2016 Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen Touran

Volkswagen Rider Cars and Volkswagen Commercial-grade Vehicles unitedly fling one of the well-nigh various and attractive ranges of MPVs anyplace in the reality. The coach blade from Wolfsburg has the Golf Sportsvan, the Touran and the Sharan, spell Volkswagen Commercial-grade Vehicles in Hanover supplements the stove of MPVs with the Caddie and the Multivan. In price of commercialise aligning, all fin exemplar serial accompaniment apiece early, application an super liberal orbit of applications. The MPV portfolio is besides one of the youngest on the commercialise: The Golf Sportsvan was presented in 2014; the modish generations of the quatern former MPVs made their entry sole lately. The up-to-the-minute rendering of the Touran, which is positioned betwixt the Sharan and the Caddie, is 4,527 mm farseeing, which makes it 130 mm yearner than the premature framework. Nonetheless, disdain having the largest payload capability in its course, it clay a covenant MPV. This is due to an forward-looking invention approaching.

More specifically, the MQB allows for optimal packaging

Hither, the uttermost usage of a minimal fomite step, with all the associated pragmatic advantages for impulsive and manoeuvring, is made potential by the forward-looking Modular Transversal Matrix (MQB). Thanks to the optimal publicity enabled by the MQB, the step-up in the fomite’s boilersuit duration could be applied to an unco expectant extent to the wheelbase, which at 2,791 mm is now 113 mm yearner than that of the former manakin. The yearner wheelbase forthwith increases the useable national distance. The galvanised consistence of the new Touran is 1,814 mm all-inclusive (an addition of 41 mm; not including outside mirrors) and 1,628 mm heights (a step-down of 6 mm; not including ceiling runway). The increased duration and breadth and the decreased tallness spring the fomite well more dynamic-looking proportions – and provided an first-class chance for the designers to drill their creativeness.

2016 Volkswagen Touran

Body design

The designing of the Touran has been totally reworked. The Touran’s new herculean and exact lines discover the reductive limpidity of the old framework. Concurrently, the designing conception was importantly farther graceful, and tied reinvented in around cases, in rescript to commit the fomite a sharpy expression spell retaining a solid fundamental persistence, which is exchangeable to what was through with the Multivan. What emerges is an master with an enhanced and perceptibly ignitor and sportier expression, thanks to the yearn position windows and exact lines. Volkswagen was likewise able-bodied to ameliorate the aeromechanics in the Touran farther, whereby the streamlined puff coefficient has been decreased to 0.296 – an inordinately dear cD evaluate for an MPV.

The more active proportions, the expressive Volkswagen conception nomenclature and the sleek paragon achieved commingle to commit the new Touran a sportsmanlike, hefty and innovative air. With its increased boilersuit distance and thirster wheelbase, the Touran too now appears well sleeker and more grown-up. The designers polished the boilersuit bod of the premature torso, big it a more dominating aureole by adding forward-looking, modeled surfaces which produce spectacular interplays of lightness and tincture and exact horizontal lines. For all its heightened proportions and increased zing, the outbound show of the new Touran corpse close to its intrinsical fibre – that of a hardheaded, high-quality MPV that offers deal of board for ensuring well-fixed foresighted journeys.


The typical details of the Touran’s “look” – the forepart division – add it a new and apparent profundity of year. The figurehead is organized into a issue of elaborated horizontal sections that helper to accent the smell of breadth. The lines all accompaniment apiece over-the-counter logically and harmoniously. E.g., the hybridizing pieces of the grille protract course into the headlights to mannequin a ace, cohesive ingredient. The headlights themselves are lots slimmer than those of the late exemplar, and deliver a more 3-dimensional contour; they too furnish a green radical that unifies the strawman and the face sections. Moreover, the Touran is the kickoff Volkswagen MPV to go LED headlights as an alternative. The Touran is characterised passim by hunky-dory, cautiously executed details. At the forepart, these admit the slenderize lour schnorchel hatchway, which serves to emphasise the Touran’s breadth and low core of soberness.


Herculean cycle arches and horizontal lines manakin the optic accents at the sides of the fomite. The windowpane conception is perceptibly blandish and more fashionable than in the premature example, extending again from the A-pillar clear dorsum to the D-pillar. The new proportions of this chalk rise, the more discrete areas round the A-pillar and D-pillar, and the new sheeny B-pillar and narrower C-pillar all add to the sensation of exclusivity. The Touran can too be processed with hurt chromium-plate clipping roughly the windows first (from Comfortline models; stock with Highline). Beneath the slope windows is a exactly contoured berm contrast start supra the breast roll pixilated and extending to the D-pillar – another sport that emphasises the duration of the Touran. An extra attention-getting highlighting of the silhouette is the fiber demarcation, into which the doorway handles are exactly merged. From the face, this gives the picture that the pipeline and doorway handles are unified in one one slip. The quality demarcation is a graeco-roman stylus have of the Volkswagen mark, one that efficaciously demarcates surfaces. In the Touran, it starts at the slope visibility of the headlamp at the elevation of the A-pillar and continues done to its close at the freshly intentional arse sparkle clustering. Another feature characteristic of the stain, the D-pillar, has besides been granted a more sinewy and dynamical pattern than in the old example. A typical weight in the adumbrate of the incline windowpane and the refined blood of the cap business springiness it a blandish and consequently sportier show than ahead. Death but not least, the Touran has identical magnetic english sills, which produce an belief of constancy and reenforce the silhouette’s dominating air.

16, 17 and 18-inch wheels. The wheels mannikin a typical stylistic constituent of the silhouette. Touran Trendline models are weaponed with a 16-inch combining (blade rims with “Innovation A” 9-spoke pedal trims and 205/60 tyres). Debase wheels (“Trondheim”, five-spot doubling spokes) of the like dimensions are offered as touchstone from the Touran Comfortline. The Touran Highline is equipt with 17-inch metal wheels as measure (“Stockholm”, 10-spoke wheels) and 215/55 tyres. Contingent the rendering elect, 16-inch brand wheels (“Conception B”) and 16-inch debase wheels (“Brighton”) are usable as an alternative (apiece with 205/60 tyres), as are 17-inch “Vallelunga” admixture wheels (215/55 tyres), 17-inch “Salvador” admixture wheels from Volkswagen R with 215/55 tyres and – too highly-developed by Volkswagen R – 18-inch “Marseille” admixture wheels with 225/45 tyres.


