2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6

Volkswagen Transporter T6

Volkswagen Commercial-grade Vehicles stain presented the one-sixth genesis of the successful Conveyer example serial that is produced in Hannover. Key updated technological features whirl bettor refuge, improved puff and contrivance and greater impulsive kinetics in compounding with improved fire thriftiness and glower entry-level prices.

It is the new version of a staggeringly successful manakin: for the T serial from Volkswagen Commercial-grade Vehicles has been the first in Germany for decades. Its precursor sold approximately 2 jillion units roughly the earth inside xi eld. Crosswise the full example serial’ 65 eld, the number is some 12 jillion vehicles, which agency 65 age of have with customers and 65 age of contemporaneous ecstasy solutions. Apiece single propagation led the way in damage of engineering, and was exactly confluence the necessarily of the commercialise.


The T serial is a hellenic in innovation. It has thus been modernized carefully, but has suit fifty-fifty cardsharp, more exact and so enhanced silence foster in timber. The lines, beads and edges run unendingly from presence to rachis. The full soundbox now has the show of existence all one man, as if polished from a self-colored occlusion. Ilk its predecessors, the new T contemporaries, too, frankincense stiff directly recognizable. The exceedingly self-coloured initiation on which all T serial models are based: the commercial-grade fomite. Subjected every day to the hardest of tests and highly-developed for professionals. Rich and authentic. Forming the top of the stove, nonetheless, is the Multivan. Families and out-of-door sports enthusiasts particularly evaluate its proverbial flexibleness. In betwixt comes the Caravelle as the connection linkup. Created both for commercial-grade and individual use, this roomy multi-purpose fomite has too been upgraded again and is now first useable as a Highline simulation also. Designers and engineers let besides covered a all-embracing spectrum inwardly and highly-developed high-quality interiors for both versions of the fomite: extremely virtual in the pillowcase of the Conveyer versions – identical tailored and tasteful in the cause of the Multivan, square the requirements of its dissimilar client groups. The system of repositing trays and compartments besides depends on the manakin. Everything hither has its spot. Be it a foldable rule, umber mug, cell or pad. Manakin follows office. In outflank Bauhaus custom.

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6


2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6

In the T serial a entirely new multiplication of TDI engines is organism launched for the EU6 markets. Internally it answers to the diagnose ‘EA288 Nutz’. This locomotive has been highly-developed specifically for the rowdy requirements of a commercial-grade fomite. Seniority and huskiness were so the top antecedency. The TDIs usable are transversally mounted and angled forward by eight-spot degrees. They suffer a three-dimensional capacitance of 1,968 cm3 and have 62 kW / 84 PS, 75 kW / 102 PS, 110 kW / 150 PS and 150 kW / 204 PS. The gasoline alternative is besides a four-cylinder locomotive with a deracination of 2.0 litres. It delivers either 110 kW / 150 PS or 150 kW / 204 PS. Crosswise the unhurt manakin serial, the new engines economise a liter of fire compared to the former genesis. All Euro-5 and Euro-6 engines get a layover/beginning arrangement as criterion. Thence, boilersuit fire phthisis could be decreased by 15% on mean.

Comfort and convenience

The new adaptative flesh mastery, Dynamical Sail Mastery (DCC), for alleged enclosed superstructures workings in an flush more made-to-order manner. It enables the fomite to be altered to 3 drive modes: comfortableness, convention and sportsman. In apiece cause, the electrically adjustable jar absorbers accommodate to the elect manner via a preselected broadcast. DCC thusly makes the already admonitory treatment evening meliorate.

The variance of the seats layout makes the binding a authentic playground in price of reconfiguration. From convention flush to gravid lading blank – everything is potential. Initiative and completion the tailboard is now particularly sluttish. Apart from strictly manual functioning, the outset story up from the introductory interpretation provides an robotic culmination aid. It enables the tailboard to be shut with practically less endeavor and has the latch occupy in the whorl with a importantly less noticeable vocalize. Eventide easier to maneuver is the new, whole electrically operated edition. It opens mechanically via the tailboard cover, and it closes by pull a grummet or by pushbutton. Instead, it can be open by pressure a clit on the driver doorway or on the remote unified inside the fomite key. That makes it easier, particularly, to closing the tailboard, which is almost two metres supra the priming when spread.

