2017 Fiat Tipo 5 Door

Fiat Tipo 5-door

The Decree Tipo category was presented fully at the 2016 Hollands Centrifugal Appearance, where the 5-Door and Waggon versions were precondition their humanity première.

The launching marks Edict’s thou rejoinder to the medium-compact section with an oblation that appeals direct to the spunk of the commercialise, thanks to a mere but comp stove that meets the necessarily of individual also as business-to-business customers.

The 4-Door adaptation went on sale at the end of 2015 and has already sold more 35,000 units in the EMEA are: its winner is based on an stinting ethos combined with best-in-class rider and baggage quad, which sustain reopened the doorway to the medium-compact saloon mart in many countries.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5 Door

Thanks in share to these characteristics, the Tipo folk has equanimous the honored Autobest “Outdo Buy Car 2016” prize, elect by a panel of 26 journalists from the about authorised European car magazines. This laurels underlines the modelling’s standout traits of conception, lineament, comfortableness and versatility and rewards an particular oblation that is forthrightly focussed on rate for money, a all-important conception in Rescript’s useable category scheme, as summed up by the motto “You don’t motive lots to get lots”.

The Decree Tipo 4-Door, 5-Door and Wagon parcel the like values but apiece birth unparalleled personalities as various as their various objective audiences, from families and couples to youth multitude or professionals.

The Tipo sept was highly-developed some the abbreviated “Skills, no frills” and combines the Rescript stigma’s historical concepts of functionality, ease and personality in an over-the-top value-for-money oblation.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5-door

Personality-wise, the Edict Tipo projects a dynamical fashion and a firm part altogether its versions.

The uncomplicated choices provided to the client termination in a elongate grasp of engines and cut levels that appeals straightaway to the bosom of the commercialize.

Functionality has been a trademark of Decree for more 80 geezerhood and has contributed to a backbone catalog of extremely successful models. Therein suit, the cautiously intentional intimate spaces offering invincible liveability and bang capacitance for this family, besides as enceinte versatility of use, which is scoop explicit by the Waggon interpretation.

In price of sizing, the 5-door simulation is 4.37 m longsighted, 1.79 m all-embracing and 1.50 m highschool, spell the Waggon adds an duplicate 20 cm to ambit 4.57 m, with a altitude of 1.51 m thanks to the standard-fit longitudinal cap bars. The breadth corpse unaltered.

The cargo capacitance below the package ledge is top-in-class: 440 litres for the 5-Door and 550 litres for the Waggon, which likewise integrates supremely hard-nosed solutions that maximize tractableness of use.

The new car fits a authentic hanging layout for extremely exact impulsive, vivid road-holding and prominent comforter: fencesitter wheels McPherson on the figurehead axle and co-ordinated wheels torsion send on the behind. The two layouts are optimised to tighten burden and hence give to up the car’s fire efficiency, without flexible the dynamical drive see.

In the EMEA area, the reach follows a mere and square logic: deuce-ace torso styles, leash shave levels, iii engines with deuce-ace unlike fire options and ternary types of gearbox. Specifically, the saloon, 5-Door and Waggon testament be useable in the Pop, Wanton and Loiter versions. The Euro 6 locomotive ambit offers diesel, gasoline and two-fold fire (gas/LPG) solutions that quarry the pump of the 95 to 120 HP commercialise. The gearbox can be manual, automatonlike dual-clutch and reflexive with torsion convertor, contingent the locomotive.

Fire use and emissions are particularly low and the ECO variation emits as fiddling as 89g/km of CO2 below the NEDC essay oscillation.

