2017 Audi Rs Q3 Performance

Audi RS Q3 performance

The new Audi RS Q3 execution joins the RS6 Avant operation and the RS7 Sportback execution as the thirdly extremity of the RS execution folk. As the showy supplemental of AUDI AG, quattro GmbH is responsible these high-performance models.


The outturn of the 2.5 TFSI locomotive has been increased by 20 kW (27 hp) to 270 kW (367 hp), serving the RS Q3 execution to a touchstone top fastness of 270 km/h (167.8 mph). 465 Nm (343.0 lb-ft) of torsion is uncommitted from 1,625 to 5,500 rpm; the RS Q3 functioning sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 4.4 seconds. Combined fire phthisis in the NEDC cps is 8.6 liters per 100 km (27.4 US mpg), like to 203 g CO2 per km (326.7 g/mi). A convalescence scheme and a start-stop arrangement lend to this valuate. The emissions compartmentalisation is Euro 6.

The 2.5 TFSI has a shift of 2,480 cc, the solvent of an 82.5 mm (3.2 in) diagonal and 92.8 millimetre (3.7 in) calibre. With fantastic pull superpower, an highly free-revving part and the feature strait of the five-cylinder’s 1 ‑ 2 ‑ 4 ‑ 5 ‑ 3 firing episode, goosebumps are guaranteed. At higher lashings and rpm, a fuss in the RS exhaust opens to shuffling the feature vocalise evening more winding. This five-cylinder locomotive is a modernistic graeco-roman. Since 2010, an outside empanel of self-propelling journalists has named it “External Locomotive of the Yr” in its family six geezerhood in a row.

Fair 49 centimeters (19.3 in) longsighted, the locomotive is real shortstop. It weighs some 180 kilograms (396.8 lb). Its crankcase is made of vermiculate plumbago hurl cast-iron, an highly hard, yet whippersnapper real. Absolutely set reinforcements heighten the pulley’s loadability. RS Q3 performance-specific refinements to the 2.5 TFSI admit proficient details such as a redesigned chief radiator and an optimized fire heart.

2017 Audi Rs Q3 Performance

2017 Audi RS Q3 performance

A belittled squad of especially trained employees bod the 2.5 TFSI by script at the Audi website in Győr, Hungary.


The five-cylinder turbo’s ability flows to a limited seven-speed S tronic with real shortstop shifting multiplication. The lour gears are intimately separated for clean reaction patch the one-seventh cogwheel is farseeing to economize fire. The driver can let the dual-clutch transmittal do all the sour in modes D and S, or can switching gears manually exploitation the switching paddles on the banner RS multifunction wheel. In the active mood of the Audi effort prime dynamical manipulation scheme, apiece shifting process is attended by double-declutching. A establish mastery routine provides full-throttle quickening from a standing scratch.

The elemental part of the quattro perm all-wheel campaign scheme is a hydraulicly actuated and electronically controlled multi-plate clutches mounted ahead of the ass axle. The electronic accountant combines stableness, grip and impulsive use. Might is distributed prn ‘tween the strawman and bum axles contingent the impulsive position. Networking with the Electronic Stabilisation Command (ESC) agency that superpower is flush distributed selectively to apiece pedal. As is distinctive for RS models, the ESC can be deactivated and has a retuned athletics mood.


2017 Audi Rs Q3 Performance

The tight RS sportsman dangling on the new Audi RS Q3 operation translates the kinetics of the sinewy locomotive peculiarly advantageously and lowers the trunk by 20 millimeters (0.8 in) compared with the Audi Q3. Audi offers the RS variation abatement positive with muffler ascendence as an alternative. The feature of the adaptative dampers can be set to one of leash dissimilar modes (solace, motorcar and active) victimization the banner active treatment organisation Audi cause quality.

In Germany, the Audi RS Q3 functioning comes measure with 20-inch wheels in a phoebe twin-spoke V pattern in matte titanium-look. Extra 20-inch wheels in unlike designs and coat finishes are uncommitted as options.

The breast bracken discs amount 365 millimeters (14.4 in) in diam and sport a weight-saving beckon pattern. In the RS Q3 operation, the eight-piston calipers with the RS logotype seed criterion with a burnish red key ending. These are likewise usable in inkiness at no spare tutelage.

Exterior design

RS-typical invention details, such as the sportily intentional bumpers with big air inlets up forepart, the semblance blacken honeycomb grilles, the ass bumper with graven diffusor cut-in and the RS exhaust with its great oviform tailpipe emphasize the showy quality of the Audi RS Q3 functioning.

The outside of the RS Q3 operation is characterized by undivided appurtenance parts in a matted titanium-look conclusion. The framing of the air recess canal and the quattro logotype inside, e.g., are ruined this way. Otc parts ruined in lusterlessness titanium-look are: the Singleframe, the sidelong flap in the air inlets, the reduce strips at the english windows, the outside mirror housings, the ceiling runway, the amphetamine border of the diffusor and the fins of the cap bound pillager.

2017 Audi Rs Q3 Performance

The comrade mat aluminium and colour melanize styling packages are likewise useable upon bespeak. Audi offers the optional Ascari disconsolate metal rouge finishing solely for the RS Q3 functioning.

Interior and equipment

2017 Audi Rs Q3 Performance

The dynamical occupation of the outside pattern is echoed in the car’s home. The mutant seating with the raised RS Q3 logotype are covered in a combining of nigrify Alcantara and leather. Audi offers the seating in the gloss combining melanize and amytal with the optional RS functioning innovation box. A dynamical perforation rule on the bum plaza jury tapers off diffusely toward the backside and arse, with the blueness that shines done providing for special colour effects.

The RS mutation leather wheel, which is planate at the bum, the centre armrest and the chooser pry spat get dingy contrastive sewing. Inlays in c twill disconsolate, in which a blueness ribbon is woven into the high-quality c real, round this sole combining.

The seating can likewise be arranged in lightlessness or lunar flatware ticket Nappa leather with gem gy contrastive sewing. With the lightlessness variate, a rhomb design in endocarp gy is too uncommitted. C inlays are received, with al backwash or soft melanise usable as an pick.

The pawn clump has grayish faces with tweed numbers and red needles. The gloss expose of the driver data organisation shows advance coerce, oil temperature and a lap timekeeper in a extra RS card. Too the athletics seating, the Audi RS Q3 operation too comes stock in Germany with the parking scheme positive, MMI wireless, Audi strait scheme, luxe robotlike air conditioning and LED headlights.

2017 Audi Rs Q3 Performance

Orders are now organism recognized for the Audi RS Q3 functioning. It bequeath lionize its earth premier at the 2016 Hollands Drive Shew. The foot toll of the high-performance SUV in Germany is 61,000 euros. Deliveries of the RS Q3 operation are scheduled to get in the endorsement poop of 2016.

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