2017 Kia Optima Plug In Hybrid Eu Version

Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid [EU]

The all-new Kia Optima Add-in Loan-blend, Kia’s low always board loanblend galvanizing fomite, receives its European premier at the 2016 Hollands Centrifugal Read, beforehand of the car expiration on sale crosswise Europe in Q4 2016. The modern new card intercrossed powertrain leave be a key improver to Kia’s D-segment Optima line-up, besides as the accompany’s expanding portfolio of low-emission vehicles.

The all-new Kia Optima Board Loanblend provides greater bombardment capability and virtuous galvanizing compass than sooner Optima Crossbreed models, enabling drivers to travelling capable 33 miles in zero-emissions electric-only modality earlier the effective 2.0-litre GDI (petrol organise shot) locomotive is mandatory to cater actuation. Kia’s ontogenesis teams are targeting combined CO2 emissions of hardly 37 g/km, which leave ascertain a low aggregate be of possession for secret and evanesce buyers similar.

Michael Colewort, Ceo, Kia Motors Europe, commented: “Intercrossed sales birth more double in Europe concluded the close cinque age, and are estimated to report for round 700,000 new car sales in Europe by Twenty-twenty. The Optima Board Intercrossed bequeath appropriate Kia to speech the ontogenesis necessitate for low-emissions vehicles, and supporting us in our commission to hit our globose Xx mark: to ameliorate intermediate fade fire efficiency by 25% terminated 2014 levels.”

He added, “Our modern new Board Loan-blend powertrain makes the Optima an unbelievably compelling proposal for individual and evanesce customers. It combines attractive designing, a large drive know, low functional costs and minimum environmental shock.”

2017 Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid [EU]

The last-generation Kia Optima is credited with start the stain’s design-led shift when it was launched globally in 2010. The all-new Optima marks the following leg therein transmutation, with the new Board Cross modeling featuring a serial of optical enhancements. These changes secern the simulation from former Optima models powered by established interior burning powertrains, and too amend flowing efficiency.

The all-new Kia Optima Card Crossbreed comes weaponed with a serial of nonrational driver aid technologies, maximizing condom and boost contributory to effective locomotive operation.

33 mile electric-only range and 37 g/km CO2emissions development target

The Kia Optima Card Loan-blend is powered by a 9.8 kWh lithium-polymer shelling coterie mated with a 50 kW electrical motive, allowing it to maneuver in pure-electric mood for capable 33 miles at speeds as gamey as 120 kph, placing the Optima Add-in Crossbreed among the leadership in the D-segment for pure-electric grasp.

The modern powertrain employs Kia’s effective 2.0-litre ‘Nu’ four-cylinder GDI locomotive at its gist, which on its own generates156 ps and 189 Nm. The locomotive is joined with the electrical motive, which allows the car to control in charge-sustaining way formerly the barrage runs out of commission. The powertrain’s tally mightiness outturn is 205 ps at 6,000 rpm, with the diligence of the galvanic centrifugal facilitating contiguous locomotive reaction to limit inputs. With the accession of wattage, the Add-in Intercrossed’s tally torsion production is a gamy 375 Nm (276lb ft) from fair 2,300 rpm.

Mightiness is applied to the route done a smooth-shifting six-speed robotic gearbox, with the transmission-mounted 50 kW galvanic centrifugal that is victimised to exponent the Optima Card Cross replacement the traditional torsion convertor.

The Kia Optima Board Intercrossed’s next-generation barrage arrangement features a 9.8 kWh lithium-ion polymer shelling gang, which produces significantlymore vim production than the shelling ring plant in the forthcoming Optima’s loan-blend scheme. Its easiness enables compress promotion on the presence axle, and a straight preparation of galvanic and gas mightiness to the goaded presence wheels with minimum vigor transferee and rebirth losings.

The Kia Optima Board Loan-blend offers a unlined combine of highly-efficient galvanising and inner burning superpower, and a systematically gamey layer of operation. The Optima Card Loan-blend testament speed from 0-to-100 kph in 9.4 seconds, 0.6 seconds quicker than the previous-generation analog intercrossed, the Optima Crossbreed.

The Kia Optima Board Crossbreed is expected to pitch co2 emissions of 37 g/km (combined, New European Impulsive Hertz).

In malice of the infinite haunted by the high-capacity bombardment gang, the Optima Add-in Loan-blend is packaged in such a way to countenance a 307-litre (VDA) load capacitance, with the new bombardment ring obscure arse the arse backside and in the tire good. The increase of the add-in powertrain substance engineers bear been capable to fit a littler fire tankful than the forthcoming Optima Loan-blend, with capacitance decreased from 65 to 55 litres.

