2017 Ford Ka Plus

Ford Ka plus

The all-new Crossing KA+ compact delivers undischarged home infinite, first-class fire efficiency and fun-to-drive kinetics for customers in Europe at a value-for-money toll.

Connection Crossing’s small-car line-up aboard the best-selling Fete, the KA+ provides an attractive new substitute for European buyers who lack a roomy, well-equipped and high-quality pocket-sized car at a terms spot start at €9,990 in Germany and &hammer;8,995 in the U.K.

“Fording has a farseeing account of oblation low-priced belittled cars that are hardheaded, frugal and fun-to-drive,” aforesaid Jim Farley, administrator v.p. and chairperson, Europe, Eye E and Africa, Fording Centrifugal Fellowship. “KA+ is straight thereto custom, backpacking a immense sum of assess into a compact that delivers spry impulsive kinetics and a comfy upcountry with class-leading battlefront headway and behind legroom.”

Consumer necessitate for appraise pocket-size cars is increasing in Europe, with toll, fire efficiency and quilt among the starring factors in deciding. Sales of 410,000 little cars priced nether €13,000 in 2015 accounted for 13 per penny of the minor car section – itself expected to story for 34 per penny of vehicles sales crossways the neighborhood by Twenty-twenty.

Generous space for five

The all-new Fording KA+ is a 5-door hatchback based on Crossing’s globose small-car chopine, and offers generous distance for pentad citizenry at an boilersuit distance of less than 4 metres.

The Crossing KA+ is slenderly shorter than the Fete, but 29 millimetres taller. The home features, seating, doorway panels and ceiling star that are optimised to ply class-leading breast clearance of 1,002 mm, bottom legroom of 896 mm and back hip way of 1,335 mm. The broad upcountry delivers plenty board for a 2 measure magniloquent rider to sit backside a 2 measure improbable driver.

2017 Ford Ka plus

The Fording KA+ provides undischarged every-day practicality with 270 litres of baggage blank – sufficiency to suit two gravid suitcases – positive 60/40 split-folding backside seating, and 21 storeroom locations for belittled items passim the cabin.

Stowing areas admit MyFord Sorrel in the inwardness of the panel that enables occupants to fund, climb and tutelage peregrine devices such as phones and pilotage systems, and figurehead threshold bins that can apiece clench a 1.0-litre bottleful, a 0.6-litre bottleful and a pocket-size umbrella. A concealed storeroom bin inside the end of the board is lone approachable when the driver’s doorway is clear, allowing valuables to be concealed doggo. Driver and passengers can stow drinks easy with two cupholders for both the presence and back bum rows.

Winning inhalation from Crossing’s up-to-the-minute invention speech, the fashionable, well-proportioned outside features the typical high-mounted trapezoidal wicket with gravid, swept-back headlamps. All KA+ models go a fresh, incorporate cultivation with chromium-plate particularisation for the figurehead wicket, jointly body-coloured bumpers, doorway handles and doorway mirrors. A bikini backside dashboard with melanize enclose adds fibre specifically for European models and too reduces transposition costs in the issue of low-speed fortuity scathe.

The inside features an attractive grained cultivation on the panel and hard-wearing, contemporaneous shave materials in a fashionable shadow charcoal-grey semblance dodging. Typical chromium-plate accents are applied in tactual and extremely seeable areas such as the threshold freeing handles, core comfort ascendance knobs and air vents.

Responsive and economical powertrain

The all-new Fording KA+ features a simplified powertrain line-up based on an effective new 1.2-litre Duratec gas locomotive to fling maximal rate to consumers. Uncommitted with a prize of 70 PS and 85 PS ability outputs, the 1.2-litre locomotive is derived from the like phratry as the 1.25-litre locomotive in the Feast, and features twin-independent varying camshaft timing engineering to raise functioning, fire efficiency and emissions.

Combined with a touchstone five-speed manual infection, the 1.2-litre locomotive has been tuned to present tranquil and reactive operation, with a liberal gap of torsion that makes the car promiscuous and fun to screw both metropolis motoring and on thirster journeys.

2017 Ford Ka Plus

Fire efficiency has been enhanced victimization optimised standardization, low-friction locomotive oil and regenerative charging, which saves fire by maintaining effective burster levels in the fomite barrage by capturing ‘absolve’ electricity when drivers sea-coast or bracken.

Low roll resistivity tyres and enhanced streamlined details, such as an optimised figurehead glower coddler lip and grill openings highly-developed during more 200 hours of twist burrow examination, besides bestow to improved efficiency. Both locomotive options attain CO2 emissions of 114 g/km, with combined fire phthisis of 5.0 l/100 km (56.5 mpg).

