2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept

Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept

Artega, the German sports carmaker, has licensed Touring Superleggera with the excogitation of their succeeding all-electric ultimate sports car.

The Artega Scalo Superelletra is the prevue of the serial reading to be delivered from springiness 2019 on; the product is purely express to 50 units. It is powered by iv highschool superpower galvanizing motors offer supercar operation and a new drive know.

Remarkably, Scalo Superelletra has iii full-sized seating, with a cardinal impulsive billet, offer practicality, quad optimization and the ultimate impulsive receive.

Artega determined a demanding briefing. Klaus D. Frers, Artega possessor and CEO, states: “The marque ‘Artega’ comes from the Italian parole ‘arte’ for art – the art of sports car manufacture. Art comes from science, it is rage and aspiration. These are the rudimentary values of the sword. The project was to assert the kernel of Artega whilst reach the adjacent floor of both – Artega and the identical top of the grocery section of swallow cars”.

Touring Superleggera was elect as the styler because of their singular 90+ yr chronicle which has produced roughly of the reality’s superlative designs, and late successful record with models such as the Discotheque Volante Putsché and Spyder, Berlinetta Lusso and Miniskirt Superleggera Imaginativeness, demonstrating their power in combination Italian figure and craft with a multifariousness of unlike themes.

“We are captivated of the chance to innovation a full electric. Thither were a few challenges hither, specially in determination the compensate proportions for the 3-seater layout. The forward-looking galvanizing parcel, nevertheless, gives a higher level of exemption and we time-tested to return total vantage from it.” – states Piero Mancardi, CEO of Touring – “The externalise grew implausibly fasting, with especial levels of reciprocal sympathy with Artega”.

2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept

In creating the new figure, Touring has adhered to Artega’s nonindulgent principles. It was significant that the car was visually beautiful, with arrant proportions. It too requisite to be circumspect, unpretentious and plain with unneeded embellishment.

Evidently a sports car, it besides displays its voluptuary qualities, without organism pretentious. Houseclean, mere, minimalistic lines check the pattern is a dateless hellenic chef-d’oeuvre, desirable for any issue or juncture, but highlight its exclusivity and showcasing a technological hitch de effect. Shortly, it had to be seen as a ferment of art in accord with the gist values of Artega.

Touring’s new invention has well-kept Artega’s optical sword individuality patch recognising the intriguer’s custom of creating lulu done ease and honour of job.

2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept

Insidious designing features, such as placing the threshold in the center of the car’s visibility, supply a balanced cast, which accentuates the car’s elegance. Simultaneously, former motifs, such as the razor butt flank profiles, the close contrast of the doorway, the fish of the B-pillar and the hot fumes outlets for the figurehead brakes, pointedness to the car’s dynamical qualities. Flowing optimization enhances these kinetics.

Practicality is corporate in the invention too, with the doorway cut-outs in the cap to ease an gentle admittance to the deuce-ace seating, apiece of which is an someone entire sizing bucketful located collimate to the centreline. Generous clearance is hinted at with the urbane particularisation disrobe supra the position windowpane.

Artega Scalo Superelletra uses a state-of-the-art c character monocoque with highschool malleable tube-shaped sword sub-frames battlefront and behind, successively strengthened with c fiber crossbars.

In-keeping with Touring custom, the bodywork blends aluminum with CFRP panels (PU is secondhand for bumpers). C fiber is selected for angle for cowling, cowl and doors.

Thither are quatern water-cooled synchronized eminent operation e-machines from the German producer VOLTABOX, those in the bum rated at 400kW with a 500kW eyeshade, and the two battlefront ones rated at 350kW with a bill yield of 400kW. They cater a sum titular turnout of 750kW -1,020HP, with a vizor production of 940kW – 1,278HP. With 1,620Nm torsion and employing torsion vectoring, and on a object curb burthen infra 1,850Kg, astral execution is guaranteed.

Finical care is paying to eco-friendliness in yield. Not lonesome is the manufacture treat CO2-neutral, but the car is amply reusable, and as lots use as potential is made of raw materials.

2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept

The all-new Artega Scalo Superelletra addresses the toll section from EUR 500,000 to EUR 1,000,000. Orders can be located to the producer against deposit of EUR 100,000.

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