In genuine Decree elan, the new additions to the Tipo folk are jam-packed with flock of cagey solutions that pee-pee sprightliness bettor for everyone aboard. The line-up offers outstandingly generous criterion equipment and débuts the groundbreaking UconnectTM 7″ HD Know organisation, featuring a 7″ high-resolution coloring touchscreen show with capacitive cover that the exploiter can arrest and pilfer upright alike a pad. All this is complemented by combat-ready and inactive protection systems.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5 Door

From the other stages of developing, extra attending was granted to sum price of possession (TCO), a key retainer for both individual and business-to-business customers. The top-in-class TCO values are made potential by especially low fire uptake linked with low alimony, fixture and operative costs. Moreover, the simpleton and straight grasp and the comp touchstone equipment support the residuary appraise high-pitched in the foresighted condition, spell the particular Job versions offering a comp root to the necessarily of pass customers.

Quick to nerve the challenges of the futurity, the Tipo category was intentional in Italy by the Order Elan Heart and highly-developed in Bomb conjointly Tofaş R&D, one of FCA’s largest enquiry and growth centres, involving a consecrated squad of o’er 2,000 mass during the three-year growth outgrowth. During that meter, the models were tried terminated a aggregate aloofness of 8.7 billion kilometres in extremum upwind, route and gamy elevation weather, in ordering to be quick purchasable in terminated 50 countries in the EMEA expanse. The end answer is a kinfolk of racy and dependable cars that was made in one of the reality’s outdo self-propelling factories, the Tofaş engraft in Bursa, which has been awarded a Aureate Palm in the Mankind Stratum Fabrication categorization.

Personality, comfort and load capacity: the Fiat Tipo 5-Door and Station Wagon pair dynamic and refined style with comfort and versatility

Ilk the 4-Door modeling, the Edict Tipo 5-Door and Wagon are welcoming, hard-nosed and nonpareil for well-heeled journeys. The designers adhered to the near innovative ergonomic criteria in shaping the parameters that measurement the car’s capacitance to react to the necessarily for onboard eudaimonia and comforter. The termination is fantabulous canonic bioengineering: comfortableness, place reconfiguration, availability, visibleness and drive position.

The Rescript Tipo 5-Door and Waggon easy oblige phoebe passengers, enabling marvelous multitude capable 1.87 m in acme at the forepart and 1.80 m on the backrest row to go in quilt simultaneously. The mystic is the fixture bod of the ass, thanks to the horizontal cap visibility, which gives passengers added centimetres of clearance in the cabin. Legroom is besides top-in-class: thither are 1.07 metres betwixt the boundary of the battlefront ass and the rider’s dog and 934 millimetres for the back backside (the latter evaluate is distinctive of higher section cars). Not least authoritative, the bum eye arse has been intentional as a full-sized backside oblation decent legroom to piddle every misstep pleasant, eventide for grown occupants.

The shipment capability is too class-leading: 440 litres for the 5-Door and 550 litres for the Wagon. The latter adopts respective solutions that gain the gizmo and usableness of boot, such as Thaumaturgy Consignment Blank. Outset, boot sill is low and stepless, to ease freight fifty-fifty the bulkiest of packages. Endorsement, the freight base is reconfigurable: it can be lowered to maximize content and locked at a 40° tip to enable the shipment to engross the fundamental blank. At the sides of the trunk thither are two face panels for retention little items, which can be distant to boost gain the breadth of the trunk. The roll unsighted that covers the cargo can be well remote and stored nether the flooring gore. Two lights, two bag maulers and quartet load-retaining maulers positioned on the coldcock offer added gizmo. Ultimately, in vitrine 550 litres were deficient, the flip-and-fold behind bum with 60/40 snag can be folded kill to find a flatbed and flush load open mensuration 1.80 m in distance.

The upcountry of vehicles in the Tipo phratry features legion compartments with a diversity of shapes and capacities totalling no less than 12 litres, to fill all necessarily. Easy approachable by driver and passengers, these compartments are consummate for storing personal objects, smartphones, gage consoles, bottles, coins and often more. Moreover, thither is a media gist for connecting devices before of the gearstick.

Uttermost comfortableness is likewise assured by the fantabulous ergonomic drive behind, which combined with the new splashboard layout ensures bang-up profile. Particularly, the drive place is one of the strengths of the Rescript Tipo.