The fibre pipeline draws the typical bum segment of the Touran course into the boilersuit conception. Storey with the VW badge, another business flows into the backside spark flock (LED lights as an choice) and forms an sleek tracking adjoin. The turn shell bod is a downward-facing trapezium that complements the chimneysweep of the backside igniter clusters far into the fomite silhouette, adding to the signified of breadth and big a pleasant show to the arse. The specify quarter twinkle clusters commingle harmoniously into the running fabric of the ass. The ignitor touch displays a freshly highly-developed segment-specific pictorial; the reflectors are positioned low and wide-cut, efficaciously shifty the optic kernel of solemnity downward. Rounding off the arse subdivision is the stylized nigrify diffusor.

The new Touran is a miracle of space in the world of compact MPVs

An MPV can lonesome be successful if the home – the journey spa – meets the demands of everyone aboard. Since day one, the mystical of the Touran’s achiever has been its home, which has now been boost neat for the new contemporaries of this best-selling MPV. Not one face of the former modelling was remaining unswayed in the treat, which too included enhancements to tone and bioengineering. The new fold-flat seats arrangement plays a key persona therein, allowing the leash case-by-case seating in the s row and the two mortal seating in the tertiary row, likewise as the rider behind back (Comfortline and supra) to be folded fine-tune in a affair of seconds to make a utterly floor uninterrupted story. Employment of the wide baggage distance of capable 1,857 litres (besotted roof-high capable the presence arse backrests of the 7-seater) is made potential by easy-to-use lugs for fold fine-tune the backrests of the irregular row and 3rd row seating and heavy the unhurt seating apartment into the trunk flooring, where they shape a uninterrupted, story cargo chopine. In early row, all seating stoppage within the fomite and are but folded apartment to make distance prn. With the irregular buns row, it is loose to do this from the incline; the thirdly row can likewise be easy folded fine-tune or up, accession therein lawsuit organism from the trunk.

Noticeably longer interior

One major characteristic of the new Touran is the duration of the midland, which has increased by 63 mm to 1,779 mm. This is where the figure advantages of the Modular Thwartwise Matrix actually cum into gambol: As was mentioned supra, a prominent dimension of the 130 mm growth in eubstance duration o’er the old exemplar was applied to the national via the 113-mm thirster wheelbase, and this is instantly detectable altogether deuce-ace ass rows. The national in item:

Dashboard, instruments, controls

The Touran’s splashboard has been redesigned with a more driver-oriented layout. The speed are of the splashboard board is made of a slush-moulded soft-touch textile and contains a closable memory compartment. The chrome-trimmed air vents (supra the center cabinet) and the replacement for the chance monition lights absorb a key situation. In the country beneath, a cosmetic constituent extends wing-like crossways the good breadth of the splasher. A closable repositing compartment is incorporated into this constituent on the rider english. Contingent the trimming stratum elect, it serves as an extra mitt compartment or a media compartment (CD musician, USB larboard, Bluetooth telephone, etcetera.). In the eye of the wing-like component is the documentary arrangement with its blackness colour underframe; beneath that are the controls for the clime restraint organization and a board of buttons for operational, among otc things, the Closure/Commencement arrangement, the Driver Visibility Option role, the electrical tailboard and the Common Aid park-steering help). The nidus of the driver’s ferment post both visually and ergonomically is the kernel cabinet, which slopes up towards the breast. Before of the gearshift thither is a warehousing compartment that can be furnished with an optional port for connecting a smartphone to the international aerial. Extra store compartments and trays are set, among early places, on the leftfield of the new instruments (flashy tubes) and in the footwell on the rider english (for tab computers). The Highline equipment occupation likewise includes ambient light units as touchstone; first always, these are fitted not solitary in the doors and footwells but too in light strips on the sides of the real great (optional) bird’s-eye sun cap (1.34 m2 as compared to 1.15 m2 in the former modelling). This indirectly illuminates the unopen sun cap dim besides.

Seat row 1 (driver’s seat and passenger seat)

Driver and presence rider sit 625 mm supra street story in the new Touran. By equivalence, this space in the Golf GTI measures 477 mm. As is distinctive of Volkswagen, both models showing the highest ergonomic standards, contempt their many differences. The new Touran’s optional electrically adjustable presence seating enable a correspondingly erect seats post. Compared with the old framework, the steerage pillar is at a slenderly blandish slant to the fascia; the wheel (het wheel usable on quest) is thus now more vertical, bounteous it a sportier feeling. In add-on to the reposition areas in the fascia, the driver and rider likewise bear the use of two cup holders in the core solace, a expectant storeroom expanse nether the center armrest, prominent compartments in the doors and sliding boxers below the strawman seating. From the Comfortline adaptation, the Touran is too fitted with fold tables and memory bags on the rear of the battlefront seating.

Seat row 2 (three individual seats)

The Touran’s yearner wheelbase too benefits passengers in the oftentimes put-upon secondment backside row, who testament apprise the added 40 mm useable when adjusting the iii single seating. The indorsement row seating can be familiarized lengthways with a tally locomote of 200 mm. The back disposition can likewise be familiarized, with a prize of iii positions. The domain ahead of the kernel bottom is more well-heeled now thanks to a really mat heart burrow. If the seating in the endorsement row are beingness victimised, a seatbelt indicant lets the driver cognise when all passengers are safely strapped. First, the Touran too offers het arse seating and a three-zone reflex clime restraint scheme in the arse (Complete Air Climatronic as an alternative). Another new have is the armrest reinforced into the essence bottom, for the use of passengers in the outer seating. Sun shelter in the cast of crimper blinds merged into the doors is too offered as an alternative – an significant item when new children are alongside. The new intentional fold-flat seating too ameliorate seats bioengineering and increment clearance by 6 mm. The Touran has an inner breadth of 1,518 mm at cubitus tallness in the arcsecond arse row. This sizing makes it potential to fit leash kid seating adjacent to apiece early, which is not the vitrine in many former MPVs. All tercet seating in the s row (also as the two in the tierce row) are equipt with ISOFIX fixtures that admit top leash fixtures.

Seat row 3 (two individual seats)

The tierce arse row offers another two single seating. Legroom hither has besides been improved (by an spare 54 mm). Incoming and passing let been optimised also, with the sec behind row now furnished with an gentle incoming procedure that appropriate the seating to swoop forrader. Thither is too more clearance (an spare 13 mm). As was already the vitrine with the endorsement bum row, the thirdly row now likewise features seatbelt sensing and ISOFIX trimmings that admit top leash fixtures.

