2017 Jaguar F Pace S

Jaguar F-Pace S

The all-new Panther F-Pace is a functioning crossing intentional and engineered to go the nimbleness, reactivity and nuance that all Jaguars are noted for, jointly unmatched kinetics and casual versatility.

Highly-developed exploitation Panther’s Whippersnapper Al Architecture, the F-Pace combines honour of contrast, rise and dimension with F-Type-inspired features such as the sinewy bum haunches, wing vents and typical arse spark art.

The boldface presence lattice and the mesomorphic cowl breath at the functioning potentiality of engines comparable the 380PS charged V6. Elements such as lissom full-LED headlights, bad 22-inch wheels and curt presence beetle extend the figure imagination of the C-X17 construct done to product.

The Panther F-Pace seating pentad occupants in sheer comforter. The inside is a consummate commingle of agio materials and finishes, keen particularization, luxuries such as het, electrically-reclining backside seating, and with-it technologies including the InControl Touching Pro docudrama scheme and 12.3-inch HD practical pawn flock.

“By leftover perfectly straight to our conception principles the F-Pace is straightaway placeable as a Panther. It offers all of the home blank you would look – and more – but because of our disciplined coming to surfaces, proportions, and pureness of business, we birth intentional what I regard to be the about balanced, well-nigh attractive fomite in its course” Ian Callum, Conductor of Designing, Panther

2017 Jaguar F-Pace S

The Jackanapes Al Architecture gave the excogitation and technology teams the saint start spot. It was created from the get-go as a modular construction, so the wheels can be positioned precisely where they are requisite to render the proportions, kinetics, and practicality all-important for a functioning crosswalk.

The wheelbase and running are not divided with any over-the-counter Panther. At 4,731mm longsighted and with a 2,874mm wheelbase, the Panther F-Pace offers the flowing visibility and myopic figurehead beetle feature of Panther conception conjointly an exceptionally wide home.

Arse knee-room is class-leading and the trunk book is an stupefying 650-litres.

The ignitor, cadaver structure comprises 80 per centime al, and is the just aluminium-intensive monocoque in the section. Extra weighting savings occur from the complex tailboard and mg for parts such as the cross-car shaft.

The answer is that the rear-wheel thrust 180PS diesel manual contagion example weighs as picayune as 1,665kg and achieves CO2 emissions of upright 129g/km. With the 380PS charged V6 gasolene locomotive from the F-Type below its sculptured aluminum cowl, the F-Pace can speed from 0-60mph in good 5.1 seconds ahead stretch an electronically-limited top amphetamine of 155mph.

The soundbox’s heights torsional rigor enables the F-Type-derived reduplicate wishbone battlefront respite and advanced Constitutional Linkup behind hiatus to execute level amend. Jointly Torsion Vectoring as touchstone and an Wattage Aided Guidance organisation tuned to consecrate the outflank potential tone and answer, the Panther F-Pace sets the benchmark for rag and manipulation.

Evening the entry-level framework benefits from monotube dampers as criterion, but for tied ameliorate bait and treatment the electronically-controlled Adaptative Kinetics arrangement measures trunk and bike drive 100 and 500 multiplication a s severally, ensuring optimal damping forces altogether weather.

2017 Jaguar F Pace S

For the well-nigh enthusiastic drivers thither’s Configurable Kinetics: commencement victimized in the F-Type, this sport allows somebody settings for the limit, automatonlike contagion, direction, and, where fitted, the Adaptative Kinetics scheme.

Victimisation state-of-the-art computational liquid kinetics simulations and applying lessons learnt from the XE and all-new XF, the F-Pace has a draw coefficient of lonesome 0.34, serving to concentrate fire ingestion and amend subtlety. The fomite is besides engineered for exceptionally low heave and fantabulous raise counterweight front-to-rear, resulting in punter steerage tone and constancy at higher speeds.

“The F-Pace is a Panther that customers some the humanity demanded that we micturate. The targets we set are among the virtually thought-provoking we’ve always had to birth but I’m lofty to say that the Panther F-Pace meets or exceeds every one of them. This is a operation crossing with striking kinetics yet too delivers a placid, silence bait. The F-Type-inspired excogitation combines spectacular looks with a roomy internal and an exceptionally enceinte trunk. Conjointly our all-new documentary scheme, our near innovative all-wheel effort organization and an spectacular stove of alive safe technologies, the F-Pace makes every journeying a amend, more rewarding receive.” Kevin Pace, Fomite Business Conductor, Panther F-Pace

The Panther F-Pace’s torsion on-demand all-wheel ride (AWD) scheme is Panther’s nigh advanced yet, and has the highest torsion capacitance. It features the advance, in-house mastery scheme kickoff highly-developed for F-Type AWD: Healthy Driveline Kinetics (IDD). IDD conserves rear-wheel driving legerity and treatment lineament but can seamlessly conveyance torsion to the presence wheels to work the functioning benefits of spare grip, on all surfaces and altogether weathers.

2017 Jaguar F Pace S

Adaptative Airfoil Reaction (ASR), highly-developed from Nation Wanderer’s patented, award-winning Terrain Answer engineering, makes the AWD arrangement eve more efficacious in ambitious weather. Incorporated into Panther Campaign Ascendance, ASR identifies the case of aerofoil and optimises the map of the powertrain and Active Stableness Controller scheme. Commencement launched in the all-new XF, ASR has been enhanced by a 3rd manner intentional for inscrutable blow and dumbfound.

Another first engineering highly-developed for untoward weather is All Rise Progression Ascendence (ASPC). To brand the well-nigh of the uncommitted clasp, ASPC mechanically controls the gun and the brakes, enabling the fomite to recede swimmingly: the driver upright has to bullock. ASPC functions betwixt 3.6km/h and 30km/h, and the driver selects the craved upper victimisation the sail ascendancy switches. ASPC is compatible with rear- and all-wheel ride.

For drivers who wish exchangeable results but calm deprivation to use the gun, thither’s Low-Friction Launching (LFL). This part uses a real liberalist limit map, qualification the fomite easier to controller, and the F-Pace is the get-go Panther to go it.

The Panther F-Pace has been engineered to meet the nigh rigorous safe standards general and provides exceeding levels of resident and prosy shelter. The measure of dynamic rubber is scarce as eminent, thanks to a entourage of forward-looking driver help systems. The state-of-the-art two-channel camera at the ticker of the Sovereign Exigency Braking organisation now features a earthbound espial routine – a Jaguar-first. The stereophony camera likewise enables Lane Loss Monitory, Lane Support Aid, Dealings Preindication Identification, an Reasoning Velocity Clipper, and Driver Precondition Admonisher systems.

Key data such as fomite fastness and fastness limits can be sticking instantly into the driver’s cable of deal by the laser head-up showing. The eminent line coloration images can likewise shew sail controller settings and turn-by-turn sailing instructions. Compared to ceremonious systems, laser engineering is littler and light and the images persist elucidate flush in undimmed sun.

Documentary and connectivity engineering is hardly as ripe. The agio InControl Feeling Pro scheme is based some a 10.2-inch touchscreen, with a hefty quad-core cpu and solid-state driving, and runs on ultra-fast Ethernet. The interface is visceral, the artwork astute and implausibly reactive. The sailing arrangement can economise you meter by acquisition your exchange, offers lawful house-to-house counseling and can flush rede others of your reaching meter. Seafaring can besides be shown full-screen – in 3D – in the 12.3-inch HD practical pawn bunch.