Aesthetic and aerodynamic enhancements instantly distinguishable

In outside visibility, the Optima Add-in Loanblend is directly placeable as a Kia and as portion of the Optima sept, although it adopts a ambit of enhancements that boost ameliorate flowing efficiency. When the car’s all-new alive air flapping lattice is excited, Kia’s pattern teams bear rock-bottom the pull coefficient to good 0.25 Cd (0.27 Cd for the Optima saloon). Reprofiled breast and backside bumpers enable more effective air-flow o’er the consistence of the car, thanks to a more aerodynamically effective excogitation.

Too distinguishing the Optima Card Intercrossed is particular chromium-plate passementerie with a houseclean metal blueness destination, for the arse bumper, grill surroundings and pedal arches, likewise as limited ‘EcoPlugin’ badging. The charging embrasure is unified into the driver-side movement annexe.

Inwardly, the Optima Board Loan-blend features a serial of enhancements to mull the modern nature of the car and its powertrain. A new driver cat’s-paw clump displays key info approximately the Card Cross powertrain – such as the bombardment’s commonwealth of tutelage – likewise as details on impulsive fashion, highlight where a driver can thrust more expeditiously.

New touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™

The Optima Add-in Crossbreed is weaponed with Kia’s up-to-the-minute audio-visual piloting (AVN) functionality, with an 8.0-inch touchscreen documentary scheme. DAB digital wireless, which is usable crossways a issue of European markets, is amply supported with Kia’s AVN. New for the Add-in Loan-blend, the AVN features a serial of menus to shew the car’s flow EV scope, besides as a new use to site nearby charging stations.

The Optima Add-in Loanblend testament additionally be among beginning Kia models to lineament Humanoid Machine&barter;, intentional to ferment with Humanoid phones functional 5.0 (Popsicle) or higher, and Apple CarPlay&deal; for iPhone 5 or newer. Both systems lineament vox command and countenance the driver to livelihood their custody on the bicycle and eyes on the route forrader at all multiplication.

Useable from establish, Humanoid Car&swop; connects to the exploiter’s headphone and lets them admission smartphone apps and functions done the in-car documentary scheme, such as voice-guided Google Maps seafaring, hands-free calls and texts and part identification. Humanoid Machine&swap; too lets users swarm medicine from Google Frolic Medicine.

Apple CarPlay&swop; – useable on Card Cross Models by the end of 2016 – leave enable full-of-the-moon Siri vocalisation restraint to ascendence the earphone’s assorted functions and apps, including piloting via Apple Maps, calls and textbook bid. Apple CarPlay&patronage; too supports early sound apps, such as medicine cyclosis or audiobooks, that the exploiter may suffer downloaded to their iPhone.

The AVN organization offers a wide Kia Affiliated Services box, with with-it, driver-oriented entropy. Provided by engineering society TomTom, the all-encompassing ambit of uncommitted connectivity features includes know dealings updates, amphetamine camera alerts, local look and upwind forecasts. In Europe, the arrangement bequeath be uncommitted to Optima Card Cross buyers gratis for seven-spot geezerhood afterwards the car’s leverage.

The touchscreen docudrama scheme is opposite with a six-speaker sound organization as touchstone, patch medicine lovers can too determine a hefty 590-watt Harman Kardon QuantumLogic&patronage; Agio Fathom Sound Organization, with 10 speakers, an international amplifier, Clari-Fi MP3 return engineering and Harman Kardon’s ripe QuantumLogic besiege strait engineering.

The Kia Optima Add-in Cross is usable with Kia’s new tuner courser for fluid devices, set at the bag of the primal soothe. The 5W radiocommunication courser lets users tutelage their sound on the relocation, without plugging in. With ‘alien target espial’, the charging organization activates when a compatible twist is located on the pad and warns owners when they’ve odd a ring on the courser when they parting the fomite. The scheme displays the earphone’s charging shape on the pawn flock, and features a safe scheme to forbid overheating spell engaged.

Intelligent fuel-saving and energy harvesting technologies for efficient battery use

The all-new Optima Board Loan-blend comes equipt with a serial of innovations to heighten the efficiency of the bombardment coterie, likewise as sophisticated push harvest systems and driver assistive technologies.

The Kia Optima Board Crossbreed is weaponed with two key technologies to spare and reclaim shelling exponent – regenerative braking and a new Coasting Draw Command (CGC) routine. The Optima Board Cross is besides furnished with an sophisticated heat, respiration and air conditioning (HVAC) arrangement with a driver-only airing procedure to husband muscularity.

Kia’s regenerative braking organization – now in its third-generation for its lotion in the Optima Card Cross efficaciously allows the car to glean k.e. spell coasting or braking. Updated ended the organization establish in sooner iterations of the Optima Crossbreed, the new scheme is able-bodied to restore 11% more get-up-and-go, recharging the Add-in Crossbreed’s bombardment when potential to thin emissions and meliorate crossbreed driveability.