Luggage compartment

All the back seating, addition the back of the rider backside (Comfortline and supra), can be folded pile to mannikin a stratum shipment chopine that can be configured as craved. If the 5-seater Touran is crocked to the speed adjoin of the backrest of the 2nd row workbench, the trunk can suit a loudness of capable 743 litres. When this ar is cockeyed capable the cap peak, loudness increases to 1,040 litres. Therein causa, a net zone is fitted arse the secondment backside row. If the partitioning is set arse the backrests of the driver’s arse and rider arse, the book increases to 1,980 litres. The eq figures for the 7-seater Touran (blotto capable the cap peak) are 917 and 1,857 litres. From the Comfortline reading and supra, the 5-seater Touran is weaponed with a varying trunk base as received. An optional payload direction organization is likewise uncommitted for the 5-seater and 7-seater versions. This entails a new arrangement with two runway into which rods can be positioned to backup a net that can be configured for use as a bag or entrepot compartment.

The new engines for the Touran are more powerful and also up to 19 per cent more economical

The new Touran features a totality of six new or perfected engines – leash gasolene engines (TSI) and 3 diesel units (TDI). All the engines are four-cylinder orchestrate shot engines with turbocharging and all are amply compliant with the Euro 6 emissions measure. Closure/Startle and bracken vigour convalescence systems are fitted to all models. Although the new engines are capable 19 per penny more frugal, it was silence potential to better their functioning and thence the fomite’s lightness. The TSI engines (efficiency family B) get 81 kW / 110 PS, 110 kW / 150 PS and 132 kW / 180 PS. The TDI engines (efficiency year A) besides get 81 kW / 110 PS and 110 kW / 150 PS, with the top-of-the-range variation delivering 140 kW / 190 PS. With the exclusion of the stand manakin (TSI with 110 PS), all the engines can be combined with an reflex dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). The 6-speed and 7-speed DSG versions are equipt with a coasting office, whereby the locomotive is disengaged from the drivetrain when the fomite coasts in ordering to use k.e. in an optimum way and therefore slenderize fire uptake level encourage. The DSG gearbox is criterion with the nearly brawny gasolene and diesel engines. The TSI and TDI engines in contingent:

1.2 TSI with 81 kW / 110 PS

The 81 kW / 110 PS entry-level locomotive for the new Touran develops 5 PS more mightiness than the tantamount adaptation in the old exemplar. The Touran 1.2 TSI BlueMotion Engineering comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox as criterion. With its 110-PS 1.2 TSI locomotive, the new Touran attains a fire usance assess of 5.4 l/100 km (eq to 124 g/km CO2). The locomotive’s maximal mightiness is uncommitted terminated the locomotive velocity stove of 4,600 to 5,600 rpm. The TSI produces its utmost torsion of 175 Nm terminated a all-embracing stove, ‘tween 1,400 and 4,000 rpm. The Touran 1.2 TDI BlueMotion Engineering has a top amphetamine of 189 km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.3 seconds.

1.4 TSI with 110 kW / 150 PS

In the future mightiness stratum up, Volkswagen gives the new Touran a 1.4-litre TSI, which develops 110 kW / 150 PS betwixt 5,000 and 6,000 rpm – an step-up of 10 PS ended the premature simulation. The gas locomotive in the Touran 1.4 TSI BlueMotion Engineering consumes an norm of just 5.6 l/100 km (130 g/km CO2). This locomotive can too be combined with an optional 7-speed threefold grasp gearbox, in which lawsuit modal fire uptake is an undischarged 5.4 l/100 km (125 g/km CO2). The four-valve four-cylinder locomotive, which generates 250 Nm of torsion from 1,500 to 3,500 rpm, propels the Touran 1.4 TSI BlueMotion Engineering with DSG to 100 km/h in barely 8.9 seconds; the modelling’s top velocity is 209 km/h.

1.8 TSI with 132 kW / 180 PS

2016 Volkswagen Touran

The nearly potent gasoline locomotive in the new Touran is a 1.8 TSI with 132 kW / 180 PS; the whole delivers 10 PS more the eq locomotive from the former exemplar. This edition is equipt with a 7-speed DSG as stock. Contempt its eminent yield of 180 PS, the Touran 1.8 TSI BlueMotion Engineering consumes just 5.9 l/100 km (eq to 137/km CO2)

1.6 TDI with 81 kW / 110 PS

As with the gas engines, the entry-level diesel too delivers 81 kW / 110 PS. As an pick, the Touran 1.6 TDI BlueMotion Engineering, which has 5 PS higher yield than its herald, can likewise be combined with the 7-speed DSG. The locomotive produces its utmost exponent ‘tween 3,200 and 4,000 rpm, and its maximal torsion of 250 Nm is useable betwixt 1,500 and 3,000 rpm. With this TDI locomotive and a manual transmitting, the Touran accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.9 seconds and on to a top hurrying of 187 km/h. As one power carry, the modal fire usance of the 1.6 TDI is real low: with the manual gearbox, ordinary fire usance is 4.4 l/100 km (tantamount to 115 g/km CO2). In combining with the exceedingly effective 7-speed DSG, the mean expenditure build decreases to 4.2 l/100 km (eq to 109 g/km CO2).

2.0 TDI with 110 kW / 150 PS

The 110 kW / 150 PS 2-litre TDI in the Touran 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Engineering has two correspondence shafts, which allows it to run peculiarly swimmingly. The new modeling boasts an step-up in index production of 10 PS. Its combined fire phthisis of good 4.4 l/100 km (115 g/km CO2) is an splendid esteem for a 150-PS locomotive in an MPV of this sizing. The TDI develops its maximal might betwixt 3,500 and 4,000 rpm and produces its utmost torsion of 340 Nm at a low 1,750 rpm (capable 3,000 rpm). The Touran 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Engineering, which is furnished with a manual gearbox, has a top swiftness of 208 km/h and accelerates to 100 km/h in 9.3 seconds. This Touran can be arranged with a 6-speed DSG as an pick, in which pillowcase fire expenditure amounts to 4.8 l/100 km (eq to 124 g/km CO2).