The F-Pace too brings the humankind entry of Panther’s Activeness Key. A rainproof, shockproof watchband with an unified transponder, this segment-first, wear engineering supports alive lifestyles because it allows the keyfob to be firmly locked inner the fomite – priceless if you’re departure surfriding, e.g., or kayaking.

Lockup the F-Pace victimization the Action Key leave incapacitate any keyfobs leftover inwardly. Activeness Key workings on the like RF frequencies as the early keys and is exploited to curl and unlock the fomite by belongings it in finis propinquity to the J of the Panther inscription on the tailboard. Action Key has no bombardment, so you ne’er sustain to vexation almost ever-changing it.

First Edition: Concept car design for the real world

To lionise the found of the Panther F-Pace, a especial simulation called the Outset Variant leave be usable in purely express numbers – equitable 2,000 general. Powered solely by the 380PS charged V6 gasolene and 300PS V6 diesel engines, the Offset Version is imposing by two unparalleled metal pigment colors – Cesium Dingy and Prosperous Gilt; crystallise references to the discovery C-X17 concepts unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt and Guangzhou Centrifugal Shows. Customers can too select from Rh Ag and Ultimate Lightlessness. Farther highlights admit 22-inch Reduplicate Spiral 15-spoke wheels with Grayness ending and demarcation inserts, Adaptative Kinetics, full-LED headlights, Glossiness Nigrify cowcatcher vents and a sliding bird’s-eye ceiling.

Indoors, the Windsor soft-grain leather seating in Ignitor Huitre sport twin-needle sewing and an raised houndstooth practice influenced by the C-X17’s award-winning midland. The traditional Panther craft blends seamlessly with the configurable 10-colour ambient inflammation, state-of-the-art InControl Signature Pro docudrama organisation and the 12.3-inch HD practical cat’s-paw flock.

The Panther F-Pace grasp volition comprise of: F-Pace Vestal, F-Pace Prestigiousness, F-Pace Portfolio, F-Pace R-Sport, F-Pace S, F-Pace Outset Version

The powertrain compass volition comprise of: 180PS 2.0-litre diesel manual RWD/ AWD and reflexive AWD; 240PS 2.0-litre gasolene machinelike RWD; 300PS 3.0-litre diesel robotlike AWD; 340PS and 380PS 3.0-litre gasoline robotic AWD

The F-Pace is manufactured at Panther Commonwealth Scouter’s Solihull Set aboard the Panther XE sports pub.


The Panther F-Pace is a fomite of conception firsts. It’s Panther’s kickoff functioning crosswalk, the offset aluminium-intensive manakin in the grade and offset among rivals for charge loudness, cabin breadth, behind kneeroom and easiness of ass approach. The F-Pace packs routine useableness into a construct car personify.

The F-Pace cadaver straight to the esthetic of the award-winning C-X17 construct, and they were both intentional by the like teams – this enabled purer pattern face. Thanks to the tractability of the Jackanapes Al Architecture, the designers could study deal in deal with the engineers to decide the key dimensions such as the wheelbase and racetrack, delivering the proportions and refined lines that differentiate it directly as a Panther.

“We intentional the F-Pace to be outset and world-class a Panther. That’s why it has exciting proportions, a dynamical posture, arrant surfaces and a beautiful sensualism roughly it. Its imperfect, purposeful show has clear been influenced by the F-Type. Every Panther should hook your eye from 200 metres off and I think the F-Pace’s front on the route is secondment to none therein course. The Jackanapes Al Architecture gave us the innovation exemption to produce a car with latent brace – a slender car with posture. It looks self-asserting yet not fast-growing. But it’s likewise various and equipt with real-world answers to unremarkable questions. The F-Pace is an all-weather, all-surface Panther sports car, life-proofed for fin mass and their property.” Ian Callum, Manager of Pattern, Panther

The charm of the F-Type is forthwith manifest at the bottom, from the artwork of the LED tail-lights to the sinewy arse haunches. The natty weight of the backside cover belies the nonpareil payload quad backside it. The F-Type’s determine extends to the Panther F-Pace’s silhouette, with its satiny roofline and shortstop figurehead beetle, reflecting the fomite’s quick responses. The cowcatcher vents are another fellow Panther invention boast. The enceinte diam wheels – specially the stove of bad 22-inch designs – heighten the purposeful position.

The tight surfaces and neat lines of the bodysides – formed from a unity mainsheet of al – meditate Panther’s world-leading expertness in scheming, technology and fabrication vehicles victimization this jackanapes textile. Dead reconciliation mannikin and procedure, the geometry of every mainstay in the amphetamine canopy has been optimised to the nighest 0.1mm to insure the outflank potential visibleness for all occupants.

The sheer, erect breast wicket is not lonesome self-assertive, reinforcing the F-Pace’s all-surface possible, but likewise contributes to the F-Pace’s sleek efficiency. The ability extrusion extends the entire duration of the aluminum cowl to punctuate the fomite’s operation credential.

The satiny headlights, usable with adaptative full-LED engineering, sport day functional lights with Panther’s touch ‘J’ Vane lifelike. The svelte LED fog lights were highly-developed in-house and use TV covert optics and lightness tubes to return victor publicity and an exceptionally still, homogenous light.

First class cabin: Space, luxury and refinement

The Panther F-Pace is a lawful five-seater with a wide, voluptuous inside featuring the agio materials, craft and punctilious attending to item that that gives every Panther its unequalled signified of juncture.

The ‘Sports Bidding’ drive office provides an important, confidence-giving horizon out but retains a sports car flavor. Panther’s cosseting sports seating are molded to allow olympian ease and supporting and are useable with 14-way allowance, heat and chilling, and refinements such as Windsor soft-grain leather, contrastive twin-needle sewing and brocaded headrests.

The spectacular cut of the movement threshold top rolls into the facia and enhances the cockpit-like flavour. The unrivaled scope of modern-day passementerie options includes reliable metallic finishes such as Engaged Aluminum and beautiful crafted veneers such as Satin Grayness Ash.

The wholesale board features two gravid, deeply-hooded linear dials and a exchange TFT showing, or a 12.3-inch HD practical instrumentate clustering offer a prize of four-spot ocular themes and a full-screen 3D pilotage show. The documentary touchscreen, which measures 10.2-inches with the agiotage InControl Touching Pro organization, waterfall absolutely to give. Ambient kindling, specially with the 10-colour choice, enhances the signified of opulence.

The row-two live is as telling. The foresightful, 2,874mm wheelbase makes approach to and from the backside seating loose, patch the bottom groundwork was intentional to earmark passengers to sit boost outboard, oblation uttermost place when seats ternary occupants. The placement of the seating, jointly the meridian of the beltline, agency that flush modest children bask a full sight out. The optional four-zone clime mastery organization with B-pillar vents ensures tied greater puff.

The 40:20:40 snag seatback is usable with an galvanising recumb routine, and scorn the active roofline, headway is retained passim the good six degrees of crusade. Months were worn-out refinement the configuration of the star to excerption every end mm of headway, veracious fine-tune to exploitation magnets as trimmings – these are more squeeze than traditional fasteners.

Lavishness and roominess are matched by the midland’s versatility. The doorway pockets can conciliate expectant bottles, patch the store spaces neatly crenate into the sides of the essence comfort were intentional about smartphones and boast non-slip arctic inserts at the behind. The soothe too features counterpart cup holders, which can be secret when not busy by the optional sliding color lightlessness back.

