2017 Fiat 124 Spider

Fiat 124 Spider

The new Order 124 Wanderer revives the historied nameplate, delivery its hellenic styling and typically Italian functioning to a new multiplication. Salaried court to the master 124 Wanderer that was launched 50 days ago, the new 124 Wanderer delivers an veritable Italian runabout receive jam-packed with drive turmoil, engineering and refuge, combined with an inimitable Italian figure.

The designers at the Rescript Manner Center birth created a car that encompasses in a new view the classical looker of its herald without betraying its real heart. The front-end is sheer without organism fast-growing and the two pocket-sized domes on the cowl pay an denotation of the locomotive’s powerfulness. The face boasts the proportions of a lawful sports car, suggesting its longitudinal locomotive and rear-wheel ride mechanical architecture and its retracted rider compartment.

An exciting drive thanks to skilled design work

In the EMEA part, the Order 124 Wanderer is weaponed with the honest 1.4-litre turbo four-cylinder locomotive with MultiAir engineering, which delivers 140 HP exponent and 240 Nm of torsion, and is usable with a six-speed manual transmittance. The execution is spectacular, including a top upper of 215 km/h with quickening from 0-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds.

The 124 Wanderer’s dangling uses a double-wishbone layout before and a multilink in the arse, specifically tuned for greater stableness spell braking and turn. Steerage is spark and antiphonal with the use of an wattage attend organization.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The direction and abeyance apparatus, whippersnapper build, balanced weightiness dispersion and turbocharged locomotive compound for a dynamical drive have. Racket palpitation and rigorousness (NVH) enhancements, including an acoustical strawman windshield and insularity treatments, likewise assist to birth a tasteful, tranquillity tantalise.

For an alfresco drive feel, the Edict 124 Wanderer’s balmy translatable top is sluttish to maneuver and requires minimum power.

Packed with high-technology safety devices

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The new two-seater features dynamic and inactive guard systems, including adaptative headlights, back tv camera, and the stableness ascendance organisation, addition a eubstance that gives high-pitched rigidness and low burthen thanks to the across-the-board use of high-tensile materials.

What’s more, the Rescript 124 Wanderer offers a orbit of high-technology devices that advance meliorate the solace and on-board wellbeing, such as the 7″ touchscreen expose with digital tuner, Multimedia Ascendence, Bluetooth connectivity, het seating and Keyless Debut scheme.

To get uncomparable sound lineament eve with the top fine-tune, thither is the Bose bounty Howdy arrangement with 9 speakers, quartet of which are integrated into the headrests.

Design pays homage to the past, reinterpreting stylish finishes with a modern twist

Intentional in the Turin Fashion Kernel, the new Rescript 124 Wanderer retains respective trims and features of the master 1966 car – unanimously considered to be one of the coolest look Fiats ever – and revisits them in a modern-day key. The Rescript 124 Wanderer has a lissom, dateless silhouette, an attractive, hellenic and utterly proportioned incline impanel, a low heart of sobriety, a retracted rider compartment and a farsighted cowl ilk a genuine sports car. References to the historical framework are besides made in the amphetamine grillwork and in the convention of the hexangular battlefront grillwork, in the hellenic “humps” on the strawman cowl and the sheer horizontal back lights. The interiors are intentional and made to guarantee maximal comfortableness for all occupants, start with the use of top-grade, easygoing materials. The ergonomic conception of the car was fastidiously intentional to raise the impulsive get, likewise done the everlasting layout of pedals, wheel and transmitting. The Edict 124 Wanderer is uncommitted in two trimness levels – 124 Wanderer and Lusso – apiece one uncommitted with octonary dissimilar personify colors: two pastel sunglasses (Passione Red and Gelato Gabardine), pentad metal sunglasses (Vesuvio Inkiness, Argento Greyish, Moda Gray-haired, Magnetico Bronzy and Italia Dark) and the three-coat Ghiaccio Tweed.


Intentional at the Centro Stile of Turin, the new Order 124 Wanderer is a forward-looking reinterpretation of a unfeigned fable, in add-on to one of the nigh democratic Fiats ever: the pilot Wanderer from the Sixties. The iconic dash of the 124 Wanderer, in fact, evokes roughly of the finishes of its precursor, adapting them to the mod tasting of the 21st C. This is the level bottom a manakin that has linked the Edict grasp of present-day cars that are joined close to the custom of the stigma.


With its lissom, dateless silhouette, the Decree 124 Wanderer features an attractive, graeco-roman and absolutely proportioned incline gore, a low heart of sombreness, a retracted rider compartment and a hanker cowl care a lawful sports car. A horizontal contrast rises from the strawman, stretches backbone and joins with the bum demarcation dear the taillight bunch: this is an manifest denotation to the definitive 124 Wanderer.

In the like way, the amphetamine hexangular lattice was divine by the undivided manikin of the strawman air intakes on the diachronic example and recalls the honeycomb construction of the gaudy grill on the fabled 124 Wanderer.

