2017 Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai Ioniq

At the 2016 Hollands Motive Appearance, Hyundai Motive introduced the All-New Hyundai Ioniq line-up, consisting of: Ioniq Cross, Ioniq Electrical and Ioniq Card. The humanity’s outset modeling offer ternary electrified powertrains, Ioniq volition brand low- to zero-emission mobility approachable to everyone. The new attack of Hyundai Centrifugal delivers an inflexible conception and drive know done innovational engineering and offers customers the up-to-the-minute connectivity and prophylactic technologies.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

The All-New Hyundai Ioniq is an authoritative milepost in Hyundai Centrifugal’s sustainability scheme, delivery to aliveness the make’s new thought done new innovational technologies and extending the society’s ware compass to backup encourage constitutive sales emergence in Europe.

Jochen Sengpiehl, V.p. Selling at Hyundai Centrifugal Europe, aforesaid: “Ioniq is an crucial measure onward for our stigma. We are delivery a unparalleled new coming to e-mobility, with no compromise on designing, drive pleasance and connectivity. And we’re fashioning it approachable to more customers, promote extending our merchandise line-up.”

The Hyundai Ioniq Loanblend and Ioniq Board both sport the new Kappa 1.6 GDI, organise injectant gasoline, four-cylinder locomotive with a class-leading caloric efficiency of 40 per penny delivering 105 PS and 147 Nm of torsion. The locomotive has been trim to the loanblend diligence and is combined with the organize responding, tranquil shift six-speed doubling clasp infection – differentiating the Ioniq from its competitors with a more dynamical impulsive have. The paired galvanic motive enables vestal galvanising impulsive and delivers trice torsion as the frame with backside multi-link dangling greatly enhances drive kinetics.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq Intercrossed’s galvanic motive delivers 32 kW (43.5 PS) with maximal torsion of 170 Nm, powered by a lithium-ion-polymer barrage with 1.56 kWh content positioned below the bum seating. In combining with the 1.6-GDI locomotive Ioniq Crossbreed offers a organisation yield of 103.6 kW (141 PS) rpm and capable 265 Nm of torsion accelerating to a top swiftness of capable 185 km/h with targeted CO2 emissions as low as 79g/km (combined).

Drivers choosing the Ioniq Card can safely trust on ended 50 kilometres of estimated saturated galvanizing impulsive compass powered by the strong 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer bombardment. The 45kW (61 PS) galvanizing motive jointly the 1.6 GDI four-cylinder Kappa locomotive targets CO2 emissions as low as 32 g/km.

The Hyundai Ioniq Galvanizing offers virtuous e-mobility done a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer barrage for an estimated orbit of terminated 250 km. The now uncommitted utmost torsion of 295 Nm is delivered by the galvanic centrifugal with a utmost turnout of 88 kW (120 PS) done the single-speed reductant transmitting accelerating the car capable 165 km/h.

The client live inwardly the Ioniq line-up is enhanced done state-of-the art connectivity features similar Humanoid Machine, Apple CarPlay also as TomTom exist services and radiocommunication charging of your smartphone. Moreover, the impulsive live becomes digital done the 7-inch TFT pawn clump displaying all key driver data.

A holistic and groundbreaking condom packet including Self-directed Pinch Braking, Lane Donjon Help Scheme, Unreasoning Office Spotting, Arse Crossbreeding Dealings Alarm and Ache Sail Controller ensures gamey rubber levels for drivers and passengers like.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

All versions lineament the aerodynamic sleek silhouette with a class-leading Cd esteem of 0.24. A liquid outside bod and born airflow channels punctuate the sleek personify lines and volumes.

Blueness accents in the Ioniq Crossbreed and Ioniq Add-in underline particular elements on the outside and in the internal for a unseamed conception. The Ioniq Galvanic features sole bull bleached accents to make the effect that electricity is aerodynamic done the car’s national elysian by pig’s attribute of beingness a director of electricity.

Thomas A. Schmid, Ceo at Hyundai Centrifugal Europe, aforementioned: “With our pioneering ix35 Fire Cubicle galvanizing fomite and respective loan-blend and add-in cross models sold approximately the humankind, Hyundai Centrifugal already has a proved capableness in electrified powertrains. Now, with the found of our offset consecrated modelling, we are pickings the tether as the solitary carmaker with loanblend, galvanic, card loanblend and fire cadre vehicles in product.”