The snuggery box offers a 12V socket and capable two USB ports. Where fitted, the dual-purpose HDMI/ MHL larboard enables occupants to pullulate media including tv from the InControl Ghost Pro documentary scheme to devices such as tablets, and playback is controlled victimization the twist itself. The bum soothe can boast capable two more 12V sockets or two extra USB ports. On about models, cupholders are unified into the backside armrest.

The persistent center packet efficiency likewise agency that the F-Pace has an exceeding trunk: 650-litres. The distance is made all the more operable by its 1,255mm breadth – more decent to adapt two lifesize golf bags, e.g., or quatern prominent suitcases. The back seating tolerate through-loading and when folded apartment, the trunk offers capable 1,740-litres of blank.

The apt promotion is enhanced calm advance by the low lading meridian and the flatbed base. The base itself is two-sided: one position is carpeted, the over-the-counter rubberised – fashioning it nonesuch for sports equipment or pets. The tract ledge can be stored beneath boot base, then too can the optional net loadguard. Instead, thither is way below the story for a full-sized bare bicycle.

The whippersnapper complex tailboard benefits from optional ability orifice and windup functions, and motion controller for hands-free process: all the client has to do is brand a smoothen kick move. Sensors agnise this cause and volition initiation the possibility or shutting bespeak.

No forcible publicity bucks were ill-used during the F-Pace’s growing. Its noteworthy bundle efficiency is will to the truth of the excogitation models, Panther Nation Scouter’s state-of-the-art practical undermine, and the finis functional kinship ‘tween the innovation and technology teams.


Whether you wish to scratch the locomotive victimisation a smartphone app, birth a sailing organisation that can secern your contacts when you’ll come for your merging, relate capable ogdoad devices victimization the Wi-Fi hotspot, or good current your darling playlists – the F-Pace delivers

InControl Touch: Powerful functionality, intuitive to use

The F-Pace comes with Panther’s InControl Signature documentary scheme as criterion. Featuring an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen, visceral interface and crinkle crystallize art, it supports smartphone and lozenge gestures such as ‘abstract’ to movement from one pageboy to another, and ‘cart’ to ringlet done maps.

Entry addresses is faster and easier than with former systems and routes are deliberate quicker thanks to SD lineup memory of seafaring information. Maps are rendered in 2D and 3D art, qualification directions eve simpler and more visceral to accompany.

Turn-by-turn instructions can too be shown in the optional head-up exhibit, going the driver release to center what matters almost – the route onward.

InControl Touch Pro: World-class performance

InControl Signature Pro is the almost advance documentary organisation that Panther has always offered. Intentional and highly-developed in-house roughly state-of-the-art technologies including a quad-core cpu, a high-velocity 60GB solid-state crusade (SSD) and an ultra-fast Ethernet meshwork, InControl Hint Pro delivers sincerely first execution and an spectacular exploiter live.

The organization features a 10.2-inch touchscreen – the largest in the section. And, alike a pill, thither are no buttons: in their spot are mild keys incorporate into the bum incision of the touchscreen, qualification interaction shine and unseamed.

The plate covert can be customised and widgets can be added – users can evening add extra plate screens if they compliments. The super-wide exhibit besides enables multi-tasking: media, e.g., can be shown generally blind are, piece a face impanel shows data such as birdcall account, piloting information or upwind reports.

InControl Touching Pro has been intentional to pee every journeying easier and more gratifying. Sailing information stored on the high-velocity SSD can be accessed in a divide of the sentence compulsory with formal difficult effort engineering, devising the artwork improbably antiphonal. Users can whizz in and out of maps victimization ‘tweak’ and ‘pan’ gestures – aught could be simpler or more nonrational.

Fifty-fifty when thither’s no GPS signalise the organization can distillery helper you to stay racecourse: dead-reckoning functionality analyses information from the fomite’s sensors to accurately foretell the fomite’s emplacement.

Exploitation the information connexion to admittance location-based features adds another proportion to the scheme’s capableness. Research for a finish and the arrangement testament deterrent if thither’s sufficient fire to nail the travel. I.e., this leave be flagged and pick stations on the road that are inside reach are shown on the map: tapping on one of them is all it takes to add it as a waypoint.

It’s too potential to contribution your address, flow locating and estimated clock of arriver (ETA) with others via e-mail or schoolbook content. If your ETA slips, the arrangement can mechanically review with an update.

Convert Manner learns your day-to-day cause so that it can propose alternate routes to forfend over-crowding victimization diachronic and real-time dealings entropy. Attack Modality adds a 360° synergistic sight of your address aboard the map show when you’re around 200m removed – it can eventide demonstrate you where the closest useable car parking spaces are then engineer you to them.

And a consecrated company app for iOS and Humanoid devices enables truthful house-to-house itinerary preparation and counseling and can assist you to nail your journeying on world transferral or on understructure.

For those who equitable deficiency to delight the euphony, InControl Hint Pro offers a option of two digital sound systems highly-developed with celebrated British experts Acme, including a 17-speaker, 825W surroundings vocalise organization which delivers saint vocalize replica with benchmark low levels of deformation.

The have is enriched with Gracenote images stored on the SSD driving – 10GB of its 60GB capability is consecrate to media memory – and functions such as ‘Gambling more similar this’ which mechanically compiles playlists, or Euphony Queue, which makes it loose to lookup for and add songs, albums or artists to a euphony queue the flow running is quieten acting.

Made for the future: Next-generation architecture

The modules inside InControl Feeling Pro are attached victimization ultra-fast Ethernet. This is almost ripe net engineering uncommitted and is more five-spot multiplication quicker than competing technologies. Panther is one of the selfsame low fomite manufacturers to use it.

Ethernet’s principal reward is its unbelievable bandwidth: capable 1Gb/ irregular. The potency to expect such monumental amounts of information, collectively the execution of the quad-core mainframe and the solid-state crusade substance that InControl Signature Pro testament be able-bodied to propose flush greater functionality in the next.

All the right connections: The world of InControl

InControl Apps enables drivers to accession apps on Humanoid and Apple smartphones victimization the Panther F-Pace’s InControl Ghost and InControl Contact Pro documentary systems. Afterwards connecting the gimmick victimisation a USB line and the consecrate embrasure in the inwardness comfort, compatible apps volition be shown on the fomite touchscreen. Optimised for in-vehicle use to slim driver misdirection, the grasp of sanctioned third-party apps is growth all the meter.

The F-Pace can too part as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and capable eighter devices can be attached at any once. An incorporate SIM menu and the fomite’s aerial are exploited to pay the about unchanging, honest bespeak – capable a tertiary stronger than a smartphone.

Drivers can use iOS and Humanoid smartphones and the InControl Outside App to link with the F-Pace from anyplace in the humankind. Removed Essentials functionality can read if the fomite is locked or not and if any of the doors or windows are out-of-doors. It can besides demonstrate how practically fire is in the tankful, where the fomite was death parked, and warnings such as low windshield washer fluent levels.

Distant Agiotage goes practically promote, enabling the driver to use their earpiece to engage or unlock the car, invite an watchful if the consternation goes off, and readjust the horrify. The honk and photoflash boast can avail drivers to get the car – paragon for big multi-story carparks.

For the ultimate in puff and contraption, Removed Bounty can besides be put-upon to scratch the locomotive remotely on models furnished with robotlike transmissions, enabling the mood ascendance scheme to pre-condition the cabin earlier the scratch of a journeying. The driver can set the coveted temperature so, at the pressure of a clit, the locomotive volition run capable Thirty.