The master headlights collectively the movement hexangular grillwork give to reasserting the car’s bluff personality. The glower wicket is wizard and barely affected by the lid-shaped headlamp surrounds. The breast centering indicators and fog spark covers add a active contact and unitedly pee-pee the figurehead of the car unfeignedly evident.

The “humps” on the hood emphasize the berth of the locomotive and the superpower delivered: it is a acknowledgment to the second-generation 124 Wanderer, a fomite which featured this eccentric of construction. The scoop LED headlights and arse lights add expressiveness to the car, both during the day and at dark.

The buns of the Decree 124 Wanderer is characterised by two elements: the swallow-tail segment arse wings and the horizontal ass lights which see especial features of the car’s forerunner. The anatomy of the behind bumpers, with the speed coat projecting into the backside doorway, conveys a feature V-shape to the backbone of the car.

One important item lies in the ass lights, which configuration a annulate aglow rise thanks to the body-coloured inserts. Thither are octet liveries to opt from: two pastel sunglasses, Passione Red and Gelato Gabardine; 5 metal sunglasses, Vesuvio Blackness, Argento Greyness, Moda Gray-haired, Magnetico Bronzy and Italia Dingy; and the three-coat Ghiaccio Albumen.

Farther details which lodge both expert and styling requirements admit the constitutional bottom despoiler, which improves the flowing loading, and the two-baser release pipework, which emphasises the locomotive’s execution capacitance. Death but by no substance least, the back turn plateful is fitted in the midsection of the bottom lights, in virginal master 124 Wanderer manner.


All the internal has been arrange with top-grade materials: leather for the seating, wheel and pitch joystick thrill. Soft-touch materials for the amphetamine fascia and chrome-plated finishes shuffling this new Rescript a blossom instance of Italian manufacture excellency. The interiors of the 124 Wanderer are intentional and reinforced to see maximal on-board ease. Furthermore, the ergonomic conception of the car was fastidiously intentional and fine-tuned to check the perfective layout of pedals, wheel and infection.

The single conception of the splasher, with a sheeny inkiness or fluent inset contingent the clipping grade, farther enhances the soft-touch materials. The wheel was ergonomically intentional to better fomite maneuverability, and is enwrapped with high-quality leather. Likewise the twinkle network construction seating and sole anatomy of the clipping and fizz parts were intentional to warrantee the highest storey of solace. The doorway panels are made with high-quality, soft-touch materials and the chromed address has a satin goal.

The panel before of the driver’s arse has tercet indicators, including the centrally positioned rev parry, intentional for gaudy drive.

Engine, transmission and suspension

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

In the EMEA area, the Edict 124 Wanderer is furnished with the true 1.4-litre turbo four-cylinder locomotive with MultiAir engineering, which delivers 140 HP powerfulness (103 kW) and 240 Nm of torsion. The locomotive has maintained its distinguishing features: quadruplet cylinders in-line with an al mind, a 72 mm eagre and an 84 mm solidus, for a sum shift of 1,368 cm3. The Edict 124 Wanderer reaches a top upper of 215 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds. The salient vigour of the car is besides achieved thanks to the rear-wheel driving, an highly well-adjusted weighting dispersion and a low kernel of somberness.

Lightweight manual transmission for rapid and accurate gear shifts

The transmittance in the 124 Wanderer comprises a 6-speed manual transmittance with a covenant and jackanapes construction. The couplings are calculate and mobile, and prise maneuverability is optimum. The choice of this case of transmitting makes it potential to use a covenant ass derivative whole that increases efficiency piece reduction fire expenditure. The clutch was optimised to let the driver to ascendence the getaway form just and pee-pee prompt cogwheel changes to maximize drive joy.

Suspension and steering devised for excellent driving dynamics

In the forepart, the new 124 Wanderer uses an graceful tetragon abeyance, whereas the bottom adopts a multilink architecture for amount fomite ascendance in a curl. Thanks to the treble pennon wattage direction, the steerage of the 124 Wanderer is twinkle and responsive, and filters route focus. The mesh applied instantly on the excruciate ensures super exact mastery feedback, level when sidelong accelerations are especially heights. The situation of the direction tower, collectively the transmittance proportion of the direction, guarantees a analogue reply that adapts to any impulsive stylus.

Technology & Infotainment

The new Edict 124 Wanderer affords an all-encompassing compass of hi-tech instruments, which heighten the clean nature of the car and earmark customers to remain affiliated and safety at all multiplication.

