2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

The new Abarth 124 wanderer aims at wholesale a new propagation of enthusiasts off their feet with its functioning and technological DNA. The framework combines the unquestionable two-seater live jammed with thrills, engineering, prophylactic with a hint of patent Italian figure.

Performance DNA

The new Abarth 124 wanderer guarantees all the thrills and fun that solitary a material wanderer can fling. Highly-developed with the Abarth Racing squad, the car dead embodies the star values of the stigma: functioning, craftsman wiliness, technological excellency. This is a car intentional to put the grin rachis on the faces of those golden sufficiency to driving it.

For salient dynamical functioning, Abarth 124 wanderer fits a mechanical self-locking derivative as stock equipment. The burden is saturated ‘tween the axles and the locomotive is installed bum the strawman axle to undertake optimum nimbleness and victor impulsive flavor. Advanced mechanism and the use of peculiar materials bear been secondhand to stop the burthen to upright 1060 kilograms, which results in a weight-to-power proportion of 6.2 kg/HP, the better in its family. Moreover, the optimum burthen dispersion guarantees first-class feedback and lightness.

The abatement of the 124 wanderer features heights duplicate wishbone abatement on the figurehead and a five-arm multi-link on the bottom. The set-up is graduated specifically to increment constancy on corners and for concretion braking. Guidance feedback is optimised by adopting a particular sports standardisation of the ability steerage scheme.

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

Below the cowling is a sinewy, ultra-reliable 1.4 l four-cylinder turbocharged locomotive with MultiAir engineering. It delivers 170 HP (that is roughly 124 HP per liter) and 250 Nm of torsion: it has a top velocity of 232 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. Furthermore, the locomotive vocalise is a central constituent of all Abarth cars, and touchstone equipment includes the Immortalize Monza beat with three-fold manner scheme subject of modifying the way of the tucker gas according to locomotive rpm and generating a square, abstruse voice.

The wanderer is useable with a six-speed manual or an reflex Esseesse Sports Successive gearbox.

Supercar engine and mechanics

Intentional for thrills and functioning, 124 wanderer has all the qualities needful to gratify eve the about difficult-to-please drivers. For olympian zing, Abarth 124 wanderer fits a received mechanical self-locking derivative which secures ride and grip in the about decisive situations and unrivalled active operation.

Perfect weight distribution and light-weight design

Abarth 124 Wanderer creates a new benchmark in the jazzy buggy section and this is confirmed in numbers.

The angle is hard ‘tween the axles and the locomotive is installed bottom the battlefront axle to assure optimum nimbleness and master impulsive spirit. Advanced mechanism and the use of exceptional materials bear been victimised to moderate the slant to barely 1060 kilograms, which results in a weight-to-power proportion of 6.2 kg/HP, the trump in its class. Moreover, the optimum slant dispersion guarantees splendid feedback and lightness.

Capitalising on the lessons learnt from the Abarth racing compass, the fixation for elation horde the stigma to slenderize every individual unneeded g from the car. E.g., the modelling is fitted with an fighting cowl scheme to follow with the serious earthbound hit condom standards and has made it potential to debar changes that would birth increased the boilersuit slant of the car and discredited its reconciliation. With sensors on the crossmembers and two pocket-size pyrotechnical dozens positioned in the locomotive compartment, the arrangement detects a hit against a prosy and deploys in a few milliseconds to make a prophylactic distance ‘tween cowling and locomotive and thusly attenuated the consequences of the brownie.

Supercar mechanics and suspension layout

The hanging of the 124 wanderer features heights look-alike wishbone reprieve on the forepart and a five-arm multi-link on the backside. The set-up is graduated specifically to growth constancy on corners and for densification braking. Steerage feedback is optimised by adopting a particular sports standardization of the ability steerage organization.

The Abarth active set-up substance that rear-wheel grip can be amply victimized to accomplish the trump drive delight. Moreover, the Abarth by Bilstein impact absorbers, the specifically graduated springs and the oversize anti-roll bars check optimum treatment and impulsive truth.