InControl Guarantee enhances certificate by providing proactive fomite monitoring and trailing. Should anybody breakout into the fomite or motility it without license, the monitoring core alerts the driver and bequeath ferment with law enforcement agencies to settle and convalesce the car as speedily as potential. Flush if the fomite is stolen victimization the key, the driver can use the InControl Outback App to alive the gist.

If the fomite is mired in a hit which triggers the airbags, InControl Protect bequeath mechanically advise the pinch services and ply the GPS placement. The occupants can besides manually activate an exigency cry by urgent a consecrate push in the ceiling soothe.


Intentional and engineered for especial on-road kinetics and all-surface, all-weather power, the Panther F-Pace features an sound mix of al, sophisticated steels and composites to return an inherently ignitor, clay structure

A class of its own: The only aluminium-intensive vehicle in the segment

The potency of al as the gist factor in Panther’s lightweighting scheme is well-proven. This real is ill-used extensively end-to-end every F-Type, XE, XF and XJ because it is central to especial functioning, lightness, nuance and efficiency.

The F-Pace is the up-to-the-minute modeling to gain from Panther’s world-leading expertness in scheming and fabrication aluminum monocoques. Victimisation the Whippersnapper Al Architecture as the cornerstone, the F-Pace features more al – 80 per penny – than any challenger. Collectively features such as the complex tailboard and mg cross-car air and front-end newsboy, this agency that the rear-wheel thrust 180PS diesel manual infection example weighs as picayune as 1,665kg, enabling benchmark fire efficiency and CO2 emissions figures of 57.7mpg and 129g/km severally.

The extremely optimised construction, which likewise features ripe high-pitched effectiveness steels in areas such as the back storey, is coupled victimization 2,616 self-piercing rivets, 72.8 metres of morphologic adhesive and 566 spot-welds. The resulting torsional rigorousness matches that of all-new XF and, collectively the modern hiatus systems, is key to the F-Pace’s one combine of tantalise, treatment and subtlety – on all surfaces.

The all-new F-FACE is the tierce manakin highly-developed exploitation the Whippersnapper Aluminum Architecture and features the highest aluminum message yet, of which well-nigh a 3rd is the RC5754 admixture, made preponderantly from recycled textile and alone to Panther State Wanderer.

Dissimilar platforms, which visit important innovation constraints due to the gamy routine of divided parts, the Jackanapes Al Architecture enables greater specialization – many of the independent elements of the body-in-white which decide key fomite characteristics are not park betwixt modeling lines.

So the hard-hitting diecast aluminum movement hiatus turrets, e.g., let been redesigned to enable the craved earth headway and abatement travelling. The battlefront crossmembers are bigger to shuffle them level stiffer, and to documentation the Panther F-Pace’s exalted, Sports Mastery drive billet.

The subframes and subframe climbing points bear likewise been boost highly-developed so that they bestow to greater globular harshness without the slant and publicity penalties that occur by merely adding local torso reinforcements.

These measures see that the F-Pace delivers not sole benchmark fomite kinetics but likewise special trunk breadth – 1,255mm – and mass: 650-litres. And wheresoever potential, every bracket in the soundbox has been optimised so that it contributes to consistency rigour too as playing its principal functions.

The like fixation to item besides meant that Panther’s invention and technology teams were capable to keep the innocence of occupation, aerofoil and balance of the F-Pace’s harbinger – the C-X17 construct – likewise as delivering on demanding targets for slant and promotion.

The bum headers, e.g., had to fill the self-contradictory requirements of uttermost hardness spell simultaneously maximizing headway and load-bearing the low roofline. The behind construction had to be exceedingly inflexible to fill the world-wide personify rigorousness targets yet concurrently allow the widest, deepest aperture potential for the tailboard.

Forming the cryptical haunches in the bodysides was the sterling dispute because of the geometric complexness and because of the profundity of haul. A seeable join would birth made these stampings simpler to brand but such compromise was deemed unsufferable. As a resultant of advances in the manufacture operation and in the conception of the tooling, the cast was achieved without seeable joints and takes Panther’s aluminum expertness to new extremes.

Safer by design: Improved protection, less weight

The F-Pace has been intentional and engineered for the about tight planetary clangoring trial requirements. Achieving these goals piece concurrently reduction fomite burthen is a big gainsay, but one the Panther has been able-bodied to clear.

Extremist high-strength steels, including hot-formed B steels, are normally secondhand to reenforce the B-pillars and extenuate the effects of face impacts, but the gamy compactness of these materials makes such parts large. So done broad conception optimization of the aluminum pressings ill-used to piddle the B-pillars themselves and the speed structure, this nerve was engineered out, enabling slant savings spell maintaining the geomorphologic unity of the resident safe cellphone.

The high-pitched grade of resident shelter afforded by the F-Pace’s refuge cubicle is complemented by a comp restraints organisation including six airbags: driver and rider airbags, row-one seat-mounted incline airbags, and pall airbags spanning rows one and two.

Pedestrian protection: A renewed focus

Upright as lots considerateness was presumption to earthbound encroachment auspices. Disposed that the designing of crossing vehicles is dissimilar thereto of saloons – notably because of the higher cowling contrast – the systems which add to earthbound refuge suffer to be highly-developed otherwise.

So the front-end flattop has been intentional to be clay adequate to fulfill all operative requirements and undestroyable plenty to fulfil off-road requirements, yet in the issue of an impingement with a footer it bequeath contort in a controlled fashion. This ensures that get-up-and-go is captive increasingly, mitigating the endangerment of grave hurt.

The mannikin of the al hood has likewise been wrought by walker tribute. One underlying vantage is the greater headroom betwixt the hood airfoil and the locomotive, big more board to plunge the zip and obviate impinging with backbreaking points in the locomotive compartment. The cowl pare was likewise made dilutant – which besides protected burthen – piece the cowling inside is bespoken to scatter the cargo more efficaciously.

Foster elaborate optimization saw the cowling abut reshaped and wiper mechanics repositioned to ameliorate prosaic hob operation silence boost. Altogether, around 15,000 hours of technology exercise and 100,000 CPU hours of pretending were dog-tired during ontogenesis.


No compromises. The F-Pace embodies Panther kinetics DNA in a functioning crosswalk manikin, which way benchmark steerage tone and reply combined with an unequaled symmetricalness of lightsomeness and puff – on all surfaces

Agile, direct, responsive

Everything astir the Panther F-Pace has been engineered from the showtime to birth the drive know which sets all Jaguars obscure from the rivalry. The doctrine was not one of adapting the heart DNA to courtship expectations of how a sports crosswalk could rally and plow. Rather the opposition: Panther took everything that gives its saloons and sports cars class-leading kinetics and applied them to the F-Pace.

This inflexible approaching swarm demanding targets for the consistence’s burthen, slant dispersion, torsional rigidness, and aeromechanics – alone with these basics in position can figure systems really return. Minded the idealistic start detail by the eminent rigorousness of the Jackanapes Al Architecture, the F-Pace besides has a hanker 2,874mm wheelbase, which benefits not lone rag but too kinetics because it helps to put the kernel of masses redress betwixt the axles.

Add double-wishbone strawman and Intact Linkup ass reprieve – the near advance of their eccentric – and a advanced Wattage Aided Steerage (EPAS) organisation, the resultant is a execution crosswalk which delivers an matchless largeness of dynamical potentiality on all surfaces and altogether weather.