2.0 TDI with 140 kW / 190 PS

The nigh hefty Touran locomotive, which likewise has two equaliser shafts, can be launch in a standardised variation in the showy Golf GTD, among over-the-counter models. In the MPV, it develops 140 kW / 190 PS and is combined with a 6-speed DSG as touchstone. The hefty and nimble Touran 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Engineering too makes a convincing printing with its trailblazing low fire intake of 4.6 l/100 km (eq to 121 g/km CO2).

Dual-clutch gearboxes (DSG)

6- and 7-speed DSG. With the exclusion of the groundwork locomotive (1.2 TSI), all engines for the new Touran can be opposite with either a 6-speed or 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG). Also the numeral of advancing gears, former technological aspects differentiating the DSG versions admit the clasp case. Patch two dry hold are exploited in the 7-speed DSG, the 6-speed DSG has a twofold grasp that runs in an oil bathroom.

Front and rear suspension

The new Touran is equipt with an improved McPherson sashay typewrite abeyance on the presence axle. Hither, spiral springs and telescoping dampers are merged as a whole into the give struts. The wheels are suspended by leap struts and depress wishbones with a track-stabilising cancel spoke. The four-link abeyance with main bicycle abeyance in the back offers a high-pitched story of comforter combined with spry and safety treatment and is furnished with oil insistency jounce absorbers that use ramify springs. Anti-roll bars are utilized at the strawman and behind. The Touran can likewise be optionally furnished with the Adaptative Anatomy Ascendance (DCC) scheme that includes Driver Visibility Pick, besides as with a boisterous route suspension (15 mm higher earth headway) or a variation dangling (personify 15 mm frown). The new Touran comes with a rattling perdurable braking arrangement as received equipment. This arrangement includes ABS, Bracken Serve, ESC and an electronic emergency. The battlefront bracken discs are internally ventilated.

The new Touran is extremely safe

The assist systems usable first in the Touran admit the Reflex Post-Collision Braking Scheme as measure, Figurehead Serve with Metropolis Pinch Braking, Adaptative Sail Controller (ACC), Driver Alarum Organization, Ballpark Serve, Pre-Crash proactive occupier security, Position Assistance with Behind Dealings Alerting and, first in any MPV, the Preview Help preview manoeuvring arrangement. The systems in particular:

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System

The Reflexive Post-Collision Braking Scheme is a technical spotlight that comes as touchstone in Volkswagen’s MQB models. It mechanically slows the fomite fine-tune if it is convoluted in an fortuity in rescript to cut its residue k.e.. The Robotic Post-Collision Braking Organization is triggered when a basal hit has been detected by the airbag sensors. The driver can “overturn” the organisation at any clock – e.g., by perceptibly accelerating. The Automatonlike Post-Collision Braking Organisation is too deactivated if the driver initiates gruelling braking with greater slowing than the arrangement slowing. In gist, this driver help scheme applies the brakes and slows the car refine to a velocity of 10 km/h. This rest upper enables the car to be impelled to a secure situation to blockage next the braking serve.

Pre-Crash proactive occupant protection system

The proactive resident aegis scheme comes as touchstone equipment. If the arrangement detects a voltage stroke position – e.g., done the foundation of arduous braking via an excited bracken helper – the forepart seatbelts are mechanically pre-tensioned to see the outdo potential auspices by the airbag and whang arrangement. When a extremely vital and precarious drive post is detected – such as grave oversteer or understeer with ESC treatment – the position windows are unsympathetic (omit for a pocket-size gap) on with the bird’s-eye sunshine-roof. This is through because the caput and position airbags go optimum documentation and are near effectual when the windows and cap are virtually unsympathetic.

Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert

2016 Volkswagen Touran

Face Serve can assistance forestall grave accidents, peculiarly in the chase two situations: the kickoff is when the fomite is impulsive on a superhighway. Hither, the organisation detects both loyal passing vehicles and slower ones in the subterfuge office, and warns the driver via an LED expose in the outside mirror trapping to micturate passing safer. If the camera-based Lane Aid is installed in increase to Slope Attend, the organization responds to a direction motion towards the wild face with a monitory (evening if the blinker is not set), and the fomite so actively countersteers when a lane vary is initiated. The s spot relates to reversing out of a parking infinite: Behind Dealings Alarm is a pragmatic aid that revolutionises reversing out of parking spaces that are vertical to the carriageway. Its radar-based detector detects vehicles that are approach from the position. If a hit is impendent, Bum Dealings Awake beginning outputs a ocular cautionary, so an acoustical one. If the driver ignores the chance, and thither is an prompt hazard of a hit, Bum Dealings Alarm mechanically initiates a braking interference.

Front Assist with the City Emergency Braking function

Figurehead Help is a organization for cautionary the driver and braking mechanically in the result of an impending hit. One element of the Strawman Help organization is the Metropolis Exigency Braking routine. Whereas Battlefront Help warns drivers against acquiring too around the fomite ahead and of any voltage hit at higher speeds, Metropolis Exigency Braking performs this function in slower urban dealings. The arrangement workings as follows:

Safety on the motorway

Movement Aid uses a rad detector merged into the forepart of the car to continually supervise the length to vehicles forward. Forepart Assistance helps the driver in decisive situations by preconditioning the brakes and alert the driver to any needed reactions done optical and hearable warnings, and in a secondment phase by a abbreviated monitory shock. If the driver fails to bracken arduous sufficiency, Movement Help generates sufficient braking effect to forfend a hit. If the driver fails to respond at all, Battlefront Attend mechanically slows the fomite polish. The Metropolis Exigency Braking routine is parting of the Breast Assistance organisation.

Safety in the city

The Metropolis Exigency Braking use, which is an elongation of the Battlefront Attend scheme, monitors the arena before of the Touran at speeds capable 30 km/h. In an exigency, the scheme can autonomously bracken the MPV.

Trailer Assist

Volkswagen is unveiling the new Touran with an aid scheme that makes manoeuvring with a dawdler easier than e’er ahead: Preview Attend. In ordering to channelise a car-trailer into an entry-way in blow, the driver newmarket at a worthy smear, engages reverse and presses a push to actuate the organization. The flow drive weight and potential impulsive angles are so displayed in the cat’s-paw bundle. This is achieved with image-processing algorithms that use information from the rear-view camera, which monitors and analyses the lean betwixt the car and the lagger. With the service of the mirror registration alternate, which serves as a kinda stick, the driver can freely aline the coveted drive focusing of the car-trailer combining. The MPV executes the direction commands entered by the driver, who sole inevitably to manoeuvre the throttle and the bracken. The Touran is sour by reflex command of the electro-mechanical might guidance organization.

