2017 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is Maranello’s up-to-the-minute version of the four-seater conception, which combines over-the-top operation altogether drive weather with sporting elegance and sybaritic quilt for both driver and passengers similar.

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso’s distinguish references respective celebrated predecessors, not least the 330 GTC or its 2+2 baby exemplar, the 330 GT, likewise as the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, which marital utmost execution with fashionable conception and advanced materials and craft.

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso sports the up-to-the-minute development of the naturally-aspirated Ferrari GT V12 that melds unbelievable ability with efficiency and provides a soundtrack which is electrifying in functioning impulsive, yet discerning and proportionate in convention touring weather.

2017 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso

As is the lawsuit with all Ferraris, the GTC4 Lusso introduces a batch of technical innovations, notably the new Ferrari-patented 4RM-S which guarantees exceeding treatment level on low-grip surfaces and brilliant constancy and reactivity altogether weather.

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso’s sleek ontogenesis introduced new solutions, too, including a slotted diffusor and a backside looter incorporate with the incubate, all focussed on reduction draw and up streamlined efficiency.

As a answer, the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso exudes elegance and exclusivity, its unprecedented forms underscoring its almost active traits in an casual wedding of sportiness and touch Thousand Holidaymaker traits.

The advanced and graceful cabin is intentional altogether some its occupants. Its Two-fold Cockpit conception, in fact, was crafted to raise the divided impulsive know for all passengers. Utmost attending was gainful to up in-car quilt, not least in the manakin of a new construct for the clime command and a new piloting and media organisation.

2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso


Vivid search and evolution has boosted the 6,262 cc V12’s uttermost ability turnout to 690 cv, devising the GTC4 Lusso the nigh knock-down car in its section. Both its 2.6 kg/cv weight-to-power-ratio and its 13.5:1 compressing proportion set new records for the class, too. Underlining the warm links betwixt Ferrari’s GT locomotive sectionalization the racing mankind, the V12 revs to a red business at a class-leading 8,250 rpm.

Utmost torsion is 697 Nm at 5,750 rpm with 80% already usable at hardly 1,750 rpm for brilliant reactivity eve at low revs. This makes the GTC4 Lusso implausibly various: it is as evenly at dwelling in sports car way as it is in more GT-type contexts, such as metropolis centres or on farseeing journeys.

In fact the execution figures are those of a rightful pureblood sports car, with a uttermost hurrying of 335 km/h and quickening from 0-100 km/h in fair 3.4 seconds apartment.

The new V12’s telling functioning figures are ensured by a serial of leading-edge technological solutions, including newly-designed plunger heads, the modish phylogeny of Ferrari’s anti-knock ascendence package, multispark injectant and boilersuit weighting decrease. As a termination the GTC4 Lusso besides benefits from an betterment in particular emissions, producing barely 0.51g CO2/km/cv compared to the FF’s 0.55g.

The borrowing of 6-in-1 release manifolds with be distance pipes and a new electronic by-pass valve, combined with the punctilious care to perfecting locomotive harmonics at all locomotive speeds and altogether kinds of gas situations, birth produced a unequalled, broad soundtrack that is piquant for occupants and driver like. Providing a appropriately dissipated billet during press-on drive, it recedes to a elusive yet strong whir in the metropolis or on the superhighway.


From the real earlier stages of its excogitation, the aeromechanics search carried out on the GTC4 Lusso went hand-in-glove with the ontogenesis of its styling by Ferrari Conception and focussed on the lively expanse of pull decrease. Thanks to in-depth CFD moulding and legion fart burrow sessions, an melioration of concluded 6% was made on the already-excellent pull coefficient design achieved with the FF.

The locomotive’s extra mightiness and the want to amend chilling of the radiating people at the presence of the car, whilst lull reduction the puff caused by the air intakes, demanded a individual, but bigger lattice. The air intakes are now centred towards the core business of the car to pee more effective use of the gamy boilersuit press values distinctive of this country. The position sections of the bumpers birth hence been sour into one unity still coat which improves the direction of the flowing ahead of the wheels.

On the flanks thither is now a three-louvre air release that recalls that of the 330 GTC. Ducts ass the louvres leading to both the locomotive compartment and the figurehead wheelarch olibanum reduction interior imperativeness which not but cuts hale but too boosts downforce.

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso too has an innovational backside diffusor with a swag cast and upright fences that transfer the airflow towards the kernel, reduction the breadth of the backwash and, again, clipping haul also as accelerating origin.

The combined execute of the pillager and diffusor moves the gist of the diverse pressures playing on the car towards the behind axle, increasing the clasp of the steered back wheels and therefore the car’s boilersuit drivability.