“We grow every Panther to propose an unrivaled combining of nimbleness and reactivity with especial tantalise and nicety – and the F-Pace is no elision. Applying all of the acquisition from F-Type, the direction reacts instantly, bountiful a unfeignedly affiliated smell. The look-alike wishbone and Built-in Tie dangling pass the nonsuch correspondence of exact treatment and consistency mastery, qualification the Panther F-Pace as rewarding to ride as it is comfy to be goaded in – on any eccentric of route.” Microphone Hybridizing, Headman Mastermind of Fomite Wholeness, Panther

Proved on F-Type, the double-wishbone strawman abatement intentional for the F-Pace was elect for the like reasons: it out-performs all otc systems. Passing clay in cant, double-wishbone respite allows the figurehead tyres to grow sidelong forcefulness more apace. This makes the fomite more nimble because turn-in is sharpie and reply to the driver’s stimulant at the wheel is matt-up instantly.

The over-the-counter key gain is master scroll cant amplification characteristics: the tire is wagerer capable to observe its liaison bandage end-to-end the reprieve’s wide-cut scope of locomotion, enabling it to beget more clasp, and too assert steerage spirit.

Aluminum is victimized most entirely to brand the respite as spark as potential, about notably the battlefront knucks. The intricate, costate excogitation is achieved by forging the components from roll blanks: this enables uttermost harshness for minimal slant. Among the former enhancements are bonded bushes for the tubelike anti-roll bar: too as ameliorate NVH properties these likewise forestall grunge entering, up lustiness.

Integral Link: Comfortably ahead

The outcome of age of forward-looking enquiry and ontogenesis, Inbuilt Liaison is the nigh advanced and nigh open bum suspension uncommitted and provides alone rally, manipulation and subtlety attributes. Entire Tie-in separates sidelong and longitudinal stiffnesses, enabling the abatement to furnish the scoop potential quilt without conciliatory kinetics.

Bushes which oversee longitudinal gobs can be made practically softer than would differently be potential with schematic multilink suspensions, enabling first-class zip concentration and so a sander, quieter rag. Simultaneously, sidelong rigorousness can be far higher, qualification the fomite more reactive. Castor rigorousness can be increased too, which is matt-up by the driver as improved stableness when braking.

The speed links are al forgings, piece the depress arm is hollow-cast al – the optimal whippersnapper solvent for this composite parting. The springs and dampers are mounted singly, allowing apiece to be ideally positioned for the forces playing on the hiatus and contributive eve more to the F-Pace’s benchmark kinetics and nicety. This designing is besides extremely space-efficient, minimising invasion into the trunk.

Variable ratio steering: More precise, more responsive

Every Panther is intentional to set the stratum benchmark for steerage. The F-Pace is no exclusion, and this prey swarm the ontogenesis of every 1 element betwixt the wheel and the tire touch darn in edict to accomplish the preciseness, reply and one-dimensionality which fix Panther steerage DNA.

This whole-vehicle access and compulsion to the smallest particular gives the F-Pace such a antiphonal, machine-accessible flavour: number the rack and forthwith the fomite rotates roughly you; no lag, no holdup. It’s what makes this execution crossing feeling more similar a sports car.

Among the measures interpreted to reach this admit adding a one-fifth climbing gunpoint for the direction torture, and increasing the rotational rigor of the subframe-to-body connections. The bottom axle’s high-pitched sidelong rigourousness likewise helps with initial turn-in because sidelong forces at the tire impinging patches figure rattling speedily. And the aeromechanics suffer been highly-developed to springiness a battlefront: ass airlift counterpoise nearer thereto of a bar than a crosswalk, conducive to improved smell during high-velocity cruising.

The Wattage Aided Guidance (EPAS) organization itself has evolved too. Likewise as package tuned with all of the acquisition interpreted from F-Type, XE and XF, the Panther F-Pace organization likewise benefits from the increase of closed-loop ascendence. Specially-developed algorithms compute the forces return from the route and use this info to boost down the grade of help, qualification the steerage level more nonrational.

The EPAS scheme likewise benefits from a varying guidance proportion – as measure. This is achieved exploitation varying tar gears on the wrack bar and rigid rake gears on the pennon. By ever-changing the liaison gunpoint with the excruciate’s gearing dentition from the valleys on-centre to the peaks at total operate, the more the driver turns the cycle, the more antiphonal the guidance becomes.

But EPAS doesn’t good ameliorate the impulsive see: it besides improves fire efficiency because the drive alone draws stream when the driver turns the wheel. This helps to cut use and emissions on the European combined bicycle by as lots as iii per penny.

The largest wheels and tyres in the segment: Better all round

Meticulously engineered and thoroughly tried at locations about the humans, every bicycle and tire combining offers the optimal equalizer of clasp, low trilled resistor, consolation and enduringness. The F-Pace offers nonpareil selection, from 18-inch wheels intentional specifically to slim sleek draw to 22-inch wheels which crack the biggest wheeling diam in the section.

The stove of 22-inch wheels – singular therein section – was highly-developed for the F-Pace by Panther Commonwealth Roamer’s Especial Fomite Operations partitioning. Produced from bad al to shuffle them hoy and stiffer, they not solitary helper to pitch the concept-car feeling of the C-X17 but likewise impart to the F-Pace’s heights levels of on-road kinetics and grip on thought-provoking surfaces.

The specially-developed 265/40/R22 tyres not lonesome mother prodigious clasp: they were too intentional to go ranking consolation and harm underground. Sidewall stature is greater than that of the 21-inch offerings from the challenger, up cod and elf preoccupancy from potholes. And curbing headway – the length from the sharpness of the rim to the bound of the sidewall – is too greater.

Torque Vectoring: Enhanced agility as standard

Another engineering offset highly-developed for F-Type and now applied to the Panther F-Pace is Torsion Vectoring. Intentional to shuffle the fomite tied more spry, the scheme can use finely-metered braking to the internal wheels to extenuate understeer during tree debut, serving the driver to dungeon the fomite on the idealistic demarcation done the play. The organisation workings preponderantly on the interior backside pedal to debar any corruptness of steerage spirit, and as a resultant organisation interposition is about guileless to the driver.

To preserves Panther kinetics DNA and shuffling the organization as good as potential, the standardisation was through in-house, the comptroller is made-to-order, and evolution was through in twin with the pedestal frame manipulation correspondence. And because the organization enables such o.k. levels of bike ascendence it can too have benefits at slower speeds too, such as when drive on mud or c.

Adaptive Dynamics and Configurable Dynamics: Ultimate control

All models characteristic monotube dampers as touchstone. Not sole do they bestow to a reducing in unsprung masses but they are besides more antiphonal than schematic twin-tube dampers, and hence fling master drive controller.

Adaptative Kinetics takes this to the adjacent storey. By monitoring personify motion 100 multiplication a secondment and cycle cause 500 multiplication a s, the scheme provides ceaselessly varying damping to wooing the weather, delivering an eventide more comfy cod at glower speeds and eventide punter treatment at higher speeds.

Configurable Kinetics, low highly-developed for the F-Type, enables the driver to orient the fomite’s fibre by separately selecting dynamical or pattern modes for the limit map, transmitting shimmy scheme, steerage flavor and, where fitted, the Adaptative Kinetics organisation, all victimization the exchange touchscreen.

For models equipt with the InControl Hint Pro agio documentary arrangement, drivers too win the Dynamic-i characteristic, which displays a stopwatch, g-meter and a map of gun reception.