Design: efficiency and technology

Hyundai Centrifugal’s Ioniq line-up calls upon two key influences – efficiency and engineering – in its excogitation, which compound to produce a singular and future-looking appearing. Passim the stallion growth stage engineers and designers worked hand-in-hand to control that configuration and role evolved simultaneously.

These aims are met systematically passim apiece of the Ioniq models – the Ioniq Cross, the Ioniq Add-in and the Ioniq Galvanizing. Grand outside pattern sets Ioniq isolated from its competitors as the styling builds the car’s hi-tech features into its pattern, accentuation the efficiency of the unharmed reach.

Exterior design

In crafting the outside show of Ioniq, Hyundai Centrifugal’s designers saturated on the car’s future-orientated lineament, which is at the mettle of its appealingness. A runny outside bod and cancel airflow channels accentuate the streamlined trunk lines and a flashy, hatchback-like visibility sets the Ioniq asunder.

Its outside panels are intentional to deform in club to encourage aeromechanics foster, which, when combined with versatile early ache efficiency solutions, produces class-leading Cd valuate of hardly 0.24.

In gain to the Ioniq’s aeromechanics torso form, promote designing details tell the Crossbreed, the Board and the Galvanic adaptation from another creating their unequalled indistinguishability:

The Ioniq Hybrid and Ioniq Plug-In

The forepart of the Ioniq Cross is characterised by the Bi-xenon headlights that are embraced by the C-shaped LED emplacement lamps. Hyundai Drive’s touch hexangular grill and the upright C-shaped LED daylight operative lights advance portray the honour of the car. Contrastive colors at the pedestal of the bumper add an someone fiber patch ennead outside colors are useable and can be mated with a pick of two upcountry options. The coloring choices for the outside of Ioniq Crossbreed and Card are Spectre Melanise, Gelid Whiteness and Pt Flatware on with Dayspring Facile. Too useable are Cast-iron Greyish, Marina Blueing and Phoenix Orangeness besides as Obscure Hayfield and Calcareous Brownish. The inner gloss choices are Can Lapidate or Afternoon Picnic.

Contingent the outside gloss, an graceful disconsolate or eloquent lineament contrast beneath the battlefront and back bumpers is a figure sport both the Ioniq Loanblend and the Ioniq Card sustain in park. For outside colors Marina Blueness and Phoenix Orangish the accents volition be carried out in flatware. All former outside colors characteristic the disconsolate fiber pipeline. These accents are too carried on amply done the home of both models, e.g. with bluing or ovalbumin pipe on the car seating.

The Hyundai Ioniq Cross features specially-designed two-tone 15- or 17-inch wheels.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

The Hyundai Ioniq Board adopts the worldwide outside innovation from the Intercrossed – same the hexangular grill and the erect C-shaped LED daylight track lights – but it testament additionally characteristic LED headlamps. It has an extra cap for the charging socket on the remaining battlefront jury.

The Ioniq Electric

What outright sets the Ioniq Galvanising asunder is its movement: without the drive’s pauperization for chilling, the lattice gives way to a cleanse and silky coat in Straight Gray or Effulgence Greyness – contingent the elect outside coloring of the car. The line-up’s all-electric adaptation likewise features LED battlefront headlamps and arse combinations lamps with a singular practice conveyance a decided identicalness to the car when looked at from bum. The galvanising fibre of the car’s conception is underscored by the bull colorful part cable downstairs the ass bumper and beneath the movement bumper (alluding to the belongings of cu as an splendid galvanizing director). When Marina Dingy, Phoenix Orangeness or Blinding Yellow-bellied is elect as an outside coloring, these accents volition be carried out in silver-tongued. Dazzling Lily-livered is a semblance pick solely useable for the Ioniq Electrical, whereas Fe Greyish, Fog Hayfield and Calcareous Embrown can lonesome be selected for the Crossbreed and the Card.

Interior design

Upright as with the car’s outside figure, the home of the Ioniq captures the modeling’s futurist position. A ‘Purified Hi-tech’ conception was naturalized, which so evolved into the elegant midland of the Ioniq.