The Brembo braking arrangement, with four-piston frozen aluminum callipers on the movement wheels, guarantees minimal braking space and splendid overheating impedance evening astern lengthened and fast-growing use, for invariably pleasant and secure bike belief.

A powerful engine and sporty gearboxes for a peerless driving experience

Abarth 124 wanderer fits a sinewy, honest four-cylinder 1.4 liter MultiAir turbo locomotive. It delivers 170 HP (that is approximately 124 HP per liter) and 250 Nm of torsion: it has a top swiftness of 232 km/h and goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. Furthermore, the locomotive fathom is a key component of all Abarth cars, and measure equipment includes the Platter Monza tucker with threefold way arrangement subject of modifying the track of the tucker gas according to locomotive rpm and generating a hearty, rich audio.

The wanderer is useable with a six-speed manual or an robotic Esseesse Sports Consecutive gearbox. The low is characterised by agile and exact shifty with a short-stroke orchestrate jimmy.

The Esseesse Sports Serial gearbox, on the early script, is the resolution of thrifty tuning to work all the locomotive torsion and conveys real racing sensations. Unfirm is identical quick exploitation either the affix the burrow or the wheel paddles.

Unadulterated driving feeling

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

Abarth 124 wanderer fits state-of-the-art alive rubber electronic devices and features. To warranty the distinctive belief of a racer on the cartroad notwithstanding, the electronic devices can be switched off by the driver on the new 124 wanderer to love the double-dyed mechanical reconciliation and elongate reception of the locomotive, which are the literal trademarks of an reliable rear-wheel cause sports car.

The electronic controls are incorporated in the Thrust Manner Picker, which makes it potential to blue-ribbon the two dissimilar functioning settings by substance of a jimmy on the primal burrow: “Rule” and “Mutation”. The beginning is intentional for workaday drive, the secondment is optimised for gaudy impulsive. The arrangement can interpose on multiple parameters: maximal delivered torsion, throttle reply, superpower guidance functioning grade, stableness and grip restraint doorway (if they are not switched off for wash rail impulsive), eject strait by managing the locomotive patch shifty. Moreover, it changes the shifty points and unfirm velocity on cars with robotlike transmittal.

Design true to the Abarth DNA

The designing of 124 wanderer reflects its owing mechanical layout (this existence a key features for achieving perfective proportions on a sports car): the stretched cowling reasserts the grandness of the locomotive and the mellow superpower of the car, the short-circuit overhangs heighten lightsomeness and the rider compartment roughly the bum axle substance that the driver can sincerely spirit the route.

The rider compartment/cowling proportion is corresponding thereto of a racer. A horizontal pipeline rises stretches backbone and joins with the bottom business nigh the taillight bunch: this is an patent consultation to the classical 124 wanderer.

Conception was highly-developed with a center operation: the heavy air consumption on the movement bumper and the ass flowing separator were fine-tuned in the hint burrow, conjointly the ass pillager and the windshield for optimising air flows.

The destination of the 17″ metal roll rims, the windshield besiege and the scroll bars are “Forgiato Gray-headed”, a gloss picked to underscore the bluff, expert tilt of the car.

Two elements contrastive with the lightlessness grill are inserted in the bumper: a “Corsa Red” strawman pillager and tow hooking cap qualify the show of the front and intimation to the front of the authoritative cartroad day red tow draw. Red is besides picked abreast the rear-view mirror caps. These ternary elements are Titanio Greyish for the red and dingy paintwork combos.

The pilot lines of the front conjointly the figurehead hexangular wicket give to reasserting the car’s bluff personality. The cowling humps indicate the longitudinal office of the locomotive: this is a orchestrate acknowledgment to the archetype 124 wanderer. The sole LED headlights and back lights add expressiveness to the car, both during the day and at nighttime. An crucial particular are the taillight bundle inserts in coordinated soundbox gloss which mannequin a lucent circinate aerofoil.