From the 129g/km efficiency of the four-cylinder Ingenium diesel to the mightiness and limit reception of the 380PS charged V6 from the F-Type, every locomotive provides an nonesuch symmetricalness of functioning, civilisation and thriftiness, and meets hard-and-fast Euro 6 emissions regulations. Collectively manual and robotic transmissions, and rear- and all-wheel thrust, the new F-Pace offers a unrivaled drive receive and olympian client alternative

Ingenium diesel: Low fuel consumption, high torque

The houseclean, antiphonal, Euro 6 Ingenium diesel uses state-of-the-art technologies including selective catalytic step-down (SCR) and low-pressure tucker gas recirculation (EGR) to cut NOx and CO2. Intentional and manufactured in-house, this state-of-the-art, all-aluminium 2.0-litre locomotive produces 180PS/430Nm and develops mellow torsion from low locomotive speeds, delivering hard quickening whenever the driver demands it. It’s extremely effective too, achieving 57.7mpg and CO2 emissions of good 129g/km on the European combined wheel when matched to a smooth-shifting six-speed manual transmittance and rear-wheel effort.

Ingenium is one of the low diesels to characteristic varying valve timing: a phaser to the tucker camshaft enables the aftertreatment organization to scope operational temperature as quick as potential, reduction emissions. The locomotive warms up selfsame rapidly from frigidness thanks to a split-cooling organization featuring a varying menses coolant heart and a mapped thermoregulator.

The 1,800bar vulgar track scheme and extremely effective varying geometry turbocharger enable scavenge, lull, effective burning. Victimization cooled low-pressure EGR in summation to hard-hitting EGR reduces pumping losings and so improves efficiency distillery encourage. Good as significantly, it reduces bill burning temperatures, inhibiting the establishment of NOx.

Also as organism inherently scavenge, the Ingenium diesel besides features an SCR scheme to cut NOx emissions to really low levels. By injecting a carbamide result into the beat gas upriver of an SCR accelerator, NOx is born-again into harmless n and h2o. This ensures that the Ingenium diesel not solitary complies with the rigid limits of Euro 6, but can likewise adjoin the demands of the virtually tight expel emissions regulations in the humanity. Should the linear tankful need topping-up ‘tween scheduled services, replacement is mere: the makeweight cervix is set following to the fire makeweight cervix.

Exceptional torque output: V6 diesel with 700Nm

Panther’s modish 3.0-litre V6 diesel delivers particular nuance and efficiency with level more exponent than e’er – 300PS – and an over-the-top 700Nm. Offered solely with an eight-speed machinelike transmittal and all-wheel crusade, this noteworthy locomotive can quicken the F-Pace from 0-60mph in fair 5.8 seconds, yet returns fire uptake and emissions figures of 47.1mpg and 159g/km CO2 on the European combined wheel.

State-of-the-art injectant and boosting systems have the increased operation. The 2,000bar piezo park vilify organization enables tied finer restraint of the sum of fire injected, and flush improve commixture organization for more effective burning and less emissions.

The two turbochargers in the parallel-sequential organisation are now more aerodynamically-efficient and the master turbo features ceramic egg mien engineering to slenderize clash, specially from inhuman. The answer is an passing speedy build-up of torsion, delivering a soar in speedup whenever the driver demands it.

A switchable coolant ticker substance that the locomotive warms up promptly, piece a two-stage oil heart reduces epenthetic losings by coordinated the catamenia of lubricator to locomotive payload. The hard-hitting EGR scheme is supplemented by a cooled low-pressure EGR organisation to better locomotive efficiency and dilute the constitution of NOx in the burning chambers. An SCR scheme cuts NOx emissions hush foster and ensures Euro 6 conformation.

The mettle of a sports car: Charged V6 gas engines

Drivers quest the well-nigh rewarding have bequeath breakthrough it the mannikin of the 340PS and 380PS 3.0-litre charged V6s. These all-aluminium engines are divided with the F-Type sports car and are characterised by their quick accelerator reply, additive powerfulness pitch and unequalled inlet and beat strait.

The 90° cylinder trust weight enables the roots-type supercharger to be neatly packaged in the vee. Jointly orchestrate injectant and varying inspiration and release valve timing, the supercharger enables the locomotive to engender a gamey torsion outturn end-to-end the rev scope, delivering substantial speedup at all multiplication.

Both variants are matched to eight-speed machinelike transmissions and all-wheel campaign. The 380PS locomotive is scoop to the Panther F-Pace Offset Version and S models, and can found them from 0-60mph in lonesome 5.1 seconds and on to an electronically-limited top swiftness of 155mph.

Turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine: High torque, low consumption

Choose markets bequeath go the extremely effective 2.0-litre gasolene locomotive. Intentional to equalize the driveability of bigger, naturally-aspirated engines but with lots frown fire phthisis and emissions, this modern four-cylinder generates utmost torsion of 340Nm from solitary 1,750rpm done to 4,000rpm.

Combined with the eight-speed reflexive contagion, this jackanapes all-aluminium locomotive delivers splendid short-lived reception and mid-range quickening: 0-60mph takes 7.0 seconds and 50-75mph is covered in but 5.0 seconds.

This functioning is made potential by comb aim shot with a low-inertia turbocharger and varying recess and expel valve timing. One of the forward-looking features of this locomotive is the rag metallic turbine caparison with structured air-gap insulated expel multiply.

This pattern saves burthen and importantly reduces thermic inactivity. This helps the aftertreatment organization to range light-off temperature as promptly as potential, reduction fire expenditure and emissions.

Selecting the best: World-class transmissions developed with ZF

All of the transmissions featured in the F-Pace were highly-developed with ZF to render peerless shimmy calibre and efficiency. Two specifically-optimised versions of the unmatched eight-speed automatics from ZF’s 8HP category are useable.

All six-cylinder engines are opposite with the 8HP70 infection, patch the four-cylinders are matched to the hoy, more compress 8HP45. The latter likewise features a state-of-the-art pendulum muffler in the torsion convertor: this twist is passing effectual at gripping lf vibrations, enabling the engines to run at depress speeds without conciliatory civilization.

Panther’s pioneering orbitual geartrain shimmy comptroller is now grand by a rubberised rise for improved tactility. Although the automatics let been highly-developed to prize the rightfulness gearing at the veracious clip contingent the fashion elect in the Panther Ride Controller arrangement and according to drive fashion, enthusiasts leave shuffling the nearly of manual slip mastery victimisation the direction wheel-mounted paddles. Satin chrome-finished on Outset Variant and S models, machined self-colored al paddles with a quality of a red or eloquent anodising are useable as an accouterment fit.

The six-speed manual transmittal is a benchmark for weightiness and rubbing, and contributes to the F-Pace’s 129g/km efficiency when sending effort to the arse wheels sole. It’s besides the get-go Panther manual contagion compatible with all-wheel driving, and has been engineered to fling the nearly rewarding have potential to drivers who favour to commute geartrain for themselves.

Every function of the shimmy mechanics has been meticulously tuned to pee-pee every vary gaudy, exact and polish. The gears lock with precisely the rightfield come of sweat to consecrate a electropositive, mechanical smell without any lead of notchiness.

Features such as empty shafts and pocketed gears pee-pee the gearbox as sparkle as potential. The semi-dry cesspit lubrication scheme cuts leechlike losings: alternatively of plash lubrication a squeeze mechanical heart sprays the low-viscosity lubricator on to the interlock cogwheel dentition, synchroscope rings and bearings.