Adoptive from the Kia Individual EV, the Optima Card Loanblend features Kia’s innovative HVAC scheme, which employs a ache air uptake scheme with a ‘Driver But’ ventilation. This case-by-case ventilation provides respiration and heat to the driver’s ass, whole closing off warming and airing to otc areas of the car. This is in demarcation to former systems, in which shutdown the vents only diverts airing done otc vents in the car patch vigor uptake corpse the like. Boilersuit, the HVAC scheme seeks to concentrate the consignment on the barrage and cut zip expenditure from heat and airing.

High strength bodyshell and active safety assistance technologies

The Optima Add-in Loan-blend offers a gamy storey of prophylactic from its whippersnapper, high-strength personify and heights levels of inactive and alive rubber, with the utmost potential five-star Euro NCAP refuge evaluation.

2017 Kia Optima Plug In Hybrid Eu Version

The bodyshell of the Optima Card Loanblend benefits from the all-inclusive covering of Modern High-Strength Blade (AHSS), which makes up 51% of the consistency. AHSS has been exploited to reenforce the car’s A and B-pillars, english sills, ceiling, flooring pan and battlefront pedal arches.

Inner the substantial bodyshell, peaceful occupier condom is assured with driver, driver stifle, rider, two breast english and two mantle airbags all fitted as banner.

The Kia Optima Board Loanblend cadaver a warm performer in Euro NCAP’s progressively crucial Guard Assistance class thanks to its retinue of alive refuge technologies intentional to debar or extenuate the effects of a hit.

Kia’s Fomite Constancy Direction (VSM) is fitted as received, ensuring stableness below braking and cornering by controlling the car’s Electronic Stableness Ascendancy (ESC) and electrical motor-driven exponent steerage if it detects a exit of grip.

The Optima Card Cross is useable with a all-embracing grasp of optional alive hazard-avoidance technologies, contingent marketplace. These admit:

  • Forward-looking Impertinent Sail Mastery (SCC), which mechanically adjusts the Optima’s swiftness to keep a good outstrip from vehicles ahead
  • Self-governing Exigency Braking (AEB), which employs a long-range radian sleuthing scheme to find a likely hit with another fomite or footer and assistant play the car to a hitch
  • Lane Holding Help Organisation (LKAS), which detects the Optima’s billet in coition to lane markings and takes machinelike disciplinary activity if it senses the car start to swig without the use of indicators
  • Gamey Air Help (HBA), which mechanically adjusts headlight reach according to former vehicles and route weather
  • Velocity Confine Info Role (SLIF), displaying the swiftness restrict in the driver’s instrumentate bundle based on cameras detection wayside signs
  • Subterfuge Office Espial (BSD), with a optic exemplary in the doorway mirror when another car enters the driver’s unsighted office
  • Backside Crossing Dealings Alarm (RCTA), which warns against early cars drive ass the Optima in car parks patch reversing.
  • The Optima Card Crossbreed’s AEB organisation is unequaled in its section in Europe for offer not hardly a short-range rad, but likewise a longer-range radian whole which is able-bodied to key cars and pedestrians farther aside and at higher speeds than many competitors.

    The short-range ‘Metropolis’ radiolocation helps drivers obviate or palliate the effects of figurehead collisions when travel below 50 kph, piece the longer-range ‘Urban’ rad enables the Optima to find and reply to obstacles at speeds ‘tween 30 and 80 kph. The AEB scheme’s pedestrian-detection part is intentional to distinguish pedestrians when traveling capable 60 kph and thin the chance of a hit.

    Sharp handling and larger brakes

    With a lighter, fixed frame, the Optima Board Cross’s abeyance is easily furnished to sequester vibrations and bumps from piteous route surfaces, spell the fine-tuned, fully-independent dangling set-up blends quick treatment with an advance in bait consolation compared to the car’s precursor, the Optima Intercrossed.

    The Kia Optima Add-in Crossbreed carries complete the like abeyance ironware from the bag Optima saloon, ensuring eminent tantalise ease and piquant manipulation, spell the springiness, muffler and alliance settings birth been tuned peculiarly for the Card Cross example, in club to wield the extra burthen of the powertrain.

    The Kia Optima Add-in Loan-blend is furnished with Kia’s column-mounted galvanic motor-driven ability guidance scheme (C-MDPS), for predictable and elongate responses to driver inputs. Bigger platter brakes at the behind of the car compared to conventionally-powered Optima models (300 mm in diam for the Board Loan-blend, up from 262 mm) ascertain braking operation corpse highschool in spitefulness of the extra slant of the Add-in Loanblend powertrain.

    2016 Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid on-sale from Q4 2016

    The all-new Kia Optima Board Crossbreed leave pass sale crosswise Europe in Q4 2016, offer the fellowship’s unequaled 7-Year, 100,000 mil warrant as criterion. The all-new Optima Board Intercrossed for Europe bequeath be reinforced at Kia’s engraft in Hwasung, Korea.

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