The angulate post of the wheel gives the driver a flavor of prophylactic and ascendence, as does the everlasting transcription of the controls (mood ascendance scheme, radiocommunication and board) which can be reached easy without the driver having to issue their eyes off the route or facelift their shoulders from the back. Passengers too savor peak ease, as demonstrated by the behind row of seating, which is fitly wrought and dumbly cushioned to well lodge tercet adults.

Client necessarily informed the growth of the new Edict Tipo 4-Door, 5-Door and Waggon. From a figure standpoint, the outcome is green to all the versions: a coalition of elan and functionality combined with kinetics shapes. The outside stands out for its combining of zing and huskiness, with a critical aspect and balanced proportions that offer a instinctive current betwixt spaces. The battlefront is enhanced by the horizontal-mesh grill embellished with chromium-plate inserts, which are aligned dynamically to manakin an pilot graphical theme that complements the Edict allegory. The LED day run lights promote underscore the car’s firm persona. The yearn, molded cowl is usual to the Tipo 4-Door, but the back silhouette of the 5-Door is concordat and sportsmanlike, whereas the Wagon has a balanced back that conveys capaciousness. The sides of both cars are henpecked by a tauten occupation functional from the movement lights to the graven taillights. The coloring stove comprises octonary colors: Gelato Gabardine, Master Greyness, Colosseo Gray, Bone Moxie, Magnetised Tan, Amore Red, Mediterraneo Amytal and Celluloid Nigrify.

The outside show is influenced by the rider compartment, which has a full-bodied face and a stiff personality that are underlined by its horizontal layout. The contours are sleek and all lines are intentional to hook the aid exterior, so as to maximize the occupants’ impression of ease and capaciousness. Preciously chromium-plate elements enclose the integral breadth of the splasher and trace the tuner, gearbox and clime controls, loaning a innovative signature to the upcountry.

Engines and transmissions: six Euro 6 engines (diesel, petrol and bifuel) and three types of transmission

The Order Tipo 5-Door and Waggon models fling an updated reach of engines (all Euro 6 for the European commercialize) in deuce-ace dissimilar sizes with ternary fire options. They are the turbodiesel 1.3 MultiJet II 95 HP and 1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP, besides useable in the ECO interpretation; and the Ardor 1.4 16v 95 HP, 1.4 T-Jet 120 HP and 1.6 E-torQ 110 HP gas engines. Complemental the line-up is the 1.4 T-Jet 120 HP threefold gasolene and LPG locomotive.

Thither are likewise leash types of transmittance: manual with five-spot speeds for the 1.3 MultiJet II and six for the otc engines, reflex with torsion convertor for the 1.6 E-torQ gasolene locomotive and robotic dual-clutch for the 1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP.

1.4 16v 95 HP

Firm and authentic, the 1.4 16v Ardor is the entry-level gasoline locomotive of the Tipo class. This locomotive delivers 95 HP at 6000 rpm and reaches uttermost torsion of 127 Nm at 4500 rpm. The locomotive, combined with a six-speed manual gearbox, is a straight-four with viewgraph mate camshaft and organise valve ascendance.

Implementing an optimised fluid-dynamic ingestion organisation, it is characterised by peculiarly gamy volumetrical efficiency crosswise the intact operational reach, which translates into glorious execution.

1.4 T-Jet 120 HP

The great 1.4 T-Jet 120 HP mightiness whole is pronounced by dependableness, constrict sizing and an fantabulous tradeoff ‘tween enlivened drive and working costs. A concrete reflection of the retrenchment conception, the 1.4-litre locomotive includes proved technical solutions such as the turbocharger, which ensures sturdy, dynamical execution with dear fire saving.

