2017 Audi A6L E Tron

Audi A6L e-tron

With the A6L e-tron, Audi is winning an significant footmark toward tied greater fire efficiency in Chinaware. The saloon has been highly-developed specifically for the Chinese mart. Its add-in loanblend cause with 180 kW (245 hp) provides for sinewy operation. The framework consumes on ordinary fair 2.2 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (106.9 US mpg).

2017 Audi A6L E Tron

Aft launch the e-tron era in Chinaware with the imported A3 Sportback e-tron in 2015, Audi is winning the following measure with the local product of the A6L e-tron commencement in 2016. The exemplar is based on the farsighted variation of the Audi A6, which is already reinforced in Chinaware, and is configured as a extremely effective collimate intercrossed, significant that its two drives are ordered one now bum the former. The 2.0 TFSI is a state-of-the-art, four-cylinder, gasolene locomotive producing 155 kW (211 hp) and 350 Nm (258.1 lb-ft) of torsion. The disklike galvanizing motive provides 91 kW and 220 Nm (162.3 lb-ft) of torsion. Conjointly a decoupler, this is structured into the eight-speed tiptronic contagion, which transfers the exponent to the strawman wheels. Organisation outturn is 180 kW (245 hp); uttermost organization torsion is 500 Nm (368.8 lb-ft).

Sporty performance, low consumption

2017 Audi A6L E Tron

The Audi A6L e-tron, which has a restrict weightiness of upright o’er 2,000 kilograms (4,409.2 lb), delivers flashy functioning: The dash from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) takes fair 8.4 seconds, and top velocity is modified to 210 km/h (130.5 mph). According to the measure method ordained in Chinaware for add-in cross vehicles, it consumes upright 2.2 liters of fire per 100 kilometers (106.9 US mpg), comparable to 52 grams CO2 per kilometre (83.7 g/mi). The Audi A6L e-tron 2.0 TFSI covers 50 kilometers (31.1 mi) strictly on wattage and with nil local emissions. It thence meets the Chinese definition of a New Zip Fomite. Amount stove is 880 kilometers (546.8 mi).

2017 Audi A6L e-tron

Its lithium-ion barrage comprises 104 cells and stores 14.1 kWh of vim. Placed below the trunk, the barrage reduces its mass but slimly – capability is 340 liters (11.9 cu ft). The car thence offers sufficient stowing spa for thirster trips. The new two-phase charging engineering allows charging with 7.2 kW of exponent. With the capture substructure (high-voltage industrial release) and high-octane charging telegraph, the batteries can be amply aerated in approximately two hours. On a distinctive house exit in Chinaware, the routine takes jolly yearner than eight-spot hours, and can so well be performed all-night.

2017 Audi A6L E Tron

Electric driving at up to 135 km/h (83.9 mph)

The level-headed intercrossed direction arrangement controls the operational states of the Audi A6L e-tron. The driver can opt ‘tween four-spot drive modes. “EV” (galvanic fomite) mood prioritizes electrical drive at capable 135 km/h (83.9 mph). In “loanblend” mood, the crossbreed direction scheme chooses the effort eccentric for the outdo potential efficiency. In “bombardment clutches” modality, the arrangement stores the usable electricity and charges the shelling in “bombardment tutelage” way. The saloon can glide in crossbreed way – when the driver takes his or her base off of the catalyst, both drives are deactivated. The galvanizing drive assumes about of the braking, charging the bombardment. The hydraulic brakes are victimized sole for gravid braking.

2017 Audi A6L E Tron

Controls and displays

The displays of the Audi A6L e-tron furnish elaborate entropy around the position of the drivetrain and the bombardment care. The powermeter in the pawn clump displays the summate scheme production. The varan for the MMI piloting summation visualizes the zip flows in the crossbreed scheme; stove and uptake figures for electricity and petrol are displayed in the driver entropy scheme.

A figure of ocular cues describe the card loan-blend models from Audi. The 18-inch debase wheels characteristic the finespun e-tron designing, and LED spark guides in the air inlets father a touch of staggered lines. e-tron badges grace the fenders and the proboscis lid; the diffusor conceals the exhaust tailpipes.

All the strengths of the A6 model series

2017 Audi A6L E Tron

Refined innovation, a supremely roomy and polite upcountry, highschool razz solace, comprehensively furnished and innovative docudrama – the Audi A6L e-tron offers all of the strengths of the successful A6 exemplar serial. It volition be produced by an Audi stick speculation with FAW-Volkswagen in the northerly Chinese metropolis of Changchun, and volition be launched on the Chinese marketplace in 2016.

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