2017 Caterham Seven Sprint

Caterham Seven Sprint

Caterham Cars has reinforced a edition of its iconic Septet that was apparently plotted in the mid-1960s but ne’er launched – the Caterham Seven-spot Dash.

As though dug up in a metre capsulise, the retroactive particularisation of the Caterham Septenary Dash testament enchant Sevener purists and provides the hone scene-setter to the mark’s ’60 Eld of the 7′ anniversary, which leave be illustrious in 2017.

Powered by the like 80hp, three-cylinder Suzuki locomotive installed in Caterham’s entry-level Vii 160 exemplar, the Dash features a emcee of nostalgia-soaked features, including a pick of six pigment colors that were pilot British maker colors uncommitted in 1966/67.

Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, aforesaid: “We deliver incessantly prided ourselves on continually underdeveloped the 7 during the 44 days we sustain been steward of the modeling. But we ne’er wished to discount our inheritance either and I recognise thither are deal of Septet purists and aficionados out thither who volition genuinely revalue the stratum of particular we’ve deceased to with the Dash to rise the intent of those other cars. It’s a car that has been reinforced now, with all the benefits that mod technology brings with it, but the center of the swing ’60s and is the double-dyed harbinger to our 60th-anniversary solemnization in 2017.”

The launching of the Dash heralds the starting of Caterham’s ’60 age of the 7′ celebrations, which bequeath climax with a striking Caterham fete at Donington Commons in the summertime of 2017. To muse the anniversary advance, solitary 60 Sprints volition be bound for the UK and European markets. All 60 of the &quid;27,995 limited version reinforced for the UK and Europe were snapped up inside 7 years of the car’s introduction.

2017 Caterham Seven Sprint

The Dash bod is powder-coated greyish, qualification it period-accurate for a Serial 2 Lotus 7, piece the hanging and rollover bar are besides redolent of Colin Chapman’s archetype.

With flared strawman wings, dressed eject muffler and unambiguously retro-styled, someone backside lights, the Dash harks rear to the youth of the 7 and the selection of pigment colors completes the outside gist.

Wheels testament be multi-color pick and ruined with refined hubcaps, piece the briny bodywork, emblazoned with retroactive Caterham stigmatization and Dash logotype, is uncommitted in master British colors, named by Caterham to ponder their inheritance – Clobber, Laid-back White-livered, Regency Red, Camberwick Greenness, British Racing Jet and Brumous Dark.

Inwardly the cockpit, the sepia-toned notion continues, with a wooden-rimmed sports wheel and fascia in woods burden, discharge with a graeco-roman oOOo pawn layout. The tacho eve features red and chicken sectors, in unfeigned ’60s panache.

Interim, the midland panels and Muirhead Scottish bum upholstery is hand-stitched in the menstruation dash and ruined in hitting blood-red red.

The inside and baggage infinite are amply carpeted, as befits a ’60s cognoscente and thither are identical few concessions to innovative animation, the briny one organism the three-pot Suzuki locomotive, which generates operation full adequate to be considered bey unremarkable but utterly subject of a more easygoing covering.

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