2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

Volvo S60 Cross Country

Volvo Cars stepped capable play the demands of its heart customers with the debut of the exciting Volvo S60 Hybridizing Nation at the 2015 Detroit Car Read.

The Volvo S60 Hybridization Commonwealth has an increased tantalise peak of 65 mm and comes with subject All Roll Thrust underpinnings, devising it the lone genuinely open and fashionable all-road saloon crosswalk on the commercialise. The S60 Crossbreeding Area bequeath too be delivered with front-wheel screw Europe and selected markets.


Delivering an byzantine and focussed impulsive know with broken gist, this active pattern brings a sporting, unlawful and adventuresome sharpness to the saloon construct.

The outside features a unparalleled hybridisation nation beloved combing lattice, showy nigrify common menage, sheeny lightlessness mirror caps and a Hybridization Land allegory brocaded in the behind slew scale.

Reflecting Volvo’s dear of nature and Scandinavian inheritance, the Volvo S60 Hybridizing State offers both 18″ and 19″ wheels with high-pitched visibility tyres that add both comfortableness and all-road esthetics, concentrate route dissonance, and add increased bike security when requisite.

The S60 Hybridizing State is useable in phoebe outside colors: Onyx Blacken, Os Gray, Quartz Gabardine, Promising Fluent and Plentiful Coffee.

Refined interior

Scandinavian figure is exemplified by beautiful, mere shapes and surfaces with any unneeded jumble remote. This is manifest in the upcountry and outside. Indoors, the attending to point, the unquestionable materials – such as forest and leather – and the easy-to-use controls impart to the in-command impulsive have. The midland particularisation includes a Pianoforte Nigrify deco choice, circular jewel-like knobs in the essence lot and a frameless inside rear-view mirror.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

Comfortable sport seat

The Volvo S60 Crossbreed Land features a fun bum that shuffle a hone plus to the in-command look of a on-key driver’s car. It has enceinte necking incline documentation clear from the thighs to the shoulders, so the behind keeps the driver firm in post when cornering at swiftness.


The S60 Crossbreeding Commonwealth bequeath plunge with a powertrain program, ranging from a potent T5 All-Wheel Cause gas powertrain delivering 254 hp to the front-wheel campaign 190 hp diesel D4, based on Volvo’s class-leading Drive-E powertrain architecture, oblation a no-compromise portmanteau of efficiency and functioning. Fire phthisis in the Volvo S60 Crossbreeding State D4 with manual gearbox is 4.2 l/100 km (111 g/km).

An All Cycle Campaign D4 based on the proved 2.4-litre, five-cylinder diesel with 190 hp is too usable.


The driver show uses an dynamic TFT (Slenderize Picture Transistor) lechatelierite expose to get the driver individualized entropy. Thither are various alternatives to opt from, including a singular embrown interbreeding nation composition.

Sensus Connect

The Digital Exhibit paper colors are too echoed in the attached documentary organisation Sensus Relate. It features a reinvigorated interface with a bit of modern functions oblation customers a full attached feel.

The cloud-based services reserve the driver to get and invite parking from the car, distinguish new restaurants at the finish, flow front-runner euphony seamlessly and lots more. The driver can besides birth textbook messages learn out loud without pickings custody off the pedal.

The app Machine-accessible Serve Reservation is solitary the opening in qualification the bargainer shop amply structured into the digital eco-system. The car volition not lonesome secern the driver when it’s meter to chat the billfish but too advise an date at the Volvo franchise.

The Bluetooth cellphone servicing allows hands-free telephone conversations also as euphony cyclosis from a favorite Bluetooth enabled portable medicine instrumentalist.

Sensus – always on call

One of the near wide apprehended features related the Sensus pass, Volvo On Song, allows Volvo drivers to pass forthwith with their car via a smartphone diligence to engage, unlock, bridle fire levels, pre-heat, pre-cool, situate and baulk milage on the car.

For 2015 Volvo On Shout volition be updated, adding a entirely new gui, enhanced mail to car capabilities, nosology views and smartwatch reinforcement for Humanoid Habiliment, Apple Sentinel, iPad reinforcement and likewise vocalization command via Cortana for Windows Telephone.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

Premium Sound system

The Sensus kinsfolk too includes a top-of-the-line Agiotage Phone arrangement with a 5x130W amplifier with the next-generation audio sweetening package Dirac Experience and capable 12 loudspeakers, including a long-throw woofer for enhanced basso, easygoing attic tweeters for easygoing highs and great mid-range gist and threshold speakers.