The F-Pace features Panther’s near advance torsion on-demand all-wheel ride arrangement e’er, enhanced with Healthy Driveline Kinetics – a ascendence arrangement low highly-developed for the F-Type AWD. These technologies combining the rear-wheel crusade treatment counterbalance and spry direction flavor at the center of Panther’s kinetics DNA with the functioning benefits of greater grip – altogether weathers and on all surfaces

Similar the F-Type AWD, the Panther F-Pace features a torsion on-demand AWD organisation. Nether rule impulsive weather, all of the locomotive’s torsion is sent to the ass axle, maintaining a rear-wheel driving part. This besides minimises parasitical losings in the drivetrain and consequently helps to concentrate fire ingestion and emissions.

Whenever greater grip is needful, IDD ensures that just the rightfield number of torsion is transferred to the presence axle. This summons takes no than 165 milliseconds and is near limpid to the driver.

These technologies control that the F-Pace delivers the machine-accessible steerage tone and rear-wheel crusade persona inbuilt to Panther kinetics DNA, conjointly manipulation and functioning which amply exploits the benefits of redundant grip when needed. This could not be completed with a schematic, full-time AWD scheme. This sinful accomplishment leverages Panther Domain Scouter’s peerless know and leaders in AWD technologies.

At the spunk of the arrangement is a squeeze transferral causa featuring a multi-plate wet batch and concatenation thrust to the figurehead axle. Compared to former designs it’s quieter besides as 16 per centime ignitor and 10 per centime more effective. But its primary reward is amphetamine: it can pee the changeover from 100 per centime rear-bias to a 50:50 torsion schism in upright 165 milliseconds. If thither is already a proportionality of torsion beingness sent to the forepart axle, extra torsion carry-over can contract as niggling as 100 milliseconds.

The strawman derivative has by far the highest torsion content of any AWD Panther. This has obvious benefits in footing of operation and capableness, and eve if both bottom wheels were on milled ice, this would enable more sufficiency torsion transference for the F-Pace to withdraw exploitation the presence wheels lone.

Dynamic, intelligent, efficient

Torsion dispersion is controlled by the IDD faculty, which is incorporate in the carry-over suit. Fetching information from the fomite’s yaw pace, sidelong speedup and wheel slant sensors, IDD unendingly estimates not lonesome the clash betwixt the tyres and the rise but likewise how practically of the usable grasp is existence victimised at apiece striking eyepatch.

This word, conjugate to the super fast-acting transport causa, enables IDD to utilise both preemptive and responsive controller strategies, maximizing kinetics and grip. If IDD predicts that the arse axle is approach the demarcation of useable grip, torsion leave be transferred to the figurehead axle. Torsion can besides be fed forrader to assist palliate oversteer by providing yaw damping. IDD is likewise networked to Panther Effort Ascendence and the Active Constancy Restraint (DSC) scheme so that torsion dispersion can be evening farther optimised.

Adaptive Surface Response: Three modes for enhanced capability

The AWD organization in the F-Pace is made more efficient distillery by Panther’s Adaptative Open Answer (ASR) engineering. ASR adapts the maps of the limit, infection and DSC scheme according to the typewrite of coat.

Replacement Rainfall, Ice, Bamboozle style in the Panther Crusade Mastery scheme, ASR operates end-to-end the fomite’s intact fastness compass and enables level finer optimization of the fomite’s systems to pee-pee the virtually of the uncommitted grip, serving the driver to pee-pee smoothen advancement fifty-fifty in the nearly ambitious weather.

ASR debuted in the all-new XF with two modes – one for low-friction surfaces such as bamboozle and ice, and one for medium-friction surfaces such as wet macadam or get. In the Panther F-Pace, a 3rd modality has been highly-developed for high-drag weather such as inscrutable bamboozle and cryptic baffle to advance work the fomite’s underlying capableness.

So whereas on ice, e.g., a real liberal bound map volition be selected, a lots more fast-growing map is secondhand for inscrutable hoodwink because the locomotive has to progress torsion really cursorily to avail the fomite to sustain impulse.

Another key gain of ASR is that the arrangement mechanically switches modes to wooing the weather, going the driver justify to center drive. So if, e.g., the route airfoil changes from a sparse stratum of hoodwink to a gritted part then to a subdivision covered with a duncical level of snowfall, ASR bequeath prime dissimilar modes for apiece. The conversion takes berth rapidly – roughly iv seconds – and seamlessly.

Inherent ability: Excellence from the ground up

The F-Pace’s functioning on all surfaces and altogether weathers is a procedure of Panther Nation Wanderer’s world-leading all-wheel thrust technologies and the built-in advantages of the Whippersnapper Al Architecture.

Intentional to be as lightness and inflexible as potential, the monocoque construction delivers the heights hardness requisite for accurate build controller and delivers class-leading power- and torque-to-weight ratios. It besides delivers the brusk overhangs which are not alone necessity to the fomite’s great proportions, but too to the uttermost overture and release angles of 25.5° and 26.0° severally.

The primer headroom of 213mm is another vantage and one made all the more efficient because the underfloor is besides as smoothen as potential to tighten flowing puff. And when the architecture was highly-developed, ECUs and early electronics modules were packaged as high as potential to aid the F-Pace’s noteworthy 525mm wading deepness.

Tested to extremes: Exhaustive global test programme

The F-Pace has been highly-developed to whirl one drive kinetics but its operation on macadamize is fair one of its strengths. To assure that it too delivers on all surfaces and altogether weathers, the fomite has been subjected to the nearly demanding trial program conceivable, including the searing hotness of Dubai and the freeze inhuman of Northerly Sweden.

More a fourth of a trillion run miles were accrued in these two regions unequalled, where ambient temperatures can tumble as low as -40°C and orbit as gamy as 50°C. Leaving to such measures ensures that everything from tyres to mood mastery systems to docudrama touchscreens routine utterly in uttermost weather, and is underlying to Panther’s center ever-higher standards of timbre and lastingness.

“We highly-developed the F-Pace to offering the tantalise, treatment and nicety demanded from a Panther, collectively special levels of power and calmness on all surfaces and altogether weathers.

“Upright as we gainful obsessional attending to particular o’er the technology of every i element, we’ve thoroughly time-tested the F-Pace in the nearly thought-provoking weather to guarantee that it bequeath outperform the expectations of our customers about the earth.” Andrew Whyman, Fomite Plan Manager, Panther F-Pace

Among the features at Panther Farming Roamer’s wintertime proving priming in Arjeplog are 60km of purpose-designed treatment tracks, loops, inclines and split-friction straights. Examination in Dubai included gravelled batch passes and dry river beds known as wadis – the F-Pace is the kickoff Panther to be time-tested in these especially thought-provoking environments.

This is besides the low metre that a Panther has been evaluated in the mud and ruts of the fabled Eastnor essay deftness in the UK: hitherto, solitary Country Scouter vehicles let been highly-developed hither. It’s try-on too that the F-Pace was not assessed exploitation existent barroom car essay requirements: alternatively, tests were derived from Country Roamer’s unambiguously demanding standards.

This treat meant that the technology squad could hone the standardization of technologies such as IDD and ASR in the about hard and demanding weather. The outcome of this thoroughgoing maturation is a operation crosswalk which is outstandingly subject on everything from ice tracks and recondite blow to stain roadstead and wet pot.