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6


By substance of radiolocation, the ‘Presence Aid’ domain monitoring arrangement (optional for the Conveyor, Multivan and Caravelle; banner on the Multivan Job) recognises decisive distances to the fomite ahead and helps to contract the fillet outstrip. In life-threatening situations the arrangement warns the driver visually and audibly, also as with a slender saccade of the bracken. With adaptative sail ascendence (‘ACC’), a detector measures the outdistance to the fomite ahead and the relation upper. In combining with the DSG, the ACC organization can likewise dense the fomite fine-tune, e.g. in queues or snarl-up situations, to a dispatch closure. Contingent the place, ACC so starts up again mechanically afterwards a predefined flow. An built-in element of ‘Battlefront Attend’ and ‘ACC’ is the Metropolis Pinch Braking part, which provides assist at low speeds of nether 30 km/h and thereby offers importantly improved rubber, specially in dim metropolis dealings. If the driver fails to see an obstruction, the arrangement mechanically applies the brakes and ensures that the collision-speed is rock-bottom. In fiat to minimize the endangerment related this scenario, the Robotlike Post-Collision Braking Arrangement is provided as received in the Conveyer. Another pick is ‘Spark Assistance’ that performs robotic, camera-controlled shift on and off of the independent shaft. The ‘Driver Awake Organization’, which is banner in vehicles with a multifunction show, recognises any deviations from pattern impulsive demeanour and recommends the driver takes a jailbreak. During the journeying the optionally usable electronic vocalisation sweetening helps drivers to dungeon their eyes focused on what is occurrence on the route. Without any turn of the mind, the driver’s articulation can be mechanically amplified and played dorsum to the passengers concluded the tuner arrangement’s loudspeakers. For all vehicles with 4MOTION, Mound Line Attend is useable as an pick. By targeted diligence of the brakes to someone wheels, which the driver is not able-bodied to do singularly exploitation the fundament bracken, and by carving the locomotive upper, it ensures a good, controlled mound line. During towing surgery, electronic prevue stabilization too utilises the components of the electronic stableness ascendancy arrangement and hence contributes importantly to refuge patch drive. A have recommended particularly for coldness, white regions is the new het windshield that ensures a crystalize sight.

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6


For condom piece impulsive, all devices are fitted with a Bluetooth hands-free organisation. In the lawsuit of the 6.33-inch screenland, Volkswagen Commercial-grade Vehicles is first victimization a showing that plant by way of propinquity sensors: as presently as the driver or front-seat rider moves their manus about the touchscreen, the organisation mechanically switches from presentation way to comment manner. The displays likewise bear a office that lets users use wiping motions to curl done lists or graze CD covers of their own media library that could be stored on an SD menu, e.g.. Contingent the scope of features, thither is too the ‘Comfortableness’ cell port. It provides an inducive linkup to the fomite’s cellphone feeler, an supplementary USB interface and an ergonomic reposition compartment for the cellphone. O’er late geezerhood, use of the cyberspace on wandering devices such as smartphones and pad PCs has big importantly. This resulted in ontogenesis ask for second info everyplace. Chase this curve, the ‘See Media’ and ‘Key Media Summation’ pilotage systems are furnished with Car-Net’s Guidebook & Inform services.

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6

Generation SIX

Alone at commercialize found, Volkswagen Commercial-grade Vehicles is offer the ‘Multiplication SIX’ exceptional version. It is based on the Multivan Comfortline and is enriched by a turn of undivided features that ascent it importantly. Tinted windows, LED headlights and ass lights, fog lights with cornering spark and the chromium-plate packet are, e.g., all included as touchstone. Likewise only useable as options are a amount of iv two-tone paintwork finishes with colour-coordinated ornamental elements on the bolt venire, asset 18-inch retro-design ‘Record’ metal wheels in two dissimilar color patterns. The exceptional variant is passing comprehensively weaponed with electronic aids. ParkPilot strawman and bum, Face Aid with galvanising fold mirrors, sail ascendence and Adaptative Sail Command (ACC) are included as measure. Too banner is the Make-up Media wireless scheme. In the fomite’s national, Alcantara seating in an mugwump two-tone designing, contrastive sewing for the leather reduce of the multifunction wheel and shifter, summation textile story mats with contrastive edging are a spread for the eye. Interim, het seating and the Climatronic arrangement guarantee well-off temperatures.


Prices are on a par with the late modeling or slenderly depress. For a few models, the prices are eventide substantially downstairs those for the like anterior versions. The damage inclination for the Conveyor in Germany, e.g., starts at €23,035 (asset appraise added tax for the 62-kW TDI/Euro5), patch entrance into the man of the Multivan begins at €29,952 for the Multivan Conceptline with 62-kW TDI (incl. esteem added tax, Euro6). The late Startline entry-level modeling is replaced by the upgraded Trendline trimness grade at a terms of €34,301 (crying).

2016 Volkswagen Transporter T6

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