ACC Adaptive Cruise Control

Wish Battlefront Assistance with Metropolis Pinch Braking, this organization makes use of a rad detector structured into the forepart of the car. The driver can destine a quarry velocity inside a stove of 30 to 160 km/h. ACC deeds with either a manual gearbox or with DSG (dual-clutch gearbox). Altogether Touran cars with DSG, the ACC organisation well brakes the Touran to a stop when the fomite before comes to a stoppage. When combined with DSG, ACC too enables the MPV to mechanically dispel again. ACC maintains the pre-set fomite amphetamine conjointly a preselected outstrip to the fomite onward, braking or accelerating mechanically in moving dealings. The scheme kinetics can be singly wide-ranging by selecting a drive program or via the optional Driver Visibility Excerpt boast.

Easy Open

If the Touran is weaponed with Keyless Launching (robotic lockup and start organisation) and an galvanising tailboard, a targeted crusade of the substructure at the binding of the fomite is all that is needful to afford the tailboard, thanks to Promiscuous Outdoors. The human-machine port hither is a propinquity detector good the bumper, which detects the beef motility.

Driver Profile Selection

A amount of foursome impulsive visibility programmes, or pentad when DCC is coherent, are useable in the new Touran. They are: Eco, Mutant, Rule, Case-by-case, and, in combining with DCC, the extra Consolation modality. In the Eco drive modality, locomotive command, the air conditioning whole and over-the-counter subsidiary systems are regulated in a way that ensures optimum fire efficiency. In vehicles fitted with DSG, a coasting role can likewise be ill-used with the Eco modality: If the driver takes his or her foundation off the catalyst – e.g., on downward-sloping stretches – the DSG disengages and the locomotive idles. This enables optimum use of the Touran’s k.e.. In Variation style, on the early give, damping is increased (which reduces soundbox movements), spell the locomotive reaction and shifty points of the DSG are configured to be more active.

Electronic parking brake

The electronic emergency offers legion benefits. First, the deficiency of a schematic emergency frees up infinite on the center soothe. In increase, the bracken is mechanically released when the fomite is put into question, which simplifies drive off up a mound. Conclusion but not least, the Automobile Clutch role prevents unplanned pealing from a stalemate office.

New systems enable maximum connectivity

The new Touran is organism launched with the almost mod documentary systems offered by the Volkswagen Radical. The self-explanatory features are office of the endorsement propagation of the Modular Documentary Organization (MIB II). They are operated via a touchscreen; the systems in the top models are besides furnished with propinquity sensors. Exceedingly fasting processors assure speedy surgery of all features. The DAB+ digital radio and state-of-the-art on-line services are useable as optional expanded features. With the comprehension of the new App Unite and Media Restraint interfaces, likewise as the Volkswagen Scout & Inform on-line overhaul, MIB II too offers the highest stage of connectivity e’er achieved by the Volkswagen Radical. The Touran is besides one of the nearly advanced MPVs on the mart, thanks to features such as the new Car-Net Cam Unite organisation, which offers a purview into the dorsum of the fomite via GoPro® and is existence secondhand first in a Volkswagen modeling, likewise as an electronic vox elaboration arrangement (communicating with bottom passengers via the hands-free phone whole and the fomite’s speakers).

Five infotainment systems

The Touran Trendline and Comfortline models are weaponed with the Make-up Trace tuner organization (5.0-inch monochromic touchscreen) as measure. The Touran Highline models accompany the next-level MIB II – the Authorship Coloration radiocommunication scheme (5.0-inch coloring touchscreen summation a CD effort and otc features). The Authorship Media radiocommunication scheme (6.5-inch color touchscreen asset, among early things, a Bluetooth port and propinquity sensors) is besides uncommitted. At the succeeding floor, Volkswagen offers the Touran with the Identify Media scheme, which takes Penning Media a footprint foster done the comprehension of a seafaring faculty. The expanded features of the Identify Pro radio-navigation organization admit a DVD driving, a 64-GB SSD and an 8.0-inch color touchscreen.

Cam Connect

With Cam Link, a GoPro® camera, which mustiness be purchased individually but which many citizenry already birth, eliminates the motive for parents to invariably reversal to watch the kids in rear. Rather, an picture of the ass seats and the passengers is displayed on the docudrama organisation reminder. Course, the driver and battlefront rider can too use the arrangement to watch pets or flimsy lading in the arse. A continual television pour can likewise be genetic to the varan whenever the Touran is determined at a walk-to yard or comes to a stalemate. Due to reasons of prophylactic, the organization testament fertilize a hush effigy into the touchscreen at higher speeds and this ikon can so be viewed with the advertize of a clit at any clock. Because it can be positioned in dissimilar places – e.g. nether the rear-view mirror or on the gist ass in the secondment ass row with GoPro® accessories – Car-Net Cam Join is the double-dyed on-board mirror.

Electronic vocalism gain More relaxed communicating ‘tween seats rows than e’er ahead is ensured by a new electronic vox elaboration arrangement that allows the driver and forepart rider to babble to passengers in the endorsement and tierce rows via the mike of the hands-free phone whole – and be clear heard via the speakers attached to the docudrama scheme in the Touran. The electronic vocalization gain organization can be obtained as a portion of the optional “Phratry” box in combining with the Penning Media tuner organization or the Learn Media radio-navigation organisation.

Maximum connectivity

As mentioned, the systems in MIB II besides now arrive potential to link about any smartphone to the Touran via Volkswagen’s App Link arrangement. That’s because on with MirrorLink&patronage;, App Associate can now too incorporate CarPlay&sell; (Apple) and Humanoid Automobile&craft; (Google) into fomite documentary systems first. With Media Restraint – another new app – Volkswagen is too now one of the get-go automakers to fling an docudrama port for tablets besides. In improver, Volkswagen’s Usher & Inform on-line serve provides latest data on dealings jams, useable parking spaces in nearby parking garages (bit of spaces and gar addresses) and prices at, and the addresses of, nearby gasoline stations.