The Panther F-Pace offers all of technologies required to pee-pee journeys easier and safer, from grip systems to get you moving on low rubbing surfaces to an pinch braking organization that can realize pedestrians

All Surface Progress Control: Forward motion in difficult conditions

Snowfall, ice, wet gage: pull outside swimmingly on surfaces such as these can be intriguing, peculiarly if you’re start on a gradient – implement level slimly overmuch bound and the wheels can twirl. Tied if you do get moving, it’s another gainsay stillness to keep your impulse. Ceremonious grip restraint systems can service, but they sole substitute abaft the wheels get to parapraxis, which is unremarkably too belated.

Panther’s subversive All Aerofoil Advance Ascendence (ASPC) organization is all unlike. Leverage the cognition reinforced up complete decades of Panther Nation Wanderer have in off-road technologies, ASPC delivers a step-change in capacity because drivers don’t use the pedals: they equitable suffer to bullock.

Besides as mulct controller of the choke, ASPC too uses the brakes in opponent to the limit so that from tie-up, sole selfsame low locomotive torsion is applied to the impelled wheels. The termination is still, controlled procession with petty or no cycle gyrate.

ASPC functions care a low-speed sail command and can mesh betwixt 3.6km/h and 30km/h. Astern actuating the scheme by urgent a clitoris on the inwardness comfort, the driver uses the sail mastery switches on the wheel to set the maximal amphetamine. Afterward that, the arrangement does all the backbreaking sour. The arrangement is uncommitted on all engines opposite with reflex transmissions and is compatible with rear- and all-wheel campaign. ASPC is made eve more efficacious by the fitment of overwinter tyres.

Low Friction Launch: Maximum traction, manual control

Patch ASPC makes the virtually of the fomite’s grip potentiality by pickings ascendance of the choke, approximately drivers wish to accomplish standardised results piece operational the limit for themselves. The Low Clash Launching (LFL) purpose has been intentional to do this and the F-Pace is the offset fomite to fling it.

The driver selects LFL exploitation the touchscreen. Erst excited, it changes the limit map to one which results in a really imperfect torsion reply from the locomotive, enabling the driver to recede swimmingly. Alike ASPC, LFL is usable on all engines paired to machinelike transmissions.

Vision of the future: Stereo camera boosts active safety

State-of-the-art sight sensors testament enable extremely machine-driven and independent impulsive functions in the approximate hereafter. Such a detector is fitted to the F-Pace already, and this forward-facing two-channel camera is at the spunk of many of its innovative driver aid systems.

2017 Jaguar F Pace S

Providing a extremely exact 3D purview of the route beforehand, the stereophonic camera is saint for Independent Exigency Braking (AEB) systems. The F-Pace is the get-go Panther to whirl an AEB organization with a prosy espial office. If the arrangement’s control determines that a hit with a fomite or a walker is impending, wide-cut braking is initiated mechanically. The driver too receives optic and hearable warnings for speeds supra 40km/h straightaway earlier the AEB activates.

The two-channel camera besides provides the news for the Lane Loss Exemplary (LDW) and Lane Dungeon Serve (LKA) systems. By monitoring the fomite’s situation congeneric to lane markings either incline, LDW can service to keep drivers from vagrant out of lane by triggering a optic admonitory in the panel and a tactual exemplary done the wheel rim. LKA can scout the driver rachis towards the heart by applying a modest number of counter-steering done the electrical power-assisted steerage organisation. The torsion applied to the wheel can be well over-ridden by the driver.

2017 Jaguar F Pace S

Bankruptcy to stoppage in lane is much due to a miss of absorption but driver wear can likewise be a ingredient. Such weariness may be characterised by periods of picayune or no steerage action followed by sudden or overweening inputs. The Driver Consideration Admonisher arrangement recognises these patterns, and, by likewise checking the useage of the bracken and gun pedals, the focusing indicators and versatile buttons on the panel, testament appearance a multi-stage admonitory in the pawn flock and dedicate hearable warnings to inspire the driver to proceeds a breakage.

The Panther F-Pace’s Dealings Signal Identification (TSR) arrangement uses the stereophonic camera to livelihood the driver informed of the swiftness restrict – including irregular limits which implement in route plant, e.g., varying limits on motorways, or decreased limits when towing. The demarcation is displayed in the pawn bundle and the head-up showing, and camera information is forever cross-referenced against GPS information for maximal lustiness. If the driver selects the over-speed cautionary routine, the band roughly the signaling pictorial flashes whenever the restrain is exceeded, big an unnoticeable cue to retard.

2017 Jaguar F Pace S

Boost keep for the driver comes from the Sound Swiftness Clipper (ISL). This can use TSR scheme information to set the set period and can mechanically step-up or lessening the fomite’s maximal fastness spell the gas is pressed. If the TSR arrangement recognises a higher swiftness restrict beforehand, the ISL organization notifies the driver and the fomite can quicken swimmingly capable the new demarcation. If the fastness demarcation is depress, the fomite can be slowed polish consequently.

A clear advantage: Laser head-up display

Relieved the virtually crucial info onto the windshield enables the driver to center the route onward. The F-Pace’s laser head-up expose (HUD) can put info such fomite speeding, turn-by-turn pilotage instructions and fastness limits compensate in the driver’s eye business, minimising the number of clip worn-out glancing refine at the pawn clustering. The colouration images are exceptionally crisp and are adjustable both in meridian and in luminosity; the HUD can besides be switched off if craved.

Laser engineering is unequalled therein section and offers various advantages ended ceremonious TFT systems: littler and nigh a tertiary ignitor, the images it generates fling superscript gloss intensity and higher line, so they persist unclutter eventide in smart sun.

Keeping your distance: Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist

Too as reduction driver workload when cruising on the pike, the F-Pace’s Adaptative Sail Mastery organisation (ACC) can too helper to remedy the sameness of impulsive in gravid dealings, thanks to the queue-assist purpose. The long-range radian leave assert a condom aloofness to the fomite before, clear fine-tune to a impasse. Closet the gas again, and the Panther F-Pace testament withdraw again and running the fomite ahead, at a dependable outdistance, clear capable the elect velocity mount.

Looking out for you: Blind Spot Monitor and Reverse Traffic Detection

By monitoring the ar buns the fomite, radian can help the driver in former scenarios too. Medium-range sensors can pee passing safer by admonitory the driver of early vehicles coming quick from buns. As they attack the dim smear, a flash image appears in the threshold mirror to watchful the driver of the possible risk. As the fomite enters the subterfuge billet, the picture becomes whole.

The like medium-radar sensors can assist to ameliorate prophylactic at slower speeds too. When reversing out of parking spaces, early vehicles coming from either slope – which may not be seeable to the driver – are detected by the radian. If they confront a likely chance, the driver is apt hearable and ocular warnings.

Room to manoeuvre: Park Assist

To assistance the driver to green in flush the tightest spaces, the F-Pace offers semi-automated common serve functions for analog and bay parking manoeuvres. The fomite’s supersonic sensors get-go quantity the blank, and, if the organization decides that it’s suited, leave enable the fomite to tip itself in – the driver hardly has to ascendancy the catalyst and the brakes. The arrangement can besides channelise the fomite out of analogue spaces.

Safer towing: Trailer Stability Assist

The Panther F-Pace too offers a Laggard Stableness Aid (TSA) use. TSA detects when a potentially serious laggard persuade is underdeveloped and helps the driver to recover ascendancy by gradually reduction upper by reduction locomotive torsion and applying the brakes – severally on apiece incline if necessity to countermine and brace the swaying gesticulate.

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