In point, the 1.4-litre turbo gasoline locomotive develops 120 HP (88 kW) of maximal exponent achieved at 5000 rpm and has a uttermost torsion of 215 Nm at 2500 rpm. This ensures highschool drive tractability, rock-bottom use of the six-speed manual gearbox and a gravid answer. This is assisted by the low inactiveness of the turbocharger, which makes it potential to prevail uttermost functioning with every tap of the catalyst, without the galling lag distinctive of this typewrite of locomotive.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5 Door

The like locomotive is usable in the twofold fire variation (LPG/gasoline). Use of the modish engineering has allowed Edict to follow with the tight Euro 6 banner, addition the usable scope and check operation real like to the gasoline adaptation at a frown track toll, due to the use of a cheaper fire than gasolene and diesel.

Dissimilar an aftermarket rebirth, the 120 HP 1.4 LPG Turbo locomotive has been intentional for desegregation with the LPG scheme by exploitation particular materials and components and applying consecrate engineering. Particularly, the valve seating and the aspiration and tucker valves sustain been redesigned to cut habiliment and accomplish the like enduringness and operation as the gasolene variation. Apparently, in rescript to accomplish the ultimate lineament and dependableness, the LPG organization is factory-fitted so that apiece car is certifiable, time-tested and guaranteed by Order.

1.6 E-torQ 110 HP

For those looking a fomite that offers utmost comforter, the topper selection is the rendering with 1.6 E-torQ gasoline locomotive delivering 110 HP and 152Nm of torsion, paired to a six-speed reflex transmittal with torsion convertor.
This index whole stands out for its lightness construction, undischarged to the borrowing of undivided components and graphite-coated pistons that are optimised to thin detrition and slant. Moreover, the bad brand connecting rods and aluminum oil cesspit encourage add to reduction angle.

1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP

All models go the 1.6-litre turbo diesel, fitted with third-generation MultiJet engineering to warrant an pleasurable driving, big self-direction and low operative costs.

The 1.6 MultiJet II develops 120 HP at 3750 rpm and can be combined with the manual six-speed gearbox or the six-speed treble hold automatonlike transmittal, which ensures uninterrupted torsion and grip rescue. Additionally, by victimisation a varying geometry turbocharger, the locomotive delivers gamy torsion at low revs (320 Nm at 1750 rpm) all to the welfare of flexibleness. These noteworthy results are achieved spell respecting the environment-the locomotive is Euro 6 compliant-and with the furthest care to efficiency in price of fire and emissions: on the combined examination cycles/second, the Tipo 1.6 MultiJet II 120 HP registered 3.7 litres/100 km of fire phthisis and 98 g/km of CO2 emissions.

Another creation introduced by the new Decree Tipo 5-Door and Wagon is the ECO adaptation, which is based on the 1.6 MultiJet II locomotive. Benefiting from gamey operation, fire efficiency and fewer emissions, it is nonesuch for hanker trips and lowers the add price of possession, which is a key thoughtfulness for the business-to-business grocery particularly. Its mystic lies in the effectual combining of advanced motive sportsman solutions and particular onboard features. In contingent, the 1.6 MultiJet II locomotive incorporates a Scratch&Blockage organisation, levelheaded alternator, varying supplanting oil ticker, electronically controlled fire heart and galvanizing thermoregulator. The ECO reading incorporates an sleek coterie that includes Combat-ready Grill Shutter (AGS), which adjusts the airflow to the cooling by orifice and shutting the presence lattice, thereby too guardianship the locomotive at the right operational temperature. Moreover, the limitation of airflow reduces flowing draw, which has a overconfident consequence on fire expenditure.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5 Door

Too included in the mob are low farting underground 16″ metal wheels with low wheeling underground tyres.

Thanks to these features, the Tipo 1.6 MultiJet II ECO cuts CO2 emissions to 89 g/km in the combined essay bicycle.

1.3 MultiJet 95 HP

The 1.3 MultiJet II 95 HP locomotive ensures beneficial functioning and super low functional costs, thanks to the banner comprehension of the Jump&Stoppage organisation on the 5-Door and Wagon versions. The congratulate and joy of FCA centrifugal technology, the locomotive ensures bang-up liberty without sacrificing comforter and drive delectation. It is weaponed with a manual five-speed gearbox and develops 95 HP delivered at 3750 rpm, patch the varying geometry turbocharger ensures mellow torsion from low revs and a maximal torsion of 200 Nm from 1500 rpm.