The 124 Wanderer has a three-gauge panel featuring a expectant rev tabulator in the eye, a speedometer on the redress and a information expose on the leftover allowing the driver to admonisher all key drive data at a glimpse.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The new Rescript 124 Wanderer features easy-to-use documentary systems. The 3.0″ car tuner, which is supplied as criterion on both clipping levels, includes an AM/FM tuner, an MP3 histrion, a USB larboard, an AUX socket and 6 speakers. The docudrama scheme, which is optional for both reduce levels, includes a 7″ touchscreen exhibit, AM/FM tuner, HD Tuner, MP3 histrion, two USB ports, aide socket, six speakers, multimedia ascendance and Bluetooth connectivity. The Lusso passementerie degree too includes a ass camera and 3D seafaring arrangement.

Likewise included on the 7″ organisation, part realisation allows drivers to engage their cellphone, medicine and sailing organisation hands-free, to arrest focussed on impulsive. Voice-text response likewise allows drivers with a compatible cell to response to a schoolbook substance exploitation predefined responses.

Former useable options admit piloting. For higher-up phone timbre fifty-fifty with the top consume, a Bose agio fathom organisation with club speakers, including treble headrest speakers per behind and a subwoofer, is uncommitted.

For added amusement, the arrangement besides provides drivers with admittance to App Aha and Stitcher Cyberspace tuner apps via Bluetooth connectivity.

Aha by Harman and Stitcher Radio

Aha makes it sluttish to admission forthwith more 30,000 stations of sound message, including leadership Cyberspace euphony services, Net wireless, newsworthiness, amusement, audiobooks, Facebook and Chitter newsfeeds, brave and more. Stitcher Wireless is an covering that provides approach to thousands of tuner shows and podcasts streamed now to devices without downloading or syncing. Recommended capacity is mechanically selected by registering contented added to Favourites.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

Connected services

“Attached services” is a subscription software which makes every trip-up simpler and more comfy. Specifically, it can be victimised to anticipate servicing stations and form them by situation or by toll; it can get dealings warnings, brave data and places of sake.


The new Decree 124 Wanderer offers an broad reach of devices, both stock and optional, for dynamic and inactive rubber. LED taillight clusters, foursome airbags and ABS are forever supplied as measure, in add-on to advanced constancy restraint systems. So, ESC increases the driver’s fomite ascendancy, allowing him or her to sustain a static guidance altogether drive weather. It is utile in vital situations, e.g. on corners and motley surfaces in the comportment of snowfall, ice and baffle. The ESC applies selective braking and acts on the gun to issue the car rear on demarcation if a remainder betwixt the driver’s fulfil and flight is detected. Finish but not least, EBD adjusts breast and bum bracken personnel dispersion so as to optimize braking distances and ascendance altogether payload weather of the car.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider

The three-point bum belts, with pretensioners, fit Constant-Force Retractors (CFR) to ascendence the stage of personnel applied by the bash onto the resident then gradually dismission it in a controlled way. What’s more, the dynamic payload limiters optimize bureau security contingent the weighting in the pillowcase of brownie.

The eubstance is made with high-tensile materials, with consecrated geomorphologic elements intentional specifically to garble and engross push in the consequence of encroachment, thereby up auspices for the occupants. The steerage columns is intentional for vigour preoccupancy, and the bracken treadle is non-intrusive: all these solutions helper slim the extent of injuries in the upshot of an fortuity.

Otc features micturate the impulsive live at the bicycle of the new Order 124 Wanderer really easy. These admit, e.g., the behind parking aid organization, ParkSense, which detects any objects at a tie-up during turnabout parking at low velocity, and the backside camera, which provides a fisheye scene of the ar instantly butt the fomite. Thither are besides systems uncommitted, such as Keyless Launching intentional to outdoors the car and jump the locomotive piece safekeeping your car keys in your sac, also as ignitor and rainwater sensors.

Finally, you can too fiat a voice-controlled documentary organization that allows the driver to use a Bluetooth-compatible sound patch retention their men securely on the wheel and without fetching their eyes off the route. The commencement metre the Bluetooth and ring are opposite, the earphone directory is downloaded mechanically and synchronized. Later, contacts can plainly be selected by locution the like figure aloud. The organization likewise allows the driver to prize one of the tuner modes useable, and to air in to AM/FM stations and digital tuner.

124 Spider

The 124 Wanderer shave stratum includes a doubling tucker pipage, roll-bar with nigrify coating, in add-on to body-coloured mainstay and doorway handles. The car comes measure with 16″ debase bike rims, too as melanise material bottom upholstery, halogen headlights, LED taillight clusters and sail controller. Inwardly, the soft-touch materials victimised on the splasher are embellished by a silver-finish reduce.


The Lusso clipping grade adds the pursuit extras to the 124 Wanderer interpretation: 17″ debase pedal rims, silver-coloured battlefront tower and roll-bar, chrome-plated image eject tube and fog lights as banner. The single home includes nigrify or baccy bleached leather behind upholstery, upholstered glower fascia and fascia lip with seeable sewing and automatonlike clime ascendancy.

Both reduce levels admit 4 airbags, MP3 wireless with USB interface and 4 speakers, leather wheel, sail mastery, startle release and Keyless Go procedure.

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