MirrorLink&barter; makes it potential to showing smartphone contented and maneuver smartphone functions via the documentary arrangement touchscreen. To debar distracting the driver, especially intentional apps can be ill-used patch the fomite is on the motility. This is through intuitively by just connecting a smartphone to the Touran and exploitation the app via the docudrama organization screenland. MirrorLink&craft; makes use of an industriousness touchstone set by the Car Connectivity Pool (CCC) to “mirror” smartphone apps onto the car’s touchscreen and liaison their process to the docudrama scheme. Because smartphone apps are forever unbroken cutting-edge, MirrorLink&swap; ne’er becomes disused. The Volkswagen apps presently usable nether MirrorLink&swap; are as follows: My Pathfinder, Cogitate Bluing.Trainer, Divided Sound and Fathom Travel.

Apple CarPlay™

Thanks to Apple CarPlay&patronage;, anyone who owns an iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 or 6 Addition can use a battalion of their telephone’s apps via the new Touran’s docudrama arrangement. This arrangement besides “mirrors” the smartphone apps. CarPlay&barter; feeds the iPhone’s Earpiece, Word, Maps and Euphony apps into the docudrama organisation via a USB connectedness. The apps in the Touran are controlled either via the documentary arrangement touchscreen or by phonation command via Siri (Apple).

Ring: Everything operates scarce wish an iPhone hither. Users can do the next operations via the touchscreen: reply shout, end song, replacement ring to muffle, showing the keypad, think the phonebook and recall articulation mails. As an substitute, all of this can be through via Siri (by a yearn closet of the vocalisation mastery push on the multifunction wheel).

Newsworthiness: Textbook messages are translate by Siri, which is both virtual and good when on the run. Siri can too be secondhand to engender the exploiter’s own textbook messages during the cause.

Maps: CarPlay&swop; makes all features of the Maps app usable via the docudrama scheme. This includes elaborated road descriptions (“bit by twist”), dealings data and estimated misstep multiplication.

Medicine: Admittance to the media library is useable via touchscreen and/or Siri. CarPlay&swap; too recognises former installed sound apps for performing euphony, the tuner and podcasts on the iPhone – e.g., Podcasts, Spotify and Sticher Radiocommunication.

Android Auto™

Humanoid Automobile&deal; was highly-developed by Google for Humanoid smartphones. Hither, selected earphone apps are displayed on the documentary organisation touchscreen in precisely the like way as when MirrorLink&craft; and CarPlay&patronage; are secondhand. The port is a USB larboard. Legion apps can be incorporate via Humanoid Motorcar&sell;, including classics such as Google Maps, Google Gaming Medicine, WhatsApp and Spotify. Many of these apps can be operated via Google Articulation ascendence too as via the touchscreen (the vocalization mastery procedure is excited via the multifunction wheel).

2016 Volkswagen Touran

Guide & Inform

Template & Inform enables the use of many unlike helpful on-line services. These admit On-line Dealings Entropy (real-time snarl-up warnings), Tidings, Fomite Position Story and Upwind. An On-line Address Importation characteristic makes it potential to air locomote destinations (piloting) to the Touran’s docudrama organisation from one’s position, plate or smartphone. Google Street Panorama and Google World are likewise uncommitted to cater drivers with photos and planet images that confront a naturalistic portraying of their environment as they visit their terminus. The structured My Extra Destinations personal detail of interestingness hunting allows travellers to distinguish restaurants, museums and cinemas in unfamiliar places. Drivers can too call entropy on usable parking spaces nearby or lookup for the least expensive gasolene stations in the domain. Their selections are now entered into the seafaring organisation, which so plans the road.

Media Control

Volkswagen Media Controller – a new documentary wing via app – now lets you handily restraint all principal functions via a pill, flush from the arse of the Touran. Volkswagen Media Controller testament hence get the rear-seat amusement arrangement of the hereafter. Passengers plainly join their pad to the Identify Media or Identify Pro documentary arrangement victimization the Wi-Fi hotspot. Governable systems hither admit the wireless, all media sources (e.g. USB, CD, DVD, backbreaking driving, on-line vocal lookup) and seafaring. When medicine is selected, the Media Ascendancy carte displays entropy such as artist and album names, likewise as a photo of the covering. When the radiocommunication is aroused, users can panorama and entree send icons and lists, mesh the station-search role and exhibit RDS data and tuner frequencies. Received features in the piloting card are supplemented by an address-search part that uses the Net and which can besides be exploited to record selected seek results as goal inputs. Bum bum passengers can now too beam calendar events and speak ledger entries to the documentary organisation as destinations for the seafaring organisation. Loudness and symmetricalness and fader settings can be familiarised with all functions, and the lozenge can too be victimised to brand selections from uncommitted sound sources, admission the media library and ascendance canonical operational functions such as startle, closure, hesitate, forward-moving and binding.

Proximity sensors and cover flow

As already defined, Volkswagen has furnished the Touran with ternary new radiocommunication and two new radio-navigation systems, all of which get a criterion touchscreen. The devices victimised in the Touran are uncommitted in leash unlike expose sizes: 5-inch (Penning Signature wireless, Make-up Gloss tuner), 6.5-inch (Writing Media wireless, Constitution Media radio-navigation) and 8.0-inch (Learn Pro radio-navigation organization). Systems with the 6.5 or 8-inch expose are furnished with propinquity sensors. As presently as the driver’s or battlefront rider’s thumb approaches the touchscreen, the documentary organisation mechanically switches from the showing manner to a exploiter ascendance fashion. The showing fashion is grand by a initialize decreased to the essentials. In the exploiter command mood, on the over-the-counter give, the elements that can be excited via touchscreen are peculiarly highlighted, which simplifies nonrational ascendancy. The Identify Pro arrangement’s presentation too has a alleged binding menstruum office, in which wiping gestures can be ill-used to curlicue done lists or range done CD covers from the media library.

Performance and interfaces

The MIB II systems oeuvre quicker than their predecessors. See Learn Media – the radio-navigation organisation with a 6.5-inch presentation: compared to the commencement coevals, operation of the CPU (briny c.p.u.) has more twofold. Eventide in Make-up Contact (stand gimmick), medicine can be fed in via the AUX-IN socket, by SD add-in or optionally from a USB joint or Bluetooth twist (“Connectivity” parcel). An iPod/iPhone port is too useable. Start with Constitution Gloss, a CD participant is too structured, and all systems from Writing Media up admit a Bluetooth port and USB port as touchstone. The Describe Pro piloting scheme too comes with the Bounty cellphone port (rSAP visibility) likewise as a DVD effort; a TV radio is optional.

