2017 Dacia Logan

Dacia Logan

Dacia has fresh the outside and midland conception of its leash touch models, viz. the Logan MCV, the Sandero and the Sandero Stepway. These enhancements incarnate Dacia’s new, more self-assertive and tied more modernistic light touch.

Exterior styling: even more modern and attractive

Dacia invention is on the movement. The models expose a new light touch forepart and ass for an eventide more dynamical, present-day flavor. The figure of the forepart and behind lights has been revised. The strawman LED day working lights boast a figure of 3 buxom rectangles. The back inflammation touch is based on tercet well-lighted squares.

The new Logan MCV and the new Sandero all percentage a more forward-looking breast bumper innovation, on with chromium-plate particularisation for the air inlet grill. Meantime, the excogitation of the battlefront and back bumpers has been reworked to underline the models’ mesomorphic position.

These excogitation enhancements are shown to specially brawny essence on the new Sandero Stepway. This example has a new frontage indistinguishability which picks abreast the figure cues of the Gaberdine. The grillwork elegantly combines the melanise tones of the bumper with chromium-plate particularisation which brings an eventide more active hint to the fomite’s scent. At the back, a chromed beat tailpipe highlights the car’s rowdy, ready-for-action fiber.

2017 Dacia Logan

Finis but not least, the sword’s orbit of bike trims and admixture wheels has been updated (contingent person markets and models).

2017 Dacia Logan

Status-enhancing interior

The cabins of the new models birth been upgraded, too, including a more graceful and more coeval satin-effect chromium-plate coating for the air vent-hole surrounds, trimness peel and heart comfort dashboard. The new four-spoke wheel has the hooter energy in the kernel and proudly displays the Dacia logotype. The wheel on high-end versions stands out done its sole Flaccid Flavour cultivation that is both lasting and pleasant to the trace.

On the new Sandero Stepway, the national doorway releases are now chromium-plate plated. Models crosswise the stove accompany new upholstery fabrics with textures and patterns that express both a freshman spirit and an feeling of solace. The upholstery of new Sandero Stepway features a 3D wind for a greater adept of deepness, enhanced by top-stitching.

2017 Dacia Logan

Even more extensively equipped but still at an affordable price

The new Logan MCV, new Sandero and new Sandero Stepway lineament new driver aids intentional to micturate impulsive tied easier and more virtual. A reversing camera (contingent rendering) and Mound First Serve simplify manoeuvring and, in reaction to client feedback, Dacia has resettled the breast and ass galvanising windowpane switches to the doorway panels. For the driver, the windowpane substitution has a handy one-touch part, spell consolation is advance enhanced by a retractable armrest corporate into the driver’s buns (contingent adaptation).

2017 Dacia Logan

The cabin is as wide as e’er and fifty-fifty more virtual thanks legion storeroom spaces, including a presence cellphone cubbyhole hollow and a tray unofficially of the comfort to lodge pocket-size items. The new gist comfort conception incorporates a bottleful bearer at the bum. Likewise new is a 12-volt ability socket which allows ass passengers to care nomadic devices.

A new engine, the SCe 75

2017 Dacia Logan

Seven-spot dissimilar powertrains are useable from establish, including the new, Euro 6-compliant SCe 75. This 75-horsepower, three-cylinder, 1.0-litre whole has benefited from Renault’s expertness. The resolution is a CO2 emissions and fire usance preservation of virtually 10 per centime.

Dacia offers a all-embracing ambit of engine-transmission combinations:

2017 Dacia Logan
  • Gas: SCe 75 / TCe 90 with Layover&Beginning (S&S) / TCe 90 S&S LPG / TCe 90 S&S paired to Easy-R machine-controlled manual transmittal.
  • Diesel: dCi 75 S&S / dCi 90 S&S with either a manual gearbox or Easy-R machine-driven manual transmittal.
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