabin and class-leading thrill content.

    The Picanto meets the increasing course towards five-door models in the A-segment, with Kia discontinuing the three-door simulation for the tierce propagation car. Offer uttermost practicality, the new simulation is no bigger than the manakin it replaces, at 1,485 mm in stature, 3,595 mm longsighted and 1,595 mm all-encompassing. The new program boasts a yearner wheelbase and thirster back beetle, still, release up more place in the cabin and rush (the presence beetle is rock-bottom by 25 mm, to 675 mm).

    Indoors, the new Picanto provides occupants with more leg- and head-room than best-selling rivals in the A-segment, spell a glower footprint stature makes for easier entrance and egression. The fundament of the splasher has been touched upward by 15 mm for greater stifle and leg infinite for presence passengers. The new Picanto is usable with either 4 or phoebe seating, with the backside workbench rip into either two or deuce-ace seating contingent emptor predilection (1.2-litre models are five-seat lonesome).

    The new primal armrest for battlefront passengers can glide backrest and away capable 55 mm – a get-go in the course – and covers a minor entrepot compartment intentional to adapt a one-litre piddle bottleful or a shades lawsuit. At the stand of the gist solace is an spread double-shelf tray to depot fluid devices and over-the-counter belittled items, with retractable counterpart cupholders which can folding aside to fruit more entrepot blank.

    Below the sun visors in the presence of the cabin, the dresser mirror likewise features hopeful new LED lights and a discase of mode firing. By providing the encompassing gleam of a makeup board mirror, the Kia Picanto’s new conceit mirror makes it easier for occupants to enforce makeup, checkout their hair-style, or align their hat, scarf or tie.

    Boot grows from 200 litres (VDA) to a utmost 255 litres – the near of any car in the stratum – and too features a two-step bang deck, which can be elevated or lowered by 145 mm to make extra spa prn, too as produce an under-floor hold. The 60:40 split-folding back seating can be folded fine-tune entirely matte with a one-touch pry, for maximal simpleness of use. This besides boosts loading capacitance to 1,010 litres.

    Consolation levels are too improved. Where the seating in many A-segment rivals offer one-piece rear rests with incorporate headrests, the new Picanto gives buyers fully-adjustable headrests, which motility improving and careen onward and rearward. The Picanto’s new seating are too more well-heeled for thirster journeys, featuring the like seat-base materials and structure launch in bigger Kia models (such as the new Optima). In the bottom, the slant of the backrest remainder is more reclined – from 25 to 27 degrees – for a more relaxed carriage, and somewhat more large incline bolsters on the bottom terrace boost amend ease and reinforcement during quicker cornering.

    Ride and handling

    The extroverted Kia Picanto won plaudit for its combining of straightaway manipulation responses and a well-fixed bait. Engineers birth emulated these characteristics in the new simulation, spell fashioning a serial of modifications to the hanging – autonomous by MacPherson sashay at the strawman; contortion transmit at the back – to understand greater rally stableness and faster, more pleasurable manipulation responses.

    Intentional to thin the consistence roller tip nether cornering by capable 1° and enable more contiguous reactions to guidance inputs, the Picanto’s anti-roll bars are 2 per penny stiffer and mounted slimly frown at the figurehead, and 5% stiffer and slenderly higher at the bottom. The Kia Picanto’s revised dimensions – with a yearner wheelbase and slimly shorter strawman beetle – besides enable the delivery core of the car to be set advance towards the behind of the car, serving to course slim ‘nosedive’ below braking without firming up the reprieve and potentially flexible tantalise comfortableness.

    In add-on, the thirster wheelbase contributes to a raw melioration in rally timber and constancy on all roadstead. The tortuosity shaft ass axle has been reshaped and features newly-designed tracking blazon, serving to dilute weightiness by 1.8 kg terminated the behind axle with no release in element inflexibility.

    A new guidance wheel substance the steerage proportion has been quickened by 13% terminated the extroverted Picanto, from 16.5:1 to 14.3:1. Not lonesome does this enable more contiguous responses to driver inputs, but reduction the turns of the bicycle lock-to-lock (from 3.4 to 2.8 turns) makes the Picanto eventide easier to driving at low speeds and in the metropolis. With the figurehead roll pushed finisher to the movement of the fomite, resulting in a shorter beetle, the rock-bottom weightiness beforehand of the breast axle reduces inactiveness for more spry manipulation.

    The new Picanto is the low car in its category to pass buyers torsion vectoring by braking – an extra use of the Electronic Stableness Controller arrangement (ESC; see ‘Guard’). The borrowing of this new engineering for an A-segment car agency the Picanto retains a higher arcdegree of treatment stableness and protection nether cornering, piece serving to slim understeer during harder cornering.

    Engines and transmissions

    Underpinning the all-new Kia Picanto’s faster, more reactive steerage is a grasp of extremely effective small-capacity gasolene engines. Helping to minimize the angle concluded the battlefront axle, the downsized locomotive line-up likewise delivers the sprightly speedup and straightaway powertrain responses that customers await of an urban car.

    Trey gasoline engines volition be usable to buyers. The 1.0-litre and 1.25-litre naturally-aspirated multi-point shot (MPI) engines bear been carried terminated from the forthcoming Picanto, with a scope of enhancements to meliorate efficiency and driveability. From Q4 2017, Kia’s new 1.0-litre T-GDI (turbocharged gasolene orchestrate shot) ability whole bequeath besides be usable, oblation turbocharged gas execution in the Picanto first always. All engines are mated with a five-speed manual contagion, delivering ability to the figurehead wheels. Slug Stopover & Go is usable on sure manual models, piece the 1.25-litre MPI locomotive is besides uncommitted with a four-speed robotlike transmittal.