A smoothen, graceful and clutter-free radical workings with a lucid, integrated layout of controls. Materials for the midland were elect in an ecologically sore way and are exploited to produce a mere and pick flavor end-to-end the car, freehanded the inwardly blank a silken, sparkle and purified feeling.

Exclusive blue colour code

The dingy quality pipeline entirely usable for the Ioniq Crossbreed and the Ioniq Board is carried on in the home featuring blueness pipage on the seating and promote amytal invention elements on the facia. These admit a disconsolate metal pipeline linear infra the digital cat’s-paw constellate and ‘tween the air conditioning ascendancy knobs, encompassing the essence solace air vents, the sound pilotage cover and external air vents also as the freshman clit. Another idiom is on the depress share of the wheel. The internal is useable in two colors a darker gray timbre called Lavatory Lapidate and a sparkle ecru called Afternoon Pushover.

Copper symbolizes electricity

Interior the Hyundai Ioniq Galvanic alone useable cop dyed accents make the effect that electricity is aerodynamic done the hale car’s inside. Passengers of the Electrical testament besides poster that thither is more infinite ‘tween the breast seating. This has been achieved thanks to the slip by electrify organisation that doesn’t bear mechanical linkages ‘tween a sceneshifter and the contagion so allows the driver to switching ride modes just by press the compensate buttons ahead of the handle residual. The Ioniq Galvanizing too features an electronic emergency (EPB) at the statement of the driver’s fingertips and the inducive charging tray for peregrine phones is handily positioned redress future to the shifting by telegraph buttons.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

Powertrains – the power of choice for customers

Highly-developed for vigour efficiency without conciliatory drive operation, every Ioniq’s powertrain pick represents a cleanser way of mobility.

Breaking through hybrid stereotypes with Ioniq Hybrid & Plug-in

The Hyundai Ioniq Cross and Ioniq Add-in both characteristic the new Kappa 1.6 GDI, organise shot gasolene, four-cylinder locomotive with a class-leading thermic efficiency of 40 per centime delivering 105 PS and 147 Nm of torsion. The locomotive has been bespoke to the loan-blend lotion and is combined with the engineer responding, still unfirm six-speed image grasp transmittance – differentiating the Ioniq from its competitors with a more dynamical drive have. The paired galvanic drive enables arrant galvanizing drive and delivers trice torsion as the bod with ass multi-link hiatus greatly enhances drive kinetics.

The Hyundai Ioniq Loan-blend’s galvanizing motive delivers 32 kW (43.5 PS) with utmost torsion of 170 Nm, powered by a lithium-ion-polymer barrage with 1.56 kWh capability positioned nether the arse seating. In combining with the 1.6-GDI locomotive Ioniq Crossbreed offers a organization turnout of 103.6 kW (141 PS) rpm and capable 265 Nm of torsion accelerating to a top velocity of capable 185 km/h with targeted CO2 emissions as low as 79 g/km (combined). The galvanising motive enables the Ioniq Loan-blend to maneuver in virtuous galvanising modality at speeds capable 120 km/h.

Drivers choosing the Ioniq Board can safely swear on complete 50 kilometres of estimated virginal galvanic impulsive reach powered by the virile 8.9 kWh lithium-ion polymer shelling. The 45kW (61 PS) galvanic motive collectively the 1.6 GDI four-cylinder Kappa locomotive offering a organisation which targets CO2 emissions as low as 32 g/km.

Six-speed dual-clutch transmission – responsiveness guaranteed

The Ioniq Crossbreed and Ioniq Add-in both lineament a six-speed dual-clutch infection (6DCT), which boasts best-in-class transport efficiency though the use of low-friction bearings and low-viscosity transmittance oil. This ensures that Ioniq achieves a singular mix of drive functioning and fire efficiency. Intelligently set gearing ratios combined with a ingenious sack scheme transferral index swimmingly from appurtenance to train.

Both, the Loan-blend and the Card, use the 6DCT to rein the galvanic and burning technologies to outdo burden, for a more piquant ride. That is how they distinguish themselves from former crossbreed and card crossbreed cars, which are ofttimes criticized for ‘arctic band-like’ speedup.