Perfect telephony features

Two nomadic phones – e.g. a byplay earpiece and a secret ring – can now be opposite in the Make-up Media scheme and ranking systems. Language lineament has been perfected hither (Full Banding Language HFP 1.6). Another new lineament is SMS messaging: Standard SMS messages can be understand loud via a TTS (Text-to-Speech) scheme, spell predefined templates such as “Retrieve” pee respondent safer patch impulsive. From the Composing Colouration organisation up, the optional “Solace” cellphone prep offers a compartment for inducive coupler of the smartphone to the international aerial of the Touran. The Penning Media and Describe Media systems can besides be furnished with a vocalism ascendence lineament (criterion in Learn Pro).

Optimal solutions for travelling with children

The accessories intentional specially for the new Touran are as wide-ranging and various as the new coevals of the democratic MPV. Among over-the-counter things, Volkswagen Accessories has intentional healthy ease products for the importantly blown-up multi-variable inner of the new Touran. These products shuffle travel in the rachis of the MPV eve safer and more gratifying – peculiarly for children.

The safe of the youngest passengers in the Touran is forever the top anteriority. For this grounds, Volkswagen Accessories offers fry seating that are secured with the ISOFIX organisation, which is anchored to the fomite personify and is hence exceedingly rubber. The fact is that if kid seating are to pass optimum security, they want to be aligned as practically as potential with the burthen and sizing of the shaver dubitable. The real Volkswagen G0 Positive ISOFIX, G1 ISOFIX Duo Positive Top Leash and G2-3 ISOFIX nipper seating fulfill this necessity.

Volkswagen Accessories besides now offers a unfeigned Volkswagen extra rear-view mirror that allows parents to livelihood a unremitting eye on the kids in the backbone. The mirror can be affixed to the windshield or the splasher with an merged sucking cup; a flexile hinge ensures it can be directed toward either the rachis of the inner, the backside windowpane or the face of the fomite, which can aid with parking, e.g.. Thither’s besides a digital variate of this solvent – the new Car-Net Cam Relate organization.

Abaft the piddling ones are safely secured and the journeying begins, the succeeding inquiry arises: how to donjon the kids diverted. Volkswagen Accessories has the resolution hither too – in the manakin of a modular travelling and comforter arrangement. This virtual, commodious and pliable organization includes a groundwork framing that can be mounted betwixt the behind headrests. A match of clicks is so all it takes to inclose an iPad bearer (iPad 2-4), aft which the games or films can start! Extra organization modules admit bag maulers, dress hangers and assorted pill holders that are compatible with Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad miniskirt and the Samsung Beetleweed Tab 3/4 10.1.

Trendline, Comfortline and Highline

Alike its forerunner, the new Touran too comes in leash equipment levels: Trendline, Comfortline and Highline, yet stock equipment altogether trey versions was importantly expanded in the generational alteration.

Touran Trendline

2016 Volkswagen Touran

The expanded features in the bag “Trendline” variation (as compared to the former modeling) admit a more sinewy TSI locomotive (81 kW / 110 PS; +5 PS), 16-inch wheels, a stifle airbag on the driver’s position, an electronic emergency, an participating cowling, the Closure/Starting organisation, a recovery mood (braking get-up-and-go recovery), ISOFIX nestling bottom fixtures on all bum seating, seatbelt spotting in the s and tertiary buns rows likewise, cosmetic chromium-plate trims for the air vents and pawn clump, easy-open and roll-up trunk screening, an blanket compass of participating safe systems (including XDS, Robotlike Post-Collision Braking and the PreCrash resident auspices organization) and the Make-up Hint wireless organisation. Overview of extra measure equipment details in the five-seat Touran Trendline (selection):

  • Memory compartment on the fascia (with concealment)
  • Store compartments nether the splasher
  • Repositing bins altogether doors (bottles; 1.5 l in the breast, 1.0 l in the arse)
  • Depot compartment and tensioning trounce in the trunk
  • Airbags for the driver and strawman rider, with movement rider airbag defusing, including genu airbag on the driver’s face; mind airbag organisation for the forepart and behind passengers, including slope airbags in the forepart
  • Electrically adjustable and het outside mirrors
  • Indicant lights merged into the sides of outside mirrors
  • “Surprise Gray-headed” star
  • Ornamental inlays in “Ignitor Cortina Smooth-spoken” for the splashboard and doorway clipping, presence
  • Ornamental inlays in “Blacken” for the core cabinet
  • Electronic emergency with Machine Grasp part
  • Electronic constancy mastery (ESC) with countersteer accompaniment, ABS, ASR, EDS, MSR and preview stabilization
  • Soul seating (3) in the secondment seats row with duration and back slant alteration and Light Faithful part
  • Height-adjustable driver’s ass
  • Easy-to-open trunk binding, retractable, transportable and stowable; – trunk light whole
  • Mitt compartment with mesh; lighted, with chilling alternative
  • LED routine scale kindling
  • Direction editorial with slant and range allowance
  • Core cabinet with repositing compartment and two cup holders
  • Driver Alive Arrangement
  • Multifunction expose “Summation”
  • Automatonlike Post-Collision Braking Scheme
  • AUX-IN multimedia socket
  • Pre-Crash proactive resident auspices scheme.
  • Brand wheels (16-inch) with bike trims and 205/60 R 16 tyres
  • Tire coerce monitoring indicant
  • Electromechanical exponent steerage, speed-dependent controller
  • Behind covers, textile, in “Charly” figure
  • Stopover/First and bracken vigor convalescence
  • Scatter and pollen percolate
  • Body-coloured bumpers
  • Day operative lights
  • Bag maulers and tanning rings in trunk
  • Green-tinted insulating glass presence, on the sides and in the back
  • Robotic chance admonition lights during entire braking
  • Cautionary lights for surface doors and trunk
  • Hearable cautionary if lights are remaining on
  • Hearable and lamp warnings for open backside belts in the battlefront and behind
  • Fundamental lockup with radio remote
  • 12V exit in the trunk
  • Touran Comfortline

    The Touran Comfortline includes all the Trendline’s features, too as extra received features such as Movement Help including Metropolis Exigency Braking, armrests in the sec arse row, a shipment direction organization, ParkPilot (battlefront and arse) and 16-inch debase wheels. Overview of extra banner equipment details in the five-seat Touran Comfortline ended Trendline :

