2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

The new Abarth 124 rebound is a combining of saturated engineering and operation natural from the feel of the Abarth Racing Squad to return the Scorpion to the almost magnificent and demanding razz tracks, from the glutinous sunburned macadam to the more slippy ice surfaces.

2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

40 age afterwards its death prescribed run, the 1976 Monte Carlo Rebound, the Abarth 124 Bait is rear with the like deputation: to tryout route cars’ technological solutions below uttermost weather and to warranty all Abarth customers splendid functioning and maximal reliableness.

It is consecrate to all those who percentage the make’s sentiency of gainsay and racing humanity values.

Nether the cowl, it fits the 1800 cm3 “bialbero” turbocharged calculate injectant locomotive. Thanks to the unlike selectable mappings, it provides mightiness capable 300 HP at 6500 rpm and optimal torsion kink, a key component to permit the driver direction and quickening equaliser piece oversteering. Operation is breath-taking; quickening is scorching and pronounced with wide, gripping vocalise. The labor was highly-developed to see dependableness and execution, evening in the extremum weather distinctive of rallies: ice, grease, dot, weewee, estrus.

Flush the transmittance was intentional to raise functioning: the locomotive is conjugated to a agile 6-speed serial gearbox with sack paddles and grip is assured by the mechanical modified gaffe derivative.

2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

Racing, for Abarth, is not but epinephrine, but besides examination cause to experimentation with solutions that assure operation and agitation. To heighten the 124 cod’s fight, the Abarth Racing Squad’s engineers sustain worked with exact objectives: firstly, weighting decrease and boilersuit correspondence. For this intellect, the locomotive is mounted bottom the breast axle; for the cockpit and the locomotive compartment, twinkle, insubordinate materials were put-upon, spell the flabby top was replaced by a set complex grueling top. With these features, weightiness dispersion leans slimly towards the ass axle, ensuring utmost grip level in low clutches weather. The inwardness of sombreness was boost lowered as compared to the route car to the vantage of route bag and straight execution.

2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

The new Abarth 124 wanderer was natural lightness and quick, and the rebound variation was foster svelte to champion in competitions. Homologation in the FIA R-GT family has requisite geomorphological reinforcements to warrantee evening greater emphasis opposition and the highest condom standards for the gang, and the soundbox now has a prophylactic peal coop. The unhurt pattern has been engineered for utmost efficiency and bioengineering, to insure driver and co-driver not alone master execution, but too attending to every second point, such as the agreement of midland controls and usable place in the cockpit.

2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

Rag cars undergo utmost focus; this is why the brilliant mechanical layout of the stock product car has been foster highly-developed: the mellow front-end two-baser wishbone hiatus and multi-link arse respite bear particular kinematic features with alloy joints for utmost direction preciseness, copious mastery on corners, greater sashay for manipulation dissimilar route surfaces and adjustable dampers settings assure forever master hold in every office.

Lastly the externalise encipher, SE139, has much of account that goes backrest instantly to Karl Abarth. The SE stands for “Sports” and “Esperimental”, a orchestrate connection to the Abarth values of workmanship and Expert Ascent. Piece the 139 imperfect routine exemplifies that in 67 geezerhood of story, Abarth has managed to get an norm of two racing projects p.a.. A big achievement that but a few early car manufactures can be pleased.

2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

A great team to bring back Abarth on the rally stage

Squad Abarth has worked identical arduous to blue-ribbon trump in course proficient partners and sponsors.

Among these, Petronas Selenia that has forever been at the head in underdeveloped technologically innovative and gamy functioning lubricants and it has contributed in the locomotive developing. Patch Adler Pelzer Radical was greatly knotty in fashioning crafting complex components for the car and Michelin is the technological mate for tires exploitation.

The Abarth 124 exchange projection is too a gravid case for a routine of Italian companies which get been byzantine in racing for many age. As is the pillowcase for Sabelt, one of the near long-familiar stain in motorsport, which contributes with its bucket-seats, seatbelts and otc safe equipment, and too for Kappa, the starring activewear blade haggard by the intact “Abarth Squadra Corse”. For what concerns the mechanism of the car, LM Gianetti, a accompany natural roughly 40 geezerhood ago and witnessed the growth of the offset Abarth 124 Exchange, has nearly worked with Abarth’s Proficient Squad to reengineer entirely the bodywork and the suspensions strategy. Whilst, EXT SHOX has contributed with its particular know-how in the evolution of 4-way adjustable dampers victimized first in a Bait car.

2017 Fiat 124 Rally Abarth

BMC has supported the squad in development the air-intake organisation of the car, which it is all-important to let incessant and dependable locomotive functioning. The jackanapes, but concurrently full-bodied racing wheels, suffer been highly-developed and crafted by OZ, the caption in motorsport.

Lastly, as for the road-going example, Alcantara® has altogether revamped the midland of the car start from the fascia to the seating passementerie, with 100% “Made in Italy” engineering contributory to rescue weighting and concentrate sun reflections towards the midland of the car, allowing no interferences for the driver enhancing the driver grasp on the wheel.

The squad has worked with big mania to vamp a bait image as the Abarth 124 razz, a behind rack cause transmittance is synonym of gravid fun for the drivers, but besides for the world. Sure, multitude leave queue to see surpass the new 124 Abarth cod and see it powerslide, which suffer go rattling rarefied nowadays.

The new 124 rag highly-developed with the outflank of engineering useable now, contributes to return odorous memories from the yesteryear of rally in the 70’s were competitions were more piquant and assemblage monolithic crowds.

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