Enhancing the car’s fire efficiency and dynamical impulsive characteristics, the driver can choose Athletics or ECO modes. The Fun use holds lour gears yearner and combines index from the locomotive and electrical drive maximizes execution. In ECO style, the 6DCT optimizes the pitch survival for fire thriftiness, shifty up originally to higher gears to reach class-leading fire saving.

The powertrain components were intentional to be compress and extremely effective. The combined supernumerary slant of the crossbreed and card cross engineering thus just adds minimum burthen to the Ioniq.

Compact electric motor powered by lithium-ion polymer battery

Wattage for the Cross and the Card also as for the Galvanizing is generated by a perm attractor synchronal drive. The parts of which get been optimized by reduction the heaviness of kernel components (electric sword tack) by capable 10% and adopting rectangular-section pig electrify to lessening gist and pig departure.

Hyundai Centrifugal distinct to use a lithium-ion polymer shelling ingroup for all Ioniq models alternatively of formal nickel-metal-hydride batteries. This provides depress store predisposition, first-class guardianship and waiver efficiency on with undischarged maximal yield.

Effective promotion was besides interpreted into condition as the barrage organization is set underneath the bum seating so that the useableness of the rider cabin and hold is wholly uncompromised in the Ioniq Loan-blend, offer loading infinite of capable 750 litres. This besides holds rightful for the Ioniq Add-in and the Ioniq Galvanizing which scorn bigger batteries both crack generous freight capability of capable 650 litres.

An all-electric all-star

The Hyundai Ioniq Electrical offers arrant e-mobility done a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer barrage for an estimated grasp of o’er 250 km. The now useable utmost torsion of 295 Nm is delivered by the galvanising centrifugal with a uttermost yield of 88 kW (120 PS) done the single-speed reductant contagion accelerating the car capable 165 km/h.

The switch by telegraph scheme unequaled to Ioniq Galvanic enables procedure of the car merely by press buttons to substitution drive modes. Summation it eliminates the routing spa requisite for caparison the mechanical linkages ‘tween a rule gearstick and the transmitting, providing more spa in the forepart of the car. The Individual Velocity Reductant contagion mechanically and seamlessly accelerates the Galvanic and offers Variation, Formula and ECO modes to raise efficiency and drive characteristics.

Charging the Ioniq Electrical’s lithium-ion polymer barrage capable 80% but takes 24 proceedings exploitation a 100kW truehearted courser. An merged In-Cable Command Box (ICCB) besides allows drivers to commission their Ioniq at a unconstipated menage socket. The charging ballyhoo of the car is placed in a berth where gas fillers are usually situated..

Advanced engineering and technology – Setting the Ioniq line-up apart

Ioniq’s engineers did not alone center fashioning the powertrain of apiece framework as effective as potential, they likewise commence to produce cars that excelled in designing, comforter and contrivance of documentary. Applying the modish technologies and technology techniques to these areas enhances Ioniq’s collection and elevates its condition.

Advanced aerodynamics

Ioniq’s silky, coupe-like silhouette and its mere, cautiously molded contours aid the effective direction of airflow roughly the outside. Applications similar presence pedal air curtains, a bum looter and diffusor, english sill moldings, story cloak-and-dagger and a unopen roll conception all give to the car’s gamy sleek efficiency. Additionally the Loan-blend and Add-in characteristic an participating air flapping in the battlefront wicket operated in ternary stages, patch a aerodynamic shut figurehead characterizes the Galvanic.

Smart and efficient air condition

To ply a pleasant, easy and refreshful mood in the cars without victimisation unneeded amounts of zip, the Ioniq’s clime ascendence can be switched to an effective performance manner. Due to a uttermost use of the inwardly air when air-conditioning or heat, breathing losings can be minimized and the boilersuit efficiency of the scheme increases. Likewise, the dual-zone clime ascendence can be set to ‘driver solitary’ manner, reduction the consignment of the air-conditioning and warming.

Eco materials create clean and sustainable interior space

A Hyundai-first and a key feature of the Ioniq is its modern use of recycled or ecologically spiritualist materials. E.g., the upcountry doorway covers are made of recycled pliant combined with fine-grained court and volcanic lapidate piece providing the like character show.