The behind of 124 wanderer is characterised by two elements: the swallow-tail subdivision backside wings and the horizontal bottom lights which learn special features of the car’s herald. The anatomy of the arse bumpers with the amphetamine aerofoil projected into boot lid conveys a feature V-shape to the binding of the car.

The car is usable in fivesome colors: two pastel colors, “Turini 1975 Flannel” and “Rib Brava 1972 Red”, and tercet metallised colors, “Isola d’Elba 1974 Dark”, “Portogallo 1974 Greyness” and “San Marino 1972 Inkiness”. The colors are a court to the esteemed rallying wins of Abarth besides in their names. The criterion gloss is San Marino 1972 Melanize. Briefly, Abarth 124 wanderer is the alone car in its family to accompany metallised blusher as stock.

As mentioned, the cowling and bottom lid are lustrelessness inkiness. This coating is an manifest citation to the hellenic Abarth 124 Rag on which this root was adoptive to keep the driver from existence dazzled by the sun. Instead, customers can take for their Abarth 124 wanderer to birth the lids in co-ordinated consistence semblance for no additional toll.

Interior design

The Abarth DNA is confirmed likewise on the inwardly with an boilersuit focalise aimed at guaranteeing complete biotechnology. Leather seating are support and real well-heeled concurrently to dungeon the driver in the saint situation as low and retracted as potential to be able-bodied to comprehend all slope movements of the car. Moreover, the controls are utterly in cable with the flashy set-up of the car: the billet of the al wheel gameboard, the perpendicular wheel and the brusque pitch joystick assure a full fascinating impulsive get. The fascia features a great tach with red backdrop ordered in fundamental situation veneer the driver and a keyless jump arrangement.

Quilt is guaranteed by banner het seating and the first-class soundproofing afforded by the randomness dull windshield, bum windowpane and double-layer top. The latter is intentional to be open and shut with one deal from the driver’s buns in a few seconds. Erstwhile folded bum the seating it does not engage distance in boot.

Active and passive safety

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth

The new Abarth 124 wanderer is decked out with a emcee of state-of-the-art alive and inactive prophylactic devices. In accession to ABS, stock equipment includes EBD, for adjusting strawman and ass axle bracken strength dispersion so as to optimize braking distances and warrantee controller altogether payload weather of the car. Course, too criterion is ESC, for optimum ascendancy altogether drive weather, particularly in decisive situations, in comportment of snowfall, ice or miserable route surfaces.

The ESC applies selective braking and acts on the throttle to payoff the car rachis on occupation if a divergence betwixt the driver’s execute on the wheel and flight is detected. All these devices can be altogether deactivated for impulsive on the raceway racetrack allowing the driver to feat the spectacular reconciliation and active features of Abarth 124 wanderer to the max and bask an arrant and organise drive opinion.

The three-point arse belts fit Constant-Force Retractors (CFR) to ascendence the level of personnel applied by the whang then gradually firing it in controlled style. On postulate, the Visibleness Summation clique includes full-LED self-levelling adaptative headlights with robotlike predilection to undertake the outflank drive puff likewise in pitiful profile weather. These are combined with pelting detector, gloaming detector and parking sensors.

Equipment: sportiness and comfort

The new Abarth 124 wanderer has a three-gauge panel featuring a heavy tach in the halfway, a speedometer on the rectify and a presentation on the leftover allowing the driver to supervise all key drive data at a peek.

Touchstone equipment includes manual clime controller organisation, stereophony with quadruplet speakers, mp3 thespian, USB and AUX ports, sail ascendence, adjustable and electrically folded backstage mirrors.

Former equipment usable on exact are the Vocalise Summation coterie with an structured Documentary scheme that can be operated exploitation an ergonomic, user-friendly boss on the cardinal burrow. It includes 7-inch colouration touchscreen, DAB digital radio, two USB ports, an AUX interface and Bluetooth connective features. It is combined with a Bose vocalise organisation with ix speakers, 4 of which are reinforced into the header restraints. The camp admit machinelike clime ascendancy.

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