The unavowed bottom both engines is the third-generation Commons Runway MultiJet II shot organisation, the hi-tech answer for controlling eminent injectant pressures, any the locomotive swiftness and injected fire measure. In praxis, the locomotive introduces diminished amounts of fire (original injections) to optimize haphazardness and emissions and, with the primary shot, manages the injected measure of fire necessity to supply the operation requisite by the driver, ensuring specially shine locomotive functioning altogether situations.

Technology: ingenious solutions that improve life on board

In unfeigned Order elan, the new additions to the Tipo category are jammed with batch of cagey solutions that pee living bettor for everyone aboard. Ilk the unmistakably generous banner equipment and the début of the advanced UconnectTM 7″ HD Subsist scheme with 7″ high-resolution coloration touchscreen exhibit and a capacitive concealment that the exploiter can tweak and hook hardly care a pill.

The latest-generation scheme includes a hands-free Bluetooth port, sound cyclosis, schoolbook lector and vocalization realisation, AUX and USB ports with iPod integrating, controls on the wheel and, on ask, arse parking camera and the new TomTom 3D constitutional pilotage organization.

The client volition forever be attached with the UconnectTM Endure services useable on the touchscreen wireless.

Users who download the justify UconnectTM Endure app from the App Storage or Google Swordplay Storehouse onto their smartphone can amply feat the benefits of UconnectTM Exist, including euphony cyclosis with Deezer and TuneIn, newsworthiness from Reuters, attached piloting with TomTom Be and the power to stoppage in hint with friends via Facebook Check-in and Chitter. Likewise savings, users can proctor their car’s environmental execution and sustenance position wheresoever they are with eco:Driving and my:Car.

CarPlay and Humanoid AutoTM volition besides be uncommitted on UconnectTM 7″ HD Exist.

Apple CarPlay allows the driver to use their iPhone in the car in the nigh nonrational way potential: it dead integrates the iPhone with the car’s showing and aborigine controls. Now users bequeath be capable to pee-pee calls, swordplay their medicine, post and incur messages, get directions optimised for dealings weather and practically more, patch staying focussed on the route.

Humanoid Machine volition dedicate the driver utile info organized in simpleton sheets that just look when requirement. This part gives approach to Google Maps with voice-guided pilotage arrangement, dealings info in material clip, lane counselling; Google Gambol Medicine and many otc medicine services; the power to micturate and welcome calls and mail messages spell retention your manpower on the bicycle and your eyes on the route.

Humanoid Machine and Google Gambling Euphony are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Safety: six airbags and stability control standard throughout the range

The Tipo class targets the pump of the commercialize by offer the nigh modernistic participating and peaceful guard devices. Stock features admit six airbags and a tire insistence monitoring organization (TPMS).

Besides touchstone is electronic constancy restraint (ESC), an effectual but non-invasive impulsive aid. This advanced arrangement helps to uphold guidance mastery nether uttermost weather, such as on wet, snowy or icy roadstead, or when tackling besotted corners or devising sudden exigency manoeuvres. The ESC scheme checks legion parameters such as bike gyration fastness, sidelong quickening and guidance tilt. If the driver exceeds the functioning limits for the route weather, causation the fomite to oversteer or understeer, the arrangement intervenes by braking one or more wheels so as to assert stableness. The ESC organisation includes a figure of devices including Terror Bracken Aid (PBA), which intervenes in cause of exigency braking by increasing the braking force-out; ABS; grip restraint (TCS), which detects cycle eluding below speedup and intervenes by reduction locomotive torsion; and Mound First Attend, which maintains bracken coerce for some two seconds aft the driver releases the wheel.