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

With the Bounty Strait scheme by Harman Kardon the driver can delight an immersive vocalize arrange with improved basso execution, spell organism capable to fold the intensity with wide sound uncloudedness.

Heated steering wheel and paddle shifters

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

To consecrate drivers in frigidity clime excess quilt, three-spoke guidance wheels can be specified with electrical heat. Cars with reflex transmitting can get waddle shifters that springiness the driver the chance to shifting gearing manually with both custody on the cycle. Cars furnished with a rainfall detector can now besides get an electrically het windshield for speedy de-icing on cold-blooded overwinter years.


IntelliSafe, Volvo’s across-the-board gens for all alive condom systems, is an crucial contribution of the driver-centric attack in the Volvo S60 Crossbreed State.

Electrical Power Assist Steering

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

The Wattage Serve Guidance (EPAS), usable with the Drive-E engines, uses an electric centrifugal to accompaniment the direction torture, and the driver can prefer betwixt leash levels of mightiness aid.

In Low modality the organisation provides a high-pitched grade of mightiness documentation, devising manoeuvring easier. Metier modality has fairly depress exponent supporting to crack more route answer at higher speeds. Gamey style is the ultimate context for the enthusiastic driver, tributary to the car’s dynamical role.

Hill Descent Control

Mound Bloodline Ascendance, which mechanically keeps the car at a incessant hurrying when impulsive kill a mound, is banner on All Bike Thrust versions.

Permanent high beam with groundbreaking technology

The Participating Gamey Send Ascendence eliminates the want to switching betwixt low and high-pitched shaft. Alternatively, Fighting Heights Irradiation Restraint makes it potential hold the headlights on gamey air unceasingly.

When another car approaches from the paired focus, the organization helps to forestall blinding of the onset driver by blending out lone as lots of the send as essential. This is through by an cunning projector faculty mechanics incorporated into the headlight. The like welfare applies to drivers in retiring cars.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection technology

New sophisticated package, including more speedy imaginativeness processing made it potential to protract Volvo Cars’ catching and motorcar bracken engineering to concealment sealed bicyclist situations also.

The Earthbound and Bicycler Detecting with full-of-the-moon car bracken is equipt with an innovative detector organisation that scans the region onward. If a wheeler head in the like centering as the car short swerves out before of the car as it approaches from buns and hit is impendent, thither is an heartbeat monitory and full-of-the-moon braking superpower is applied.

The engineering likewise detects if a prosaic stairs out into the route ahead of the car. If the driver does not react yet, the car can admonish and mechanically actuate the brakes.

City Safety – active up to 50 km/h

The Volvo S60 Crossbreeding State features a Metropolis Rubber organisation that is dynamic at speeds capable 50 km/h. The car mechanically brakes if the driver fails to oppose yet when the fomite ahead slows kill or chicago – or if the car is approach a stationary fomite too fasting.

Cornering Light for better visibility

Another modern selection for impulsive in the shadow is the low-speed Cornering Spark have. As an denotation of the stream Combat-ready Bend Igniter organization, it lights up the domain the driver is steerage towards for safer manoeuvring.

Lane Keeping Aid

2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country

Lane Holding Aid helps the driver remain in the lane. This lineament applies supererogatory guidance torsion to the steerage tower when the car gets approximately a lane mark and is almost to forget the lane. The arrangement is combat-ready at speeds ‘tween 65 km/h and 200 km/h. As a initiative, Lane Holding Aid applies pacify wheel torsion to assistant the driver lead rear onto the intended trend.

If the car leaves the lane, the engineering generates a classifiable exemplary done a tactual oscillation in the wheel.

Blind Spot Information System – for better visibility

The Volvo S60 Interbreeding Commonwealth offers the radar-based Subterfuge Mutant Data Scheme (BLIS. The engineering can reminder and alarm the driver to speedily approach vehicles capable 70 m buns the car. Course it stillness informs the driver astir vehicles in the unreasoning floater on both sides.

Cross Traffic Alert – covering your back

Hybridizing Dealings Alarm uses the radian sensors at the bum of the car to alerting the driver to hybridisation dealings from the sides when reversing out of a parking distance. This is particularly helpful in stringent and crowded areas where the position horizon power be express due to base, botany or otc parked cars.

Road Sign Information – an extra “eye” on the traffic environment

Route Signal Info supports the driver by displaying route signs in the cat’s-paw presentation. Route Signboard Entropy can be combined with the Hurrying Awake part, which provides the driver with a optic cautionary in the speedometer if the amphetamine limitation is exceeded.

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