The FF offset introduced the 4RM arrangement merged with the E-Diff, F1-Trac, SCM and ESC to vouch brilliant grip and restraint altogether conditions weather. The GTC4 Lusso marks another major advancement, by introducing new restraint and desegregation logics with the evolved 4RM scheme which includes the rear-wheel steerage.

The improved 4RM EVO organization has been merged with the rear-wheel steerage resulting in the new Ferrari-patented 4RM-S (4wd, four-wheeled steerage) organization, which was highly-developed about the quaternary coevals of the Incline Miscue Controller (SSC4) and now likewise encompasses the E-Diff electronic derivative and SCM-E dangling damping.

The 4RM EVO organisation is more exact than always. Direction of presence torsion particularly has been improved crossways the plank, but specifically in price of SS4-based Torsion Vectoring which delivers and distributes torsion to the battlefront axle quicker. The solvent is an betterment in the specialization and preciseness of the torsion deliverance ‘tween the two wheels during cornering. At the spirit of the arrangement is the advanced use of the PTU, a Ferrari apparent that delivers 4wd but lull, unambiguously, maintains 53% of the car’s slant at the ass whilst advisement 50% less than schematic 4WD systems. Thanks to the PTU, in fact, 90% of the uncommitted torsion can be delivered to the external bicycle without penalising the boilersuit grip guaranteed by the forepart axle.

The rear-wheel steerage organisation features an incorporated active reply ascendance framework intentional to shuffle the car more agile leaving into corners, thereby constraining the corrections the driver necessarily to micturate drive done and out of aeroembolism. It introduces the conception of poke vectoring controller first which, via the gyration of the ass wheels, transfers surplusage longitudinal strength to step-up the sidelong personnel generated by the tyres. This way the car reaches its confine more gradually and that thither is too an advance in the sidelong quickening that can be achieved which, successively, delivers higher functioning.

The Magnaride SCM-E muffler ascendance is likewise an merged share of the 4RM-S to see the GTC4 Lusso delivers not upright brilliant clutches and grip but likewise quilt on route surfaces of all types.

The SSC4 Incline Slip-up Ascendance Organization controls all the car’s components and fomite kinetics controls. Done the info it receives from the onboard sensors and bag estimate, the SSC4 can interfere on all of the controls governed by the on-board systems thusly conform the car’s doings to courtship differing active demeanour and bag weather.

The 4RM-S organization agency that drivers can full tap the GTC4 Lusso’s over-the-top execution altogether kinds of weather. On snow-white, wet or former low-grip surfaces, it delivers marvelous stableness and a ace of consummate controller and protection that translates into master operation. On high-grip roadstead, on the over-the-counter mitt, the car is exceptionally agile besides as more unchanging and accurate with the termination that it is quicker into corners.


Penned by Ferrari Excogitation, the GTC4 Lusso is a foster elaboration of the shot bracken putsché, reinterpreting the construct with an highly flowing, tapering cast that gives it an nigh fastback-like silhouette.

Its sporting someone is underscored by the forms and styling of the behind where the curvature of the cap has been lowered whilst retaining sufficiency mass to warrantee exceeding quad and puff for all foursome occupants, also as an copious trunk.

Ferrari’s touch similitude bum lights embellish the stern. These not just underline the car’s hefty shoulders and diversify it horizontally, but sour visually with the arse pipes to impart a feel of noble might to the arse.

Dynamically chiselled kris lines produce a diapason stem on the car’s flanks, breakage up the visual deal, accentuating the sinewy wheelarch and impartation a graven strenuosity.

The movement of the car is henpecked by a expectant i grillwork that not but provides all the essential chilling but besides lends the car a signified of noble mightiness.


2017 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso

Punctilious care to designing and cautiously executed particularisation has produced a cabin that is a unflawed crow of jazzy sumptuousness.

Another outset for the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso is the new Treble Cockpit architecture intentional to raise the divided drive feel for both driver and rider. It features both a Driver Cockpit and a Rider Cockpit spaced by a key splitter on which are agglomerative all of the comfort-oriented controls green to both.

The Human-Machine Port has besides been encourage evolved for the GTC4 Lusso: the intact Driver Cockpit has been redesigned, in fact, start with the wheel which is now more press thanks to new littler airbag. Therefore, the cat’s-paw clusters bottom the bicycle are now more seeable. The controls are too new and unlike in form, routine and emplacement, with the aim of advance up bioengineering and simplicity of use. The like applies to all the petty driver commands which bear been revised and agglomerative into more commodious operative areas.

Brobdingnagian aid was too lavished on the movement rider are. The Rider Cockpit was specifically intentional to insure all commands were inside loose reaching. It is too more well-fixed thanks to softer armrests patch bigger, easy-access store compartments are a virtual plus. A consecrated LCD Touchscreen lends it a real innovative élan.