The softer, more instinctive look is achieved aboard less trust on oil-based products. This attack extends to otc areas of the car too. Raw materials extracted from sugarcane are part applied on the headlining and carpeting portion to amend timbre of air indoors the car and the recyclability of fomite parts at end of sprightliness. Key with renewable ingredients extracted from soja oil is victimized to attain glossy metal colors on approximately of the components.

The new pilotage organisation in the Ioniq comes with a seven-year disengage subscription to TomTom Experience services. TomTom Endure offers updated info in existent meter: endure, dealings, fastness cameras, and on-line searches for points of stake.


To courtship customers’ wide-ranging lifestyles, Ioniq features state-of-the-art documentary and connectivity features. The Ioniq is equipt with a new contemporaries high-resolution 7-inch TFT entropy clustering. With a resolving of 1280 x 720 pixels, it displays all types of gauges (speedometer, ECO, nation of tutelage, fire etcetera.) Contingent the selected thrust style, scope semblance and gauges are altered to perpetually render the nigh authoritative and utilitarian data besides as a relaxed or clean ambiance by agency of the colors secondhand. Inside Variation style, the expose changes into a revolving digital speedometer that is encircled by an linear fashion tach, screening the locomotive’s rpm on red bleached reason. When choosing ECO modality the TFT-information constellate simulates the comrade speedometer goad.

The Hyundai Ioniq leave likewise provide for drivers sounding to mix their smartphone with the fomite’s documentary organization by providing both Apple CarPlay and Humanoid Motorcar. Both systems enable users to tie their devices to have and controller medicine, phone or pilotage functions on filmdom. The unlined connectivity allows drivers and passengers to check affiliated piece leftover focussed on the route. To guarantee occupants’ phones are constantly aerated, Ioniq too offers a radiocommunication inducive charging pad (Qi received) for nomadic phones.

Weight reduction

One of the independent questions end-to-end the evolution of Ioniq was where burden could be cut without flexible the end to too make an piquant and prosperous car. Ioniq’s engineers ill-used aluminum in the hoodlum and tailboard, which reduces slant by 12.4 kg compared to the formal blade alternative with no disadvantages in stochasticity or quiver. The weightiness departure scheme too prolonged to less obvious areas alike the cargo-screen back. Due to a higher employment of whippersnapper components and a more covenant habitus, the cargo-screen blanket is approximately 25% ignitor than the interpretation ill-used in former Hyundai models.

Driving performance – Low to zero emission mobility without compromise

The drive functioning of the Ioniq line-up is among the trump in its section thanks to a powertrain which is especially altered to render effective mobility without compromise. Bait and treatment, likewise as stochasticity, palpitation and rigor levels, are tuned to lend towards ranking razz character, patch detachment in the splashboard minimizes locomotive randomness. Damping in the flooring panels too as enhanced A and B column fillings, thicker pane and stochasticity cancelling cinema on the windscreen encourage ameliorate the placidity and comfy tantalise.

The Hyundai Ioniq Loanblend and Add-in sport a multi-link ass suspension with twofold frown arm for enhanced rag solace piece a proportionally heavy use of aluminum for battlefront and backside abatement components saves about 10 kg of weightiness compared to formal substance. A step-down of 2.3 kg per breast frown arm whole saves 4.6 kg at the strawman, spell 7.14 kg is protected at the backside with apiece whole peeling 3.57 kg.

The Hyundai Ioniq Galvanizing applies a crookedness transmit back axle which provides more spa for the 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer shelling, situated under the bottom seating and the bare bicycle fountainhead..

Ioniq’s reactivity and feedback from the direction organization is elucidate and exact, with an increased steerage pitch proportion that helps to heighten a showy and antiphonal tone spell reinforcing the car’s uncompromised impulsive live.

Braking personnel is optimized to get the about out of the regenerative braking arrangement, portion the Ioniq to observe a sizable land of tutelage (SOC). Regenerative braking likewise operates to dilute randomness, victimisation the one-third genesis of the sword’s get-up-and-go recuperating fillet organization. An Incorporated Bracken Attend Whole (iBAU) and Press Reference Whole (PSU) likewise bestow to quieter process than competitors. This besides helps check ultra-low detrition for maximal zip convalescence and efficiency.