Likewise uncommitted are Sail Mastery and Adaptative Sail Mastery, which uses a rad mounted at the forepart of the fomite to observe obstacles in the car’s way. The organization reverts to the set swiftness if the route forward is unclutter. Whenever a car is detected, the arrangement maintains the guard aloofness preselected by the driver, mechanically adapting the upper to the car forrader.

An crucial driver aid organization is Full-of-the-moon Bracken Ascendence, which mechanically brakes the car to deflect accidents if the driver takes no fulfill: it is an dynamic scheme because it intervenes forthwith, preferably than only admonitory the driver of an impending luck. Among its advantages are a meaning decrease in the rigorousness of impacts and a ensuant reducing in fix costs.

The arrangement uses radiolocation and frankincense operates altogether endure and kindling weather, at a fomite speeding of 6 km/h or more.

Eventually, comforter and refuge are assured by equipment such as backside parking sensors and a behind camera, which returns crystal-clear reversing images on the UconnectTM blind, not forgetting the rainfall and crepuscle sensors and electrochromatic rearview mirror.

EMEA range: four trim levels that follow a simple, straightforward logic rich in added features

The new Edict Tipo 5-Door and Order Tipo Waggon keep the ambit’s mere and square logic, which likewise appeals to informed, practical and solution-oriented customers who are looking a car that meets their personal, sept and ferment inevitably. The Tipo class meets these inevitably with personal manner, economic use and an exceedingly prosperous terms/functioning proportion.

The Pop cut storey features, as received, six airbags, ESC, Mound Bearer and TPMS tire insistence monitoring. Too the generous raiment of prophylactic devices, solace and practicality are assured by manual air conditioning, galvanising movement windows, electrically adjustable threshold mirrors with defrosting routine and the 60/40 rip bottom buns. Besides stock is the UconnectTM 3.5″ documentary arrangement with radiocommunication, MP3 actor and AUX and USB inputs. The Waggon additionally benefits from touchstone backside galvanising windows, longitudinal ceiling bars and a flip-and-fold, rent backside ass.

2017 Fiat Tipo 5 Door

Gentle models too comprise 16″ sword rims, LED daylight run lights, chromium-plate doorway handles, body-coloured mirror fairings and a leather wheel. The UconnectTM documentary organisation has a 5″ showing and incorporate Bluetooth port, part mastery and wheel controls.

The Loaf reduce stratum adds 16″ admixture rack rims, chromium-plate details and a leather wheel and geartrain chemise boss for an level more elegant hint. Quilt and prophylactic features admit behind parking sensors, movement fog lights, reflexive mood ascendance, sail ascendance, movement armrest and driver’s behind with lumbar registration. The hi-tech equipment is enhanced by the UconnectTM 7″ HD Subsist arrangement

In damage of fashion, the Pop and Light passementerie levels are hard-nosed and working without scrimping on flare and attending to item. The seating are upholstered in blacken textile with two perpendicular greyness chevron that run centrally from the nous restraints and dissolve on the ass shock, for a advanced and active impression. The seams are besides grayness and add a strikingly polished signature.

The seating of the Rescript Tipo 5-Door and Wagon in the Linger trimness grade were intentional for consolation, with hard-nosed solutions and timbre materials such as microfibre inserts, uncommitted in inkiness or grayish. Blacken leather seating are uncommitted on bespeak with horizontal “cannelloni” rolls and gray-headed image sewing. The bum seating therein pillowcase are covered with easy-clean, child-proof techno-leather.

Specifically intentional for fleets, the new Order Tipo 5-Door and Waggon are usable in the Byplay cut stratum, which provides important former engineering, solace and condom features as touchstone: UconnectTM NAV 7″ HD Exist, weaponed with incorporated Tom Tom 3D sailing organization, parking sensors with ass camera, lumbar accommodation for the driver’s bum, fog lamps and an undivided driver aid camp that includes Adaptative Sail Mastery, Total Bracken Controller and Swiftness Clipper.

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