  • Repositing compartments in the ceiling soothe
  • Repositing net in the presence rider footwell
  • Depot pockets on the backs of the strawman seating
  • Strawman rider buns back full fold with tabularize and long-load use
  • Ceiling track in inkiness
  • Ornamental inlays in “New Napped Figure” for the splashboard and figurehead doorway panels, kernel solace in “Soft Nigrify”
  • Armrests for s row seating
  • Baggage direction software with a payload net that can be affixed to track
  • Extra trunk light whole; can be distant and victimised as a tor
  • Height-adjustable trunk flooring with securing component
  • Hurrying clipper
  • Fold-out tables on the rachis of the forepart seating
  • Puff seating, presence
  • Grille in nigrify with chromium-plate strips on fins
  • Leather wheel
  • “Trondheim” admixture wheels (16-inch) with 205/60 R 16 tyres
  • Lumbar supports, figurehead
  • Chromium-plate cut on movement air vents, orbitual lightness switches, mirror modification switches and superpower windowpane switches
  • Meridian and distance adjustable figurehead center armrest with obliterable warehousing box; air vents (2) in the backside
  • ParkPilot: acoustical monitory signals for obstacles before of and arse the fomite
  • Leather shifter thickening
  • Sliding underdrawers nether the battlefront seating
  • Buns covers, textile, in “Lasano” pattern
  • Figurehead and bottom rug storey mats
  • “Movement Assistance” ambient dealings monitoring organization
  • with Metropolis Pinch Braking purpose
  • Height-adjustable breast seating
  • 12-V socket in the bottom kernel solace and the trunk
  • Touran Highline

    The Touran Highline adds to the Comfortline’s generous stipulation with details such as LED headlights, chrome-framed position windows, 17-inch admixture wheels, ambient firing and a new three-zone machinelike mood ascendancy organisation (including a ascendance whole in the endorsement ass row). Overview of extra stock equipment details in the five-seat Touran Highline supra those of the Comfortline (selection):

  • Ambient firing, lit strips on the cosmetic movement doorway trimming and figurehead doorway handles, well-lighted presence armrests
  • Chromium-plate strips on incline windows
  • Anodised flatware ceiling track
  • Cosmetic inlays in “Softly Lightlessness” for the splasher and threshold passementerie, strawman
  • Upcountry lights with shutoff-delay and dimming functions, 2 LED recital lights apiece for battlefront and bottom
  • LED lights (2) ahead footwell
  • LED headlights for swayback transmit, primary air and day working lights
  • “Stockholm” metal wheels (17-inch) with 215/55 R 17 (self-sealing) mobility tyres
  • Reflexive headlamp levelling command
  • Multifunction leather wheel (DSG versions)
  • “Agiotage” multifunction presentation
  • Fog lights and cornering lights
  • Arrant Air Climatronic with three-zone temperature regularization, allergy dribble and controls in the endorsement arse row
  • Make-up Colouration radiocommunication
  • Het strawman washer jets / headlamp washers
  • Gist ass panels in “ArtVelours” micro-fleece
  • Chromium-plate passementerie on strawman bumper
  • Top comforter seating, battlefront
  • Front-seat heat
  • R-Line enables sporty customisation of the Touran

    2016 Volkswagen Touran

    The passing various second-generation Touran sets a new touchstone of connectivity, condom and solace in the press MPV section. The advances made in these areas are attributable to the framework’s innovational boilersuit construct and its new assist, ease and infotainments systems, roughly of which are existence utilized first therein section. The Touran can be encourage customised done the survival of a all-embracing reach of optional features, patch Volkswagen R has besides assemble showy R-Line packages for the new Touran. The finish R-Line packet consists of limited outside and inner details; the R-Line “Outside” parcel focuses on the soundbox features included in the nail packet.


    The new nail R-Line bundle includes, among early things, particular bumpers for the forepart and backside. The conception of the breast bumper stands out done, among otc things, two typical body-coloured alar air guidebook elements which fraction the frown air recess into a enceinte center department and two outer segments framed by high-gloss blackness edgings. The air inlets are enhanced eve farther by chrome-plated interbreeding panels. The lour part ends in a high-gloss blackness divider (the rather movement spoilers victimised in motorsport). The peculiarity in the speed office of the forepart of the customised Touran is the R-Line logotype on the grille.

    A Touran MPV that’s been enhanced with the R-Line is besides an eye-catcher from the position with its high-gloss inkiness english sill extensions, an anodised facile cap rails and the R-Line badge (on both the rightfield and left-hand face of the fomite close the breast incline venire / doorway). The silhouette is made level more typical done the gain of 17-inch “Salvador” wheels (Touran Comfortline) or 18-inch “Marseille” wheels (Touran Highline). As was already mentioned, the ass is outlined by a typical bumper that has been made eventide more refined and active done a high-gloss constituent, ornamental chromium-plate reduce and a diffusor in high-gloss blackness. In accession, the dispatch R-Line bundle includes chromium-plate tailpipe finishers for all locomotive versions offered with the Touran.


    Volkswagen R has likewise made the R-Line features for the midland of the Touran evening more graceful and active.. The predominant constituent hither is the ass arrangement with top ease seating in the battlefront. The seating are upholstered with “Raceway” framework; Volkswagen R uses the “San Remo” microfibre for the internal english supports. The driver and breast rider seating are too decorated with the R-Line logotype. In improver, all seating accompany ornamental sewing in “Quartz Grayness”. The ambit of appointments in the finish R-Line box likewise includes a star in “Ti Melanise”, a leather multifunction sportsman wheel with al clipping and the R-Line logotype, ornamental sewing in “Quartz Greyness”, cosmetic inlays in “Graphite Greyness” for the fascia and battlefront threshold passementerie, rug storey mats, doorway sill plates in aluminum in the forepart with the R-Line logotype and stainless pedals and substructure ease (driver’s english). The docudrama organization shows the R-Line logotype on its screens when the customised Touran is get-go started up. Finale but not least, the dispatch R-Line packet can besides be consistent in compounding with “Vienna” leather upholstery.

    The R-Line “Exterior” package

    The new R-Line “Outside” parcel includes the grasp of outside features offered with the concluded R-Line packet – i.e. the R-Line midland details are not included. Generally, the admixture wheels from Volkswagen R are besides useable as an pick for all Tourans without an R-Line bundle.

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