2017 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso

Divagation from playing as a splitter ‘tween driver and rider, the primal burrow likewise doubles as a nosepiece betwixt battlefront and bum passengers creating the like ambiance as a sybaritic, restful lebensraum, a fact underscored by the big, well-fixed wraparound seating.

Obscure from its forward-looking architecture, the cabin’s nigh salient boast is the beautiful workmanship of its materials which bear been fastidiously selected and combined to enrich the ambience aboard.

On-board comfort

In-car acoustical solace is importantly bettor than in the FF, thanks to improved detachment from outside interference. Gratuitous to say, nevertheless, this does not in the least hit the touch vocalise of the Ferrari V12 in the cabin. The improved voice insulant offers greater isolation and besides allows occupants revel the car’s sound organization to the fullest, which successively makes thirster journeys more well-fixed and reposeful. This was attained by a 20% advance in inflexibility of the car’s frame bond points, upgrading of the mood mastery arrangement, which is now 25% quieter, and improved filtering and damping of intrusive frequencies done the use of with-it materials with targeted acoustical properties.

Another necessary subscriber to the GTC4 Lusso’s in-car quilt is the meaning melioration in the efficiency of the mood mastery scheme. A new airing conception was highly-developed to better the dissemination and uniformness of the air done the cabin.

To better its sensitiveness, the act of sensors that relay environmental data to the mood controller arrangement were nigh double and a new RLFSoSe (Pelting Ignitor AntiFogging Solar Detector) added. The clime ascendance arrangement’s utmost execution levels were another expanse of focalise and it now delivers the craved temperature 25% quicker.


To emphasise the GTC4 Lusso’s 1000 Touring artistry, Ferrari has too apt it a new ultra-intuitive documentary organisation that makes all of its features and capacity immediately approachable.

2017 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso

The arrangement includes:

  • A 10.25″ wax HD capacitive touchscreen for multi-touch use.
  • New altogether redesigned and simplified HMI – all functions can now be accessed both via the covert or forcible controls – 2 rollers and 4 buttons.
  • A new 1.5 Ghz Jacinto 6 CPU with 2GB of RAM: the mainframe is ogdoad multiplication more sinewy than the premature organization.
  • Schism Scene: unlike types of contentedness can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Sat-nav with 3D maps.
  • In-cabin temperature can be set and presence backside settings controlled
  • Connectivity via Apple CarPlay.
  • Passenger Display

    The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso features the modish phylogenesis of the rider showing. The 8.8″ coloration wide HD and Good Touchscreen not lonesome displays the car’s operation statistics and position as its forerunner did, but can likewise be victimized to interact with its onboard organisation. E.g., the rider expose can be secondhand to choose medicine to turn evening when sat-nav info is existence displayed on the chief fundamental sieve.

    It is likewise potential to quality a new Detail of Involvement (POI), such as a eatery, and post it immediately to the sat-nav flush when the latter has already been set. The new POI volition so mechanically be added to the itinerary. The exhibit basically turns the rider into a co-driver.

    2017 Ferrari Gtc4 Lusso

    Low-E roof

    Low-E crank incorporates a engineering that boosts in-car comfortableness whilst reduction hotness commutation betwixt outside and midland. When extraneous temperatures are highschool, the specially-treated methamphetamine reflects solar rays outside from the car, guardianship the upcountry nerveless. Notwithstanding, when extraneous temperatures are glower, it reflects the heating within the car in to cut warmth expiration to the external, thereby retention the cabin heater. This new bird’s-eye ceiling agency less use leave be made of the air conditioning organization and occupants too savour an “alfresco” belief when drive.

    7 Years Maintenance

    Ferrari’s unequaled character standards and increasing center guest serving corroborate the protracted seven-year sustainment curriculum offered with the GTC4 Lusso. Uncommitted crossways the stallion scope, it covers all veritable sustainment for the kickoff seven-spot age of the car’s aliveness. This scheduled care program for Ferraris is an single serve that allows clients the certainty that their car is beingness unbroken at visor operation and refuge terminated the eld. This identical limited overhaul is too useable to owners of pre-owned Ferraris.

    Steady alimony (at intervals of either 20,000 km or erst a class with no milage restrictions), archetype spares and punctilious checks by faculty trained instantly at the Ferrari Breeding Gist in Maranello victimization the near modernistic symptomatic tools are scarce about of the advantages of the True Upkeep Broadcast.

    The serve is uncommitted on all markets cosmopolitan and from all Dealerships on the Prescribed Franchise Net.

    The Unfeigned Upkeep broadcast promote extends the compass of after-sales services offered by Ferrari to fill clients wish to continue the functioning and excellency that are the signatures of all cars reinforced in Maranello which itself has hanker been synonymous with leading-edge engineering and sportiness.

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