A quislingism with tyre producer Michelin gives Ioniq enhanced levels of efficiency as the car is fitted with low roll impedance tires from 15-, 16- and 17-inch wheels for improve fire saving, asset the car’s bigger 17-inch wheels (Ioniq Intercrossed) are fitted with silica tires for wagerer operation. The multi-link suspension of Ioniq Crossbreed and Board has been altered in ordering to employment near expeditiously with low wheeling impedance tires.

Comfort and convenience – top-class and trend-setting

Thanks to its consecrated figure the Ioniq line-up delivers expectant driver and rider gadget, delivery to the section a orbit of considerations that otc loan-blend, card loan-blend and galvanizing vehicles may suffer compromised on in the retiring.

So e.g. all loanblend components are smartly packaged to not compromise spa, tractableness or useableness of the internal. In fact, the Ioniq Loanblend offers best-in-class consignment spa by locating the barrage underneath the back seating. Furthermore, the arse seating can faithful flatcar providing a load distance of capable 750 litres, allowing heavy pieces of baggage to be stowed with easiness.

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

All Ioniq models likewise crack gravid strawman and backside clearance, asset comp berm and leg board in the battlefront and binding, spell a retentiveness purpose driver’s ass and het battlefront and bum seating receive occupants for a restful tantalise.

Safety – innovative active and passive safety features

A lightness yet strict consistence is the solution of advance excogitation, expression methods and materials for the integral Ioniq line-up. Featuring 53% Sophisticated Heights Potency Sword, the flesh of the cars benefits from higher-up inflexibility for reactive treatment and is super safety, with gamy gremlin vigor preoccupation and minimized aberration to protect passengers in the issue of a hit.

To accompaniment the hanker name of innovative appliance technologies, a server of forward-looking alive and inactive rubber features protect the driver and passengers. These electronic assistive systems are class-leading as the Ioniq continues to breakage the modeling for option fire vehicles.

The foresighted number of fighting refuge features includes Subterfuge Smirch Spotting, which workings straightaway aboard Lane Modification Aid and Screen Office Spotting with Back Crossing Dealings Watchful to admonish the driver of any encompassing vehicles, passengers or over-the-counter objects that may leading to a hit if unnoticed patch the car is in gesture.

A Lane Release Monition Arrangement (LDWS) and Lane Safekeeping Serve Scheme (LKAS) are of use when drive. The systems alive the driver if insecure movements are made spell the car is impulsive ended 60km/h by detection the car’s situation. The LDWS sounds an appall earlier the car moves terminated the route markings, piece the LKAS warns the driver acoustically and visually earlier inducement disciplinal guidance to pathfinder the driver cover to a safety spot.

The Hyundai Ioniq is too fitted with Self-directed Exigency Braking (AEB), an forward-looking participating rubber have that alerts drivers to pinch situations, braking autonomously if compulsory. Victimisation battlefront rad and camera sensors, AEB operates in tercet stages. Initially exemplary the driver visually and acoustically, it controls the bracken according to the hit risk phase, and applies utmost braking power veracious ahead the mo of hit. When a fomite or walker is perceived before of the car, the organisation is excited, operational at speeds of 10 km/h or supra and minimizes terms when a hit is ineluctable.

Exploitation strawman radian sensors, Impudent Sail Ascendancy allows a unremitting velocity and outstrip to be retained from the fomite forrader without uncheerful the gas or bracken pedals; it is mechanically off when hurrying drops to 10 km/h or downstairs. Ioniq Galvanic enhances this functionality with an Advance Smarting Sail Ascendancy, which too supports machinelike stopover and beginning routine. A Tire Pressing Monitoring Scheme ensures unremitting monitoring of tire imperativeness and alerts the driver if force levels let changed.

Round the upcountry of the Ioniq, a totality of vii airbags is usable. Including a genu airbag for the driver, they are set to protect the fomite’s occupants in the outcome of a hit. Structure improvements complemented by a high-strength fibre-reinforced ass bumper brand the integral Ioniq line-up firm and undestroyable in the case of a clank.

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