2017 Citroen C Elysee

Citroen C-Elysee

Citroën C-Elysée is a taproom earmarked for the outside mart. The modeling has already been a shoo-in achiever on two fronts, marketing more 400,000 units on major markets such as Chinaware, Bomb and Algeria since its firing in tardy 2012, and taking 3 sequential FIA WTCC Manufacturers’ title titles. The C-Elysée has now had a lift, gaining more esteemed styling, 3D bottom lights, new hubcaps and 16″ debase wheels, and two new consistency colors. Already known for its broad, well-situated upcountry, the updated modeling now comes with Citroën Relate Tuner and Citroën Relate Nav with 7″ touchscreen engineering. The new C-Elysée leave be released in Q1 2017.

2017 Citroen C Elysee


The Citroën C-Elysée is jammed with the Blade’s know-how and expertness. Principally intentional for external markets, its styling and features survive the saint prize for customers quest a esteemed yet low-priced bar. The modelling was released to the Mediterranean mart in previous 2012 and Chinaware in belated 2013. It has bypast on to be the Steel’s best-seller on major markets such as Chinaware, Bomb and Algeria, merchandising more 400,000 units oecumenical to engagement. Approximately 117,000 C-Elysée models were registered in 2015, including about 90,000 in Chinaware only. This twelvemonth, the Mark has started accepting orders for the simulation in former European countries, succession markets antecedently served by outside agents.

2017 Citroen C Elysee

2017 Citroen C-Elysee

The Citroën C-Elysée’s commercial-grade winner in key markets comes on the dorsum of its sensational performances in the FIA Humans Tourer Backup (WTCC). Citroën has interpreted a unobjectionable slam in the death ternary age, with tercet successive Manufacturers’ title titles and deuce-ace Drivers’ backing wins below its whack. The pioneering C-Elysée WTCC has earned a greatest report and paved the way for a impudent sportsmanlike gainsay, as the new Citroën C3 looks to play the FIA Humankind Razz Patronage (WRC).

2017 Citroen C Elysee


The Citroën C-Elysée is a visually sympathetic and exquisitely self-possessed barroom, epitomising the really outdo of the three-box soundbox anatomy. The up-to-the-minute edition has had a total makeover, with a new bumper that reflects the trademark styling plant on early Citroën saloons bound for the outside commercialise. The resolution is a more racy, wider modelling that exudes prestigiousness.

2017 Citroen C Elysee

The new, broader radiator grille and chrome-plated chevrons conflate seamlessly into the redesigned headlights, which are bigger than on the late modelling and accompany two modern-looking chrome-plated floater. The unplowed lines betwixt the radiator grillwork and the headlights produce an deception of additional breadth, built by the horizontal air recess at the ass of the bumper and the redesigned fog lights. The solution is a car that is both more self-collected in show and safer to ride. The spick-and-span LED light discase supra the fog lights adds to the modelling’s optic ingathering and prestigiousness.

When viewed from the arse, the new C-Elysée boasts 3D-effect lights that gong with the Steel’s assay-mark styling, qualification the car seem wider and adding a contact of elegance. The 16″ wheels accompany two new features – a two-tone “3D” hubcap and “San Diego” debase rims with diamond-effect coating – that recall the new front-end styling, interpose renewed vim into the modelling’s expression and reenforce the counterpoint of the consistency contour. The updated C-Elysée is usable in two new, more bodoni eubstance colors – Lazuli Dingy replaces Télès Bluing, patch Al Greyness gives way to Nerve Greyish.

Inner, the voluptuous splashboard features a cosmetic disrobe on the rider position that reflects the elect passementerie. The internal materials are refined, hardwearing and exceedingly wanton to cleanse. The splashboard has been redesigned to lodge the new 7″ touchscreen port, delivery the new C-Elysée capable engagement with the modish up-to-date engineering. The tool flock boasts boldface, visually likeable dials that raise the driver’s know. Opulence models accompany a new white-back board betwixt the two dials, display drive entropy.


2017 Citroen C Elysee

The new Citroën C-Elysée is a well-situated, roomy exemplar jammed with the Blade’s noesis and expertness. With the rattling up-to-the-minute innovations in hiatus, habitus character and engineering, it is the idealistic choice for customers who deprivation a visually sympathetic yet low-cost taphouse. With striking road-holding execution, the C-Elysée makes an exceedingly easy holidaymaker on any aerofoil. Contempt its contract show, the modelling’s 506-litre flush way it competes with larger-class vehicles on infinite. The Citroën C-Elysée is a innovative, broad ginmill that is as racy as it is refined. And alike all Citroën models, it reflects the Steel’s dedication to delivery up-to-date engineering to all. The new C-Elysée comes with a reversing camera and the real up-to-the-minute wireless and sailing technologies, all machine-accessible to a 7″ touchscreen port:

  • Citroën Associate Radiocommunication: The new-generation 7″ touchscreen delivers a quicker, more reactive driver get. The port can be victimised to mastery the pursual functions: ring (relate via Bluetooth, admittance the sound directory and use the three-fold birdsong lineament), multimedia (hear to medicine from a smartphone, use Humanoid Motorcar & Apple CarPlay to accession smartphone apps via the Mirror Sieve), and sound controls (use the wheel buttons to mastery quadruplet speakers and AM/FM tuner). The exemplar too comes with part acknowledgment engineering, allowing drivers to mastery call and media functions without victimisation their manpower.
  • Citroën Colligate Nav: With Citroën’s new 3D, touchscreen, real-time piloting organization, drivers can use the two-finger tweak gesticulate to ascendance soar, spell the enhanced maps furnish an improved pilotage get. The arrangement includes 3D depictions of major European cities and tourer attractions and renders terrain in a naturalistic way, spell the pointer organization helps drivers select the rectify lane on more composite roadstead. As the fomite approaches a unmanageable conjunction, a pop-fly windowpane appears viewing the crossway in particular, on with the relevant signs.
  • In around locales, the arrangement besides offers a serial of new, affiliated services:

  • Dealings Gang: real-time dealings condition updates and alternate road suggestions from TomTom, local endure forecasts, local car parks and gas stations (including prices), and an on-line lookup locomotive for local points of concern.
  • Alive Camp: fortune alerts (speeding cameras displayed on the map).
  • Update Coterie: update the maps and package via USB joint.
  • The new Citroën C-Elysée is usable with a reach of potent and unpretentious engines, with unlike options offered according to part. The PureTech 82 gas locomotive comes with a manual, patch the VTi 115 is uncommitted with a manual gearbox or the latest-generation six-speed EAT6 reflex gearbox. The exemplar is likewise useable with either the HDi 92 or the BlueHDi 100 diesel options.

    The new C-Elysée is manufactured in Vigo, Spain, and leave advance sale in Q1 2017. The Chinese adaptation, reinforced in Wuhan, testament likewise characteristic interchangeable upgrades and is pegged for firing in Q1 2017.

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