An extra 85 PS high-efficiency edition is uncommitted in sealed markets with a brocaded last thrust proportion and singular standardization to render CO2 emissions of 110g/km.

Agile, fun-to-drive and comfortable

The all-new Crossing KA+ has been highly-developed to present spry, fun-to-drive kinetics that compeer European client expectations.

To birth the craved active execution, the KA+ features a unparalleled frame spec with especially highly-developed features including springs and dampers, behind tortuosity shaft axle, bracken pads and tyres, and a re-engineered figurehead sub-frame.

2017 Ford Ka Plus

Alone tuning for the KA+ Electronic Powerfulness Aided Steerage arrangement in Europe delivers a quicker 2.6 act lock-to-lock proportion and fastness medium assist, resulting in ignitor steerage at low speeds and more feedback at higher speeds to pee metropolis centres easier to negociate and area route impulsive more rewarding.

Drive kinetics are encourage enhanced with a movement anti-roll bar for customers in Europe that is 47 per centime stiffer than for customers in Asia and Southward America. Tantalise elevation is decreased by 10 mm for greater consistency controller.

The fomite likewise has undergone an intensifier developing curriculum to see improved comforter and nuance in distinctive European drive weather, with a orbit of measures to downplay flatus dissonance, route racket and powertrain stochasticity levels including:

  • Improved threshold seals
  • Fiesta-specification hydraulic locomotive mounts tuned to engulf shaking and go enhanced gremlin engrossment
  • Extra phone ho-hum corporeal for the locomotive bay, A-pillars and doors
  • New back dangling bushes
  • Flowing fins for the threshold mirror mounts that forbid pounding
  • Chase concluding tuning and ontogenesis carried out at Fording’s European proving land in Lommel, Belgium, and during all-inclusive exam drives on European roadstead, the KA+ provides customers with an gratifying and comfy impulsive see, with best-in-class racket levels of 73 decibels when impulsive on rough-cut surfaces at 80 km/h (50 mph).

    The KA+ structure besides has been extensively highly-developed to fulfil European guard standards, with more 8,000 hours of computer-aided clang pretense undertaken aboard a comp clangor run plan to check hob execution and footer security.

    To raise wreck operation, most 50 per centime of the KA+ consistence is constructed from high-strength steels, including the storey, presence and bottom figure track, windowpane pillars, strawman bumper broadcast and rider doorway beams.

    2017 Ford Ka Plus

    Touchstone safe equipment includes six airbags and a Tire Press Monitoring Arrangement that can notify drivers with a admonitory spark when a tire is importantly under-inflated.

    Comprehensive standard equipment, with two series choices

    Customers can quality from two KA+ serial options, with a measure 70 PS simulation, and an 85 PS exemplar that likewise features:

  • Manual air-conditioning
  • Crossing’s Synchronize voice-activated communications and amusement organisation with AppLink that enables voice-activation of a scope of smartphone apps
  • Crossing MyKey, which allows owners to set utmost swiftness and sound loudness limits, and guarantee prophylactic features are not handicapped. MyKey is apotheosis engineering for parents who are allowing new and inexperient drivers to use their car
  • All Crossing KA+ models have a comp received spec including might figurehead windows and doorway mirrors, outside key lockup, Electronic Constancy Mastery with Mound Jump Assistance, Velocity Clipper, and Fording Soft Fire.

    When choosing the 85 PS framework, customers can destine a compass of attractive optional features including electronic clime restraint, leather wheel with sail restraint, het strawman seating, DAB sound arrangement, bum parking sensors, mightiness bum windows and het/mightiness foldaway doorway mirrors, secrecy crank and 15-inch admixture wheels.

    Single and fashionable Crossing KA+ Black-and-white especial version versions of the KA+ likewise testament be uncommitted for customers to club subsequently this twelvemonth. The KA+ Monochrome editions line either a blackbody gloss with albumen ceiling and door-mirrors, or a tweed eubstance with blacken cap and door-mirrors. Both versions characteristic melanize 15-inch metal wheels and are offered alone with the 85 PS 1.2-litre Duratec locomotive.

    2017 Ford Ka Plus

    “Choosing a compact should not think having to compromise,” aforesaid Darren Palmer, pocket-sized car fomite cable manager, Fording of Europe. “Our all-new KA+ lives capable the gamey standards set by our Fording Feast, B-MAX and EcoSport press cars by delivering the panache, place, ripe engineering and shade that European customers neediness.”

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