    The 1.0-litre MPI locomotive provides the ingress spot into the Picanto ambit, producing 67 ps at 5,500 rpm and 96 Nm torsion. The nearly fire effective locomotive useable to Picanto buyers, the 1.0-litre whole is open of producing scarce 89 g/km of co2 (four-seat framework; New European Thrust Oscillation, combined), refine from 95 g/km on the extroverted modeling (a 6.3 per penny reducing). Upgrades to the locomotive admit a new release multiplex merged into the cylinder psyche, and a new cooling with shut-off valve, reduction the clip it takes the locomotive to tune-up from a frigidity first. A new two-stage oil ticker besides reduces mechanical clash.

    The mid-range 1.25-litre MPI produces bill exponent of 84 ps, and 122 Nm of torsion. Kia Picanto models with this locomotive leave utter 104 g/km of CO2 on the combined cycles/second, compared with 106 g/km for the existent Picanto. For its lotion in the new Picanto, Kia engineers sustain optimized the valve timing of the locomotive’s three-fold CVVT (continuously-variable valve timing) organisation, and let too adoptive a like new cooling and shut-off valve to the 1.0-litre MPI locomotive. New low-friction coated plunger rings besides avail to cut cylinder detrition for greater efficiency.

    The 1.0-litre T-GDI locomotive, useable in the Picanto first, produces 100 ps and 172 Nm torsion, the highest index and torsion outputs e’er offered in Kia’s A-segment example. The locomotive features a single-scroll turbocharger for heartbeat quickening, likewise as an merged tucker multiplex, and a hard-hitting (200 bar) fire add. Laser-drilled injectors present accurate quantities of fire into the cylinders to accurately ascendence burning, delivering instant acceleratory responses and conducive to the locomotive’s gamy efficiency and low fire expenditure.


    Subtlety has been dramatically improved in the new Picanto, with a grasp of modifications intentional to farther sequestrate the cabin from vibrations and interference from the route, twist and the locomotive. The answer is a car that offers the quietest cabin of any A-segment manakin, both at jobless and at a becalm sail.

    New nicety measures adoptive for the up-to-the-minute Kia Picanto admit a new soundproofing jury below the splasher and in the deck of the cabin, patch expansible sound-absorbent fizz has been applied to frown sections of the A- and B-pillars. Below the cowl, a new sound-absorbent locomotive concealment and reshaped air consumption assistant to insulate locomotive stochasticity from the cabin. The construction of the locomotive mounts has likewise been revised to sabotage locomotive vibrations. Moreover, the windshield wipers suffer been lowered by 6 mm to slim the stratum of farting ‘hollering’ generated at the foundation of the windshield

    As a outcome of these upgrades, the new Picanto produces a quietest-in-class 39 dB of stochasticity at jobless – 3 dB less than the flow A-segment leader – and 68 dB at a becalm sail.


    Buyers of the new Kia Picanto bequeath suffer accession to around of the almost ripe documentary and contraption technologies usable in the A-segment, spell calm enjoying the like high-pitched rate for money expected of a Kia fomite.

    The prominent, ‘drifting’ 7.0-inch HMI touchscreen at the heart of the splasher houses a sailing organization with 3D map, and is uncommitted with Apple CarPlay&sell; and Humanoid Automobile&deal; for full-of-the-moon smartphone integrating. A rear-view parking camera with active guidelines is besides on whirl to buyers who neediness an extra floor of self-confidence when complementary parking manoeuvres. An optional tuner smartphone courser and USB larboard, set at the foot of the essence cabinet, see drivers can sustenance nomadic devices aerated on the motion.

    Safety and body

    2017 Kia Picanto Gt Line

    The new Picanto is the safest A-segment car Kia has always made, featuring image the dimension of Advance Eminent Effectiveness Nerve (AHSS) compared to the forthcoming simulation and a pick of alive guard technologies.

    With a stronger torso than e’er ahead, 44% of the new Kia Picanto’s bodyshell is form in AHSS (up from 22 per centime), reduction body-in-white burthen by 23 kg spell up pliable forcefulness by 12 per centime. The new, stronger blade has been secondhand to reward the flooring pan, ceiling runway and locomotive bay, too as the A- and B-pillars, strengthening the kernel construction of the car. The new bodyshell likewise uses more eight-spot multiplication the amount of geomorphologic adhesive base in the forthcoming framework (67 metres of joins passim the construction are now built with the adhesive). Boilersuit, stable torsional harshness has been improved by 32 per centime.

    2017 Kia Picanto Gt Line

    The stronger, igniter soundbox is supported by six criterion airbags (movement, figurehead face and mantle airbags), and an optional stifle airbag, also as a grasp of participating condom features. These admit received Fomite Constancy Direction (VSM) with Electronic Stableness Ascendence (ESC) to assure stableness below braking and cornering, sleuthing a going in grip and victimization ESC to assistant the driver livelihood the car on form.

    In accession, the new Picanto volition be useable with Self-governing Exigency Braking (AEB) – a key engineering adoptive to heighten prophylactic in the preponderantly metropolis and urban environments in which the bulk of customers crusade their Picanto. An collateral Tire Force Monitoring Organization is too usable.


    Maintaining the rate for money and superiority that has made the current-generation Kia Picanto so democratic, the all-new Picanto testament be sold as stock with Kia’s alone 7-Year, 100,000m guarantee when it goes on-sale crossways Europe from the startle of Q2 2017.

    2017 Kia Picanto Gt Line

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